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The Kissing Game: Stories of Defiance and Flash Fictions

The Kissing Game: Stories of Defiance and Flash Fictions By Aidan Chambers The Kissing Game Stories of Defiance and Flash Fictions United under the banner of flash fiction this is a collection of stories or little cells complete in themselves but connected by the overarching themes of betrayal and revenge All featuring teenag

  • Title: The Kissing Game: Stories of Defiance and Flash Fictions
  • Author: Aidan Chambers
  • ISBN: 9780370331973
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Kissing Game: Stories of Defiance and Flash Fictions By Aidan Chambers United under the banner of flash fiction, this is a collection of stories, or little cells , complete in themselves but connected by the overarching themes of betrayal and revenge All featuring teenagers and often with an unexpected twist, these frighteningly realistic stories will take you to the very edge and beyond.
    The Kissing Game: Stories of Defiance and Flash Fictions By Aidan Chambers

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    • Free Read The Kissing Game: Stories of Defiance and Flash Fictions - by Aidan Chambers
      356 Aidan Chambers

    One thought on “The Kissing Game: Stories of Defiance and Flash Fictions

    1. Rebecca McNutt on said:

      I usually like short story collections Books of short stories always seem to work out well for me because if you don t like one story in the book, odds are you ll still find another in the book that you enjoy However, I didn t like any of the stories in The Kissing Game There wasn t really anything unique or interesting about them, at least nothing that I noticed, and they all got to be very repetitive as they went on.

    2. Olivia Humphrey on said:

      I decided to read The Kissing Game, by Aidan Chambers because the synopsis and cover looked and sounded really interesting I refer long novels rather than short stories, so the way this book was presented grabbed my attention and i felt i would enjoy this book This book is for the short stories catagory on the bingo board I find short stories quite frustrating, because as you read them, you find out a lot about a character, and build a connection with them But then the story ends rather abruptly [...]

    3. Bella (Cheezyfeet Books) on said:

      I don t really know what to think about this book I don t know whether to think that I completely missed the point of it, and that I ve just not picked up on a fundamental theme within the book, or whether there just is no point There were a whole bunch of short stories, flash fiction, that seemed to have nothing in common with each other, and I don t quite know what to make of them Having never read any kind of flash fiction before, I was intrigued as to what they would be like And I don t thin [...]

    4. Soobie can't sleep at night on said:

      L ho letto in corriera, mentre dal mio adorato Friuli andavo a Milano per andare all Expo In quattro ore si legge e avanza tempo anche per cominciare qualcos altro __ L Expo S , merita, mi son divertita, ho camminato tanto, ho mangiato cose buonissime e ho completato il mio passaporto con tanti, tanti timbriniIl libro No Fortuna che della biblio.Allora Da piccolina adoravo le antologie di racconti brevi Quelle di fantasmi pubblicate dalla Junior Mondadori erano le mie preferite, ma anche la racc [...]

    5. Anna Bowe on said:

      A neat little collection of short stories Though the conversation only pieces left me a little cold, the stories were enjoyable and one or two riveting.

    6. Eccentrika on said:

      I racconti non sono il mio formato letterario preferito Mi ritengo infatti una lettrice dai gusti molto classici adoro i romanzi Tutto il resto testi teatrali, saggi, manuali self help, libri umoristici o di satira politica ho scoperto che non fa proprio per me Ma con i racconti devo dire che ci riprovo sempre The kissing game aveva delle grosse potenzialit , ma, nonostante sia stata una lettura piacevole, non riuscito a convincermi del tutto Il libro diviso in 16 racconti, di cui per solo 5 son [...]

    7. Lisa Schensted on said:

      in a sentence or so a series of short stories about teenage relationshipsxteen short stories share the many sides of relationships from the rush of meeting someone new to the comfort in having a trusted boyfriend stand up for you, each story brings a unique voice, both male and female, and brings a unique element to this collection of varied memoriese title certainly made me think these would be romantic stories perhaps even first kiss stories or first love stories or something else quaint what [...]

    8. Seli on said:

      Una recopilaci n de relatos cortos que te dejan cada uno una sensaci n distinta, o bien una sonrisa o bien los pelos de punta.Ademas es una lectura bastante agil y muy entretenidaentre mis favoritos estan El dia libre de Ceni Santuario Toska y Algo que decirtepero sin duda el mejor es la historia que le da nombre a libro.

    9. American Mensa on said:

      The Kissing Game by Aidan Chambers is unlike any book I ve ever read Instead of one long, continuous story, each chapter is a different story I ve read books that are collections of folk tales and the like, but never one like this Aidan Chambers calls some of his stories flash fiction They are brief flashes of other people s lives or events Needless to say, this was one interesting book that took advantage of the way it was set up The stories all started off relatively mundane and were like slic [...]

    10. Sarah on said:

      The Kissing Game is a collection of 16 short stories around 5,000 words long and flash fiction pieces story bites that are less than 1,000 words long The book covers a wide range of topics and is in a variety of formats but all of the main characters are between 14 and 18 years old There were a few stories that I really enjoyed, one was a letter from a student to a teacher, one about an immigrant who has been tricked into the sex slave trade and the title story about a very shy boy with a stamme [...]

