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A Gathering of Gargoyles

A Gathering of Gargoyles By Meredith Ann Pierce A Gathering of Gargoyles Aeriel s love has broken the curse on the darkangel Irrylath making him human again and freeing him from the control of his mother the dreaded White Witch But the Witch is far from defeated Her wick

  • Title: A Gathering of Gargoyles
  • Author: Meredith Ann Pierce
  • ISBN: 9780152018016
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A Gathering of Gargoyles By Meredith Ann Pierce Aeriel s love has broken the curse on the darkangel Irrylath, making him human again and freeing him from the control of his mother, the dreaded White Witch But the Witch is far from defeated Her wicked plans require all seven of her vampyre sons, and she will not give one up so easily There is but a single hope for the Witch s defeat solving an ancient, mysterious ridAeriel s love has broken the curse on the darkangel Irrylath, making him human again and freeing him from the control of his mother, the dreaded White Witch But the Witch is far from defeated Her wicked plans require all seven of her vampyre sons, and she will not give one up so easily There is but a single hope for the Witch s defeat solving an ancient, mysterious riddle So Aeriel sets off to solve the riddle, sailing across a sea of dust and straight into the worst of the Witch s terrors But if Aeriel is to save Irrylath and her world, she will have to overcome his bloodthirsty darkangel brothers and ultimately confront his terrifying mother face to face.
    A Gathering of Gargoyles By Meredith Ann Pierce

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    • Ë A Gathering of Gargoyles ☆ Meredith Ann Pierce
      266 Meredith Ann Pierce

    One thought on “A Gathering of Gargoyles

    1. Linda on said:

      Following on the heels of THE DARKANGEL, Aeriel and Irrylath were married but in name only She was aware something was amiss and, before long, took it upon herself to find out why A riddle, her staff, the gargoyles and magic accompanied her on another adventure.I fell in love with the author s unusual words, crisp descriptions especially of food and the many gray areas of the plot Each character Aeriel met taught her something about her destiny without her actually aware of it By the time I fini [...]

    2. Lauren Schumacher on said:

      The first book is a trial, and the second book is a journey What always strikes me about this installment is our heroine s transformation intoa prophet, a sorceress, a scientist, take your pick All her seemingly magical feats are explained so easily to her and to us as help from another or not my doing or not what I intended It reminds me of becoming an adult woman a string of events mostly outside of your control makes you become sought after, hated, desirable, a prize to control Aeriel s journ [...]

    3. Elizabeth on said:

      please god, let girls stop reading stephanie meyers read this series instead

    4. Emily on said:

      This review is for A Gathering of Gargoyles and The Pearl of the Soul of the World Some might think that the Darkangel Trilogy is in the paranormal genre because of the vampires, but it isn t It is mostly fantasy and even a little sci fi Pierce creates worlds, new species, and terminology The cover quote describes the books as Heart warming and Heart breaking and it truly is Aeriel is a good heroine who follows the path of self discovery She learns that to do great things it requires sacrifice N [...]

    5. Nicole on said:

      I found this book to be less interesting and enjoyable than the first and third of the trilogy, but still good I was somewhat irked by how predictable several of the supposed twists were Parts of the story lagged a bit too, and the book didn t have the same fairy tale feel as the first book Certain parts were really neat though, like the dust shrimp and it s metamorphosis later in the story.

    6. Karissa on said:

      This is the second book in the DarkAngel trilogy If you liked the first book you will like this book More happens in this book and it is just as creative as the first one You definitely need to read the first book before reading this book though.In this book Aeriel is living in the palace with her Prince, Irrylath and his family the problem is Irrylath cannot stand to be around Aeriel because he is forced to be in love with the evil water witch When the second part of the rime prophecy is reveal [...]

    7. Ailsa Lillywhite on said:

      I sort of figured that this was probably one of those series where the first book is really the only story and after that the narrative just kind of limps along so you get the satisfaction of knowing about the rest of the main character s lives It s not though You can actually tell that this is the next chapter in the story There is to know and experience and there are still questions that you didn t even know you had about the first story More of the world opens up and we get to see just how a [...]

    8. Lauren on said:

      This was the 2nd in the series and my favourite I ve always enjoyed the quests against witches such as LOTR and Narnia as a kid I still do in my early 30s I would have loved this book dearly in my youth.The middle of series usually are my favourite because the set up was already done but the ride isn t over.I enjoyed the journey Aeriel took on her quest to reunite the lons to defeat the White Witch who still has her husband ensared Irraylath is unable to love anyone until the witch is dead view [...]

