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The Dragon Revenant

The Dragon Revenant By Katharine Kerr The Dragon Revenant For years the provinces of Deverry have been in turmoil now the conflict escalates with the kidnapping of Rhodry Maelwaedd heir to the throne of Aberwyn Intent on rescuing him his beloved Jill and t

  • Title: The Dragon Revenant
  • Author: Katharine Kerr
  • ISBN: 9780553289091
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Dragon Revenant By Katharine Kerr For years the provinces of Deverry have been in turmoil now the conflict escalates with the kidnapping of Rhodry Maelwaedd, heir to the throne of Aberwyn Intent on rescuing him, his beloved Jill and the elven wizard Salamander infiltrate the distant land of Bardex, where Rhodry is held captive Tied to Deverry by obligation and circumstance, the immortal wizard Nevyn bFor years the provinces of Deverry have been in turmoil now the conflict escalates with the kidnapping of Rhodry Maelwaedd, heir to the throne of Aberwyn Intent on rescuing him, his beloved Jill and the elven wizard Salamander infiltrate the distant land of Bardex, where Rhodry is held captive Tied to Deverry by obligation and circumstance, the immortal wizard Nevyn begins to see that all the kingdom s problems can be traced to a single source a master of dark magics, backed by a network of evil that stretches across the sea Now Nevyn understands that he too is being lured away to Bardek and into a subtle, deadly trap designed especially for him.Katharine Kerr s novels of the Kingdom of Deverry unfold in a world of stunning richness and depth Her vivid portrayal of characters caught in a complex web of fate and magic captures the imagination with a realism that few can match Now she retums to this enchanted kingdom, where the wheels of destiny are tuming anew.
    The Dragon Revenant By Katharine Kerr

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    One thought on “The Dragon Revenant

    1. kat on said:

      It s hard to overstate how disappointing this book was Long Dull Uninspired Anticlimactic A pale, passionless shadow of the way the series started out.I m glad all the loose ends got tied up and the story all sorted itself out, but boy was it a slog to get here Unlike the others, this book takes place in a single time period, which makes it even obvious that Kerr has given up on the one truly original and interesting aspect of Daggerspell the reincarnation and Wyrd.Minus the interesting echoes [...]

    2. Thomas on said:

      We reach the final book in the first Act of Katharine Kerr s Deverry series It picks up directly after the events of the Bristling Wood Jill and Salamander set out to rescue Rhodry, who is now enslaved on the Bardek Archipelago, where their enemies lie in wait Nevyn resides in Aberwyn with Lovyan and Cullyn, and begins to discover that Rhodry is just a pawn in his enemy s plans to destroy him I felt this was a really good book to end the first Act Kerr manages to draw the storylines in Dragonspe [...]

    3. Nerine Dorman on said:

      Finally, I can now say I ve read the first four books in the Deverry Cycle in their chronological order These four books form act one, which Katharine Kerr subheads as Deverry And now, looking back to when I first read these during my mid teens and now, 20 or so very odd years later, I realise exactly what a huge influence they were on me, for wanting to be an author of epic fantasy I admit to love the idea of exploring past life relationships for characters, and this is a story seed for my Thos [...]

    4. Mark on said:

      It has been 16 years since I first picked up the first Deverry novel, DaggerSpell, and here in am, 16 years later, about to finish the fifteenth and final one.Has the journey been worth it Yes Was the wait too long Yes.I would not recommend anyone starts reading the Deverry cycle unless they intend to read them all, as the macroscopic story is at least as important as the microscopic ones, and as such I am reviewing the books as a set.I almost give them 4 stars excellent but in the end I am not [...]

    5. Sophie on said:

      I would give this of a 3.5 than a 3 stars I really enjoyed the first two books but was very disappointed in the third, so there was a year or so gap between finishing that and picking this up Whilst I did enjoy this one much than the third, I feel like the series got a bit weaker as it went on For example, the concluding portion of this book felt rather anti climactic, I was expecting of a show down to happen after a four book build up, but found it a little rushed instead There are definitel [...]

