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The Horror of Gaad Grey, The Evil Alpha Werewolf

The Horror of Gaad Grey, The Evil Alpha Werewolf By Sean H. Robertson The Horror of Gaad Grey The Evil Alpha Werewolf This book is the first book in The Cries Of Vampira Saga Complete Collection which is available on for a huge fan discount DOWNLOAD IT NOW ENJOY THE SAVINGS SERIES TAG LINE EVERY EYE SHALL SEE The

  • Title: The Horror of Gaad Grey, The Evil Alpha Werewolf
  • Author: Sean H. Robertson
  • ISBN: 9781453808412
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Horror of Gaad Grey, The Evil Alpha Werewolf By Sean H. Robertson This book is the first book in The Cries Of Vampira Saga Complete Collection, which is available on for a huge fan discount DOWNLOAD IT NOW ENJOY THE SAVINGS SERIES TAG LINE EVERY EYE SHALL SEE 1 The Cries Of Vampira The Horror Of Gaad Grey, The Evil Alpha Werewolf2 BLOODLINES The Cries Of Vampira 2 3 NIGHT BREED The Cries Of Vampira This book is the first book in The Cries Of Vampira Saga Complete Collection, which is available on for a huge fan discount DOWNLOAD IT NOW ENJOY THE SAVINGS SERIES TAG LINE EVERY EYE SHALL SEE 1 The Cries Of Vampira The Horror Of Gaad Grey, The Evil Alpha Werewolf2 BLOODLINES The Cries Of Vampira 2 3 NIGHT BREED The Cries Of Vampira 3 Part One 4 NIGHT BREED The Cries Of Vampira 3 Part Two 5 Descent Of The Greys The Cries Of Vampira 4 17 year old Assassin Vampire Princess Kristin is the next heir to the throne of Vampira, land of the first Vampires For the first time in her young life, she s fallen in love with her best friend, Jolan In 12th century Scotland her royal family, the Robertson Clan, defends their Vampirian citizens as well as Earth s human population against the onslaught of the Grey Wolves Gaad Grey, the abominable young leader of the first werewolf species, seeks vengeance upon all resist his rule Will Kristin, along with her triplet siblings, Kylie Kolbe, choose to sacrifice everything in order for peace to reign in Scotland once again Will Kolbe, the rebel Prince, continue to be destroyed by his inner demons Can Kylie unite all of Earth s species Will Kristin s new romance with Jolan survive the night
    The Horror of Gaad Grey, The Evil Alpha Werewolf By Sean H. Robertson

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    • ð The Horror of Gaad Grey, The Evil Alpha Werewolf ✓ Sean H. Robertson
      163 Sean H. Robertson

    One thought on “The Horror of Gaad Grey, The Evil Alpha Werewolf

    1. Chichipio on said:

      This book was pretty awful I m giving it 2 stars only because the concept is a bit interesting sadly, the execution is horrible.The dialogs are stilted is too mild a word Also, they read flat and forced they don t convey a single emotion If anything, the good guys come across as complete idiots.There are no descriptions of places, clothes, weather, etc This would be acceptable it is a short story if those words wouldn t have been wasted uselessly reinforcing everything we were being shown by tel [...]

    2. Heather T on said:

      I m grateful to have won a copy of this book and that the author even signed it for me I think it s wonderful that he s donating money to a worthy cause As for the book, I thought it had an interesting concept that could turn into something great, but it just hasn t gotten there yet I wish it were written from a different point of view so that you could really start to get into the characters heads Unless they are speaking, you re simply told how they fell rather than go through their emotions [...]

    3. Bookwatcher on said:

      The author, Sean H Robertson, is donating TEN PERCENT of his royalties for the entire Cries of Vampira book saga to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, because as their slogan says, With Help Comes Hope Sean is an overcomer of depression as a former victim of child molestation wants to help EVERYONE who is battling hopelessness despair worldwide, so please spread the word to your GoodReads friends to shelve this book today as well THANK YOU

    4. T. Tolles on said:

      This book definitely puts a twist on the ever popular theme of vampire vs werewolves and good vs evil Set up much like a fairytale told as a bedtime story, but with a graphic view for the adults It s a short book 70 80 pgs so it is a quick read and leaves us with bated breath for the second installation as it ends with a cliff hanger Got to keep them coming back for , right I think you will find this novella an enjoyable read.

