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Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction By Simone Elkeles Chain Reaction Luis Fuentes is a good boy who doesn t live with the angst that his big brothers Alex and Carlos have always lived with Luis is smart funny and has big dreams of becoming an astronaut But when he

  • Title: Chain Reaction
  • Author: Simone Elkeles
  • ISBN: 9780802720870
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Chain Reaction By Simone Elkeles Luis Fuentes is a good boy who doesn t live with the angst that his big brothers, Alex and Carlos, have always lived with Luis is smart, funny, and has big dreams of becoming an astronaut But when he falls for the wrong girl, Luis enters a dark world he s never known, and just when he thinks he s got life all figured out, learns some disturbing news about his family thatLuis Fuentes is a good boy who doesn t live with the angst that his big brothers, Alex and Carlos, have always lived with Luis is smart, funny, and has big dreams of becoming an astronaut But when he falls for the wrong girl, Luis enters a dark world he s never known, and just when he thinks he s got life all figured out, learns some disturbing news about his family that destroys his positive outlook on life Will that Fuentes bad boy streak come out with a vengeance and lure Luis to live on the edge like his new girlfriend and his own father Continuing all the steamy romance of the first two books, NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Simone Elkeles gives fans one satisfying taste of the irresistible Fuentes boys.
    Chain Reaction By Simone Elkeles

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      374 Simone Elkeles
    Chain Reaction

    One thought on “Chain Reaction

    1. Diane ϟ [ Lestrange ] on said:

      Book description on the CHAIN REACTION jacket.Luis Fuentes has always been sheltered from the gang violence that nearly destroyed his brothers lives But that didn t stop him from taking risks whether he s scaling a mountain in the Rockies or dreaming of a future as an astronaut, Luis can t stop looking for the next thrill Nikki Cruz lives her life by three rules boys lie to get their way, don t trust a boy who says I love you, and never date a boy from the south side of Fairfield Her parents may [...]

    2. Lady Jayne *~*The Beach Bandida*~* on said:

      IN DECEMBER 2010, BEFORE READING Muy caliente HOT cover To be released 24th May 2011 16th August 2011 Bring it I ve had LUKE PASQUALINO in my mind as my Luis Fuentes ever since I saw him on UK Skins Seasons 3 and 4 LOVED him as Freddie Mclair sighs And now, strangely, I think he kind of looks like the guy on the cover _ Really looking forward to reading this Loves me some Fuentes brothers My Luis Luke Pasqualino and now my Nikki Victoria Justice I wish the Lake scene had been as hot as this pict [...]

    3. Jo on said:

      Warning If you are a fan of this book you may want to avert your eyes I like to think that I am open minded I read the first book and eh, it was ok I read this second book and I liked it than I am willing to admit.This book Um With my warning in mind, let s proceed Her words slam into my libido like a bucket of water on a flame full of testosterone I think my dick just twitched in protest That above quote pretty much sums up this book.Mate, what does that even mean A flame full of testosterone [...]

    4. Ariana on said:

      Ay carajo There are only so many times you can enjoy the same old story in my opinion it gets down to probably two.I loved the first book because of the characters, and the chemistry and the action and I enjoyed enormously the humor in the second one, but when it comes to this one I am terribly sorry to say that it was such a big disappointment.Please Simone Elkeles, I know you can write better than this, I ve seen it before, just come up with something new the next time I just feel like I ve se [...]

    5. Arlene on said:

      Rating ClarificationFirst half 3 starsSecond half 2.5 starsEpilogue 0 stars Couldn t even finish it Seriously, was that necessary Well, unfortunately for this series the third time is definitely not a charm Bummer I was so looking forward to this final installment, and I was probably one of those raging fangurlz that was climbing up the wall when the release date was pushed out Now that I ve had a chance to read it, well it was definitely not worth the wait DisappointmentBut, I will be generous [...]

    6. Ayla on said:

      Definitely NOT good I don t understand how the author made first two so amazing, and now this one good lord the romance just felt plastic, and forced somehow But, of course, I had to read it in order to have some closure Ugh My advice Read the first two, and then go into a bookstore and pick up this book, read the epilogue at the back of the book, put the book back on the shelf and walk out.

