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Hit or Myth

Hit or Myth By Robert Lynn Asprin Hit or Myth The apprentice Skeeve is just getting used to his duties as Court Magician of Possiltum Then King Roderick decides to take a powder leaving Skeeve in his place to marry his homicidal fiancee and face

  • Title: Hit or Myth
  • Author: Robert Lynn Asprin
  • ISBN: 9780441013951
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hit or Myth By Robert Lynn Asprin The apprentice Skeeve is just getting used to his duties as Court Magician of Possiltum Then King Roderick decides to take a powder, leaving Skeeve in his place to marry his homicidal fiancee and face the Mob s fairy godfather who makes him an offer he can t refuse.
    Hit or Myth By Robert Lynn Asprin

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    • [PDF] Hit or Myth | by Ó Robert Lynn Asprin
      355 Robert Lynn Asprin
    Hit or Myth

    One thought on “Hit or Myth

    1. Evgeny on said:

      Aazh took a leave to take care of his family problems Skeeve thought it would be easy to live a couple of days without his mentor and for some short time it looked like he was right Right until the moment his employer the King showed up and asked his court magician to substitute for him while poor overworked king takes a short vacation Not a big deal, right Wrong It turned out the king was about to get married to a woman who would think nothing to kill a husband or two that had a misfortune to b [...]

    2. Orient on said:

      It is definitely another Hit in the Myth worldThe funny dialogues, hilarious twists, fast pace and easy style worked for me once I enjoyed finding teamwork, lots of surprises, various tricks and incidents in the book Also some interesting new characters like The Mob s fairy godfatherWith hisA murderous queen bride to beNot forgetting the fun mess and machinations they made.Though I missed Aahz for the biggest part of the book, but Skeeve is worth to have his shining hour It was delightful to se [...]

    3. Gavin on said:

      This is the fourth book in Robert Asprin s Myth series and it might be the best yet It was stuffed full of all the adventure, magic, humor, and quirky characters that we have come to expect from reading the previous books in the series In this one Aahz is called home to deal with a family emergency leaving Skeeve on his own in Possiltum Skeeve is soon convinced by King Rodrick to use his disguise spell to fill in for him while he enjoys a much needed vacation Unfortunately King Rodrick forgot to [...]

    4. Desinka on said:

      Another hilarious ride I loved the story It was great to see Skeeve s fan club growing and his newly acquired confidence to act as an independent leader The intrigues with both the murderous queen and the mafia were highly entertaining Reading on.

    5. Wiebke (1book1review) on said:

      Reading the books out of order it was really nice to get a lot of the background information in this volume A lot ofthe future settings and arrangements happen here I won t spoil but I loved seeing how the characters got together and events played out.

    6. Michael on said:

      This was the last in the original tetralogy that Robert Asprin proposed to his publisher when he first thought up the Myth Adventures series Of course, it was not the end of the series and he went on to write many , but it was a kind of stopping place or ending to a cycle within the series It ends with a fairly major boost in the main character s prestige, power, and confidence, so the books that follow do take place in a different context, so to speak I think I read a few of the later books, bu [...]

    7. April Brown on said:

      A childhood favorite re visited.Is the story as good as I remember YesWhat ages would I recommend it too Twelve and up While ten to twelve might enjoy it, there are many ideas they will not understand Though, they will certainly get many of the jokes.Length Most of a day s read.Characters Memorable, several characters.Setting Fantasy, alternate dimensions.Written approximately 1983.Does the story leave questions in the readers mind Ready to read .Any issues the author or a recent publisher shou [...]

    8. East Bay J on said:

      I didn t like book four as much as I have other books in this series so far I got to thinking about and, pondering the concept of the plot, figgered it out Hit Or Myth marks the first time Skeeve is forced to deal with a situation without Aahz It occurred to me the interplay between Aahz and Skeeve is what I like most about this series Without it, something s lacking I just don t like Skeeve on his own as much as with Aahz, let alone the various killer cast and characters Still, Hit Or Myth is n [...]

    9. Tyrannosaurus regina on said:

      This was essentially two stories stuck together, which made the pacing of it quite strange and really did a disservice to both the homicidal fiancee half who unfortunately never got to have a personality and the mob shenanigans half, which is definitely not all it could be The fact that I breeze through these so quickly lets me overlook a lot of the writing flaws, but let me say again that this series is not great with the female characters.

    10. Ryk Stanton on said:

      This is the fourth book in the series, and is just as much fun now as it was when I first read it years ago Good, clean fun you could give this book to a kid and enjoy it just as much as an adult The narrator of the series Noah Michael Levine does a cast of voices reliably well only Tananda grates and brings another level to the already great book I recommend the entire series.

    11. Callie Rose Tyler on said:

      This book is like two separate but connected stories This story was pretty light on Aahz, my favorite character, but it actually allowed Skeeve to shine and demonstrate how much he has grown as a character In this story Skeeve has to deal with Queen Hemlock who was a very interesting character that didn t get nearly enough screen time , I hope she reappears in future stories The second plot involves the mob which was very entertaining but both of the main conflicts were resolved a little too qu [...]

    12. Alex on said:

      Hit or Myth was still fun, but not quite as dizzyingly delightful as the first three The double d nouement was less tight than previous outings Puns seem to be making a frequent visit The treatment of Massha is problematic While she got character depth, there s still an excessive focus on her body type But I m still committed to continuing to read every one of these that I own.

    13. Jeanie T on said:

      It s really great how much character growth there is through this series.

    14. Stephanie on said:

      This was funny, particularly the first half Skeeve introduces The Mob to the Devil world.

    15. Chimere Follet on said:

      I frankly love all these books An easy enjoyable read Humorous fantasy, how nice.

