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Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake By Thomas Christopher Greene Mirror Lake My name is Nathan Carter Let me say that even though this story does not concern me not directly anyway I feel an obligation to tell it because it was told to me and it is the type of story that nee

  • Title: Mirror Lake
  • Author: Thomas Christopher Greene
  • ISBN: 9780099451938
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mirror Lake By Thomas Christopher Greene My name is Nathan Carter Let me say that even though this story does not concern me not directly anyway I feel an obligation to tell it, because it was told to me, and it is the type of story that needs to be toldSo begins this powerful tale of love, loss and redemption, drawing us into the small town of Eden, Vermont, and into the complex lives of two very differeMy name is Nathan Carter Let me say that even though this story does not concern me not directly anyway I feel an obligation to tell it, because it was told to me, and it is the type of story that needs to be toldSo begins this powerful tale of love, loss and redemption, drawing us into the small town of Eden, Vermont, and into the complex lives of two very different men Nathan Carter is a young man in love with falling in love A serial monogamist, he flits from woman to woman until, as yet another relationship disintegrates, he leaves his busy Boston lifestyle behind him and drives north to the small town of Eden.There he meets Wallace Fiske a man at the end of his life A man with a story to tell And as the surly, gruff Wallace starts to tell Nathan his story the story of Nora, the woman he loved from the moment he first set eyes on her, the story of the man Wallace used to be the two men become friends It s a friendship and a story that will change Nathan forever
    Mirror Lake By Thomas Christopher Greene

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      196 Thomas Christopher Greene

    One thought on “Mirror Lake

    1. Marne Wilson on said:

      The writing in this book was amazing, crisp and clean and evocative Yet I could tell that this was a story written by a guy in his twenties for other people in their twenties If I d read it when it first came out in 2002, I probably would have been blown away, but as it is, the lessons seemed a little simplistic and the resolution too pat I ll try again with one of Greene s recent books and see how he has matured.

    2. Piepie on said:

      Sad but beautiful story Apparently the author s debut The New England Canadian rural setting has a starring role I thought the narrator was great but I didn t think any of the characters were too likeable All they seemed to do was drink, smoke, and make love with each other There are two stories intertwined through this book both not related at all except through a mailman named Nathan Carter, who sort of reminded me of Ted Mosby, serial dater, except Ted was definitely likeable Nathan forms a [...]

    3. Bert Zee on said:

      I know that very few people handle death and it s mysteries well, but I was worse equipped than most, largely because I found living so mysterious and never seemed, as I have said before, to be able to live purposefully Once again I am a complete emotional wreck thanks to the beautiful and heartbreaking words of Mr Thomas Christopher Greene This is his first book however it s the third of his that I am reading, his latest 2 books being the others that I have read While this book is perhaps not a [...]

    4. Jodi Paloni on said:

      Three things this week axle deep mud in the roads, ice and snow still covering the gardens, and an empty house chilly enough for a fire What a perfect evening to immerse in a well told story I was quickly drawn in by the narrator, who comes right out and says he s going to tell you a story and why on the first page A few hours later, I arrived at the last page, well satisfied One reviewer claimed, it was an exciting read in a Vermont sort of way which I agree, pretty much sums it up.

    5. Dana on said:

      there was something about this book, and i don t know what it was, but i loved it, and i want to buy it now it made me feel good while i was reading it there were some parts that made me shead a tear but i just loved this book.

    6. Julie on said:

      I listened to this book on airplane during ski vacation Interesting enough story but premise plot is kind of thin I figured out the mystery way ahead time None of characters are particularly likable.

    7. Moore on said:

      The fact that Wallace s story is told gradually through the narrator provides a good deal of shade for the fact that it is neither as mysterious nor as gripping a story as you the reader want it to be Beautifully told, against a wonderful American man of the soil kind of backdrop, this romance is sadly rather predictable in its highs its lows I think that this isn t a patch on the headmaster s wife in truth, although it is nice to be reminded of this elegant writing style which once again convey [...]

    8. Holly on said:

      I loved this book It was simply written and yet the writer made me feel every emotion of the characters and landscape This is a wonderful first work and I m anxious now to read his others.

    9. Cyndi on said:

      I loved this story I listened to an audio book while I was travelling Perfect for a road trip.

    10. Geraldine on said:

      This book had been sitting in my bookcase for many years I was in need of something to read so I began this book and couldn t put it down once I began As the author states at the beginning, it is a story It was an interesting and sad love story I m glad I read it.

