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Petals on the River

Petals on the River By Kathleen E. Woodiwiss Petals on the River A proud and spirited woman whose life was stolen from her A man of secrets accused of a terrible crime In a place of new beginnings their destinies are joined in a glorious romantic new work from the

  • Title: Petals on the River
  • Author: Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
  • ISBN: 9780380798285
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback
  • Petals on the River By Kathleen E. Woodiwiss A proud and spirited woman whose life was stolen from her A man of secrets accused of a terrible crime In a place of new beginnings their destinies are joined in a glorious romantic new work from the incomparable storyteller KATHLEEN E WOODWISSThe fiery and outspoken adopted daughter of one of England s most formidable women, Shemaine O Hearn has made powerfulA proud and spirited woman whose life was stolen from her A man of secrets accused of a terrible crime In a place of new beginnings their destinies are joined in a glorious romantic new work from the incomparable storyteller KATHLEEN E WOODWISSThe fiery and outspoken adopted daughter of one of England s most formidable women, Shemaine O Hearn has made powerful enemies And now her adversaries have found a way to remove the hot blooded beauty from her life of privilege by falsely convicting Shemaine of thievery, and sending her in shackles to America, where she is to be sold in indentured servitude to the highest bidder.In a bustling port city in the colony of Virginia, she becomes the servant of Gage Thornton a shipbuilder with a young child in need of a nanny And despite whispered rumors condemning the handsome widower for the untimely death of his wife, Shemaine cannot ignore her desire for this caring, generous and enigmatic stranger who silently aches with his growing need for her even as grave peril reaches out from across a vast ocean to threaten their flowering love.
    Petals on the River By Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

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      284 Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
    Petals on the River

    One thought on “Petals on the River

    1. Jeanne on said:

      It s been a while I haven t had so much trouble getting into a book as I did with Petals on the River The fact that this romance exceeds 500 pages wasn t very encouraging, either But because it s Woodiwiss, I ploughed on and waited for the magic to happen Wise decision I didn t regret it.But before I explain why in details, once again let me add a little context for my friends who might be new to romance First of all, while people often like to mention Jane Austen or Georgette Heyer as the prec [...]

    2. Melody on said:

      2,5 toilesJ ai bien aim dans l ensemble, mais j ai trouv que l histoire d amour tait trop longue d marrer view spoiler le premier baiser n arrive qu la page 268 hide spoiler et qu il manquait de passion De plus, m me si Gage a toujours t bon envers Shemaine, elle accepte un peu trop facilement sa condition d esclave pour une fille qui a toujours eu une existence privil gi e J ai par contre ador le passage avec la famille de Ruark, le h ros de Shanna.

    3. Kim on said:

      Nope Just I just can t do it any I m 300 pages into this monster and I just can t keep reading Nice hero, nice heroine, even a cute kid and I just don t care Though that may have something to do with the fact that I m 300 pages in and still nothing is really happening But when you write with such flowery, redundant language, I guess you re probably not getting anywhere anytime soon This might scrape together a two star rating if I could bring myself to finish it, but Not gonna I am declaring mys [...]

    4. Kristi Hudecek-Ashwill on said:

      It hurts my heart to give this book three stars because Kathleen Woodiwiss is my all time favorite author Hands down I love her and she can do no wrong But this sort of pushed the envelope The story dragged a lot toward the end and it became monotonous and cumbersome to read it Gage and Shemaine were ga ga over each other I got that I also got that Gage was a boob man The story was rolling along okay and then dragged and then suddenly all of these characters started showing up and they showed up [...]

    5. Julie on said:

      Recently NPR compiled a list of top one hundred romance novels They posted a side article explaining why some books were intentionally left off that list I could not believe they left Kathleen E Woodiwiss off the list, deliberately, siting her work as no longer relative for today s reader, but included other authors on the list whose books were every bit as controversial, and at least once featured beatings, forced seduction and rape While I admit I understand how the list was compiled, after I [...]

    6. Lynsey A on said:

      This is one of my favorite Woodiwiss novels, although, I have many favorites by her The fact that Shemaine and Gage don t spend the entire book hating each other is very refreshing It s a good read and emotional.

    7. Lover of Romance on said:

      When Shemaine O Hearn finds herself engaged, and falling in love with a wonderful man she thinks nothing could go wrong, everything is going right, but she has one person that doesn t approve of the match, his grandmother So before Shemaine knows it, she has been falsely accused of thievery and is sent to America and sold into servitude for seven years The ride on the ship was hard enough and she doesn t know what is in her future Then she is surprised when she is sold to a Gage Thornton, who is [...]

    8. Oleta Blaylock on said:

      This is another very good book by a master story teller that is no longer with us The story is set in colonial Virginia when indentured servants were sent to colonies to clear out the prisons of England The story follows Shemaine, a rich young lady, whe has been framed for a crime she didn t commit She decides she has a better chance of surviving as an indentured servant than staying in Newgate She has already had several attempts to her life while find bars Ms Woodiwiss shows the harshness of t [...]

    9. Ellen Shannon on said:

      I really enjoyed this book This is my first time that I have read this author and can t wait to read some of her work The story had a few twists that I did not see coming Shemaine O Hearn is a falsely accused convict on her way to the American colonies to become an indentured servant Gage Thornton is a master carpenter and shipbuilder who is looking for someone to take care of his home and child Gage buys Shemaine on the ship saving her from far worst situations Shemaine discovers somethings ab [...]

