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After the First Death

After the First Death By Robert Cormier After the First Death Who will be the next to die They ve taken the children And the son of a general But that isn t enough More horrors must come

  • Title: After the First Death
  • Author: Robert Cormier
  • ISBN: 9780440208358
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback
  • After the First Death By Robert Cormier Who will be the next to die They ve taken the children And the son of a general But that isn t enough.More horrors must come
    After the First Death By Robert Cormier

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    • [PDF] After the First Death | by · Robert Cormier
      326 Robert Cormier

    One thought on “After the First Death

    1. Carrie-anne on said:

      Mark Haddon, author of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, said in an interview with Horn Book Magazine, Most teenage fiction has an invisible ring of safety built into it However sticky situations get, however dark the material, little signals here and there give off the message that this is only a kids book Don t worry Nothing too bad will happen Things will come right in the end Wynne Jones, 2004, p 265 Indeed, Curious Incident, though about a teenage protagonist, was published [...]

    2. Charlotte on said:

      bleakAfter I finished this book I just sat there on the couch for a solid ten minutes not doing anything but thinking I m a champion for bleak literature, but I still don t know how to respond to this book I ve never read anything like it Telling the story of a bus of children taken hostage by terrorists, this book is packed with emotion, but I didn t even know what emotions I was feeling or how to respond to them Several times I felt punched in the stomach and had to catch my breath After the F [...]

    3. Maciek on said:

      But how many times is a person allowed to die First published in 1979, After the First Death can be seen as a spiritual precursor to his later novel, Heroes both are concerned with the same themes devotion to a cause, courage, fear and guilt, the cost of sacrifice Both books present them in different ways Heroes approaches them through the eyes of Francis Cassavant, an 18 year old soldier who has just returned home from World War 2, while After the First Death focuses on a group of terrorists wh [...]

    4. Josiah on said:

      When Robert Cormier won the Margaret A Edwards Award for young adult literature in 1991, an award that generally cites a specific portion of an author s library of works as deserving of commendation, three of his novels were cited The Chocolate War, I Am the Cheese and After the First Death But what caused the committee to select these three novels in particular Why not The Bumblebee Flies Anyway, Beyond the Chocolate War or Fade Ten years later, would the Margaret A Edwards committee still have [...]

    5. Sivan N. on said:

      Who was guilty, then the monster or the world that created it First off, y all gotta know, I m pretty biased towards Robert Cormier because he wrote my fave book so him and I are basically homies.Okay, first I m going to talk about some themes within the book I don t mean like textbook, how you learn in school, full sentence themes I mean looking up on Sparknotes, one word themes that ll have to do even though my teacher asked for a full sentence themes.So I ve recorded some of the themes throug [...]

    6. Catherine on said:

      This is not an adventure story, like one might expect of a YA novel There is great tension but little action as most of the the book deals with the thoughts and emotions of three teens caught up in a hostage taking incident they are inexperienced, ideological and lacking in forethought, yet expected to function as adults by the adults who are in control While this story is told from multiple perspectives, it is a very close third person sometimes in the head of the teen terrorist, sometimes the [...]

    7. Rjurik Davidson on said:

      I don t usually give books a 5 star rating Only for the greatest books, really This was great I m kinda speechless after it It makes most contemporary YA seem thin and empty by comparison This is something else.

    8. Jessica on said:

      Woah I know I just said I was going to go do my homework, but that gorilla girl book got me thinking about some of the most bizarre and disturbing YA fiction I ve ever read, and then of course Robert Cormier popped, guns blazing, into my mind.The Chocolate War books were intense, but this one was the real doozy The images in this book were seared permanently into my brain, and whenever I m prompted to imagine what it might be like to be held hostage by terrorists as I increasingly have been, by [...]

    9. Jessica Reid on said:

      Cormier was a genius His writing is absolutely outstanding and never ceases to amaze me His books are in many ways terrifying and so unflinching in their approach to their topics This novel deals with terrorists who hijack a school bus.It s been many years since I first read this novel and it still haunts me Absolutely incredible.

