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Now You See Her

Now You See Her By Joy Fielding Now You See Her From New York Times and Globe and Mail bestselling author Joy Fielding comes an edge of your seat thriller that asks how much do you really know about your own family Devon is dead Marcy You re wrong

  • Title: Now You See Her
  • Author: Joy Fielding
  • ISBN: 9781416585312
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Now You See Her By Joy Fielding From New York Times and Globe and Mail bestselling author Joy Fielding comes an edge of your seat thriller that asks how much do you really know about your own family Devon is dead, Marcy You re wrong She s here When Marcy Taggart goes to Ireland after divorcing her husband of twenty five years, a chance encounter catapults her entire life into turmoil Years earlierFrom New York Times and Globe and Mail bestselling author Joy Fielding comes an edge of your seat thriller that asks how much do you really know about your own family Devon is dead, Marcy You re wrong She s here When Marcy Taggart goes to Ireland after divorcing her husband of twenty five years, a chance encounter catapults her entire life into turmoil Years earlier, her daughter, Devon, disappeared in the icy waters of Georgian Bay after a canoeing accident, her body never recovered But on a day trip to Cork, Marcy is certain she spots Devon walking down the street When her daughter disappears into a crowd, Marcy begins a desperate search to find her and to uncover the disturbing truth that might, in the end, be her only salvation Exhilarating and engaging, this is Joy Fielding at her best delivering a pulse racing, tension filled read.
    Now You See Her By Joy Fielding

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      202 Joy Fielding

    One thought on “Now You See Her

    1. Christie on said:

      Well, there s a few hours I m never getting back.I am not a book snob I like a fast paced, plot driven suspense thriller as much as the next girl Now You See Her, on the surface at least, seems like a book that would be right down my dark alley Marcy Taggert is on holiday in Ireland It was supposed to be a second honeymoon, but her husband, Peter, has run off with the golf pro from his country club and so Marcy has gone solo While enjoying a cup of tea with a man she s met on her day trip to Cor [...]

    2. Wesley on said:

      Review Summary Shallow, cheap mystery with an extremely outdated and overused plot and a dissatisfying and irrelevant conclusion If you re really that curious about how this story will play out, just read the first and last parts everything in between is not necessary, entertaining, or thrilling Otherwise, I d avoid this book altogether.The plot of a parent seeing a glimpse of a child they thought was dead is so old I cannot stress how old and unimaginative the plot is I m surprised Joy Fielding [...]

    3. Casey Bennett on said:

      This book was weird, I think it had great potential and I kept waiting and waiting for it but it let me down, especially how it ended.

    4. Sandie on said:

      Like Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire, Marcy Taggart has chosen to depend on the kindness of strangers Following the death of her daughter Devon two years ago the body was never found and the departure for greener and younger pastures by her husband of 25 years, she has gone to Ireland alone on the vacation that was to have been a second honeymoon of sorts for she and her husband.Marcy s has experienced feelings of unrelenting guilt since her mother committed suicide several years ago, [...]

    5. Luanne Ollivier on said:

      In Joy Fielding s latest novel Now You See Her, we meet 50 year old Marcy Taggart as she s on a tour bus in Ireland This trip was supposed to have been a 25th anniversary trip with her husband Peter However, their marriage fell apart after their daughter Devon died Marcy has never accepted that her bipolar daughter committed suicide her body was never found Peter has left her for another woman and divorce proceedings are underway Marcy has taken the trip anyway why not While sitting in a pub, lo [...]

    6. Roberta on said:

      Marcy Taggart has been hit with an emotional wallop, but she has not fallen First her daughter was killed in a canoeing accident two years ago The body was never found, so Marcy has never truly accepted her daughter s death Her husband has moved on and left her for another woman At fifty, Marcy is taking a tour of Ireland that was meant to be a twenty fifth wedding anniversary trip During a break at a pub, Marcy thinks she sees her daughter Devon walk past Could her daughter still be alive and h [...]

    7. Dorothyanne Brown on said:

      Joy Fielding is an author I tend to avoid, simply because her writing reminds me of the way music swells in dramatic moments of a movie I always come away from Fielding s books feeling vaguely dirty and definitely manipulated Part of it is the subject matter of her books, always geared for maximum intensity of emotion, part of it is the way she writes them.Which is to say she is very good at what she does But that doesn t mean I have to like it.Every once and awhile I pick up one of her books ju [...]

    8. Erin on said:

      Full review and at bookserinread Here s the thing I couldn t put it down I NEEDED to know the ending I HAD to know what everything would lead to It took me two days to read it.Although I couldn t put it down, and had to know the end, I m conflicted because I actually don t think I liked it.I hate saying that because I want to like most books, especially when I already like the author I ve read many books by her This book was frustrating Both in the way it was written and the plot line.I ll star [...]

    9. Lynda Kelly on said:

      I have to say Ms Fielding is one of THE most consistently good authors I ve read I have read around a dozen by her now in the past 2 decades and I ve always scored 4 or 5 Very impressive See Jane Run remains one of my most favourite books ever This one wasn t her best but it was still an enjoyable read and full of twist and turns.Marcy, our female lead got on my nerves She s a bit of a flake.She had this aversion to men in uniform, supposedly including the mailman which was never explained but a [...]

