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The Painted Veil

The Painted Veil By W. Somerset Maugham The Painted Veil Set in England and Hong Kong in the s The Painted Veil is the story of the beautiful but love starved Kitty Fane When her husband discovers her adulterous affair he forces her to accompany him

  • Title: The Painted Veil
  • Author: W. Somerset Maugham
  • ISBN: 9780307277770
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Painted Veil By W. Somerset Maugham Set in England and Hong Kong in the 1920s, The Painted Veil is the story of the beautiful, but love starved Kitty Fane.When her husband discovers her adulterous affair, he forces her to accompany him to the heart of a cholera epidemic Stripped of the British society of her youth and the small but effective society she fought so hard to attain in Hong Kong, she is compelleSet in England and Hong Kong in the 1920s, The Painted Veil is the story of the beautiful, but love starved Kitty Fane.When her husband discovers her adulterous affair, he forces her to accompany him to the heart of a cholera epidemic Stripped of the British society of her youth and the small but effective society she fought so hard to attain in Hong Kong, she is compelled by her awakening conscience to reassess her life and learn how to love.The Painted Veil is a beautifully written affirmation of the human capacity to grow, to change, and to forgive.
    The Painted Veil By W. Somerset Maugham

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      393 W. Somerset Maugham
    The Painted Veil

    One thought on “The Painted Veil

    1. Candace on said:

      It had been a long time since I read one of the classics When I saw The Painted Veil on sale at Audible, I thought it would be a nice change of pace I wasn t wrong This book proved to be far better than I expected The Painted Veil is set in England and China, taking place in the 1920 s It is a story of love, betrayal, revenge and redemption I definitely wasn t prepared for some of the twists and turns that this story took, but I enjoyed every minute.Kitty Fane moved to Hong Kong with her husband [...]

    2. Perry on said:

      Resentment s PresentimentThe time will come When you ll be blue Your cheatin heart will tell on youHank Williams, 1952You ll look for me but baby I ll be gone.This is all I gotta say to you woman Your time is gonna comeLed Zeppelin, 1969The English word resent or resentment comes from the Old French resentir, meaning to feel again, feel in turn 13c That is, to replay, feeling again and again, the thoughts and emotions arising from a negative event that s already happened For example, getting con [...]

    3. Emily May on said:

      This is so good.The Painted Veil, first published in 1925, is now considered a classic That fact combined with the cover, description and the reviews had me switching into classic reading mode That might sound like I ve gone a bit mad, but I mean that I approach classics with a different frame of mind and a greater tolerance for slow moving plots, airy fairy language and characters I cannot relate that much to You know what I mean, you cannot expect fast paced action if you want to appreciate Au [...]

    4. Will Byrnes on said:

      This short masterpiece tells of love, betrayal, and a search for real meaning in life Kitty is an attractive middle class Brit The only real future for her is to marry well But when she finds none of her suitors quite up to her hopes, and with her younger sister becoming engaged, she succumbs to the pressure and agrees to marry Walter, a man who adores her, but whom she finds boring He takes her with him to Hong Kong where he works as a bacteriologist.There is much here about class One hero of t [...]

    5. Petra X on said:

      The original review was deleted by GR This book is about the time when society women didn t work, especially not in the hot and fetid colonies, and this was set in Hong Kong They sat at home and painted their nails and dreamed of love in the afternoon and sometimes they did it too Kitty did, she had an affair and her husband found out He was a good man, as she was to find out, but once crossed, his soul was dark with thoughts of the ultimate revenge death, either socially or in reality.He gave h [...]

    6. Luís C. on said:

      I literally devoured this short novel by Maugham This was my second meeting with the author and certainly not the last We met Kitty who married Walter Fane, for a husband than by real affection Walter is a man who does not speak much, feeling even less The novel is centered on Kitty, about his feelings And the least we can say is that at first, she is not really friendly She is futile and selfish This gene does not deceive her husband and she imagines that Townsend will accept without thinking [...]

    7. Alex ☣ Deranged KittyCat ☣ on said:

      I ll start by saying that I had seen the movie before finding out that it was based on a book And oh how much I loved it The casting was superb and I felt the chemistry between the main characters Even now, I watch the movie every once in a while.Then I found out there was the original book and I had to read it After postponing it for quite some time, I finished reading it yesterday Although the movie took some liberties from the book, I liked the latter, too.Meet Kitty, a spoiled, self absorbed [...]

