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Shanna By Kathleen E. Woodiwiss Shanna Behind the foreboding walls of Newgate Prison a pact is sealed in secret as a dashing and doomed criminal consents to wed a beautiful heiress in return for one night of unparalleled pleasure In the f

  • Title: Shanna
  • Author: Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
  • ISBN: 9780380385881
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shanna By Kathleen E. Woodiwiss Behind the foreboding walls of Newgate Prison, a pact is sealed in secret as a dashing and doomed criminal consents to wed a beautiful heiress in return for one night of unparalleled pleasure.In the fading echoes of hollow wedding vows, a promise is broken as a sensuous free spirit flees to a lush Caribbean paradise, abandoning the handsome stranger she marriedBehind the foreboding walls of Newgate Prison, a pact is sealed in secret as a dashing and doomed criminal consents to wed a beautiful heiress in return for one night of unparalleled pleasure.In the fading echoes of hollow wedding vows, a promise is broken as a sensuous free spirit flees to a lush Caribbean paradise, abandoning the handsome stranger she married to the gallows But Ruark Beauchamp s destiny is now eternally intertwined with his exquisite, tempestuous Shanna s And no iron ever forged can imprison his magnificent passion and no hangman s noose will deny him the ecstasy that is rightfully his.
    Shanna By Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

    • Shanna Best Read || [Kathleen E. Woodiwiss]
      379 Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

    One thought on “Shanna

    1. Catriona (LittleBookOwl) on said:

      Putting this down for the time being Forever Really put off by the love interest raping the main character, and I m not ready to read 500 pages of a romance between them

    2. Tammy Walton Grant on said:

      I ve just re read this one for the first time in recent memory it still my all time favourite historical romance BUTI can sure see why so many people don t like Shanna She s a spoiled b ch and I would have slapped her silly before the end of part 1 And I don t quite understand why Ruark fell so deeply in love with her she doesn t show many redeeming qualities until the last quarter of the book.What I love about the book I think is the sweeping saga of it all And Woodiwiss writing What s that phr [...]

    3. Barbara on said:

      First off to all of you who actually read this book and didn t skip, skim and go directly to the endyou must have the patience of a preacher and you deserve to win the lottery I really did try to give this novel a fair shot, it did start off great, but holy moly there was just to much information for my taste yes there is a such thing as too much plot It just went on and on and on and on much like this review , so I ll do what Woodiwiss couldn t or wouldn t do and stop while I m ahead.

    4. Lisa Kay on said:

      One day in 2027 Shanna will officially become a true classic in lieu of just a bodice ripper or historical romance Until then, I will just have to refrain from tagging it as such for my personal GoodReads bookshelf But, just so you know, it is one A classic.It is also the only historical romance book my husband ever listened to, against his will and with strong protestations, as read by me We were going snow skiing, back in the days when we couldn t afford to fly, and it was a 14 hour road trip [...]

    5. V. PARENTAL GUIDANCE ALERT:A Court of Wings and Ruin is NEW ADULT/EROTICA but Goodreads editors won't tell you on said:

      I m leaving it unrrated because I can t remember much I read it like four years ago.

    6. Sarah Mac on said:

      DNF While the idea behind Shanna Ruark s saga is a good one, I can t drum up enough interest to make it through the next 400 pages It s just plain slow Really, really slow Also really, really wordy The plot was puttering along in the background and it should ve been a plot I cared about, because the proper ingredients were there but my interest was obscured by the tedium of endless minutia I don t need to hear how people step down from a carriage Stare at each other Walk to the inn Open the door [...]

    7. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish on said:

      Wonderful This is my first foray into the brilliance that is Kathleen E Woodiwiss s writing, even though I ve had some of her books on my shelves for years But when the publisher sent me a copy of Shanna I decided that there s no time like the present, and dove right in And oh, how glad I am that I did because this isn t just a historical romance, it s an epic love story There s mystery, romance, passion, sword fights, pirates, kidnapping, murderart to finish it s one captivating, exciting adven [...]

    8. Regan Walker on said:

      The Gold Standard for Historical Romance A Keeper This was my first by the queen of the modern historical romance novel, Kathleen Woodiwiss and I highly recommend it A wonderful Georgian romance.Set in mid 18th century London, the Caribbean and the Colony of Virginia, this is the story of the strong willed Shanna Trahern, the only daughter of a successful British merchant who has retired with his wealth to his Caribbean island, Los Cammellos There he is both governor and owner of a thriving plan [...]

