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The Wolf and the Dove

The Wolf and the Dove By Kathleen E. Woodiwiss The Wolf and the Dove The WolfNoble Aislinn grieves as the Iron Wolf and his minions storm through her beloved Darkenwald And she burns with malice for the handsome Norman savage who would enslave her even as she aches to

  • Title: The Wolf and the Dove
  • Author: Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
  • ISBN: 9780380007783
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Wolf and the Dove By Kathleen E. Woodiwiss The WolfNoble Aislinn grieves as the Iron Wolf and his minions storm through her beloved Darkenwald And she burns with malice for the handsome Norman savage who would enslave her.even as she aches to know the rapture of the conqueror s kiss The DoveFor the first time ever, mighty Wulfgar has been vanquished and by a bold and beautiful princess of Saxon blood He muThe WolfNoble Aislinn grieves as the Iron Wolf and his minions storm through her beloved Darkenwald And she burns with malice for the handsome Norman savage who would enslave her.even as she aches to know the rapture of the conqueror s kiss The DoveFor the first time ever, mighty Wulfgar has been vanquished and by a bold and beautiful princess of Saxon blood He must have the chaste, sensuous enchantress who is sworn to his destruction And he will risk life itself to nurture with tender passion a glorious union born in the blistering heat of hatred and war.
    The Wolf and the Dove By Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

    • The Wolf and the Dove Best Read || [Kathleen E. Woodiwiss]
      259 Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
    The Wolf and the Dove

    One thought on “The Wolf and the Dove

    1. Misfit on said:

      Appalling The worst medieval romance I have ever read The Wolf and the Dove starts in 1066 as William has invaded England and the conquering Normans take control of the Saxons and their lands I d go into the plot in detail, but so many other reviewers have already done so I don t see the need to rehash it again What I want to address are the many many things I found wrong with this book, I m not a history major but I thought that after conquering England William inter married the Norman and Saxo [...]

    2. KatLynne on said:

      3 6 2013 Re read with my local book groupThe Wolf and the Dove is Kathleen Woodiwiss s second novel written It s a rather lengthy Viking Historical with over 500 pages, all of which I devoured as I enjoyed a re read with my local book peeps While I was happy to find it s still among my all time favorites, I realize this book may not work for others Woodiwiss is well known for taking the romance genre into the bedroom in 1972 Still you will not find explicit sex scenes The Wolf and the Dove was f [...]

    3. Karla on said:

      Ever read a book where you wished you could rescue a character and give them the story that their awesomeness deserves That was the case with Wulfgar in this meandering mess of a medieval.Poor Wulfie poor, noble alpha Wulfie Worse heroes like rape ape Garth McClellan Savage Surrender got a rollicking joyride that never let up on the thrills and derring do, and the cipher Giles St Talvert The Last Carnival is in a romance so well executed with nary a word wasted that it continues to blow my mind. [...]

    4. Inara on said:

      Title in German Der Wolf und die TaubeThis was the first book I ever read by Kathleen E Woodiwiss and it s still my most loved one The story between Aislinn the daughter of a Saxon baron and Wulfgar a Norman and how they came to love each other in a time of war, conquest and upheaval makes me still sighing happily and my eyes suspiciously bright Wulgar is my epitome of a noble knight, kind and strong, tender and yet a great warrior and I almost fell instantly in love with him at the age of 17 wh [...]

    5. Chris on said:

      I think there is a point in most women s lives where they have read trashy romance novels For me, it was my junior and senior years in high school and my freshmen year of college I had a friend in high school who actually had to hide such books in her underwear drawer Her mother would ve flipped out We pretty much read them because of the trashy romance novel sex scenes Except for the Guardian Angel He read Harlequin Romances I m not sure why.And then.And then I read one too many where the heroi [...]

    6. Kerrie on said:

      I was told on Very Good Authority to simply throw in the towel and bail because this book is a big buttload of Nothing Happening My valiant completist side was being sorely tested by pg 136 when I quit Aislinn was bipolar, giggling while tasting the rain right after being dour and bitchy It was as though Woodiwiss had created a coy, disarming, precious character and then threw her into a plot that required conflict, hatred, and some STRENGTH Aislinn had none We only knew that Aislinn was suppose [...]

    7. Pamela(AllHoney) on said:

      There was something about this one that keeps me coming back and rereading it over and over again The story of a dove taming the big, bad wolf.William, the Conqueror, has invaded England to claim his throne A group of men are sent to Darkenwald to secure the land for Wulfgar But instead of negotiating for a peaceful solution, Ragnor incites a battle Aislinn s father and many others are killed and the rest taken prisoner as slaves I ve just did a re read of this book for a group challenge and I f [...]