    5. Kelly on said:

      SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT view spoiler This story opens with a history lesson and a rather horrific killing between a Vampire King, his brother Prince and a werewolf army 17 years later, we find the deceased King s family, his Queen and 3 children, two princesses and a prince, and one of the princess s lovers preparing for one night of what turns out to be hell The Vampirian people which include a bevy of humans, represent democracy and love and peace to all, are preparing for ba [...]

    6. Ezinwanyi on said:

      I don t even know where to begin First, I would like to thank the author for the free pdf copy that he provided Second, I hope the author takes my comments in the spirit it was given, honest constructive critism.This book could be summarized as this Vampires Good, Werewolves Bad Why No real good answers for this black and white dichtomy I would have loved some history to explain it, but there wasn t any.This book was pretty shallow on character development I mean, there was no character developm [...]

    7. Flail Around on said:

      For a 72 page novella, this book was difficult for me to finish I had to put it down several times because the story is told in third person, but in present tense which grated on my nerves Here is a an example on page 5 Gaal and Gomer Grey stand back, watching their mighty Grey Wolves overpower the Vampirian soldiers and then turn their attention towards King George Gaal and Gomer viciously throw their own werewolves away from the now wounded King George The pack backs off, subservient, as their [...]

    8. Melissa Hayden on said:

      King George and his brother, Prince Shannon are leasurely horseback riding through the night, happy of the birth of the Kings triplets two girls, one boy hoping they will know peace in the world in their time When unexpectedly the King, Prince, and fifty guard are surrounded by two hundred of their archenemies, the Grey Wolves The young heir of the Grey Wolves watched as the King of Vampira, being brutily eaten to death, kills his parents Gaad Grey wants to grow up to have his revenge on the Vam [...]

    9. Neveen Badr on said:

      Such an Epical Book.The Cries Of Vampira the name itself makes you feel the sorrow and pain of a peaceful city City that all her Her for Vampira because I feel it s a real human with heart that full of love people are vampire but kind respectable the kind I would live among until my death for sure werewolves are the evil villains which I totally agree werewolves are so messy Sean really did a great job with this book Amazing character that even the smallest detail can make you touch their souls, [...]

    10. Araceli on said:

      Synopsis During the 11th and 12th centuries, the Robertson Clan occupied the throne of Scotland, they lived in Vampira Vampira is where humans and vampires live at peace with one another the only beings that persist to disturb that peace are the Grey Wolves Now Princess Kristin, Princess Kylie, and Prince Kolbe Robertson must make sacrifices in the attempt to save Vampira from the evil Alpha Werewolf Gaad Grey However, will it be enough Thoughts WOW I will only provide my thoughts, no spoilers o [...]

    11. Cheryl on said:

      While out riding, King George and his brother, Prince Shannon is ambushed by Gaal Grey and his pack of Grey Wolves The Vampirian and the Wolves have been bitter enemies for centuries Gaal and his wife are killed The rest of the Grey Wolves retreat A lone figure named Loki approaches Gaad and takes him away from the bloody scene Gaal and his wife are killed The rest of the Grey Wolves retreat A lone figure named Loki approaches Gaad and takes him away from the bloody scene Years later, Gaad is gr [...]

    12. Samita on said:

      I was pleasantly surprised with this novella I liked the pacing of it, it was fast sometimes almost too fast I also loved Princess Kristin She is the queen to be and Vampira s most fierce Assassin I found it so refreshing a princess who is also a warrior, and I was rooting for her when she faces the wolves That s why I was so sadden by what happens to her character at the end of the book It pretty much soured the whole book for me I get it, she need it to learn humility, but still I did not like [...]

    13. Katrina on said:

      The overall backbone of the plot was very original It was different in a good way from most vampire werewolf novels out today The character of Gaad Grey was very well developed and served an effective role as the symbol of evil in the story The story also brought up interesting themes of revenge and forgiveness, like when Princess Kylie tries to barter for peace unsucessfully with Grey Most of the characters are also fairly well developed However, the dialogue needs work in a few places sometime [...]

    14. Michele Minor on said:

      This short novella is the first in a series about the Grey Wolve s attack on the Vampira kingdom The Grey Wolves are werewolves while the citizens of Vampira are vampires who feed on animal blood and wish to make peace with the humans even though they are scared of them They love the Grey Wolves even though they want to make war on them and take over their kingdom According to the beginning of the book Gaad Grey the Grey Wolf is raised by one of Satan s angels or even Satan himself after his par [...]

