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Sea Glass

Sea Glass By Anita Shreve Sea Glass In the textile manufacturing region of New Hampshire in newlyweds Honora and Sexton Beecher wrestle with all the wonders and challenges that young couples have always faced They ve just purchase

  • Title: Sea Glass
  • Author: Anita Shreve
  • ISBN: 9780316013833
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sea Glass By Anita Shreve In the textile manufacturing region of New Hampshire in 1929, newlyweds Honora and Sexton Beecher wrestle with all the wonders and challenges that young couples have always faced They ve just purchased a house near the ocean that needs a lot of work, but the couple is dedicated to making it a home When the economy fails and a single unscrupulous act perpetrated by SextonIn the textile manufacturing region of New Hampshire in 1929, newlyweds Honora and Sexton Beecher wrestle with all the wonders and challenges that young couples have always faced They ve just purchased a house near the ocean that needs a lot of work, but the couple is dedicated to making it a home When the economy fails and a single unscrupulous act perpetrated by Sexton is revealed, than love will be required to keep the marriage from collapsing under the weight of this betrayal Sexton formerly a traveling salesman is forced to take a job at the local mill alongside other men, women, and children whose very survival is being threatened by the harsh burden of their daily toil Repeated pay cuts and inhumane conditions propel the workers closer to a potentially violent clash with management and union breakers Alliances are formed, honor is challenged, and character flaws become fatal as the tinderbox explodes, leaving old bonds broken and new ones bolstered.Momentum builds steadily in this beautifully developed story, unfettered by needless machinations Shreve deftly weaves the lives of a diverse collection of characters into a tapestry that is rich with the complete range of human emotion and lush with tactile nuance Ann Kashickey
    Sea Glass By Anita Shreve

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      179 Anita Shreve

    One thought on “Sea Glass

    1. Saleh MoonWalker on said:

      Onvan Sea Glass Nevisande Anita Shreve ISBN 316013838 ISBN13 9780316013833 Dar 374 Safhe Saal e Chap 2002

    2. Tasha on said:

      I almost passed on this book when I found it at a thrift store The book s plot looked promising and I wasn t disappointed My favorite quaote from the book The only problem with looking for sea glass , Sexton says one day when he and Honora are walking along the beach, is that you never look up You never see the view You never see the houses or the ocean because you re afraid you ll miss something in the sand.

    3. Marigold on said:

      What I liked The setting Shreve does a great job evoking the atmosphere of the New England coast mill town in the Depression era I liked learning about the mill strikes plight of the workers those who led the strikes I would have liked a lot detail about that I liked the interesting rhythm that Shreve has created with the story a rhythm that echoes the sea itself the story sort of surges forward then backs off, surges backs off This was a little weird at first but then I got into it I liked som [...]

    4. Wendy on said:

      Love this line in the book when the main character Honora meets her prospective husband and is commenting on his less than perfect appearance Honora laid these flaws aside as one might overlook a small stain on a beautifully embroidered tablecloth one wanted to buy, only later to discover, when it was on the table and all the guests were seated around it, that the stain had become a beacon, while the beautiful embroidery lay hidden in everybody s laps.

    5. Katie on said:

      No, no, no Though there were touching moments in this book that I enjoyed, I felt like the plot was SO boring for such an important issue I really had a hard time finishing this book which is extremely rare, until it started picking up a little bit at the end I always love the way Anita Shreve writes about character interaction Using her words, I can always picture exactly the way a person is moving, smiling, speaking, and how they are feeling Maybe that s why I m so addicted to her despite the [...]

    6. Jill on said:

      Set in the early depression era somewhere on the East Coast, the novel follows Honora and Sexton Beecher from the beginning of their marriage They moved into a large deserted old house on the beach and threw themselves into making it habitable with mostly sweat equity and little money Sexton is away every week because of his job as travelling salesman and Honora lives a quiet but very structured life She walks frequently on the lonely beach and collects colorful bits of sea glass When the owner [...]

