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Analyzed on 2017-05-09 15:19:49's ip address is and hosted in Berlin (Germany) . The domain is having the .de TLD. There are 10 js files and 14 css files. The total number of loaded resources on this website is 149. The website is loaded in 5.1 seconds. Because of the load time, it may occur a certain page abandonment increase in percentage of 26.75%. Unfortunately our system detected that there are 3 resources which are not returned with a 200 status code.
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5 137ms
IMG 3.94MB, JS 42.07KB, CSS 51.91KB

Meta data

TitleD-Reinhardt - Home
DescriptionTool Manufacturing, Plastic Injection Moulding, Cable assembly Solms
KeywordsTool Manufacturing, Plastic Injection Moulding, Cable assembly

Server Information

The server's IP is not on blacklist.

Server Location

  • Country: Germany
  • City: Berlin
  • Latitude: 52.52
  • Longitude: 13.4


  • Webserver: Apache/2.2.31 (Unix)
  • Mod-Pagespeed: not used
  • Error 404 page: Not set
  • HTTPS: Not set
  • www/non-www redirect: Not set

Nameserver informations

Host Country IP address

User abandonment information

Every 8 people out of 10 expect a website to load in 3 seconds or less. More than 25% will abandon a website which loads more than 4 seconds and more than 70% of the visitors will never return if the site does not load properly on their mobile devices. This site takes 5 secs to load, which means the possible abandonment rate on this website is around 26.75%

visitor stayed on the site
visitor stayed on the site
visitor stayed on the site
visitor stayed on the site
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Mobile Preview for

The viewport on mobile is: 920px wide. That means that the website is not mobile friendly.

Domain Information

  • Domain registrarDENIC eG
  • Updated on2006-12-04
DNS records
HostTypeTTLOther A 149 ip: NS 150 target: NS 150 target: SOA 3600 mname: docks13.rzone.dername: hostmaster.strato-rz.deserial: 2015030500refresh: 86400retry: 7200expire: 604800minimum-ttl: 7200 MX 150 Priority: 5target: AAAA 150 ipv6: 2a01:238:20a:202:1085::

Inpage analysis

Good! The first H tag is h1
The heading structure is good!
  • h1: 4
  • h2: 0
  • h3: 0
  • h4: 0
  • h5: 0
  • h6: 0

Content analysis on

  • Number of words: 330
  • Number of sentences: 25
  • Textsize: 1575
  • Number of images: 111
  • Number of links: 16
Word density
" reinhardt ": 8" cable ": 6" tool ": 5" assembly ": 5" manufacturing ": 5" plastic ": 5" moulding ": 5" injection ": 4" quality ": 4" technology ": 2" dock ": 2" drive ": 2" since ": 2" good ": 2" gmbh ": 2" provide ": 2" new ": 2" home ": 2" service ": 2" iphone ": 2" most ": 2
Most focused words
" jpg "" reinhardt "" cable "" manufacturing "" assembly "" tool "" plastic "" moulding "" injection "" quality "" good "" drive "" since "" dock "" gmbh "" service "" iphone "" technology "" provide "" most "" new "" home "" committed "" ideas "" plenty "" rights "" know "" reserved "" experience "" range "

Technical informations

General informations

Admin found: /administrator

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HTTP/1.1 303 See Other
Date: Tue, 09 May 2017 13:19:46 GMT
Server: Apache/2.2.31 (Unix)
X-Powered-By: PHP/5.3.29
Set-Cookie: 486af504c0c4182f6881f634b6619e16=uvrvc2qpbodin7t6aicfqfrvb1; path=/
Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8
X-Cache: MISS from s_hs65
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Via: 1.1 s_hs65 (squid/3.5.23)
Connection: keep-alive

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Tue, 09 May 2017 13:19:47 GMT
Server: Apache/2.2.31 (Unix)
X-Powered-By: PHP/5.3.29
Set-Cookie: 486af504c0c4182f6881f634b6619e16=t0c26rs4f9o9gk1tqprqa0dha5; path=/
Set-Cookie: 735d06e27916f5dc997744ad6dcdffd8=en-GB; expires=Wed, 09-May-2018 13:19:47 GMT; path=/
Cache-Control: no-cache
Pragma: no-cache
Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8
X-Cache: MISS from s_hs65
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Via: 1.1 s_hs65 (squid/3.5.23)
Connection: keep-alive