    6. Tatiana on said:

      Book 4 The Dragon Revenant known as Dragonspell in the UK marks the end of the first cycle of the Deverry Saga More details about the saga, plot, style etc on my comment here for Book 1 Daggerspell.I found the end of this first cycle really satisfying Book 3 had ended on an unbearable cliffhanger You re taken into the suspense again right from the first pages of this 4th installment Unlike the 3 previous novels, this one won t make us discover in flashbacks parts of our heroes past lives, for th [...]

    7. Megan on said:

      So far this is the first book in the series with no flashbacks And I was good with that, because we got the entire Bardek story in one beautiful volume Even though I knew the end result, I had forgotten most of the actual story It was almost like reading the story for the first time, and that made me so happy.I will admit to being a romantic, and I think that the end of this book had probably my only dislike of the series view spoiler That Rhodry and Jill don t end up together broke my heart hid [...]

    8. Kathi on said:

      A satisfying conclusion to this chapter of the story of Deverry Without the flashbacks to previous lives of Jill, Rhodry, and others, the story in this book flowed smoothly We got to see of the contrast between the kingdoms of Deverry and Bardek, as well as the relationship between the Brotherhood of dark dwoeomermasters and their assassins, the Hawks And bravo to the author view spoiler for not forcing a happily ever after ending, but instead giving us the bittersweet decisions mature and res [...]

    9. Noah on said:

      I finally felt a sense of closure at the end of this book, but of course, Katherine Kerr left it open for sequels as well In some ways, especially in the last half of the book, it felt like it just went from tying up one loose end to the next I was satisfied with the way the story ends, but it felt somewhat methodical without a whole lot of tension I would like to go onto the next series, if only I could find them

    10. Rhod Chang on said:

      My favorite of the books even though it doesn t have flashbacks, which are usually my main reason for coming back and re reading the Deverry books Because really, I just love the whole damn setup so much Rhodry in Bardek, Jill starting to learn dweomer but with SALAMANDER of all people, the wonderful bit where we find out what kind of bird Salamander turns into, and above all, Gwin, Gwin, Gwin, Gwin, oh God, GWIN.

    11. Melanie on said:

      Another excellent read from Kerr After reading Book 3 of the Deverry series, I saw myself stopping after the first 4 Now, having read The Dragon Revenant, I want to read the next set of 4 I love the characters, love the plot, and look forward to finding out about Jill, Nevyn, Rhodry and the Wildfolk in Book 5.

    12. Kes on said:

      I was a little dissatisfied with the ending In one sense, it is over Rhodry ascends the governorship and the scene where he pops up at the tourney was fun to read Jill chooses to follow her path I loved her dilemma that she felt that she had to choose, and that she ultimately felt trapped that Rhodry didn t understand The ending scene with Nevyn was a great resolution of the central conceit in the first book too and the Salamandar and Alaena plotline was very neatly wrapped up too I thought the [...]

    13. Sarah on said:

      I just cannot get over how much the ending sucks I ve loved this series so much but this book just made it crash and burn for me I hate investing in characters relationships for so long to have them just say screw it in the end Jill literally spends the entire book looking for Rhodry because she can t stand to be without him, just to throw him away like so much refuse Isn t that the EXACT thing that Nevyn did that he s been regretting for over 400 flipping years Ugh, just so much ugh I hate when [...]

    14. Debbie Jinks on said:

      What a brilliant last book in the Deverry series The suspense and build up to very last page was brilliant A real page turner with a happy ending for Nevyn the long suffering immortal wizard Only one problem now though I want there to be a fifth book

    15. QueenTut72 on said:

      Another excellent book in an excellent series However, the last part of this book seemed a bitabrupt is probably the best word For me, some of the events in the middle could have been less drawn out and details put in for events at the end That all being said an excellent book.

    16. Ley Holloway on said:

      Re reading after a long break from these books, thoroughly enjoying it I do find it annoying when I search for the book I m reading and changes it to the American title I m reading Dragon Spell thank you

    17. Claire Fraser on said:

      Another great book in this series although I was left a little upset by the ending, although some people may really like it I m not going to say any in case it spoils it for other readers.