    7. Zemira (Kylo Ren fangirl) Warner on said:

      before reading STOP EVERYTHING YOU RE DOING FUENTES BOYS ARE BACK after reading So,I gotta say Chain Reaction is a huge disappointment It lacked that spark previous two had I did not like Luis and Nikki I couldn t felt their love for each other I didn t enjoy them as much as I did Alex Brittany and Carlos Kiera Luis was too much of a good boy for me to even think about him as a person who would join a gang Nikki,what to say about Nikki I had a feeling she was depressed all the time Where is the [...]

    8. Reynje on said:

      Note I went into this book with good intentions Please note my enthusiastic hashtagging in honour of the Fuentes boys, along with my fellow readalongers, Flannery, Jo and Trinity Alas, I did not like this book as the following review states Look, I m sorry, but every once in a while I just need to get my rant on and Chain Reaction has the dubious honour of being in my ranty sights right now I ve read Perfect Chemistry and Rules of Attraction, and while they weren t precisely my cup of tea, I can [...]

    9. Emily May on said:

      I am terribly sceptical when it comes to books that define themselves simply as romance I like romantic subplots in science fiction, in historical fiction and in mystery in fact, in just about anything but straight up romance Can t say I ve ever been a big fan But there will always be exceptions, like Anna and the French Kiss for example This is one such exception.This is mindless, sexy teenage fun With emphasis on the sexy That cover look steamy to you Wait until you see what this has inside No [...]

    10. Ari on said:

      Edit After reading august 16 I was seriously debating giving this book three stars, but my loyalty to the author stopped me from comitting the crime les cocottes I know you re gonna read this, so let me tell you that I m a bit disappointed C etait genre un peu forcee And it had un uncanny resemblance to Alex and Brittany s story It was still good, and they re were still awww moments, but I think it was the worst one After you read it tell me what you think, okay Edit WHYYYYYYYYYY Simone just wro [...]

    11. Jessica on said:

      Rating clarification 2.5 stars sigh I was SO sure that I was gonna love this but sadly I didn t hangs head For me, Chain Reaction was lacking the unbelievably hot and sizzling chemistry that made the other two books so special I enjoyed seeing Alex and Carlos again and learning about their lives hence the 2.5 stars but otherwise I didn t really care for the story.Luis is a hottie and quite swoon worthy but somehow he didn t have the same effect on me as his brothers had in the previous books Th [...]

    12. Abbi Glines on said:

      I have read all three books in the Perfect Chemistry series I ADORED the first one The second one was good but it just didn t compare to the first one Alex and Brittany were hard to compete with HOWEVER, this one is now my absolute favorite A definite must read

    13. Kim on said:

      Wow, could this book be any cheesier I is disappoint.I remember reading about Alex, absolutely unaware of how my clothes had spontaneously combusted while I was sitting there, completely engrossed and hanging on to every word I re read certain parts again and again, feeling my stomach to back flips and various other tricks that you only see in a Cirque Du Soleil performance, but Chain Reaction I don t know, I m still kinda waiting for some reaction Anything The most exciting thing about this boo [...]

    14. Kristi on said:

      Ahhhhh the Fuentes brothers as sexy and dangerous as they are alluring I m sad to see their stories come to an end I will miss them If you have not read this series all I have to say is WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR Luis was the brother that you didn t really see much in the first two books, he was there and made a few small appearances but he wasn t what I was expecting Luis had always been described as the smart brother so I thought maybe, just maybe he might learn from his brother s mistakes not s [...]

    15. Tedy on said:

      Bulgarian review bookishipster.wordpress 2The final book in Simone Elkeles trilogy was, of course, cute and lovely but this time it dealt with some even serious problems I really enjoyed the story, i liked Nikki and Luis relationship, but they are definitely not my favourites I found both of them a little bit annoying at times, especially when Nikki wouldn t believe Luis when he was obviously telling the truth I understand why they had these issues, but i still feel like they could have been de [...]

    16. Sita on said:

      It s 12 49 AM, and I just finished reading Chain Reaction, and what can I say I absolutely loved it it, and after I read it I felt all happy and great and then I was all upset cause the series is over Well, onto the reviewSo a summary of the book, well I can t be stuffed to write one up, i m falling asleep at my laptop And you can read a summary anywhere ContinuingSo, it basically has the same plot line as the other books in the series, except this one had so many recurring characters We got to [...]