    16. Charity Fairman on said:

      My favorite of the series so far Exciting from start to finish.

    17. Thomas on said:

      This is The One About the Wedding and The One About the Mob , which is a bit of a sticking point for me This is the shortest entry into Myth Adventures yet, and it contains two full blown plots Add into that formula that Aahz doesn t even feature in one of them, and we have a rather disappointing addition to the series.See, a lot of what makes the Myth Adventures books so much fun is the banter Skeeve narrates the stories, so we get his sarcasm and naivete with or without Aahz, but without him, [...]

    18. David Palazzolo on said:

      Hit or Myth by Robert Asprin is the fourth book of the MythAdventures series and becomes a huge turning point by the end of the novel Things start out at the kingdom of Possiltum where King Roderick takes a sudden leave of absence in order to dodge his own wedding, leaving Skeeve, aka Skeve the Great, Lord Magician of Possiltum, holding the stability of the kingdom in his hands Further complicating the issue is Aahz s abrupt and permanent departure thanks to his nephew and former apprentice Rupe [...]

    19. Ensiform on said:

      The fourth Myth Adventures book With Aahz forced back to his home dimension, the king convinces Skeeve to replace him so he can take a brief vacation, but neglects to tell him that he is about to be married to a murderous, power hungry queen Also, the Mob comes looking for Big Julie, the head of the invading army from Myth Conceptions With his friends help, Skeeve must convince them to make a deal, which ultimately means making a deal with the Deveels at the Bazaar as well, and soon he s playing [...]

    20. Matthew Daubney on said:

      Another fun little adventure Easy reading and a good distraction in an evening.

    21. Neil on said:

      This was the 4th book in the Myth Adventures series Aahz, the Demon, has been summoned back to his own Dimension to deal with a family matter This leaves Skeeve on his own, and as the previous books tell us when he is on his own trouble is not far away It starts out simply enough, the King of Possiltum decides that he needs a day off, but a Kingdom shouldn t be left without a King Who better than Skeeve, with his magical disguises, to impersonate the King for a day Unfortunately while King Roder [...]

    22. Valerie on said:

      I m picking up copies of this series or less randomly, at least partly because I don t remember what I already own, and partly because of differential availability I ve already reviewed a book from when the series goes bad In this volume, it s not anywhere near there yet This is after the Big Game in the Dimension of Jahk, and around the time Skeeve leaves his position as the court magician of Possiltum It s also the book in which Skeeve takes Massha as his apprentice which turns out to be nece [...]

    23. Krista Ivy on said:

      Aahz is whisked away to Perv by his nephew The King decides to take a vacation and leave Skeeve in his place, disguised as him He doesn t t mention the ruthless princess on the way that he is expected to marry A trip from a former acquaintance wanting to be his apprentice provides Skeeve with confidence and a way to find the King During all of this, the mob had shown up looking for Big Julie He sentthem off to Deva to expand their business opportunities Aahz comes back after Skeeve has the King [...]

    24. Keziah on said:

      What have we learnt so far from the MYTH Adventures That Skeeve should never be left alone or actually let out of the room or bad things happen In Hit or Myth the hilarity continues as Aahz leaves Skeeve due to a family emergency and somehow Skeeve is convinced to impersonate the King of Possiltum while he has a brief holiday This of course ends out to be a bad idea when Skeeve is left to marry the king s homicidal fianc e whilst trying to deal with the Mob who have come looking for the missing [...]

    25. Diane ~Firefly~ on said:

      Still love even on re read.Skeeve is in a spot of trouble as usual but this time Aahz isn t around to help The mob finally comes to town looking for their missing army and the King has taken off, leaving Skeeve in his place.What I enjoyed Skeeve is really growing up I love how his character always shines through in his decisions Massha I love how she admits her shortcomings and in the case of magic, has a plan to improve The mob I love the whole plan Both Skeeve s desperate ploy to save himself [...]

    26. Stefan Yates on said:

      Skipped a few in the series when I re read this one, but I was headed out the door and grabbed something quick Once again, Robert Asprin brings his unique blend of adventure and humor in this quality addition to the adventures of Skeeve the magician and his mentor Aahz I enjoyed this book as much the second time as the first and it did not disappoint in quality after recently re reading the first book in the series The nice thing about this series is that, although it is sequential, it is not ab [...]

    27. Jessica on said:

      King Rodrick, that bastard Not all the blame should be put on him, since Skeeve once again stepped into the situation all on his own, and he deserves the berating as much as Rodrick for thinking it up in the first place.This is Skeeve s first mis adventure without Aahz there to guide him every step of the way And you know what I missed Aahz He s brusque, he s direct, he s bossy and he s a little crude, but you know that he truly cares about Skeeve and doesn t want anything bad to happen to his a [...]

    28. Leonardo Etcheto on said:

      I really enjoyed this one because of the way Asprin takes tired tropes and just makes them fun again The king asks for a day off, and Skeeve obliges Ofcourse Skeeve must be the only one in the palace who doesn t know there is a wedding coming up with Queen Hemlock who has a reputation as deadly as her name Yes, these books are full of silly puns and that is great But to be expected really for a guy who grows up with a last name of Asprin He must have developed a skill for puns as a form of self [...]

    29. Henrik Havighorst on said:

      Another entertaining romp by the whole gang revolving around our favourite apprentice magician This novel even than the others before felt very episodic, with loosely connected stories being piled upon each other I am not sure whether that is just Asprin style or whether he did not know where this book was going The introduction of the Mob concept is never fully fleshed out and never fully developed as a sub genre within this instalment Still, the one liners are there and it is interesting to s [...]

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