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Analyzed on 2017-05-09 15:20:09
The website is more than 7 year(s) old.'s ip address is and hosted in Sanayi (Turkey) . The domain is having the .com TLD. There are 35 js files and 28 css files. The total number of loaded resources on this website is 179, and there is no assets with non 200 status code. The website is loaded in 12.9 seconds. Because of the load time, it may occur a certain page abandonment increase in percentage of 46.25%.
Loading time
12 851ms
IMG 14.44MB, JS 78.91KB, CSS 1.42MB

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  • Facebook likes: 0
  • Google+:0
  • Linkedin shares: 1

Server Information

The server's IP is not on blacklist.

Server Location

  • Country: Turkey
  • City: Sanayi
  • Latitude: 36.9
  • Longitude: 30.7


  • Webserver: Apache
  • Mod-Pagespeed: not used
  • Error 404 page: Set
  • HTTPS: Not set
  • www/non-www redirect: Set

Nameserver informations

Host Country IP address

User abandonment information

Every 8 people out of 10 expect a website to load in 3 seconds or less. More than 25% will abandon a website which loads more than 4 seconds and more than 70% of the visitors will never return if the site does not load properly on their mobile devices. This site takes 13 secs to load, which means the possible abandonment rate on this website is around 46.25%

visitor stayed on the site
visitor stayed on the site
visitor stayed on the site
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Mobile Preview for

The viewport on mobile is: 320px wide. That means that the website is mobile friendly.

Domain Information

  • Registration date2009-10-01
  • Expires on2017-10-01
  • Updated on2016-09-29
DNS records
HostTypeTTLOther A 3542 ip: NS 3600 target: NS 3600 target: SOA 3600 mname: ns1.mikronhost.comrname: hostmaster.atlasteks.comserial: 2014032773refresh: 36000retry: 600expire: 86400minimum-ttl: 3600 MX 3600 Priority: 32767target: ms33847237.msv1.invalid MX 3600 Priority: 0target: TXT 3600 txt: v=spf1 -all

Inpage analysis

Error! The first H tag is not h1!
The heading structure is good!
  • h1: 0
  • h2: 0
  • h3: 200
  • h4: 0
  • h5: 0
  • h6: 0

Content analysis on

  • Number of words: 885
  • Number of sentences: 133
  • Textsize: 2535
  • Number of images: 101
  • Number of links: 42
Word density
" quick ": 96" view ": 96" azs ": 50" şeritler ": 18" kumaşlar ": 18" yakalar ": 14" işleme ": 8" pullu ": 6" atlasteks ": 5" broşlar ": 4" deri ": 4" kumaş ": 4" polyester ": 4" menu ": 3" arama ": 3" saçak ": 2" örgü ": 2" tül ": 2" dantel ": 2" etnik ": 2" sirali ": 2" desenli ": 2" istenilen ": 2" örme ": 2" garanti ": 2" satış ": 2" pamuk ": 2" kot ": 2" referanslar ": 2" ulaşılabilir ": 2
Most focused words
" azs "" quick "" view "" şeritler "" kumaşlar "" yakalar "" işleme "" pullu "" atlasteks "" broşlar "" deri "" kumaş "" polyester "" menu "" arama "" saçak "" örgü "" tül "" dantel "" etnik "" sirali "" desenli "" istenilen "" örme "" garanti "" satış "" pamuk "" kot "" referanslar "" ulaşılabilir "

Technical informations

General informations

Admin found: /admin

Header response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Tue, 09 May 2017 13:20:02 GMT
Server: Apache
Link: ; rel="", ; rel=shortlink
Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
X-Cache: MISS from s_ns15
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Via: 1.1 s_ns15 (squid/3.5.23)
Connection: keep-alive

