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The website is more than 8 year(s) old. handicap-polynesie.com's ip address is and hosted in Papeete (French Polynesia) – It is ranked number 5 162 833 in the world. The domain is having the .com TLD. There are 12 js files and 4 css files. The total number of loaded resources on this website is 64. The website is loaded in 6.4 seconds. Because of the load time, it may occur a certain page abandonment increase in percentage of 30%. Unfortunately our system detected that there are 3 resources which are not returned with a 200 status code.
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Meta data

TitleFédération des personnes handicapées Polynesie Tahiti Handicap Aide | Handicap Polynésie
Description♦ EMPLOI : Vous êtes reconnu travailleur handicapé ! faites nous parvenir votre CV. . . cliquez ici♦ ELECTIONS : Aménagements prévus pour les personnes handicapées : cliquez ici♦ PERMIS..
Keywordshandicap,Tahiti,Polynésie,'Polynésie française',enfant,LSF,pictogramme,dyslexie,handicapé,fenua,papeete,MDPH,mdhpf,sourd,aveugle,trisomie


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Server Information

The server's IP is not on blacklist.

Server Location

  • Country: French Polynesia
  • City: Papeete
  • Latitude: -17.53
  • Longitude: -149.57


  • Webserver: nginx/1.2.1
  • Mod-Pagespeed: not used
  • Error 404 page: Set
  • HTTPS: Not set
  • www/non-www redirect: Not set

Nameserver informations

Host Country IP address
ns1.mana.pfFrench Polynesia
ns2.mana.pfFrench Polynesia

User abandonment information

Every 8 people out of 10 expect a website to load in 3 seconds or less. More than 25% will abandon a website which loads more than 4 seconds and more than 70% of the visitors will never return if the site does not load properly on their mobile devices. This site takes 6 secs to load, which means the possible abandonment rate on this website is around 30%

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Mobile Preview for Handicap-polynesie.com

The viewport on mobile is: 1014px wide. That means that the website is not mobile friendly.

Domain Information

  • Domain registrarNETWORK SOLUTIONS, LLC.
  • Registration date2008-06-02
  • Expires on2017-06-02
  • Updated on2016-05-28
  • Alexa rank: 5162833
DNS records
handicap-polynesie.com A 86400 ip:
handicap-polynesie.com NS 86400 target: ns2.mana.pf
handicap-polynesie.com NS 86400 target: ns1.mana.pf
handicap-polynesie.com SOA 86400 mname: ns1.mana.pfrname: system.mana.pfserial: 2016110801refresh: 3600retry: 900expire: 1209600minimum-ttl: 43200
handicap-polynesie.com MX 86400 Priority: 5target: promx1.vini.pf
handicap-polynesie.com MX 86400 Priority: 5target: promx2.vini.pf

Inpage analysis

Good! The first H tag is h1
The heading structure is not good! There is a h3 after an h1
  • h1: 1
  • h2: 0
  • h3: 14
  • h4: 3
  • h5: 0
  • h6: 0

Content analysis on Handicap-polynesie.com

  • Number of words: 647
  • Number of sentences: 16
  • Textsize: 3572
  • Number of images: 14
  • Number of links: 7
Word density
" handicap ": 14" les ": 13" site ": 11" des ": 10" pour ": 10" handicaps ": 8" nous ": 7" personnes ": 6" color ": 6" education ": 6" ici ": 6" travail ": 5" notre ": 5" switch ": 5" scheme ": 5" fédération ": 5" polynésie ": 5" size ": 5" associations ": 4" nos ": 4" font ": 4" sur ": 4" vous ": 4" sidebar ": 4" scolarisation ": 4" handicapées ": 4" affaires ": 3" accueil ": 3" direction ": 3" large ": 3
Most focused words
" handicap "" les "" site "" pour "" des "" handicaps "" nous "" size "" polynésie "" ici "" font "" personnes "" education "" color "" theme "" travail "" scheme "" sidebar "" fédération "" switch "" notre "" nos "" sur "" vous "" associations "" cliquez "" handicapées "" scolarisation "" large "" direction "

Technical informations

General informations

Admin found: /administrator

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HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server: nginx/1.2.1
Date: Tue, 09 May 2017 13:19:57 GMT
Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8
Content-Length: 40681
X-Powered-By: PHP/5.4.45-0+deb7u8
Expires: Mon, 1 Jan 2001 00:00:00 GMT
Cache-Control: post-check=0, pre-check=0
Pragma: no-cache
Set-Cookie: 2e530f2a2c7692f91723aa5c55a238f9=3fd934ecd7ae18503ac89feb6ba5061f; path=/
Last-Modified: Tue, 09 May 2017 13:19:57 GMT
X-Cache: MISS from s_wx1097
Via: 1.1 s_wx1097 (squid/3.5.20)
Connection: keep-alive