    7. Alison Morgan on said:

      This book is the reason that whenever I walk on the beach, I am walking stooped along the shore, searching for little bits of beach glass in the sand So far I have collected two bowlfuls I don t have a big white platter like Honora does in this book, but a bowl full of beach glass is very satisfying to run your hands through don t worry, it is so dulled by the sand and the waves that it s smooth and curved, not sharp any And although so far I ve mostly found green, white, and brown, little Gabr [...]

    8. Nancy on said:

      I liked this book because it draws you in you care about the characters And it also gives insight into a tragic part of our country s history the Great Depression of the 1920 s I liked that she used sea glass as a metaphor for the human spirit No matter how much it is battered by the rough sea, it does not break it becomes beautiful I loved the friendship between Honora and Vivian, women from two different worlds who are drawn together I didn t want the story to end And, it got me interested in [...]

    9. Jennifer on said:

      This is the 2nd Shreve book I finished in the last couple of weeks I really enjoyed reading it, though not quite as much as Light on Snow The structure of the book alternating between the viewpoints of the different characters made it take a little while to really get into it and feel invested in the characters, but once they started intersecting, I couldn t put it down And the structure provided some great symbolism little threads weaving in and out of others lives, sometimes only briefly, and [...]

    10. Lanea on said:

      I didn t expect terribly much from this book, but I felt the need to read it because, well, someone gave me a copy and it s party about the labor movement during the Depression in a textile mill town So I had no choice.I wish it were a better book It s nice summer reading, if you re not part of the I only read happy books crowd It s not a happy book But it never reaches tragedy, because, well, Shreve just can t get it there She relies too much on archetypes to develop true characters for us to r [...]

    11. Connie on said:

      3.5 starsSexton, a fast talking typewriter salesman, and Honora married after knowing each other for a short time The newlyweds moved into a large neglected house along the New Hampshire shore in 1929 After the stock market crash, Honora found out her husband was not totally honest in obtaining a loan for the house Sexton lost his job and his car, and could only find a new job at the mill.The working conditions at the mill were terrible, and the mill owners decided to reduce the meager wages the [...]

    12. Christina Kirby on said:

      A Southwest Airlines flight attendant gave me this book when she saw me reading another Shreve novel and said this was the author s best work yet She was right Some Anita Shreve novels grab you from the start and don t let you go, while others are nearly impossible to get into Sea Glass is the former The plot and the characters are captivating, and the book provides a great history lesson on the early years of the labor movement in New England I must say, I didn t know much about that topic and [...]

    13. Amber Eats Books on said:

      3.5 stars I love Anita Shreve s writing as well as the characters she develops I enjoyed the story quite a bit but I didn t love it as much as two other books I have read by her.

    14. Phyllis Sommers on said:

      Although I always find Anita Shreve s novels somewhat depressing, there s no denying that she produces extremely well written and, in this and many other instances, mesmerizing stories The year is 1929 as Honora and Sexton Beecher begin their life together as husband and wife The home Sexton sets out to buy is somewhat beyond his means, but through a clever deception, he manages to secure a mortgage for the home, which is situated directly on the beach of a small New England town In the town its [...]

    15. Donna Johnson on said:

      This is one of my favorite books by Anita Shreve The characters are wonderful, especially Honora She shows such strength in the middle of the adversity that she faces Every time I have read this book I find myself wondering how she managed to marry Sexton Beecher why He is incredibly dishosnest and just downright shady I wish Shreve had spent time developing some of the other characters and the story about the mill strikes I also hated the way it ended I would have loved to know how Honora s an [...]

    16. Becky on said:

      Weight of Water is still my favorite of Shreve s books, but she did Sea Glass justice I always admire her reverence references to the horrendous Halifax disaster and how she incorporates it into her storylines She took historical events of the early 20th century, such as the development of some of our first Unions and the cusp of the Great Depression, and wove realistic characters into these events characters some may think not so original, but I feel appropriate and compelling given the monumen [...]