    8. Tea Jovanović on said:

      Jedna od meni najdra ih Momovih knjiga Potpuno zanemarena kod doma ih izdava a Po ovom romanu snimljen je i divan film Poku avala sam godinama da animiram srpske izdava e da ga objavljuju, ali oni su jurili samo hitove sa bestseler lista Ali ne gubim nadu

    9. Margitte on said:

      The Painted Veil is a remarkable golden oldie Published in 1925 for the first time, it had slightly different approach to stories in the sense that the author punched a good story into 246 pages and said with his economy of words, than 1000 page novels FROM THE BLURB Less known than his masterpiece Of Human Bondage, this 1925 Somerset Maugham novel rips at your emotions with its portrayal of an adulterous wife When the bacteriologist husband of Kitty Fane learns of her infidelity, he forces her [...]

    10. Jessica on said:

      I agree whole heartedly with other reviewers the movie was better I saw the movie first and loved it It is a brilliant and beautiful love story and who can resist Edward Norton s stoic, yet smoldering interpretation of Walter You can appreciate the movie better once you read the book and get to know the characters as they were originally intended The movie does a good job of interpreting those characters honestly and uses dialogue verbatim from the book But, in the movie, Walter and Kitty are mu [...]

    11. Chrissie on said:

      So I assume you have read the book description and know approximately what the book is about This description ends with the words The Painted Veil is a beautifully written affirmation of the human capacity to grow, to change, and to forgive Well, I would say that this can certainly be debated This is an ideal book for a book club there is much that can be discussed Views will differ Some people find this book a huge disappointment Others like it very much So how do you go about deciding whether [...]

    12. Tatiana on said:

      There is something infinitely fascinating to me about stories like this a clever, passionate man falling in love with a pretty but fickle woman who, he knows, will never understand and appreciate his worth, and yet, he can t resist This is why I have always obsessed over Gone With the Wind and enjoyed reading The Painted Veil once again.I still can t decide if I like the novel or the latest movie adaptation .The movie gives food to my romantic what could have been fantasies But I can t not love [...]

    13. Catie on said:

      There s something so affecting about tragedy created by social s tragedy that only exists because it s born in a certain place and a certain time While reading this book I just kept thinking, what if What if women were allowed to seek their own status and power and weren t completely dependent on that of their husbands What if girls weren t isolated but allowed to travel and gain experience or an education What if marriage were optional What if divorce were a simple thing But I guess even the po [...]

    14. *TANYA* on said:

      A rare instance when the movie is a lot better than the book The movie is lovely The book was just okay.

    15. Jason Koivu on said:

      Maugham handles language beautifully, telling the nice, compact story of a vacuous socialite who doesn t take life serious enough and finds herself in a very serious situation His economy of word fails his purpose only once, but it is an important failure and mars The Painted Veil in a way that diminishes it enough to keep it from attaining the echelon of masterpiece status Our heroine Kitty s transformation view spoiler her admission of her own worthlessness, willingness to admit it to an enemy [...]

    16. Maria Espadinha on said:

      O V u de EntrelinhasQue dizer sobre este livro Vou dedicar lhe algumas linhas e inspirada pelo t tulo um v u de entrelinhas Aqui h Ele, Ela e C lera C lera emocional e C lera real.H falso amor, paix o, trai o e vingan a.E h crescimento e um final irritante que castigo roubando lhe uma estrela Mas enfim admito que adorei Nota os mais curiosos, i.e , os interessados em saber a que crescimento me refiro, podem passar pr xima Review.Quanto aos restantes, sugiro que fiquem por aqui O Crescimento de K [...]

    17. Lucy Banks on said:

      A casual read, that turned into a thoroughly enjoyable experience I only had this book because of my late Aunt, whose shelves were every bit as overflowing with books as my own I d obviously heard of the author, but really wasn t familiar with his style, so went in with no expectations whatsoever Oh my gosh, what a pleasant surprise to find out that it was utterly fantastic It s about Kitty, a young woman who has somehow found herself married to a man she s not even fond of, much less in love wi [...]