    11. Tony on said:

      The book is set in Vermont The setting of the book is idyllic and enticing The four main characters are compelling, quirky and endearing in their own ways It is a book where the setting dominates as much as the action One can get lost in that world When the characters wind through the plot, as each is off the stage for a moment, the reader looks in on the setting in play while still thinking of the characters and plot not in review at that moment This is not a complicated book, or complicated pl [...]

    12. Sandra on said:

      Achei este romance muito pr ximo realidade e muito pouco, ou mesmo quase nada, cor de rosa As ac es, pensamentos e sentimentos aqui descritos s o absolutamente cred veis e poss veis de ver em qualquer ser humano, que com as suas perfei es e defeitos intr nsecos poderia viver o amor e a trai o aqui presentes.Apesar de o in cio ter sido um pouco dif cil de digerir, o livro torna se cativante a partir do momento em que se vai descobrindo a est ria de amor do velho Wallace, um agricultor idoso que e [...]

    13. Connie on said:

      Nathan Carter, a young man, was driving his Jeep when it went off the road at the bottom of an icy hill The seventy nine year old property owner, Wallace Fiske, pulled him out of the Jeep and cared for him for several days in his home An unlikely friendship started in that house by Mirror Lake.Wallace and Nathan traded stories about their lives over bottles of Scotch Wallace began to open up about the love of his life and a terrible secret that defined the rest of his life Nathan, a serial monog [...]

    14. Dan Radovich on said:

      I felt so comfortable reading this book Greene did a great job bringing to the Vermont woods and into the lives of Nathan and Wallace Their lives are changed thanks to a winter snow storm which leads to this lovely story There are cliched moments in the story, but Greene has two strong characters to play with and he does a great job with them His prose can be as gorgeous as the Vermont woods.

    15. Whatsername on said:

      Il dolore di un tradimento molto peggio di una perdita a causa di una morter la morte dopo un po si cerca di far rimarginare la ferita col tempo che passa inesorabilmente, ma per un tradimento a volte la ferita si allarga e rimane sempre l pronta a sanguinare nuovamente ogni volta che il pensiero ritorna a quei momentitutto questo ci che Wallace prova ogni volta che riapre le porte del tempo al suo passatollo e triste

    16. Heather on said:

      This is a book I picked up a long time ago and finally got around to reading It tells the story of a man named Wallace who lives at Mirror Lake and meets Nathan, a mail carrier As the story unfolds you learn of the heartbreak and tragedy that so often occurs in life Not my favorite book, but it was an okay read.

    17. Tami on said:

      This book is of a 3.5 than a 3 I enjoyed Greene s writing style, and appreciated the construction of his characters and the relationships between them Anyone who has spent time in Vermont will return easily because of the author s detailed descriptions As I read, I could actually smell the clean, crisp Vermont air and feel the cool breezes

    18. Kathy Owens on said:

      This book was excellent I could not put it down It was about life, death, and love It spoke to matters of the heart like how a person can love deeply enough to remain in a relationship even after being betrayed Many twists and turns A must read I couldn t wait to get to the next chapter.

    19. Aparajita Bose on said:

      It s a strange love story that ends in hatred But that s what love is all about because having no expired date on it, it changes with the days we live or the things we do to each other.Go dive in that Mirror lake, I know you have always had one of your own.

    20. Jess on said:

      I had the ending figured out about 1 4 of the way into the book The plot is very transparent I was not a fan of the author s writing style he uses a LOT of commas and I found myself skipping over complete sentences without missing anything.

    21. Deborah on said:

      A curious story focusing on the relationships of the narrator particularly after he moves to a small New England town Intriguing at times, too self absorbed at others Disappointing.

    22. Ashley on said:

      A quick and simple read.This book feels like one that s been written hundreds of times before It was quite boring and had me lamenting the time I wasted on it.

    23. Cheri on said:

      A good first novel He has developed a great depth since and I appreciate that a lit.

    24. Cindy Hartley on said:

      Great story with beautiful descriptive scenery Excellent review by our Readers Advisory Librarian and author was very nice to e mail her in return.

    25. Claire on said:

      Two men one old and one young and a long hidden secret confronting in places

    26. Donna on said:

      Actually it was a book on tape that I listened too while walking the track It was a story of friendship between and old man and a younger man I really enjoyed it.

    27. Bonnie on said:

      I really like this sweet book It was a quick read but an compelling story.

    28. Jane on said:

      A very moving story so well told the characters really came alive as I read each page.

    29. Linda on said:

      Good book, but very sad in what it has to say about human relationships, especially about betrayal and lack of trust.

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