    8. Ginnie Leiner on said:

      One of the best bodice rippers I ever read as a young impressionable woman

    9. Ingela Hyatt on said:

      She was the daughter of the lord of Darkenwald, proud, wise, and uncommonly beautiful, but now Aislinn is but a slave to the conquering Normans, a plaything for the man who killed her father Sitting in the hall with rope tied about her neck and forced at the feet of her captor, she watches helplessly as the Normans ransack her home and abuse her mother But she will have her revenge no Norman will ever conquer her, nor will she ever give up the only home she has ever known Born as a bastard and s [...]

    10. Shari Kay on said:

      3.5 This was a reread I haven t picked up this book in over a decadeobably closer to 2 My memories turned out to be a bit fonder than the second go around of today and I ve knocked off half a star from the original too bad with GR system I can t really reflect that change without dropping it to a 3which because of it s scope, I didn t think it deserved I got impatient with it at times It was so bloody long I read a lot of fantasy which can be 800 pages or , so what s 500 and some Apparently a lo [...]

    11. Ivie ✩Born to Magic-Forced to Muggle✩ on said:

      This has got to be the WORST HISTORICAL ROMANCE I HAVE EVER ATTEMPTED TO READ Argh The conversation was so forced, it was like watching an old play, with, I shit you not a proper damsel in distress And he is the classic mustache twisting villain The author has proven that she has the uncanny ability to overstate the obviousExample Join me and we shall dine, so we quench our hunger Really, you re hungry OH MY GOD I thought you want to eat for a completely different reason She tries to imitate the [...]

    12. Tutti Dolci on said:

      This one had so much potential for greatness, but it dragged on for what seemed like FOREVER, going from one conflict to another and another And in the end, the main original conflict was resolved almost too easily and presented like a gift with a nice little bow which after the long, drawn out story felt unrealistic and hastily put together merely because the story had to end The way I see it, the story was unnecessarily lengthy and a lot the word count could have been better used to create a [...]

    13. Kari on said:

      This was my first Woodiwiss book I had a lot of expectations since this is a classic 70 s romance which I think everyone has read at some point It was very well written, the dialogue was very medieval and you feel like you re right there in the middle of the story At times I found it very long, like the author could ve chopped off 150 pages and it wouldn t have made a difference Wulfgar, the hero, is very medievally barbaric but I found him oddly attractive Aislinn was a bit of a wuss from a mod [...]

    14. Badseedgirl on said:

      A short plot summery of The Wolf and the Dove BattleSlaughterRape or was it HumiliationRapeMore RapeWhippingRapeTravelCourt RapeMarrying your rapistKidnappingSwordfightDeathHappily Ever AfterAnd yet sometimes I want to read stuff like this anyway.

    15. Katherine on said:

      This is the second book of Kathleen Woodiwiss that I read, the first being The Flame and the Flower I didn t enjoy the characterization of the hero in that book very much, so, while this book was highly recommended, I didn t expect much of this book This book is also quite long, around 500 pages I also prefer fast paced, happy books explains why I m such a sucker for Julie Garwood, Lisa Kleypas and so on But I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with the book and enjoyed reading it Though the b [...]

    16. Errolyn on said:

      This was one of the first real romance novels I have every read and I did it when I was in the 5th grade hope my mother does not see this But yes, my mother s friend gave her a bunch of books that she did not know what to do with any they belonged to her mother who just died Knowing that I was a serious books worm, my mother passed them to me.Amoung them was this book, which was so old you could crush the pages into dust jusy by touching them But I started reading it and loved it I loved Aslinn [...]

    17. Gina Conkle on said:

      If Dream of Me by Josie Litton is 1 on my keeper shelf, Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen Woodiwiss is 2 I ve read this book so many times, I can t even recall the number 1066 and William the Conqueror defeats the Saxons One Saxon maid, Aislinn, tried to care for her Norman dominated keep Her father s dead and her mother s gone mad, and in rides Wulfgar The Conqueror gave this Norman warrior the prize of Darkenwald and all that s in it Wulfgar yields no soft spot for women, but he wants order in his [...]

    18. ♥Aicha~high~on~books♥ on said:

      What a disappointment This book came so highly recommended and I was so excited to finally get on with it but what a waste.The Heroine, supposedly a spitfire, acts like a complete sissy in front of the enemy The hero.Just 25 pages into the book and the Hero who is indirectly responsible for the heroine s father s death as well as that of several of the her country men is getting glances from the the heroine with something akin to tenderness in them Really And he is the same man who has taken her [...]