    18. Nick Reys on said:

      The Dragon Revenant is the fourth and concluding novel of the Deverry cycle, the fist in the quartet After a stellar first, it lost a bit of its momentum with the flawed sequels Especially the ending of the third was a bit of a letdown cause I hoped for something than a mere kidnapping after two books full of evil scheming This one picks up right where The Bristling Wood ended, and without a past story, it s Jill and Rhodry from beginning till end.After the kidnapping and torturing this, unfort [...]

    19. Amanda on said:

      For the first time in the Deverry series, all the action remains in the present day rather than flitting back to fill gaps in the past, and the plot pacing is all the tighter for it.Rhodry has been sold as a slave on the Bardek islands, and one storyline follows his new life, intersected with information about Salamander and Jill chasing him down Behind all this we discover about the politics and machinations within the Hawks, the Brotherhood and, behind them all, the Old One desperate enemy of [...]

    20. Artin on said:

      When I first started reading the opening book of the series, I very much doubted that I d finish it But when the sad ending or rather, the sad opening in one third of the Daggerspell through brought me to tears I somehow knew I couldn t simply quit reading it.Finishing The Dragon Revenant, and thus the first act, I must say I m very glad I kept reading the first book Looking back at it right now it seems to me that it was worth every minute While the various time frames and perhaps not so relate [...]

    21. Grianne on said:

      In questo libro Salamander si conferma senza dubbio il pi bel personaggio della saga Ancora troppe lacrime negli occhi degli uomini, ma soprattutto troppe cose lasciate irrisolte Avevo sperato che alla fine Jill potesse trovare il modo di avere sia Rhodry che il dweomer ma evidente che l autrice abbia scelto diversamente Per molte domande rimangonoi, o meglio cosa, Perryn forse lo scopriremo nella prossima trilogia A cosa serve l anello che Salamander d a Rhodry Anche questo probabilmente lo sap [...]

    22. Benjamin Thomas on said:

      This is the fourth novel in the Deverry series and the last of the first quartet therein It s also the first book in the series that stays all in the same timeframe, not jumping back and forth among different timeframes as the previous books do If I had known that prior to reading this novel, I might have been worried because, frankly, having multiple timeframes with many characters that are reincarnations of themselves was one of the coolest ideas I ve ever come across in fantasy fiction But th [...]

    23. Patrickderaaff on said:

      Op de Bardekse Archipel begint een barbaarse slaaf zijn geheugen terug te krijgen Hij blijkt een belangrijk man te zijn in het Koninkrijk Deverry en verschillende partijen jagen op hem Zowel Goede als Kwade machtenStoere Rhodry en norse Jill boeien matig, de charmante en kleurrijke Salamander en de Meester van de Ether Nevyn des te meer De verrichtingen van zowel de Oude als de Havikenmeester vind ik ook interessant, eigenlijk alles wat met de dweomer te maken heeft Het Natuurvolk vind ik echt e [...]

    24. Katie on said:

      The Deverry Cycle series is divided into four acts , of which Dragon Revenant is the last book in the first act the Deverry Saga.Although I still really enjoyed Dragon Revenant, I miss the complexity that is present when the author includes flashbacks to past lifetimes There are so many parts of the story that are still unresolved, and with this marking the resolution of this part of the story I wonder if they ll ever get resolved For example, view spoiler what happened in Gwin s past lives to b [...]

    25. Broodingferret on said:

      Kerr s Deverry series is broken up into four scenes , each of which is subdivided into tetralogies and one trilogy , and The Dragon Revenant wraps up the first one Unlike the previous novels, this one remains in one time period, namely the established present , where it manages to tie up enough plot threads to make for a satisfying and distinct conclusion of sorts, while still leaving just enough to make it clear that the overall story isn t over Kerr also shows a good grasp of realistic charact [...]

    26. Bea on said:

      I could not resist and I m not disappointed I liked the story from the start to the end and there is not one thing that i m not satisfied with The five stars are as for this book as for whole Deverry act, because I just cannot rate this book as single On the one side I could say that nothing new in this book but on the other side it s worthy end of an exceptional four books cycle oh, I hope I used right words, I m still slow with english I m glad that there wasn t past period, I liked that the c [...]

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