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When the Nines Roll Over and Other Stories

When the Nines Roll Over and Other Stories By David Benioff When the Nines Roll Over and Other Stories In When the Nines Roll Over David Benioff uses humor and rich characterizations to explore the sometimes thrilling sometimes pathetic emotional lives of a diverse set of characters Over the course o

  • Title: When the Nines Roll Over and Other Stories
  • Author: David Benioff
  • ISBN: 9780452286641
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Paperback
  • When the Nines Roll Over and Other Stories By David Benioff In When the Nines Roll Over, David Benioff uses humor and rich characterizations to explore the sometimes thrilling, sometimes pathetic emotional lives of a diverse set of characters Over the course of eight stories, we are introduced to a host of young people on the cusp of discovery and loss As he evokes the various states of agony and pleasure humiliation, rebelIn When the Nines Roll Over, David Benioff uses humor and rich characterizations to explore the sometimes thrilling, sometimes pathetic emotional lives of a diverse set of characters Over the course of eight stories, we are introduced to a host of young people on the cusp of discovery and loss As he evokes the various states of agony and pleasure humiliation, rebellion, camaraderie, and desire Benioff displays a profound understanding of the transformative power of a single moment and how sadness can be illuminated by a humorous flip side When the Nines Roll Over confirms the promise of a gifted writer emerging as a storytelling force.
    When the Nines Roll Over and Other Stories By David Benioff

    • ☆ When the Nines Roll Over and Other Stories é David Benioff
      392 David Benioff
    When the Nines Roll Over and Other Stories

    One thought on “When the Nines Roll Over and Other Stories

    1. Richard on said:

      Many know David Benioff as one half of the team that created the stellar Game of Thrones HBO series adaptation And no problem, that show is awesome and it s one of the most impressive film adaptations I ve seen of fiction But I originally was a fan of Benioff s work as an author, with both of his fantastic novels the New York crime drama The 25th Hour and the WWII coming of age adventure, City of Thieves on my list of favorites Now I ve finally completed the author s short list of fiction work w [...]

    2. Loes Dissel on said:

      David Benioff is a master storyteller After City of Thieves I wanted to read This is a fine, modern collection of short stories Five stars for the last one Merde for Luck.

    3. Mindy on said:

      This is my first book of short stories and the only reason I picked it up was for a challenge I chose David Benioff because he is the author of one of my favorite books, City of Thieves I was so pleasantly surprised I didn t think I would enjoy reading short stories but these were all fascinating It is kind of a bummer when you re really enjoying certain characters and the story just ends, because Mr Benioff can write some amazing characters I loved every one of the stories in this book, but my [...]

    4. Clair Belmonte on said:

      Each story was a beautiful creation come to life, though some than others I read greedily for details and at times, felt it came much too easily Characters remained lackluster, and I felt myself reading at the fast pace of the prose Though this series of stories build scenes, the plots feel like I m constantly trying to run and push the story to its conclusion I m forced to miss the roses growing in the corner of the scene for the sake of maintaining the story s movement That being said, each s [...]

    5. Barb on said:

      interesting little glimpses into others lives, one story reminds me of characters in city of thieves, glad i read it, the language is artistry, beautiful, but no beginnings and endings of plot i still like resolutions.favorite quote The bad days came like Churchill s black dogs they paced the corridor outside my bedroom, raking the carpet with their claws.

    6. Ali Murphy on said:

      I am a big fan of Benioff s writing His book, City of Thieves, was easily in my top five books of 2016 I had been saving this collection of short stories so as not to deplete my Benioff supply and while I am pleased to have read these stories I am somewhat deflated that I nothing else of his left to read This collection of stories is eclectic On the surface some of them are a little weird, but they are all profoundly personal and human I think that is because Benioff is essentially writing about [...]

    7. Marie on said:

      I loved David Benioff s writing in City of Thieves, so I knew going in the likelihood of me enjoying his short stories was high What I love most about Benioff is his economy His lean style really shows off his screenwriting chops his short stories read like short films Benioff also manages to balance smart and funny dialogue with moving and visceral description His characters have as much of a chaotic interior life as they do a chaotic outer life.My favorites from this collection in no particula [...]