    10. Lucy Qhuay on said:

      I m starting to see that with Miss Woodiwiss, it s either a bullseye or a complete miss, as it is the case with this book.Petals On The River disappointed me at several levels and that s why I rated this onewith mere 2 stars.First of all, the length of the book was one of the major flaws.I don t feel like the book had to be so long to tell the story of our heroine, Shemaine O Hearn and how she constantly found herself in serious trouble.In fact, I would have thought the same thing if the book ha [...]

    11. Liz on said:

      This book caught my attention years ago on the library shelves, but until now I d never check it out It s an old fashion romance novel set during the colonial times of America And by old fashion I mean the hero and heroine are practically perfect in every way, from their looks to their modern thinking despite the times The heroine is Shemaine O Hearn, an ultra beautiful 18 year old who has been unjustly convicted of crime in England and sent to the colonies on a prison ship to be sold as an inde [...]

    12. KatieV on said:

      ETA Ya, know I just realized I listened to an abridged version, which definitely may account for my issues with lack of tension and easy resolutions Think I ll check out the unabridged some day Hopefully before I die I ll get through all my to reads I normally avoid Woodiwiss later novels, which is sad, because I loved her early ones This was okay I have no real issues with it, but there was no tension The plot of the h being bought as an indentured servent by the H has so much potential for ten [...]

    13. Kay Smith on said:

      Woodiwiss is a talented author But if you aren t aware of the burgeoning social pressures of the clash between the historical colonial age and a regency dominated old world during the 1740s the situations and scenarios are going to send you into a new world tizzy.The writing is elegant, the characters are unique in that during the discourse of the book they all evolve and shape into unique individuals While this book may be classified by many as being bland and unassuming when viewed as a whole [...]

    14. Lauren on said:

      When outspoken Shemaine O Hearn arrives in America her life is far from the privileged one she held back in England Wrongly accused by her enemies and now an indentured servant to a man with a shadowy past, Shemaine needs to escape her confides and return to the life she knows Gage Thorton was in need of a nanny but Shemaine was not what he was expecting nor did he expect the desire that came with her.Once again Woodiwiss does not disappoint in this enigmatic tale of conspiracies and attempted m [...]

    15. Erin on said:

      The dark and dank holds of a criminal vessel holds the scum of Europe Being shipped off to the colonies to be purchased as bondslaves Among the thieves and murderers is Shemaine O Hearn A firery young woman with hair to match Innocent of the crimes she was sentanced for, She is bought by of course the most handsom man in the colonies, what ensues is high adventure unequalled by their love of course again and marriage Shemaines life is threatened by several, the little hamlet Newporte Newes is fu [...]

    16. Heather on said:

      i read this years ago and I don t remember exactly how I felt about it, but I think it was ok.I do remember things I didn t like though like how he was married before and how he has a kid I really don t like that in a book I like the main characters to have never been married before they meet each other same with the children thing.

    17. Lin S. on said:

      I last read her books when I was young and naive and actually thought hoped men could feel this way Two husbands jerks later the reality is probably not For those who may have this howeverHold On Tight He would be a rare bird.

    18. Wendy on said:

      I enjoyed this one a lot The story of a woman sold into bondage and finds love will make you believe in the power of love.

    19. Jessica on said:

      A good romance book A little heavy on the detail and a little slow but a good read overall.

    20. Cyn Mistress Kitty on said:

      Love this story Such a sweet historical love story Shemaine and Gage are such a wonderful couple and little Andrew steals the show.

    21. Nancy H on said:

      This is a book that has been sitting on my TBR for a very long time, and which I wish I would have read much sooner In the story, Shemaine is an Irish noblewoman who has been kidnapped, sold into indentured servitude, brought on a convict shop to the American colony of Virginia, and nearly loses her life to the cruel people on the ship when she tries to defend an innocent woman Several of them have determined to kill her, but they are thwarted when her indenture is bought by a young colonial wid [...]

    22. Gina Salamon on said:

      I like this writer, and the story was a good one, butI have three major complaints One the author goes on a little too long with unnecessary information, specifically with regard to side characters we don t care about or need to hear about Second She goes into absolutely EVERYONE S point of view and I mean everyone from a TWO YEAR OLD to four seamen walking down the opposite side of the street their one and only appearance in the book I mean, really Third She head hops like crazy, even within th [...]

    23. Jennifer on said:

      This was just terrible I felt compelled to finish it because I received it as part of book exchange with my online book club The only redeeming quality was that it was set in Colonial Virginia, and I could clearly picture Williamsburg, the James River, and a few other points of setting I should mention I don t normally read romances and this one happened to be extra long and wordy.

    24. Payton Lee on said:

      One of my favorite Woodiwiss love stories Shemaine is put through hell and condemned to death by no less than three people But Gage Thornton is in need of her in many ways including the care of his two year old son His kindness and caring life style changes Shemaine into a observant and loving person.

    25. Natalee Bruce on said:

      I enjoyed this book as I have enjoyed all of Woodiwiss books This was not the best of hers however it kept my attention and was a great story The main charterers are easy to love and you really want them to come out on top.

    26. Jennifer Coffman Love on said:

      Kathleene wrote such epic love stories I wish there were I treasure the ones we have

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