    17. Jennifer on said:

      I had a hard time getting started on the first section of the book Toward the end of the first section I was intrigued By the second section I couldn t put the book down And reading the third part broke my heart What an amazing tale, marvelously told

    18. Laura K on said:

      3.5 stars Love Anita Shreve s writing and liked this story but have liked others she wrote better Still recommend to my friends that read Anita Coincidentally happened to be reading this while on New Hampshire coast so helped me to enjoy it and want to read her other books that take place in same house and setting at different time periods love that idea Liked how the characters intersected but the story dragged at times wanted less of the mill worker strike and of Vivian s story and the Honor [...]

    19. Mady on said:

      With the background of 29 crisis Sexton Honora, Vivian, McDermott and Alphonse s path come together.Quite slow in the beginning I thought about quitting but eventually it does catch up and I ve finished it in a sitting.

    20. Trudie Kiliru on said:

      This book is a masterpiece Beautiful writing, deeply felt characters, very moving plot At first it was slow going as many characters are introduced individually However, when they all interact, it is magical Will be one of my favorites.

    21. Lena Riemersma on said:

      The emotionally and financially needy wife of a conman gets comfort from a wealthy neighbor woman at her beach house during the Depression Interesting characters and beautiful beach descriptions.

    22. Nancy on said:

      I read this many years ago another beautifully written Anita Shreve novel And that house again

    23. Cheryl on said:

      This book was a huge disapppointment when it comes to an Anita Shreve book.I always love the way Anita Shreve writes about character interaction Using her words, I can always picture exactly the way a person is moving, smiling, speaking, and how they are feeling Maybe that s why I m so addicted to her despite the fact that half of her books are disappointing Each chapter is told from the point of view of a different character, and eventually their lives begin to intersect It begins in the summer [...]

    24. Lena Wright on said:

      Lena Wright2 29 12P.1 A summer beach house, a summer romance that turns into a marriage, the whole summer of school Who doesn t dream of these things But things don t always turn put the way were dream of them happening Sea Glass, by Anita Shreve tells the story of a five very different people, from very different back rounds, all brought together in the most intricate ways, beautifully described in this book From driving their Buick, to days spent on the beach searching for sea glass, Sexton an [...]

    25. Sandy on said:

      As with The Pilot s Wife by Anita Shreve, Sea Glass really resonated with me since I grew up on the coast of Maine and experienced so much of what the protagonist, Honora, experiences Sea Glass takes place in a New Hampshire beach town and actually travels to places familiar to me in Maine particularly Sanford where I was born and spent my early years Like Honora, I ve walked the beaches and searched for sea glass Sea Glass takes place in the late 1920s early 1930s so the characters are swept up [...]

    26. Kellie on said:

      This book took place during the depression on the east coast of New England It is a story of a handful of characters Honora who just got married to Sexton, a typewriter salesman They buy an old convent on the water Honora is adjusting to married life and likes to walk the beach and collect sea glass Vivian is a rich lady from Boston who is bored She comes to the ocean to waste time with her rich friends She meets Honora on the beach one day and they become friends She buys her friend Dickie s be [...]

    27. Rebecca on said:

      Blah, another dated book that was just kind of lame And dated On all accounts No only did it take place like 100 years ago, the writing style was dated too, which didn t help But if you like that olde timey writing, then pick it up Otherwise, I ll say right now, don t bother So as you can tell, I didn t like that book all that much In contained a cluster of characters that didn t do anything, but annoyed me Took awhile to straighten everyone out Typical, New England 1920 s life Some rich, some p [...]

    28. Carolyn F. on said:

      Audiobook This book starts out about a budding romance, moves on to marriage and how you see things in your spouse you never paid attention before and then moves onto survival, both of marriage and your way of life Honora meets and marries Sexton, learning to love him He s a salesman willing to do whatever it takes for his ego or to get what he wants He loses his job not only because of the Depression but because of him lying to a bank He then somehow turns this into Honora expecting too much fr [...]

    29. Kendra on said:

      This is a fast and easy read set in 1929 New England during the start of the depression Our characters including a young newlywed couple, an 11 year old boy, a young 20 something man who has worked in the mills all his life, a 30 something wealthy woman, and a few communists to round out the group The very unlikely people come together and their lives change forever It was a bit confusing getting in to the book because each chapter maybe only a page or two long switches between characters and it [...]

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