    9. Emma on said:

      I thought this book was enjoyable than the first I love books that take you on a journey with the characters, and a Gathering of Gargoyles did not disappoint Granted I worked out a lot of the rhyme before Aeriel did, but I liked that, it made me realise I understood and actually loved the book The gargoyles were adorable, although I never even considered them to be the lons until the lyoness nudged Aeriel in that direction It was an amazing book that I look forward to reading again and again, i [...]

    10. TheBookSmugglers on said:

      Originally reviewed on The Book SmugglersAfter cutting out her own heart and giving it to the darkangel Irrylath, Aeriel has not only found a way to save her world from the clutches of the White Witch and her seven icari, but she has also found a way to save Irrylath s soul After breaking the curse on her new bridegroom, Aeriel and Irrylath make their way to Isternes, the childhood home of Irrylath, before he was treacherously traded away to the White Witch by his nursemaid Dirna for life and po [...]

    11. Yue on said:

      Another trilogy I won t bother to finish Irrylath was far interesting as a Darkangel than as human Irrylath Too angsty Thankfully he isn t around much, only in the first chapter or so and in the last one We get to know why he can t love Aeriel Not really a mystery, since the specters told Aeriel in the first book view spoiler that he used to be the Witch s lover, who is his adoptive mother Yikes hide spoiler Aeriel starts a new adventure, but alas, she is not what she used to be Or all the othe [...]

    12. Kiersten on said:

      An excellent sequel to The Darkangel and a solid precursor to the third book of the trilogy We learn some history of Irrylath s enchantment, bring in a host of new characters, and awarded plenty of riveting plot twists along the way We get a much broader picture of Aeriel s world in this installment, as she traverses half the nations and encounters different cultures and colorful people I really enjoyed that aspect of it, and in some ways it had a fuller feel than the first book, as if it s exp [...]

    13. Melissa McShane on said:

      Having rescued Irrylath and escaped to his mother s kingdom his birth mother, not the witch who told him she was his mother , Aeriel is now stuck with a husband who won t even let her touch him and a reluctance to tell anyone the truth about where or who Irrylath has been for twenty four years When she receives the second part of Ravenna s rhyme, she sets out alone to solve it by finding and restoring the lost guardians lons of the six other realms The part that I still think is really cool is t [...]

    14. Pickles on said:

      I liked this book better than the first, and I m looking forward to reading the next book, but it seems like I might be the only reader who doesn t particularly like Aeriel She just seems so clueless sometimes and some of the things she does make absolutely no sense It seems like she can barely figure out anything for herself and everyone else is always having to give her the answers I think the world and story are really interesting, though, and I like the side characters I ll definitely keep r [...]

    15. Annie on said:

      I enjoyed the second volume than the first The plot is allowed to stretch out , while still staying interconnected, with no unecessary rambling.Poor Aeriel is still in love with her prince husband, but he cannot love her back, even though she has literally given him her heart She really grows into her destined role of hero, though, and by the end of the book she is no longer a timid slave, but a force to be reckoned with I like that it s not a feeling of destiny that drives her, though, but her [...]

    16. Ariel on said:

      This book doesn t have the charm of Darkangel It feels forced and less like a fairytale The references to other works are enjoyable but constructed It is a satisfying read, but lacks the mastery that set the first book apart and I would recommend in conjunction with that and not alone.

    17. Marie on said:

      Oh My, this series is seriously addictive Meredith Ann Pierce, where have you been all my life

    18. Magdalena on said:

      I read this novel when it first came out I loved the beautiful language Beast became a prince and the not so beautiful heroine became both a beauty and a princess by her own merits and courage.

    19. Kathleen on said:

      Okay, so I really enjoyed this book I ll admit that the first half of the book didn t really hook me only when Aeriel crossed the Sea did it get interesting I really liked Aerirel s character though occasionally she would do things that didn t make sense, but I ll get to that later It was very refreshing to have a female main character who wasn t dependent on a guy, like so many YA girls are these days She saw the it wouldn t work out with Irrylath and later to go on her quest, though she was st [...]

    20. Amber-Leigh on said:

      So, exactly one month since I started reading it, I m finally done with A Gathering of Gargoyles It shouldn t have taken me nearly so long, and I ll go right ahead here and say that the length of time I took to read it had nothing to do with the book itself Though not quite as enjoyable in my eyes as The Darkangel was, A Gathering of Gargoyles was still a pretty good book overall I just had a lot of other stuff going on.In keeping with the last book, a lot of the concepts in this second installm [...]