Assets with error code

UrlStatus code
prev.png 404
next.png 404
blank.gif 404

Used Assets

  • Number of JS files: 10
  • Number of CSS files: 14
  • Number of images: 111
en. text/html; charset=utf-8 3.77KB
jcemediabox.css?version=113 text/css 5.61KB
style.css?version=113 text/css 5.01KB
style.css text/css 1.01KB
template.css text/css 335.00B
finder.css text/css 1.62KB
mootools-core.js application/javascript 94.10KB
core.js application/javascript 4.67KB
caption.js application/javascript 729.00B
jcemediabox.js?version=113 application/javascript 53.44KB
mootools-more.js application/javascript 232.75KB
slider.js application/javascript 11.27KB
autocompleter.js application/javascript 15.88KB
general.css text/css 2.67KB
layout.css text/css 6.35KB
template.css text/css 17.73KB
left_main_right.css text/css 116.00B
menu.css text/css 2.20KB
suckerfish.css text/css 2.69KB
module.css text/css 2.06KB
jp_typo.css text/css 3.34KB
css3.css text/css 1.18KB
slimbox.js application/javascript 4.52KB
slide.js application/javascript 5.23KB
moomenu.js application/javascript 1.80KB
logo.png image/png 16.49KB
de.gif image/gif 70.00B
Startseite_slideshow_master_0055_IMG_... image/jpeg 36.82KB
KK_slideshow_0018_Ebene%2030.jpg image/jpeg 36.29KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0054_IMG_... image/jpeg 46.72KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0040_IMG_... image/jpeg 38.51KB
KK_slideshow_0016_Ebene%2034.jpg image/jpeg 46.97KB
KK_slideshow_0026_Ebene%2021.jpg image/jpeg 45.88KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0027_IMG_... image/jpeg 43.24KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0021_IMG_... image/jpeg 33.10KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0061_Eben... image/jpeg 39.16KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0057_Eben... image/jpeg 34.12KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0009_IMG_... image/jpeg 60.80KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0053_IMG_... image/jpeg 51.14KB
KK_slideshow_0011_Ebene%2041.jpg image/jpeg 38.63KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0035_IMG_... image/jpeg 32.70KB
KK_slideshow_0025_Ebene%2022.jpg image/jpeg 41.82KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0024_IMG_... image/jpeg 34.97KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0039_IMG_... image/jpeg 37.38KB
KK_slideshow_0022_Ebene%2026.jpg image/jpeg 41.19KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0036_IMG_... image/jpeg 29.46KB
KK_slideshow_0010_Ebene%2042.jpg image/jpeg 36.08KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0049_IMG_... image/jpeg 28.25KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0026_IMG_... image/jpeg 42.30KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0045_IMG_... image/jpeg 37.81KB
KK_slideshow_0006_Ebene%2055.jpg image/jpeg 31.60KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0013_IMG_... image/jpeg 39.23KB
KK_slideshow_0036_Ebene%207.jpg image/jpeg 37.24KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0005_IMG_... image/jpeg 56.46KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0043_IMG_... image/jpeg 43.75KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0056_Eben... image/jpeg 41.49KB
KK_slideshow_0023_Ebene%2024.jpg image/jpeg 39.48KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0020_IMG_... image/jpeg 23.82KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0019_IMG_... image/jpeg 21.46KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0006_IMG_... image/jpeg 40.21KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0052_IMG_... image/jpeg 32.68KB
ga.js text/javascript 42.07KB
__utm.gif?utmwv=5.6.7&utms=1&utmn=167... image/gif 35.00B
popup.html text/html 828.00B
tooltip.html text/html 643.00B
Startseite_slideshow_master_0010_IMG_... image/jpeg 54.65KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0050_IMG_... image/jpeg 26.17KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0007_IMG_... image/jpeg 49.10KB
KK_slideshow_0007_Ebene%2047.jpg image/jpeg 29.49KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0022_IMG_... image/jpeg 26.48KB
slideshow_werkzeugbau_005.jpg image/jpeg 37.95KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0029_IMG_... image/jpeg 46.21KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0048_IMG_... image/jpeg 68.06KB
KK_slideshow_0032_Ebene%2012.jpg image/jpeg 40.31KB