    9. Keri on said:

      So I decided to do a re read on this older gem of a book I originally read it back in the 1978 range and I was about 13 years old when I read No, my mother didn t know I read it Still has the original store price sticker on it Here is the deal, doing old re reads can be a tricky thing Some books don t hold up to the test of time and this one didn t for me I am leaving my rating as it stands But Shanna was so immature and bi polar, I don t know how Roark stood her I kept begging him in my head to [...]

    10. Searock on said:

      3The ending was the only blemish on my experience with this wonderful story view spoiler It couldn t get much tidy or corn venient hide spoiler I am the perfect reader for this book though, I must admit I loved the flowery, lavender hued prose and the abundance of detail in this rather lighthearted, adventure tale.That s not to say there wasn t a fair amount of conflict, but it was the good kind in which an awful, naughty villainess type character slowly comes undone by a wily and determined he [...]

    11. sraxe on said:

      It s hard to enjoy, much less like, a book in which I thoroughly detest one of the two main characters It makes it even worse that the novel is named after her so I don t even have a hope that she might somehow be offed before the end and I can be rid of her The only reason I even bothered to finish it was so that I could write a fully informed review Also, I try not to swear in reviews butis one Can t be helped.Shanna is so unlikable Actually, that s putting it nicely I got so sick of hearing h [...]

    12. Erin on said:

      This was my mom s favorite book and since I was little she has always preached to me about how much I would love it and why it was brilliant She loved it so much that by the time it got into my hands, it was worn and tattered broken in half and pages taped in and taped back together which, of course,made it a difficult read.I found my mother s view of this book to be trueThis was my second Kathleen E.Woodiwiss novel My first being The Flame and the Flower which I loved, so I decided to tackle th [...]

    13. Andrea Smith on said:

      Woodiwiss is my all time favorite author Way back in the mid 1970 s, I was introduced to my first gothic romance novel that contained an alpha male It was The Flame and the Flower It was the first book that gave my stomach butterflies that I couldn t put down states that this book that was officially published by Avon in 1972 is credited with spawning the modern romance genre All I know is that everyone wanted a Brandon Birmingham in their bed LOL That of course was followed by her second book, [...]

    14. Yolanda on said:

      Me ha encantado Ruark es maravilloso Shanna es malcriada acostumbrada a salirse con la suya,a veces le dar as La novela tiene de todo, romance, aventura y te lleva a muchos sitios la isla de Los Camellos, Am rica, Londreshe disfrutado mucho Es lo primero que leo de esta autora y no me ha decepcionado para nada Para mi es una de esas joyitas rom nticas escritas hace a os, creo que cuando la relea me gustar todav a m s.

    15. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) on said:

      This one of those books I loved for the hero, and wanted to drop the heroine off a cliff Back in the day, that was rare Usually the heroes were jerks with a capital J, and I just wanted the heroine to get away from the hero and give a rude gesture as she walks away I should reread this It s a long book, though Probably should finally read Outlander, first.

    16. Christine on said:

      Recommended to me as a romance novel classic, apparently there is a whole generation of romance novel readers that started out as pre teens with this book as a fondly remembered introduction to the genre Considering the ponderous length and wordy descriptions in the book I find it impressive that they were so engaged I suppose it just goes to show, never underestimate the motivating power of a hot love scene The plot twists and turns and twists again Ruark, the hero, is awesome Very alpha male w [...]

    17. Maureen Feeney on said:

      Ruark is in prison waiting to be hanged for a murder he did not commit.Shanna has to marry or her father will choose her a husband Desperate she propositions Ruark, marry her for a night of passion before he dies, this way she becomes a widow and is free That is the first 80 or so pages Then we have nearly 600 pages of a fast adventure, bondsmen slaves ,revenge, colonials, pirates, kidnapping, a couple of murders and love.The story is brilliant and Ruark is the perfect to die for Hero Shanna , w [...]

