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What can you find out from our report

Content analysis

We're checking if your website has a proper heading structure, we also can show you what is the value of the word density on your site and what are your most focused words.

Technical analysis

Learn the most important factors about your website from a technical point of view. You can check in the report if your website is mobile friendly, loading fast or slow or if all the assets are correctly accessible by the browsers.

Server information

Find out what informations can visitors or crawlers extract from your site.

Our latest performance reports

Site Loading time Size 5.9s 1.33MB 6.8s 4.38MB 1.9s 759.46KB 1.2s 1.63MB 1.2s 175.99KB 2.9s 2.25MB 2.2s 1.73MB 1.5s 111.36KB 1.7s 111.36KB 6.6s 5.43MB 3.4s 1.12MB 10.5s 2.75MB 2s 3.36MB 1s 628.40KB 8.1s 1.03MB 9.3s 1.68MB 1.1s 0.97MB 3.3s 1.31MB 5.4s 1.31MB 4.1s 8.82MB