    15. Mindy/fangedmom on said:

      I just found out I won this book in the First Read Program So excited to read it You can never go wrong with Vampira and Wolves, right BONUS signed by the author Happy Monday to me Thank you I finished this book last night It was a great read I was very interested in the book by the time I was done with it I am def very curious to see what happens to the characters where they were left at the end Although very short like a novella it had lots of good descriptions plot I would love to see this st [...]

    16. Teresa Kleeman on said:

      I liked this book Was kinda of disappointed, because it ended so quick Sean did a nice job creating his work of Vampira You instantly like the charectors of Vampira Queen Grace, Princess Kristin, Princess Kiley, Prince Kolbe They each have there own story to tell Vampira is a world of Vampires, they live amongst the mortals in peace and they protect the mortals.Both societies have a deadly enemy and that is Gaad Grey the leader of the Were Wolves He wants to rule over everyone He was raised by t [...]

    17. Sonia on said:

      Sean, I can honestly say I didn t know what to expect when I start reading your novella it was amazing despite its shortness and I am really craving for In some parts, I felt like I was watching a horror movie with passages that touched me both for their crudeness and desperation while others for their sweetness.Besides, I praise you for your gesture towards the NSPL association since I ve also experienced first hand, with one of my siblings, the very dark moments this association is trying to [...]

    18. Heidi on said:

      I read this book though a free PDF file provided by the author I also requested it though a giveaway For a free book it was ok Took me a little while to get though it even though it was only 80 pages I felt that the charactors were under developed Also the writing style wasnt my favorite, being told what they do instead of how they feel, think, isn t my style of choice Also I love that the author is giving part of their proceeds to an amazing cause I personally do their out of the darkness walk [...]

    19. Lyndsey Dangerfield on said:

      What a great plot I love the new twist on vampires and werewolves The wolves are absolutely horrid animals, and the Grey s seem to be setting a new theme for the typical werewolf The romance seems to be just getting started, and I am looking forward to reading to find out what happens between Princess Kristen and her lover And the dynamic between the siblings is superb, they are all so different, it really creates such a triangle of emotions My only hope is that the next book slows down, and ta [...]

    20. Rebekah on said:

      I adored it It took me a second to sync up with the authors style of writing, as it is unique, but not in a bad way The format actually adds to the charm I can not wait for the second book If I had to say something negative about The Cries of Vampira, I guess I would have to say that it ended entirely too soon And with such a blood chilling cliff hanger Come on Sean, get that second one out for us I must know the fate of the Robertson siblings and see vengeance delt to, tsk.I don t want to spill [...]

    21. Maria on said:

      I thought this book was good I really am not a person who likes to read books that are set way back in time, but I really enjoyed this book It kept me reading because it was interesting In the end it left me wanting .What will happened to Vampira, Princess Kristin, Prince Kolbe, and Gaad Grey.I wanted to know what was going to happened next.I received the book for free through First Reads.

    22. Sherri on said:

      Upon glimpsing at the first page, the names alone were overwhelming I honestly thought this was going to be a very long, very drawn out story I couldn t have been wrong This authors writing style is very reminiscent of Jeanne Kalogridis s style You are pulled into the characters and the setting.The story is very interesting as well Not your run of the mill vampire story Would recommend to those readers looking for a breath of fresh air

    23. Judy Stepanian on said:

      Great character development and action The ending makes me want to read volume 2 Well thought out story and makes some of the tv vampire stuff look pretty lame Makes me want to see the castle in Scotland but not at night I m proud to recommend this book and look forward to from this creative author and actor.

    24. Giavani Cairo on said:

      The mysterious world of Vampires and Werewolves are exposed at a new level in Sean H Robertson s The Cries of Vampira The Horror of Gaad Grey, the Evil Alpha Werewolf Volume 1 This unique novel has everything ranging from war, love, and honor, that will excite readers from all ages.

    25. Jennifer on said:

      This was an enjoyable read I would have liked to see a little background on the characters and races I was sad to see it end where it did and makes me curious as to where this series is going Great to see some of the proceeds of the sales go to charity.

    26. Elizabeth Davidson on said:

      Just received this book in the mail and I m starting it today Loved this book Short, yet to the point I will be looking for books by this author

    27. Terry Priest on said:

      Though a quick read, I found this book to be quite captivating I enjoyed the characters, story line, and am looking forward to the next installment.

    28. Alexandra on said:

      Was really good, can t wait to read the next book in the series There s a twist of everything Even though the book is short it makes it a nice quick read that you can still enjoy.

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