    8. Sophi Link on said:

      A couple of summers ago, my parents and I went to visit my brother in upstate NY and stayed in this rambling, half renovated bed and breakfast across the train tracks from the Hudson River While I was there, the owner noticed me carrying around a book and started telling me all about City of Thieves He insisted that I read it and, since he didn t have it on him at the time, got my parents address and sent it on after we left I only bring it up because it s always stuck in my head as one of the n [...]

    9. Adam Floridia on said:

      This is going to one of those reviews that s of a placeholder in life than anything substantive about the actual book.As I would like to with all short story collections, I would have liked to review each story individually Also, I would have liked to read them in coherent time chunks so that even individual stories weren t jumbled up in my head Instead, I moved into a new house Three weeks and counting of lifting, buying, moving, unpacking and marveling at it all I finally have my own study a [...]

    10. Kdevoli on said:

      Okay this boy is some sort of genius wunderkind First I read his last novel, one of my favorirte books of the year, City of Thieves I m still waiting for his first novel from the library so in the meantime I picked up this collection of short stories Oh my He captures people in such a real way By contrast, I had to put down Pat Conroy s latest because nothing about it felt genuine to me And Pat Conroy is considered one of the greatest living writers The last story in the collection is a real doo [...]

    11. Adonay Rivas on said:

      Le iba a dar tres estrellas, pero Merde como premio fue tan maravilloso Aunado a eso, Des composici n, 10 10 No s Me hizo sentir A pesar de que hubo uno que me dej completamente fr o, en el mal sentido Los otros me parecieron buenos, pero Merde y Des composici n, dios m o.

    12. Harika Bommu on said:

      Bittersweet tales of life, death and everything in between It s amazing how he captures life in it s true sense, especially the first story and the namesake of the book When the nines roll over Other favorite is the Devil comes to Orekhovo The stories feel like a momentary glimpse into a persons life without much prior explanation and ends abruptly but leaves you brooding for a very long time.

    13. Barry on said:

      Collection of short stories by one of my favorite writers They have elements of magical realism, and gritty reality all rolled into one A story about a lion loose in New York, another about a boy stealing his father s car and meeting a young girl along the way, and my favorite, about a gay couple struggling with AIDS and the plethora of medications they have to take A little gem of a book.

    14. Erdmannlibob on said:

      Wunderbar beschriebene und dabei h chst unterschiedliche Charaktere in Kurzgeschichten, die zwar nett zu lesen sind, aber nicht sonderlich lange nachhaltig in Erinnerung verbleiben werden.

    15. Wei Lien Chin on said:

      If I could adopt the writing style and ability of a writer out there, it would be someone like David Benioff Benioff has a brisk, confident way of telling a story that engages me as a reader Even if the scope of the stories collected here is quite small focusing on various characters living in and around New York City the stories arrest your attention from the first line all the way to the last No need for spaceships and dark lords in this one Benioff s characters are everyday folks that tell st [...]

    16. Sonatajessica on said:

      I don t even want to praise Benioff any since he has such great success with his work on Game of Thrones but he is such a good fiction writer on top of that I loved LOVED his novel City of Thieves that I read a few years back and this was also a fantastic collection.The themes and plots these stories deal with are nothing special but Benioff s writing makes them that remarkable, I didn t want them to end I can t even tell if it s just me or if everyone would enjoy his style this much but I think [...]

    17. Dee Fallon on said:

      Had to read another by Benioff after loving City of Thieves so much and this book did not disappoint I may need to be the first to recommend a short story collection in my book club It would be interesting to find out from each person what her favorite and least favorite were.

    18. Davehbo on said:

      His books are better First few stories are very good, but then it tails off from there.

    19. Joseph on said:

      I m not sure if it s the constraints of these being short stories or that these was written years before City of Thieves, but the writing and story ideas don t meet their potential.