Used Assets

  • Number of JS files: 35
  • Number of CSS files: 28
  • Number of images: 101
NameMimeTypeSize text/html; charset=UTF-8 13.83KB
webfont.js text/javascript; charset=UTF-8 7.54KB
wp-emoji-release.min.js?ver=4.5.8 application/javascript 9.57KB
validationEngine.jquery.css?ver=2.7.4 text/css 4.58KB
owl.carousel.css?ver=4.5.8 text/css 1.44KB
owl.theme.css?ver=4.5.8 text/css 1.63KB
styles.css?ver=4.5 text/css 1.12KB
settings.css?ver=5.2.6 text/css 34.63KB
woocommerce-layout.css?ver=2.6.4 text/css 14.32KB
woocommerce-smallscreen.css?ver=2.6.4 text/css 6.72KB
woocommerce.css?ver=2.6.4 text/css 52.61KB
icomoon.css?ver=2.1.2 text/css 63.15KB
font-awesome.css?ver=2.1.2 text/css 22.78KB
glyphicons.css?ver=2.1.2 text/css 10.57KB text/css 223.66KB
jquery.fancybox.css?ver=2.1.5 text/css 4.78KB
jquery.fancybox-buttons.css?ver=1.0.5 text/css 2.39KB
css?family=Open+Sans:400italic,700ita... text/css; charset=utf-8 268.00B
typicons.min.css?ver=4.9.2 text/css 14.71KB
vc_openiconic.min.css?ver=4.9.2 text/css 6.42KB
vc_linecons_icons.min.css?ver=4.9.2 text/css 2.38KB
vc_entypo.min.css?ver=4.9.2 text/css 12.96KB
style.css?ver=4.5.8 text/css 5.05KB
bootstrap.min.css?ver=3.3.5 text/css 119.70KB
elegant-style.css?ver=1.0 text/css 24.66KB
themify-icons.css?ver=1.0 text/css 16.06KB
font-awesome.min.css?ver=4.2.0 text/css 23.18KB
theme1.css?ver=1.0.0 text/css 324.84KB
styleswitcher.css?ver=1.0.0 text/css 10.07KB
js_composer.min.css?ver=4.12 text/css 445.51KB
jquery.js?ver=1.12.4 application/javascript 94.91KB
jquery-migrate.min.js?ver=1.4.1 application/javascript 9.82KB
owl.carousel.js?ver=4.5.8 application/javascript 51.63KB application/javascript 104.49KB
jquery.themepunch.revolution.min.js?v... application/javascript 55.09KB
add-to-cart.min.js?ver=2.6.4 application/javascript 1.73KB
woocommerce-add-to-cart.js?ver=4.12 application/javascript 895.00B
frontend.js?ver=4.5.8 application/javascript 11.59KB
style.css?ver=4.5.8 text/css 16.00B
migrate.js?ver=4.5.8 application/javascript 7.03KB
autocomplete.js?ver=4.5.8 application/javascript 21.55KB
script.js?ver=4.5.8 application/javascript 2.11KB
jquery.form.min.js?ver=3.51.0-2014.06.20 application/javascript 14.89KB
scripts.js?ver=4.5 application/javascript 11.96KB
jquery.blockUI.min.js?ver=2.70 application/javascript 9.34KB
js?ver=3.2.0 text/javascript; charset=UTF-8 13.71KB
woocommerce.min.js?ver=2.6.4 application/javascript 277.00B
jquery.cookie.min.js?ver=1.4.1 application/javascript 1.38KB
cart-fragments.min.js?ver=2.6.4 application/javascript 2.34KB
bootstrap.min.js?ver=3.2.0 application/javascript 31.07KB
jquery.fancybox.pack.js?ver=2.1.5 application/javascript 22.59KB
jquery.fancybox-buttons.js?ver=1.0.5 application/javascript 2.97KB
superfish.min.js?ver=1.3.15 application/javascript 4.19KB
modernizr.custom.min.js?ver=2.6.2 application/javascript 3.00KB
jquery.shuffle.min.js?ver=3.0.0 application/javascript 12.70KB
jquery.countdown.min.js?ver=2.0.4 application/javascript 4.45KB
plugins.js?ver=20160115 application/javascript 155.65KB
theme.js?ver=20140826 application/javascript 22.21KB
wp-embed.min.js?ver=4.5.8 application/javascript 1.37KB
underscore.min.js?ver=1.8.3 application/javascript 16.03KB
wp-util.min.js?ver=4.5.8 application/javascript 1.03KB
add-to-cart-variation.min.js?ver=2.6.4 application/javascript 8.32KB
js_composer_front.min.js?ver=4.12 application/javascript 18.65KB
jquery.validationEngine-tr.js?ver=2.7.4 application/javascript 9.23KB