    17. Alyssa on said:

      I m such a huge romantic 90% of my books have a large chunk of romance in them, and 90% of the movies and songs I listen to involve heartbreak the sweeping of one off their feet Chain Reaction could have sated my lust for love, and yet, like its prelude, it fell flat in all the important areas.Luis Fuentes is doing his best to stay on the right path, and when he meets Nikki, the girl with the angelic face and beautiful soul, he thinks his life is finally starting to come together for good Sure, [...]

    18. K. on said:

      This book is like a really bad last minute paper at the end of a hectic term when you ve used up all your braincells for other essays and exams and you re running out of time but you have to hand something in I wouldn t normally bother with a book as bad as this, but I m shockingly disappointed because I liked Perfect Chemistry well enough.Seriously, though Chain Reaction might as well have been done in point form, as there is absolutely no supporting evidence of sincerity, both from the charact [...]

    19. Stacia (the 2010 club) on said:

      3.5 stars My review is going to be quite half assed this time Either you love these books or you don t I have to fall on the love side because so many experiences in these books are ones that I have witnessed first hand Sure, there are people who feel it a bit fake, but not everything can be 100% accurate I feel like the author did her research and came close enough for me to relate, being someone who has been there, lived that.Good lord, it s as if these books are half documenting my teen years [...]

    20. Miakoda on said:

      Luis story and third companion to the perfect chemistry series gets a thumbs up for humor I was, at the very beginning especially, so into Luis because he was funnybut then again, so were his brothers I m laughing just thinking about them I d say Nikki was a good pick for this story, she stood by what she believed in, which was really coole was however a bit looney sometimes but then again if I were her I d probably be worse.As an individual story, this book was really good but compared to Alex [...]

    21. Aly (Fantasy4eva) on said:

      I ve been very conflicted about this one So I m going to just go ahead and list what I did and didn t like THE COVER I loves At first I was like WOW And then all traumatised when my dad saw it and gave me the WTF look Now I just say WHATEVS Sometimes I even stare I DON T EVEN CARE Nikki Cruz in the first half I really liked In the second half I guess something just changed because my original opinion of her diminished The cheesy dialogue Oh man I know there s bits of it in the previous book, but [...]

    22. A_Ryan on said:

      3 or 5 stars depending on when you read itA great read, but having read the previous two, this seemed to follow a very obvious formula and seemed too similar to the other two So I ended up skimming it and still knowing exactly what happens This is afive star readif youhaven tread the others, or are reading them out of order But if, like me, you re a bit OCD about reading a series in order, then this book may just be a3 star readin the end, because even though you enjoy the writing style and the [...]

    23. Elena R a.k.a. Lunies R on said:

      samsawesomness 20Can I get a little wha,wha FUENTES BROTHERS BABY I thought the series might die down knowing that this 3rd novel,was about Luis He s suppose to be the goodie two shoes in the family.BUT HOT DAYUMMMMM I m in La La Land I ve never loved a Ya series as much as I loved this series Some one pass me a Get Out Jail Free Card Cause I might one day jump one of these brothers for personnel reasons LMAO Simone Elkeles is too good to her readers,she knows excatly how we like it and how we w [...]

    24. Jessica on said:

      I loved reading this companion series, it was really fun and family based which I loved It had its funny moments, it had its cheesy moments and it had its serious moments and I loved them all I will say that sometimes the main love interests were annoying but I still highly enjoyed it I think there is going to be a 4th book which is really exiting.

    25. Brittany on said:

      To me this one was the funniest in the series D Awe Next book in the series please Full review to come

    26. Yuli Atta on said:

      The thing about this book that is so off is that the characters are supposed to be the smart ones, they are supposed to no how things would go and yet they are just fools , _

    27. Joyzi on said:

      5.24.2011OMG Is that a hot shower scene on the cover YUuuuuuuuMmmmmmEEeeeeeee I just clicked on the cover to see a closer look of it and I just stared at the computer screen with my mouth hanging open and I think I just drooled a little Can t wait, can t wait

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