    21. Mel on said:

      I really enjoyed the first book in this series, despite some stylistic elements that weren t really my cup of tea This book carries pretty much of the same, which is fine The reason I gave it three stars this time around, however, is a beef I have with the character Aeriel In this book, she is, for lack of a better word, dumber And I am not just peeved that the character makes mistakes or misses a vital piece of info that s painfully obvious to the reader though these are both also true , but i [...]

    22. Tereza S. on said:

      Ke druh mu d lu Temn ho and la jsem se dostala a po n kolika letech, tak e m mile p ekvapilo, e z toho prvn ho jsem si pamatovala skoro v echno A kdy u mi p eci jenom n co vypadlo, tak jsem si na to prakticky hned zase vzpomn la, proto e postavy se na t st asto zmi uj o tom, co se d lo p ed t m Mus m ct, e pustit se do t hle knihy pro m byla p jemn zm na Po v ech t ch dystopi ch, YA knih ch nebo urban fantasy, je tohle zase n co tro ku jin ho M me tu pln jin sv t, se svou vlastn histori , sv mi [...]

    23. Julie on said:

      This books just didn t do as much for me as it s predecessor.The middle 200 pages or so were just dull This wasn t just a little slow in the middle like the first one, it just stopped There was not much urgency, just wandering around The closest they seem to get is being pursued by bandits, but they re never actively threatened by the white witch for most of the book.The other problem is Aeriel In the first book she s naive in this book she s dumb as a post It works in the first book she s being [...]

    24. Octavia Cade on said:

      I do love this series Loved it as an adolescent, and still love it today It s not perfect there are bits of archaic phrases where I think Pierce is too self consciously writing Fantasy with a capital F but for sheer beauty of imagery it beats out nearly every other fantasy setting I ve ever read The world is so lush and beautiful and imaginativeI also really appreciate the relationship or lack thereof between Aerial and Irrylath So often in fantasy, the rescued princess is the love interest It s [...]

    25. Lolly's Library on said:

      It seems to follow a rule The second book in a trilogy is invariably the weakest link, usually there only to bridge the story between the first and third books I can t say this was 100% true for A Gathering of Gargoyles but I will say, if not the story, then the characters were weaker, especially Aeriel I don t know what happened, but somehow she became dumber during the book Despite numerous hints, whether about something as trivial as the cloak she wore or about something as important as her t [...]

    26. VampireNovelFan on said:

      Book 2 of this trilogy follows book 1 You definitely need to read these books in succession so as to understand the full story Aeriel cured Irrylath and restored his humanity, but the White Witch has other ideas This leads Aeriel to strike out on a mission through the Sea of Dust to find an oracle that can help her do away with the White Witch and the rest of the Darkangels for good This book has an entirely different feel from one If you want a lot of Irrylath, you won t get it here He and Apri [...]

    27. Lisa(Bookworm Lisa) on said:

      Aeriel is on another quest She and her husband , Irrylath, have journed to another land to meet his mother He was stolen from her at age six by the lorelei They are also trying to restore the lon, who is a pegasus creature, to his mortal life It s complicated, you would have to read the book to explain it.Aeriel realizes when she is visited by the former brides of her husband, when he was becoming a vampire, that she needs to leave him, and find the other lost lons The lons are protectors that w [...]

    28. Robyn on said:

      Continuing from the very surprising ending of the previous book, this one appears to go off in another direction entirely, but I highly recommend you stick with it The feelings of love and loss and loneliness in this book are palpable, and the setting and plot continue their strange and mystical path The emotions are complex, and very real, and the plot just gets and intriguing This book does suffer a bit, I find the second entries in triologies to be rather difficult to read, just in general, [...]

    29. Madma on said:

      Le este libro hace a os y ten a tan buen recuerdo de l que este a o por fin busqu la primera parte de la trilog a que no hab a le do por aquel entones.Casi no recordaba nada de la historia, s lo alg n detalle tonto, as que la relectura ha sido casi de nuevas.Es de esos libros que cuesta dejar de leer, porque antes de que termine un episodio, ya est comenzando el siguiente El mundo fant stico en el que se ambienta no se explica c mo es directamente, si no que se van dando pinceladas conforme avan [...]

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