    10. Kate on said:

      Sixteen children are held hostage on a schoolbus, and three teens will determine their survival Kate wasn t meant to be the bus driver that day, she was just filling in for her uncle Ben wasn t meant to be there either He got involved because his father is a general in a secret government organization And Miro well, Miro meant to be there It is his mission He doesn t expect to survive the day His death will help the cause I need to start keeping track of those blog posts where these books are re [...]

    11. Bobbie on said:

      The truth is, I m not sure how I feel about this book As I was reading it, I turned page after page drowning in the words and the action I felt like I was there My blood pressure skyrocketed I felt like I was in one of my all too vivid nightmares and yet, I kept reading At least I didn t pee my pantsBut then it ended The ending left me reeling, caught in that no man s land between hating and loving, unsure how to feel or what to make of the book Who was the biggest victim Who was most to blame H [...]

    12. Chrissie on said:

      I thought this book was magnificent It has a twist at the end that will make you want to turn around and read it again, and when you do you will be mystified by the brilliance of Robert Cormier I was, at least As I was reading it, I found the narrative of the general s son to be the most interesting The story of the high jacked bus with the children was, of course, incredibly suspenseful and unpredictable, and I felt that was well done The character development was very interesting, especially w [...]

    13. Cory Hernandez on said:

      Holy cow This book blew my mind Now I know why Robert Cormier is cherished in the eyes of Young Adult Literature The book is one that will really make the reader think, which is why I primarily loved the book it really made me think The book tells the incredible story of terrorists hijacking a bus of five and six year old children, as well as a young woman who is the bus s driver The book is told through the eyes of Miro, one of the hijackers, Kate, the bus driver, and Ben, the son of a general [...]

    14. Trevor on said:

      Published first in 1979 one of my prized books is a signed first HC edition , it reads as if it were a hostage crisis unfolding right before us A school bus full of kids is taken hostage by young men fighting for their country and religion There s some major Stockholm syndrome, and some very unsettling plot twists revealed as the book progresses There s a general in charge of anti terrorist activities, who ends up putting his own son in the hostage takers paths All the decisions made by the char [...]

    15. Michelle on said:

      In a word, amazing Perhaps even relevant today than when it was originally written There s not much I can say about this one the book speaks for itself.

    16. Gina Baik on said:

      Oh wow Ok I just finished this book at 11 08 pm and I m sad I m like really sad but like I m not crying It s a weird feeling Tbh, I didn t really like this book in the beginning because it was quite boring But after a while, it became a thriller So much death, shooting, surprise attack, torture, guns, hanging, and yeah, I guess you get the point Anyways, this was a nice short book 233 pages and I quite enjoyed it There are some Aha moments and stuff like that and the book uses lots of metaphors [...]

    17. Ash on said:

      Three teenagers caught at the center of a terrorist hostage situation involving a bus load of children on their way to a camp All three face their different choices, but inevitably they are faced with the possibility of death, firstly there is Ben, the son of an army General who becomes the go between between the Army and the Terrorists, he does so upon his fathers orders despite being somewhat unwilling Next there is Kate, the bus driver, filling in for her uncle she becomes entangled in the pl [...]

    18. Tristram on said:

      An Unpleasant Book Which is Definitely Worth ReadingIt is hard to believe that Robert Cormier wrote After the First Death as early as 1979, as you would think the plot was inspired by some of the gruesome events of the last few years, but Cormier s pessimism was apparently well ahead of its time if pessimism can ever be that.Cormier s fable is terse and yet complex, as it offers us a variety of different perspectives, often changing ones within one paragraph, which makes the novel quite a demand [...]

    19. Ryne on said:

      Note Spoilers ahead After the First Death is certainly a grim read, and I m not sure why that suprised me I don t know WHY I assumed that a book about terrorists and hostage situations would be happier It was a powerful read, but it was ultimately too disturbing for me to finish.In the novel, terrorists from an unnamed country hijack a school bus in order to further the liberation of their homeland Things get complicated when the bus driver who was supposed to be killed within minutes of the hij [...]

    20. Deborah on said:

      Definitely one of the darkest and oldest realistic fiction books that I have ever read And I definitely couldn t have imagined myself reading this book at age 14 In fact, if my future self were to have told me that I d read a book about hijackings and terrorists and suicide and etcya I don t know what I would have said I feel so safe in realistic fiction books that don t focus on the reality that is our world, so to read a really higher thinking novel like this is an astonishment The positive th [...]