    18. Maria Clara on said:

      Qu dif cil hacer una rese a cuando no te salen las palabras A veces, al terminar de leer un libro, descubres que parte de los sentimientos que te ha generado la historia a n est n en tu interior, como una fina cortina que se mece bajo una corriente invisible de aire Y es entonces cuando tienes que desgranar esas emociones y cuando te quedas sin palabras vac a, a n cuando la brisa a n sopla en tu interior.Pues bien, dicho esto, poco m s puedo decir sencillamente es una historia hermosa, dulce y t [...]

    19. Sawsan on said:

      the painted veil is the veil of illusion beautifully written novel, a story of love, infidelity, and the ability to change and forgivelove is so strange, causing serious suffering sometimesa quiet, educated, committed man fall in love with a beautiful woman who has no affection for hima woman he realizes her vanity and superficiality, but yet still wants to marry herKitty Fane the heroine was not a likeable character at all at the beginningbut her gradual change and awareness of herself and her [...]

    20. Mayra on said:

      I was so ready to fall head over heels for this book I ve always liked the 2006 movie and I just had no doubt in my mind this Maugham book sitting there in my shelf, beckoning, was just a thousand times better I knew it in my bones this would be amazing.Now that I m finished I suppose I would be a gigantic liar if I said I m not at least a little disappointed And it s definitely the movie s fault If I had never watched it, I m sure I would have liked this book a million times better But Norton a [...]

    21. Наталия Янева on said:

      , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Is it fair to blame me because you ascribed to me qualities I hadn t got I never tried to deceive you by pretending I was anything I wasn t I was just pretty and gay You don t ask for a pearl necklace or a sable coat at a booth in a fair you ask for a tin trumpet and a toy balloon , , , if it is necessary sometimes to lie to others it is always despicable to lie to oneself , , , The dog it was that died.

    22. Martine on said:

      What do you do when you discover that the wife you love despite the fact that she is shallow as hell and obviously despises you is having an affair For Walter Fane, a bacteriologist working in early twentieth century colonial Hong Kong, the choice is easy Either he will divorce his wife, which will disgrace her and leave her destitute she was never taught to work or be independent, having always been expected to make a brilliant marriage , or, as a penance, she will have to accompany him on a tr [...]

    23. Duane on said:

      I ve always been amazed at the effort the British took to maintain their aristocratic traditions in their distant colonies The Painted Veil a beautifully written story about a young wife, Kitty Fane, who is brought to Hong Kong by her doctor husband in the 1920 s She doesn t love her husband so she soon falls in love and begins an affair with her husbands superior It s the story of how one sided relationships can lead to heartbreak for everyone involved This is a sad and tragic story but still b [...]

    24. Hannah on said:

      There s just so much to take in with this book that I hardly know where to begin At first, the story of the feckless Kitty Fane reads so simplistically that I seriously wondered why Maugham was considered the brilliant writer that he was It wasn t until Kitty and Walter began their tranformative journey to Mei tan fu that I began to sense why this is such a beloved book, in spite of the fact that Maugham creates and sets up two of the least lovable admirable main characters since Kathy and Heath [...]

    25. Bkwmlee on said:

      I m quite stingy when it comes to rating books and normally would not give than 4 stars, even for a book I thoroughly enjoyed However, in the case of W Somerset Maugham s classic The Painted Veil, the first thought that came into my head after finishing the book is that this is a masterpiece that absolutely deserves nothing less than 5 stars The entire book is beautifully and tightly written, using what I would categorize as classical language, but in a style that is simple and easy to understa [...]

    26. Carol on said:

      Set in 1920 s England and Hong Kong, this sad classic tale tells the story of an extremely vain and spoiled young Kitty Fane who doesn t appreciate the love of a good husband until it s too late, but learns about love and forgiveness in the end A really good book.

    27. Tiffany Reisz on said:

      Lovely No idea why it was called The Painted Veil though Ain t no painted veil in this book I looked

    28. Ruth on said:

      I read this as an audiobook, right after The Abstinence Teacher and Special Topics in Calamity Physics, both of which were so poorly written I couldn t finish them Coming into Somerset Maughm s lucid prose was like being let out of a cage.

    29. Alice Poon on said:

      I saw the 2006 movie The Painted Veil on TV some years ago and somehow couldn t quite forget Edward Norton playing the always tense and melancholic Walter Fane, who actually has a sensitive and loving heart beneath what appears to be a cold and distant outer shell.Recently in an online chat with other readers at , I was asked to name my favorite movie which was adapted from a novel and I answered The Painted Veil just because I loved the movie very much as I remembered it But I had never read th [...]

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