    20. Chris on said:

      The best short story collection I ve read, from one of the showrunners of Game of Thrones.

    21. Jane on said:

      Short stories are such a tease Some of these were engaging, but Benioff is SO much better in novel form

    22. Michael Jarvis on said:

      4.5 starsSome great stories, with surprising variety, from the author of City of Thieves.A heavy snow shovel hung on the wall, blade up, between two pegs Surkhov took it down and handed it to the old woman She grabbed it from him and headed out the door without a word Leksi looked at his two comrades, hoping they would tell him it was all a prank, that nobody would be killed today Nikolai would punch him on the arm and tell him he was a fool, and everyone would laugh the old woman would pop back [...]

    23. Sam on said:

      This is one of those rare collections where there s not a single bad story in the bunch In fact, not only are there no bad stories, there are also quite a few absolutely ridiculously amazing stories Benioff packs so much emotion into so few pages, I couldn t help but be absolutely stunned by how invested I became in his characters in so short a period of time When the Nines Roll Over was probably my least favorite of the bunch, but still a very solid short story about a talent scout who poaches [...]

    24. Patrick Bättig on said:

      In acht Geschichten macht David Benioff Kerls zu Helden und Nicht Helden in sanften Variationen vom Scheitern des Amerikanischen Traums Seine US amerikanischen M nner im jungen oder mittleren Alter mogeln sich durch pointierte Lebenssituationen, die oft nicht ausgehen, wie sie es sich w nschen ihre W rde behalten sie jedoch, auch wenn Illusionen zu Bruch gehen Vor moralische Entscheidungen gestellt, stellen sie sich nicht immer klug an doch das ist f r den Leser leicht gesagt, kann er es ja aus [...]

    25. Brett Starr on said:

      A collection of eight stories Each story is unique and the writing is very, very modern Throughout the book, he mentions things like Sam s Club, Pearl Jam, etc and many other places things that actually exist No one story in the book is overly long or drawn out, each one seems to be the perfect length to explain the story completely When the Nines Roll Over And Other Stories is one not to miss if your a fan of Benioff and or witty short stories The writing is excellent, very vivid descriptions a [...]

    26. Faith High School on said:

      This book is a series of short stories there s one every chapter , all of them have some sort of tragic thing that happens Although it is very creepy, there are undertones of humor throughout In every chapter, I think anyone can be empathetic towards the characters If you re not into vulgarity and in my mind sort of shocking lifestyles, then don t read this book However, I thought it was really good and I would recommend it to people with open minds By Mark Smith

    27. Pasteurisiert on said:

      Pasteurisiert mit 4 von 5 Sternen Manchmal grausam, manchmal merkw rdig, aber immer ber hrend.Auch David Benioffs Roman Stadt der Diebe hat mich im Herbst 2009 sehr beeindruckt Die Kurzgeschichten in Alles auf Anfang sind nicht vergleichbar stark, aber auf jeden Fall eine tolle Erfahrung Vielleicht am faszinierendsten ist die letzte Kurzgeschichte Merde bringt Gl ck , die zu Beginn sehr befremdlich war, dann ins Skurrile wanderte und am Ende zum Schocker wurde, bis sich der Knoten am Schluss auf [...]

    28. Brian on said:

      This is what you need to know about my father He was a man who made a living killing animals, though he adored animals and disdained men But I was his love s son and that gave me immunity from disdain, immunity from the cool hunter s stare he aimed at everyone else His turn in this world was far from gentle, but he was gentle with me I like short stories so this enjoyable for me Most of the stories were very strong and I think that there was only 1 that fell flat for me Here is a blurb from The [...]

    29. Tim Storm on said:

      This collection is worth a look The stories move fast Most of them explore the various ways in which people fail to connect The title story does a good job with a jackass protagonist The Devil Comes to Orekhovo delivers a microcosmic view of war the story s effectively fused with a folk tale told by the woman on the losing end of the situation Zoanthropy is the strangest story in the book Lots of promise, but it ultimately fails to fuse its various threads together The Barefoot Girl in Clover is [...]

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