Assets with error code

UrlStatus code
adpopup.php?n=a7eeddd4&what=zone:4&to... http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/regie/adpopup.php?n=a7e... 404
adpopup.php?n=afa47a1b&what=zone:4&to... http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/regie/adpopup.php?n=afa... 404
content-left-shadow.jpg http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/absoluteflush... 404

Used Assets

  • Number of JS files: 12
  • Number of CSS files: 4
  • Number of images: 14
www.handicap-polynesie.com http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/ text/html; charset=utf-8 39.73KB
highslide-sitestyles.css http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/hsconfig/css/highslide-... text/css 3.97KB
module_default.css?v=1411417795 http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/media/com_acymailing/cs... text/css 1.51KB
mootools.js http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/plugins/system/mtupgrad... application/javascript 116.36KB
caption.js http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/media/system/js/caption.js application/javascript 1.92KB
highslide-full.packed.js http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/plugins/content/highsli... application/javascript 31.57KB
easing_equations.js http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/plugins/content/highsli... application/javascript 8.89KB
swfobject.js http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/plugins/content/highsli... application/javascript 6.72KB
highslide-sitesettings.js http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/hsconfig/js/highslide-s... application/javascript 2.61KB
acymailing_module.js?v=480 http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/media/com_acymailing/js... application/javascript 14.47KB
jquery.js http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/js/j... application/javascript 20.97KB
jquery.absolute-v2.js http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/js/j... application/javascript 11.87KB
jxcorelivesearch.js http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/jxco... application/javascript 2.72KB
template_css.css http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/css/... text/css 16.02KB
menu.css http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/css/... text/css 18.48KB
customize.css http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/css/... text/css 16.32KB
site-gradient.jpg http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/jpeg 406.00B
wrappershadow-wide.jpg http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/jpeg 13.60KB
options-bg.jpg http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/jpeg 404.00B
text-normal.gif http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/gif 640.00B
text-large.gif http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/gif 670.00B
text-xlarge.gif http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/gif 684.00B
options-divider.jpg http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/jpeg 320.00B
sidebar-left.gif http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/gif 424.00B
sidebar-right.gif http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/gif 405.00B
color-blue.gif http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/gif 480.00B
color-red.gif http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/gif 464.00B
color-green.gif http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/gif 669.00B
color-pink.gif http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/gif 462.00B
color-orange.gif http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/gif 437.00B
tools-help.png http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/png 1.01KB
menu-on.jpg http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/jpeg 365.00B
haschild.gif http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/gif 12.82KB
sub-bar.jpg http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/jpeg 304.00B
search.jpg http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/jpeg 0.99KB
pas_pareil.jpg http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/images/stories/photos/v... image/jpeg 54.58KB
logo%20radio1%20web.jpg http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/images/stories/photos/v... image/jpeg 94.55KB
logo%20tiare%20fm%20web.jpg http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/images/stories/photos/v... image/jpeg 108.33KB
atn_2013_quadri.jpg http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/images/stories/photos/a... image/jpeg 19.01KB
air_tahiti_logo2.jpg http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/images/stories/photos/l... image/jpeg 29.07KB
facebook_logoi.jpg http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/images/stories/facebook... image/jpeg 4.86KB
bandeau_sponsors_site.jpg http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/images/stories/bandeau_... image/jpeg 11.70KB
searchButton.gif http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/images/M_images/searchB... image/gif 1.01KB
sous.ico http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/images/stories/sous.ico image/vnd.microsoft.icon 894.00B
livemarks.png http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/images/M_images/livemar... image/png 725.00B
live-search-bg.jpg http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/jpeg 373.00B
content-left-shadow.jpg http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/jpeg 316.00B
inset-bg.jpg http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/jpeg 306.00B
li-star.gif http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/gif 175.00B
calendar.png http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/png 572.00B
dotted-line.png http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/png 198.00B
input-bg.jpg http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/jpeg 295.00B
ga.js http://www.google-analytics.com/ga.js text/javascript 13.78KB
__utm.gif?utmwv=5.6.7&utms=1&utmn=431... http://www.google-analytics.com/r/__utm.gif?utmwv=5.6.7&u... image/gif 35.00B
footer-bg.jpg http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/jpeg 624.00B
orange-tick.gif http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/gif 304.00B
footer-shadow.jpg http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/jpeg 3.87KB
print.css http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/css/... text/css 602.00B
rounded-white.png http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/plugins/content/highsli... image/png 1.96KB
zoomout.cur http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/plugins/content/highsli... text/plain 4.19KB
header.png http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/png 48.15KB
menu-off.jpg http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/jpeg 337.00B
moduleheader.png http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/templates/handicap/imag... image/png 216.00B
loader.white.gif http://www.handicap-polynesie.com/plugins/content/highsli... image/gif 673.00B


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