    19. Kathie (katmom) on said:

      I read this in my teens a VERY long time ago is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITESI re read it every couple of years

    20. Katherine 黄爱芬 on said:

      The Best ever Historical Romance in Medieval setting Dengan latar belakang penakhlukan Inggris yang dilakukan William the Conqueror, raja Normandia pada thn 1066, Aishlin, anak Lord Erland, hrs menerima nasibnya melihat sendiri ayahnya tewas di tangan Ragnor, ksatria Normandia yang ditugaskan menduduki daerah Darkenwald Sayangnya setelah Ragnor memperkosa Aishlin, datanglah juga Wulfgar, ksatria Normandia yang ditugaskan oleh William secara langsung utk menguasai tanah Darkenwald Tak dinyana Wul [...]

    21. Lili on said:

      This was a long, long, loooong book.Forget about the raping and the constant fondling of every woman in the story, it was BORING as hell The writing wasn t very good and some of the words the author used to set the story in the 1060 s or whenever it was set weren t really doing it for me.The characters well I just didn t like them , Aislinn came off as a bipolar girl who s temper went off at the silliest things from guys but then she went totally doormat when it was another woman doing her wrong [...]

    22. Allison (The Allure of Books) on said:

      I can see, having finished this, why it is considered a classic of historical romance I hate reading stories about rape HATE but for some reason, I was drawn to the characters in this story anyway And, at the end, it turns out she was never really raped at all, so I m glad i didn t put it down at the beginning.I loved the characters, and I thought Wolfgar s character development was pretty believable, it took him a long time to give in to his feelings.I definitely recommend this for historical r [...]

    23. Sbell on said:

      This is a reread of a book that wasread a long time ago I love, lovedit then and my rating is based on that.After rereading this, I do realizethat it does tend to be a little slow.BUT, what I loved best was Aislinnand Wulfgar He took his time admittinghis feelings for Aislinn, and she knew she wanted him all along.This was a sweet journey and I stillconsider it one of my favorites after the reread, and some yearshave passed I d probably rate a 3 But my original love for thisbook makes my 5 star [...]

    24. Susan (the other Susan) on said:

      I don t remember enough to review Woodiwiss bodice rippers individually Looking back through the fog of time and cheap 1970s weed, I consider her books my Pre Rogers Rosemary romances I ll bet I adored The Wolf and the Dove , though, because I loved me some mean medieval heroes For some reason, the Norman Conquest seemed like an excellent excuse for snarling alphas to behave like randy wolverines without troubling my newly emerging feminist sensibilities.

    25. Spoiler Whore of Pettysburg on said:

      By far one of the best historical romances I have read yet Highly recommend this one Aislinn and Wulfgar are a perfect match And I love Wulfgars words to her.

    26. Johanna on said:

      The Wolf and the Doveby Kathleen E WoodiwissGenre Historical RomanceLikes a swift and bitter wind, Wulfgar, the Iron Wolf of Normandy, sweeps down from the North at the head of an invincible army to claim the land and people of Darkenwald But proud and beautiful Aislinn will never grovel before the fearsome invader.A princess of Saxon blood, Aislinn burns with hatred for the mighty Norman knight who has destroyed her home And she plots her revenge even as she submits to her enemy s passionate wi [...]

    27. Barbara ★ on said:

      A Saxon noblewoman, Aislinn, was turned to slave and mistress read harlot when Norman s invaded and overcame the Saxon homestead Wulfgar used her as a slave but treated her somewhat kindly in bedroom matters I honestly don t see how the vanguished can turn around and love the man responsible for raping and degrading her before her people Sure it ends in marriage but how do you get over the grievous things done to you This is a 500 page book with a story that could have easily been told in 300 Wo [...]

    28. Lise on said:

      I love this book It was my first romance and the one that turned me on forever to the romantic bent Lise FullerHow much danger would you face for the perfect romance Lise Fuller, lisefuller, myspace lisefuller, ROMANTIC TIMES REVIEWERS CHOICE NOMINEE, 2006 Pikes Peak Romance Writers 2006 Author of the Year Best Newsletter Article of the Year for 2006 Colorado Romance Writers On Danger s Edge, available at Borders, Barnes Noble and in e book, Cerridwen Press, cerridwenpress, 4 1 2 Stars from Roma [...]

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