jquery.validationEngine.js?ver=2.7.4 application/javascript 68.06KB
front-subscribers.js?ver=2.7.4 application/javascript 3.10KB
atlas-logo.png image/png 29.14KB
btn.gif image/gif 1.38KB
bg_category.png image/png 2.77KB
transparent.png image/png 84.00B
banner-1-3.jpg image/jpeg 119.90KB
banner2.jpg image/jpeg 159.72KB
TF-0083_vitrin_9114-400x281.png image/png 318.09KB
TF-0082_vitrin_9113-400x281.png image/png 319.52KB
TF-0080_vitrin_9111-400x281.png image/png 323.73KB
TF-0079_vitrin_9110-400x281.png image/png 178.80KB
TF-0078_vitrin_9109-400x281.png image/png 266.98KB
TF-0077_vitrin_9108-400x281.png image/png 328.66KB
TF-0076_vitrin_9107-400x281.png image/png 283.76KB
TF-0075_vitrin_9106-400x281.png image/png 273.96KB
TF-0074_vitrin_9105-400x281.png image/png 227.68KB
TF-0073_vitrin_9104-1-400x281.png image/png 292.94KB
TF-0072_vitrin_9103-400x281.png image/png 227.68KB
TF-0071_vitrin_9102-400x281.png image/png 285.14KB
TF-0070_vitrin_9101-400x281.png image/png 250.86KB
TF-0069_vitrin_9100-400x281.png image/png 256.94KB
TF-0068_vitrin_9099-400x281.png image/png 299.18KB
TF-0067_vitrin_9098-400x281.png image/png 285.14KB
TF-0066_vitrin_9097-400x281.png image/png 273.96KB
TF-0065_vitrin_9096-400x281.png image/png 313.09KB
TF-0063_vitrin_9087-400x281.png image/png 283.55KB
TF-0062_vitrin_9084-400x281.png image/png 227.68KB
TF-0061_vitrin_9083-400x281.png image/png 339.05KB
TF-0060_vitrin_9082-400x281.png image/png 283.55KB
TF-0055_vitrin_8770-400x400.png image/png 327.35KB
TF-0054_vitrin_8674-400x400.png image/png 244.59KB
AZS-0384_vitrin_7955-400x400.png image/png 255.99KB
AZS-0386_vitrin_8049-400x386.jpg image/jpeg 19.76KB
AZS-0388_vitrin_8283-400x400.png image/png 195.85KB
AZS-0397_vitrin_8681-400x360.jpg image/jpeg 16.32KB
AZS-0398_vitrin_8682-360x400.jpg image/jpeg 27.18KB
font?kit=u-WUoqrET9fUeobQW7jkRZbd9NUM... image/svg+xml 249.35KB
fontawesome-webfont.woff?v=4.3.0 application/font-woff 69.83KB
fontawesome-webfont.woff application/font-woff 43.39KB
AZS-0399_vitrin_8683-400x360.jpg image/jpeg 21.11KB
AZS-0400_vitrin_8684-400x360.jpg image/jpeg 24.21KB
AZS-0401_vitrin_8685-400x360.jpg image/jpeg 15.07KB
revolution.extension.slideanims.min.js application/javascript 27.47KB
revolution.extension.layeranimation.m... application/javascript 32.02KB
revolution.extension.navigation.min.js application/javascript 25.18KB
?wc-ajax=get_refreshed_fragments. application/json; charset=UTF-8 1.10KB
AZS-0402_vitrin_8686-400x360.jpg image/jpeg 16.89KB
AZS-0403_vitrin_8687-400x360.jpg image/jpeg 24.87KB
AZS-0406_vitrin_8839-360x400.png image/png 66.62KB
AZS-0407_vitrin_8840-360x400.png image/png 66.62KB
AZS-0408_vitrin_8841-360x400.png image/png 136.62KB
AZS-0409_vitrin_8842-360x400.jpeg image/jpeg 22.64KB
AZS-0410_vitrin_8843-360x400.jpeg image/jpeg 27.28KB
AZS-0411_vitrin_8844-360x400.jpeg image/jpeg 18.75KB
AZS-0412_vitrin_8845-360x400.jpeg image/jpeg 25.76KB
AZS-0413_vitrin_8846-360x400.jpeg image/jpeg 30.33KB
AZS-0414_vitrin_8905-400x400.png image/png 181.04KB
AZS-0415_vitrin_9041-400x400.png image/png 214.16KB
AZS-0416_vitrin_9042-400x400.png image/png 246.46KB
AZS-0419_vitrin_9244-400x400.png image/png 191.12KB
AZS-0420_vitrin_9338-400x400.png image/png 199.31KB
AZS-0421_vitrin_9542-400x351.jpg image/jpeg 22.59KB
YP-0472_vitrin_9708-400x400.jpg image/jpeg 56.31KB
YP-0471_vitrin_9707-400x400.jpg image/jpeg 53.46KB