    10. Jean on said:

      This wasn t a bad book But it wasn t good either It s a plot we all read a million times Marcy takes a trip to Ireland on what should have been her 25th anniversary But her husband left her for another women, and she goes anyway People seem to think this odd, but if you have ever made travel arrangements, you know if you have no travel insurance, and you don t go on the vacation, you pay for it anyway So why not go AnywayMarcy and Peter s Daughter Devon was presumed dead when her overturned cano [...]

    11. Judi Anne on said:

      The novel opens with an introduction to 50 year old Marcy who is on a tour bus in Ireland Actually, she is on a 25th wedding anniversary trip without her husband He left her after their daughter died in a boating accident because he couldn t deal with all their emotions Wimp, in my opinion The authorities are sure that Devon, their daughter committed suicide but Marcy can t accept that answer because she thinks she sees Devon in crowds everywhere While in Ireland, she is positive she sees Devon [...]

    12. Dale Safford on said:

      Another book where the main woman character looks like she is off her rocker, and has voices in her head Why does the author make a woman seem looney tunes when she is thinking through a situation And how can a woman who is brand new to a town attract not one but two men who want to get involved in her problems when she comes across as quite boring And, besides all that, this narrator reads with a crackle in her voice which makes the woman seem even bonkers.Marcy Taggart takes a planned 25th an [...]

    13. Jennifer (INnerSANITY) on said:

      Well I love Joy s books I was shocked to see people really disliking the book I always find her writing easy to read because it flows easily And her characters are so relatable I find myself laughing out loud being able to picture all the scenarios and such As always her books touch me emotionally too and this one did especially because it was about a mother trying to desperately find her daughter who she believes to be alive I m s sucker for emotional drama and suspense And this book had both P [...]

    14. Charlotte on said:

      charlotteswebofbooks.I was pretty vocal in my disappointment in Joy Fielding s last book, The Wild Zone, and I must say that Now You See Her was infinitely better By no stretch of the imagination can it be compared to someone like Steig Larrsson or Tana French, but it was enjoyable It kept me guessing right up to the end I knew one of two guys was the bad guy but I kept going back and forth on who it was The end was not exactly what I was hoping for, but it was satisfying and came together nicel [...]

    15. Carol on said:

      3 and 1 2 stars It was too long getting to the point Marcy Taggart s daughter, Devon, died 2 years ago or did she Marcy can not believe her daughter is dead and keeps seeing her every where she goes including Ireland Marcy is in Ireland celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary alone Her husband left soon after her daughter died While in Ireland she is positive she sees her daughter walk by the window of a pub she is having tea in And the chase is on to find Devon She finds many men willing to he [...]

    16. Jen Hart on said:

      A few words to describe the main character Marcy Pathetic, Rude, Na ve, Impulsive the list goes on I believe one of the authors goals throughout the story was to convince the reader that Marcy was crazy This was delivered in an over the top almost circus like way I also could have done without the long, Irish history lessons that were stashed throughout Set the scene, yes But I didn t pick this book for the dates, times, and people of the past Overall this was a fast, easy read though, hence the [...]

    17. Isabel on said:

      Meh Daughter drowns, mother doesn t believe she s dead no body , husband leaves, wife heads to Ireland alone on what was supposed to be a 2nd honeymoon Thinks she sees daughter, sleeps with a man she just met, almost sleeps with another one 20 years her junior trusts him to help her find daughter even though she s just met him in a bar They search for daughter is she alive Is she dead Is mother crazy Who cares

    18. Tina Baisden on said:

      This book was simply one overrated cliche after another The character of Marcy was as stupid as they come I literally wanted to reach into the book and slap some sense into her I also wish I had a dollar for every time she apologized for something in this book least I would have made back the money I spent on this book Thankfully, I bought it at a used book store Don t waste your time picking this one up There was nothing about it that wasn t easily predicted.

    19. Karen Mcnicol on said:

      If you are a mother or just love someone you will relate to this book You are told your daughter is dead, yet they have no body to show that she is, then you see her walking down a streetwell you would do exactly the same as this woman I felt as if I was on the journey with her and felt her emotions along the way A page turner for sure.

    20. Karlijn on said:

      The plot sounded exciting but the story was a bit unbelievable The protagonist was very gullible and you d think that a fifty year old would have a better people knowledge than she had Everything was just a bit too convenient in the story and I felt like many of the sidecharacters weren t properly developed.

    21. Nanci on said:

      I actually listened to this book on CD The reader s voice was so obnoxious, especially when speaking as the main character I guess that s part of the reason for the two stars it shouldn t be but it is It wasn t a horrible book but I can t say I d recommend it.

    22. Silvia Yanuar on said:

      It was soooo bad I was continuing to read it just because I was curious about the ending and if all nonsense will make sense in the end It did not Characters and their relations highly unbelievable.

    23. Vicki Neely on said:

      This certainly wasn t the best book I have ever read Too much introspection with the main character debating with herself over everything The ending was OK, though.

    24. Simon Moons on said:

      Heel spannend, van het begin tot het einde Vreemde twist s en inzichten.

    25. Linda on said:

      I really liked this book Not your typical boy meets girl book and not too predictable as to the outcome.

    26. Keri on said:

      The book was good It seememd as if the main charcter was in denial and was keeping hope when there was none in the end.

    27. Monica Rose Matheson on said:

      Good read It did leave me guessing what was real Not as intense as other Joy Fielding books.

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