    18. Carla on said:

      There are books full of jerk heroes who redeem themselves in the last pages and people simply love them because they are rude, arrogant, self confident, whatever So, I don t understand why so many people didn t like Shanna She s that kind of person, with one difference she s a young girl and not a 35 year old jerk hero She s totally unexperienced and knows nothing about life She s a scared girl who dreams with a man who s the opposite of Ruark, probably because she s not prepared for Ruark s ful [...]

    19. CONSUELO on said:

      Vaya chasco, no le pongo una estrella porque al final lo he terminado, hubo momentos que pens no seguir.

    20. Becky on said:

      I know I am the minority but this was not a GREAT book and had a really hard time even finishing The only reason I stuck with this book was because of all the great reviews and I kept hoping I would find the wonderment that so many others have felt while reading this book I found the plot kept repeating itself only in different locations Shanna would be mean to Ruark then fall into bed with him, then swear she was done with him, then do it again and again For me the prose was too flowery I had t [...]

    21. Michael on said:

      My friend Matt Bowne s mom was really really into romance novels Once when I was at his house, waiting for him to finish his chores, I asked her what she was reading She said I wouldn t be interested, but I was no I was It was Shanna, orange cover, and she said it was her favorite romance novel ever So she let me borrow it and I was hooked I read pulp romance novels my first year of college, and I still love them to this day Where else can you read wings of femininity or someone getting impaled [...]

    22. Livia Grant on said:

      Ok I admit it I m rating this a 5 because this book changed my life when I was an impressionable teenager It was the first racy romance novel I ever read and it influenced my life long love of reading I ve read everything Kathleen wrote and I truly believe she paved the way for today s erotic romance novels with strong Alpha male heros Having said that, I recently tried to reread Shanna and it certainly is harder to read today I almost wish I hadn t reread because my memory had it as the perfect [...]

    23. Cindy Dees on said:

      this book is one of the reasons I write romance novelsI reread this every five years or so Never get tired of Kathleen Woodiwiss

    24. Ian on said:

      Shanna needs a husband or she ll be forced to marry someone her father chooses She comes up with the idea of marrying a condemned prisoner Then once he is hanged she ll be a widow in mourning and will have her freedom But Ruark manages to cheat the hangman and finds himself an indentured servant, a bondsman to Shanna s father Ruark quickly becomes the most valued of bondsmen much to Shanna s chagrin She cheated Ruark of his wedding night and he s determined she should pay him his due This book i [...]

    25. Sbell on said:

      I decided to start my new year with a fewrereads of my favorites Shanna is not onlya reread for me, it is the first romance bookI ever read I was on a summer trip, whenmy older, much cooler cousin was obsessedwith reading this book while we were supposedto be having fun on the beach, and sailing.She put it down, said if I wanted to changemy life, read it I was 15 This book has stuckwith me through the years.Basically Shanna needs a husband Ruark isin jail, and needs to get out She strikes a deal [...]

    26. Priscilla on said:

      The first romance novel I ever read I must have read it at least a dozen times over the years KW set the standard for other romance novels to hold up to, in my opinion Shanna is a spoiled only child who is given an ultimatum by her father get married or he will find someone for her So, she finds someone to marry in prison She chooses a condemned man to be her husband and he agrees but only if she promises him one night with her They get married and her husband realizes she intends to renege on t [...]

    27. Catherine on said:

      What is not to love about the epic novels of this author I read this title again as recently as 2005, but couldn t tell you the first time I read this book Romance abound in almost every word

    28. Sophie ♥ on said:

      THREE WORDS DID NOT FINISHUrghhhhhh I m not going read another 400 pages of this.

    29. Jen on said:

      It breaks my heart that this was the 60th book I read of 2012, because it made me want to gouge my eyes out, but only after assassination of all the really inane, ridiculously developed characters in the book This romance has so much love for it from fans who earnestly wax poetic about it so I was expecting a pretty entertaining read But Nooo no entertaining for me happened while reading this I ended up skipping ahead when I realized I had made little progress and they had already crossed oceans [...]

    30. Jaime Kramer on said:

      One of my facebook friends liked this book so I gave it a try.I could not even finish it This is a romance novel The main character, Shanna, has to find a husband by her 21st birthday, or her father will pick one for her She ends up marrying and convict on death row She plans to gain his name by marriage, and then lie to her dad by telling him that her husband died in a carriage accident In exchange, she offered the prisoner one night with her The story sounded like it might be good, but the aut [...]

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