YP-0470_vitrin_9706-400x400.jpg image/jpeg 30.88KB
YP-0469_vitrin_9705-400x400.jpg image/jpeg 50.72KB
YP-0468_vitrin_9704-400x400.jpg image/jpeg 58.34KB
YP-0467_vitrin_9703-400x400.jpg image/jpeg 54.65KB
YP-0466_vitrin_9702-400x400.jpg image/jpeg 50.36KB
YP-0465_vitrin_9701-400x400.jpg image/jpeg 53.55KB
YP-0464_vitrin_9700-400x400.jpg image/jpeg 51.01KB
YP-0463_vitrin_9699-400x400.jpg image/jpeg 42.36KB
YP-0462_vitrin_9698-400x400.jpg image/jpeg 50.01KB
YP-0461_vitrin_9697-400x400.jpg image/jpeg 51.29KB
YP-0460_vitrin_9696-400x400.jpg image/jpeg 50.24KB
YP-0459_vitrin_9695-400x400.jpg image/jpeg 55.23KB
YP-0458_vitrin_9694-400x400.jpg image/jpeg 47.91KB
YP-0457_vitrin_9693-400x400.jpg image/jpeg 57.23KB
YP-0456_vitrin_9692-400x400.jpg image/jpeg 50.15KB
YP-0455_vitrin_9691-400x400.jpg image/jpeg 45.89KB
YP-0454_vitrin_9690-400x400.jpg image/jpeg 49.77KB
YP-0452_vitrin_9688-400x400.jpg image/jpeg 48.83KB
YP-0451_vitrin_9687-400x400.jpg image/jpeg 46.87KB
YP-0450_vitrin_9686-400x400.jpg image/jpeg 54.82KB
YP-0449_vitrin_9534-400x400.jpg image/jpeg 51.31KB
YP-0448_vitrin_9533-400x400.jpg image/jpeg 43.98KB
Y-BA-0912_vitrin_7994-400x400.png image/png 190.09KB
Y-BA-0830_vitrin_7873.png image/png 139.71KB
BA-01342_vitrin_8639.png image/png 288.27KB
BA-01341_vitrin_8638.png image/png 103.93KB
BA-01333_vitrin_8587-400x400.png image/png 173.90KB
BA-01332_vitrin_8586-400x400.png image/png 169.43KB
BA-01331_vitrin_8585-400x400.png image/png 154.71KB
BA-01330_vitrin_8584-400x400.png image/png 194.83KB
BA-01319_vitrin_8573-400x400.png image/png 188.03KB
BA-01329_vitrin_8583-400x400.png image/png 199.33KB
BA-01328_vitrin_8582-400x400.png image/png 169.62KB
BA-01327_vitrin_8581-400x400.png image/png 137.41KB
BA-01326_vitrin_8580-400x400.png image/png 164.14KB
BA-01323_vitrin_8577-400x400.png image/png 146.39KB
BA-01322_vitrin_8576-400x400.png image/png 191.80KB
BA-01321_vitrin_8575-400x400.png image/png 215.35KB
BA-01320_vitrin_8574-400x400.png image/png 192.84KB
BA-01318_vitrin_8572-400x400.png image/png 236.56KB
BA-01317_vitrin_8571-400x400.png image/png 258.41KB
BA-01311_vitrin_8565-400x400.png image/png 151.30KB
BA-01310_vitrin_8564-400x400.png image/png 179.65KB
BA-01309_vitrin_8563-400x400.png image/png 257.16KB
BA-01308_vitrin_8562-400x400.png image/png 151.17KB
BA-01307_vitrin_8561-400x400.png image/png 231.65KB
common.js text/javascript 61.69KB
util.js text/javascript 13.76KB
stats.js text/javascript 3.45KB
AuthenticationService.Authenticate?1s... text/javascript; charset=UTF-8 46.00B


Registry Domain ID : 1570903527_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
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Updated Date: 2016-09-29T22:57:03Z
Creation Date: 2009-10-01T12:03:38Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2017-10-01T12:03:38Z
Registrar IANA ID: 1454
Registry Admin ID: CID-93160ATL
Admin Organization: HikmetAkbas
Admin Street: mericsk.kuyumcularpasaji.no10d.28
Admin City: Istanbul
Admin State / Province: sirinevler
Admin Postal Code: 34188
Admin Country: TR
Admin Fax: +90.0000000090
Admin Fax Ext:
Registry Tech ID: CID-93160ATL
Tech Organization: HikmetAkbas
Tech Street: mericsk.kuyumcularpasaji.no10d.28
Tech City: Istanbul
Tech State / Province: sirinevler
Tech Postal Code: 34188
Tech Country: TR
Tech Fax: +90.0000000090
Tech Fax Ext:
DNSSEC: Unsigned
URL of the ICANN Whois Inaccuracy Complaint Form:

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