    21. Amanda on said:

      Robert Cormier is one of my favorite authors I ve read two other novels by him The Chocolate War and The Bumblebee Flies Anyway, both of which were great I also enjoyed this novel While the book appears to be about terrorism and how individuals respond to this, the book discusses deeper, serious issues about family relationships, love, and duties The book is carefully crafted and thoroughly explores the relationship between father and son The language brings the emotions of the characters to li [...]

    22. Sexy Liam11 on said:

      After The First Death by Robert CormierAfter the first death was a great book I enjoyed it so much I usually dont read books But this one caught my attention The main cheaters are Artkin, Miro, and Kate.Artkin and miro are terrorist they take over a school bus and killed a kid Kate is the bus driver and the kids are her responsibility But she has no control of what Miro and Artken do Right when they hijack the bus they drug the kids.They put the drugs in candy and keeped feedings the kids the ca [...]

    23. Stephanie on said:

      At first, it took a while for me to get into this book I seriously had to force myself to read through to where the book became a bit exciting, around Part 7 A part of the reason for this, I feel, is because it was a bit difficult to switch points of view as often as Cormier did, I just started to feel like I was understanding a character, getting into his or her head, and then Cormier would switch characters I also was a bit confused by the part at the end of the book when Ben and his dad are [...]

    24. Lynn on said:

      This is an amazing book It s surprising it is a YA book because it doesn t dumb down it s writing or soften its story The story is about the hijacking or what we would call in 2012, a terrorist attack People die and people are terrorized in a way that isn t babied down Two men, Artkin and the younger Miro, along with a partner team up to kidnap 16 preschool children on a school bus with its driver A young woman is the bus driver that day and is forced to drive the school bus into an out of the w [...]

    25. Zama on said:

      After the First Death by Robert Cormier is a classic young adult thriller about a youngster who had a rough time growing up Seventeen year old Miro turns out to be just what he was groomed to be, a terrorist He believes that he is a freedom fighter for the homeland he has never seen, which has been described by his gang as a beautiful place, with birds flying around and orange trees None of these has he ever seen in America However this book has than one main character Ben the son of a general [...]

    26. Allison Morgan on said:

      Genre Category Required Reading CormierWhen two guys in an attempted terrorist move hijack a school bus filled with kids, everything goes downhill from there People are killed, including a few of the young kids, and justice is not served in the end Cormier s writing was powerful too powerful I would never want my writing to affect someone as strongly as his writing did to me, especially in such a dark way It worries me that teenagers, who may have a harder time differentiating truth from falseho [...]

    27. Jana Merrill on said:

      Wow This book was amazing It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire book I felt like Robert Cormier wrote the book brilliantly He kept the mystery of what the happened on the situation on the bridge through the entire book, and he did so in such a way that it kept my interest The characters were so deep that sometimes I was not sure which side a character was on, or if they were going to switch sides and do something crazy This was an amazing book and it is a perfect book for my taste The end [...]

    28. Karla on said:

      This book was very interesting It was written in 1989, a couple of years before i was born The author narrates the story of a handful of terrorist and how they plan to hijack a bus of kindergartners.The main terrorist Miro and Adkins were both raised to believe that this type of assault on the United States was necessary to regain back their homeland As the story continues, other characters are introduced, including Kate, a young woman who happens to sub in for her uncle and drive the bus on the [...]

    29. Aurora Dimitre on said:

      It s always really hard to rate Cormier, because his writing s beautiful and his characters are interesting and screwed up and you never really know what s going on until the last chapter or epilogue type of death The Chocolate War books and We All Fall Down being sort of exceptions and it s really incomparable to anything exceptotherCormier books So I gave it four stars Because I ve liked others better But, uh, props to Cormier because I had absolutely no idea what was going on It wasn t even l [...]

    30. Katie on said:

      This book honestly had me a bit confused at parts I don t think it was the author trying to confuse his readers either, I think it was just because the author didn t quite make certian parts of the plot as clear as they could have been There were many times during the story that I thought of many different solutions that wouldn t have resulted in so much death, but I guess those ideas just makes me a critical reader and not the author I think that the book did have an aspect of real life because [...]

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