KK_slideshow_0031_Ebene%2013.jpg image/jpeg 35.53KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0012_IMG_... image/jpeg 38.45KB
KK_slideshow_0008_Ebene%2046.jpg image/jpeg 34.86KB
KK_slideshow_0035_Ebene%208.jpg image/jpeg 32.69KB
KK_slideshow_0017_Ebene%2033.jpg image/jpeg 30.89KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0023_IMG_... image/jpeg 50.25KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0018_IMG_... image/jpeg 49.09KB
slideshow_werkzeugbau_001.jpg image/jpeg 23.01KB
KK_slideshow_0002_Ebene%2059.jpg image/jpeg 42.61KB
KK_slideshow_0037_Ebene%206.jpg image/jpeg 39.54KB
KK_slideshow_0019_Ebene%2029.jpg image/jpeg 39.19KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0015_IMG_... image/jpeg 34.87KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0011_IMG_... image/jpeg 36.93KB
KK_slideshow_0009_Ebene%2044.jpg image/jpeg 25.25KB
KK_slideshow_0029_Ebene%2016.jpg image/jpeg 33.61KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0034_IMG_... image/jpeg 28.08KB
KK_slideshow_0014_Ebene%2037.jpg image/jpeg 36.89KB
KK_slideshow_0013_Ebene%2038.jpg image/jpeg 41.65KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0042_IMG_... image/jpeg 41.35KB
KK_slideshow_0000_Ebene%2061.jpg image/jpeg 34.12KB
KK_slideshow_0028_Ebene%2017.jpg image/jpeg 34.29KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0051_IMG_... image/jpeg 28.88KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0003_IMG_... image/jpeg 56.36KB
KK_slideshow_0001_Ebene%2060.jpg image/jpeg 38.25KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0025_IMG_... image/jpeg 37.56KB
KK_slideshow_0004_Ebene%2057.jpg image/jpeg 58.22KB
slideshow_werkzeugbau_004.jpg image/jpeg 29.00KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0016_IMG_... image/jpeg 33.87KB
KK_slideshow_0027_Ebene%2019.jpg image/jpeg 44.26KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0001_IMG_... image/jpeg 40.92KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0002_IMG_... image/jpeg 41.06KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0033_IMG_... image/jpeg 31.44KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0014_IMG_... image/jpeg 42.20KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0038_IMG_... image/jpeg 39.67KB
KK_slideshow_0012_Ebene%2039.jpg image/jpeg 37.57KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0046_IMG_... image/jpeg 48.89KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0037_IMG_... image/jpeg 40.18KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0031_IMG_... image/jpeg 34.10KB
slideshow_werkzeugbau_003.jpg image/jpeg 34.43KB
KK_slideshow_0005_Ebene%2056.jpg image/jpeg 45.98KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0030_IMG_... image/jpeg 45.96KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0047_IMG_... image/jpeg 49.72KB
KK_slideshow_0038_Ebene%205.jpg image/jpeg 29.19KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0062_Hint... image/jpeg 45.05KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0041_IMG_... image/jpeg 45.95KB
KK_slideshow_0024_Ebene%2023.jpg image/jpeg 34.42KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0058_Eben... image/jpeg 28.47KB
slideshow_startseite_001.jpg image/jpeg 21.49KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0032_IMG_... image/jpeg 30.33KB
slideshow_werkzeugbau_002.jpg image/jpeg 37.14KB
KK_slideshow_0033_Ebene%2010.jpg image/jpeg 36.00KB
KK_slideshow_0039_Ebene%204.jpg image/jpeg 31.76KB
KK_slideshow_0034_Ebene%209.jpg image/jpeg 32.35KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0017_IMG_... image/jpeg 31.40KB
KK_slideshow_0003_Ebene%2058.jpg image/jpeg 36.76KB
KK_slideshow_0015_Ebene%2036.jpg image/jpeg 36.82KB
Startseite_slideshow_master_0028_IMG_... image/jpeg 35.61KB
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play.png image/png 883.00B
pause.png image/png 613.00B
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Type: ROLE
Name: Hostmaster STRATO AG Webhosting
Organisation: STRATO AG
Address: Pascalstra├če 10
PostalCode: 10587
City: Berlin
CountryCode: DE
Fax: +49 3088615111
Changed: 2006-12-04T23:27:06+01:00

Type: ROLE
Name: Zonemaster STRATO AG Webhosting
Organisation: STRATO AG
Address: Pascalstra├če 10
PostalCode: 10587
City: Berlin
CountryCode: DE
Fax: +49 3088615111
Changed: 2006-12-05T00:35:07+01:00


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