    11. Jacqueline Glz on said:

      Me parece interesante que le den el nombre de minificciones a lo que yo conoc a como drabbles Es un libro que se lee bastante r pido y que cada una de las minificciones tiene algo que te mantiene con ellas Mis favoritas fueron El d a libre de Ceni Creo que nunca hab a le do algo similar Es muy simple pero al mismo tiempo bastante entretenido Y el chico del hotel era un amor Expulsi n Me agrada que un adulto escriba sobre los incongruentes que pueden ser los argumentos que usan los adultos en oca [...]

    12. E. Anderson on said:

      When I cracked open THE KISSING GAME by Aidan Chambers, it wasn t long before I was engrossed It s a collection of the award winning author s short fiction, and each and every story packs a punch, with pieces ranging from drabbles and flash fiction to stories of typical length From the The Kissing Game, about a boy getting to know his new neighbor, both of them dealing with issues of the past, to The Tower, which brings a little magic realism to a camping trip, the characters are vivid and real [...]

    13. Leilani Ioelu on said:

      I decided to read this book because I found it on the short stories shelf at the library It looked the most interesting, I know, judging a book by it s cover, but the rest did look boring Bad habit.The book comes under the bing box of short stories This book is really different and strange I haven t read anything like it because the short stories seem to have no morals, well the ones I read I read the stories called Up for it , The God debate and Like life.My favourite quote is bit of an acciden [...]

    14. Kirsty on said:

      I thought this was a fab little quick read.The Kissing Game is a collection of short stories all based on the different experiences of teenagers I liked how diverse the stories were There were a few longer ones, some done as scripts, others as letters monologues I really liked the variety as you were never sure what you were getting next.Out of all the stories there were a few that really stood out for me.One story was a letter written by a boy who lives outside the system in a house he built in [...]

    15. Vicky on said:

      This is a collection of short stories, some of them very short flash fiction As in most collections, I enjoyed a couple of them, but several left me scratching my head wondering what the author was trying to put across In all of them, the main character is between the ages of 14 and 18.The story with the young man wrote a letter to his school s headmaster about why he should be excused from physical education Something I m sure most of us would have enjoyed getting out of at one time or another [...]

    16. Susan on said:

      Man it was hard finding a rating for this book not really a book like stories put together I was torn between a two or a four Two because I found the KISSING GAME to be too short Okay, okay I know that it s made of short stories but the fact that every story I read ended up to be too short every single one had an abupt end I almost gave it a four star rating because I enjoyed most of them Some were cute, others were magical and some wild I just wished some of them could have been longer because [...]

    17. Natalie on said:

      The Kissing Game by Aidan Chambers is a collection of sixteen short stories, that I wish could have been engrossing This book takes place in all different places In The Tower, a boy finds tower in the middle of the woods, and sees a girl stuck in the tower which is burning In The Kissing Game, a boy and girl connect from bad past experiences In Kangaroo a girl gets an unusual summer job.I think that this book was very dull and had no driving plot Short stories are too short to have a full plot [...]

    18. Sharon on said:

      I kept wondering why the stories in the Kissing Game left me unsatisfied I would finish one and say Well that s over Last pageAuthor Aiden Chambers describes his recent experiment in FLASH FICTION Several of the stories in this collection are a kind that are now called flash fictionsThey are like a flash of light, a spark, which allow one quick view of a whole scene or person or event.They are usually less than 1,000 words longThey can be of any genre so long as they are stories He explains this [...]

    19. Sandra on said:

      A very interesting book The kissing game is definitely the most interesting.

    20. Alicia Evans on said:

      This book jumped at me from the shelf and j had high hopes for it However, maybe short story collections just aren t for me Several of the stories didn t grip me enough and I was left wanting of a conclusion That being said, there were also several stories here that were VERY gripping and I loved I d recommend this book for those texts, but it s not something that I would need to reread in its entirety The book covers a lot of topics with a range of severity For fans of short stories or flash f [...]

    21. jiawei Ong on said:

      Although there were many fascinating stories in this literature, the story I enjoyed reading the most was the one about the young lad who wrote a letter to his school s headmaster The letter was about why he should be excused from physical education I found a connection between the character and me we felt the opposite ways He would like to be excused from physical education while I would not like to be on the other hand I felt there were a purpose and meaning behind every single class including [...]

    22. Stefania on said:

      Aidan Chambers non potrebbe deludermi nemmeno se scrivesse la lista della spesa Ammetto che alcuni racconti mi hanno lasciata un po perplessa, ma sicuramente altri hanno compensato del tutto queste piccole mancanze.In particolare il racconto che d il titolo alla raccolta, il gioco dei baci Mi ha lasciata immobile con lo sguardo perso nel vuoto per almeno un quarto d ora a fine lettura.Il bello di Aidan Chambers la sua grande forza comunicatrice Ha l et di mio nonno, ma ha quell empatia giovanile [...]

    23. Eefje on said:

      Ik had deze verhalenbundel al een tijdje liggen, maar hikte ertegenaan om erin te beginnen omdat ik eigenlijk alleen maar teleurgestelde reacties had gehoord Daar moet ik me helaas bij aansluiten Als je vertrouwd bent met de coming of age romans van Aidan Chambers, is dit gewoon iets heel anders Sowieso ben ik niet zo n fan van verhalenbundels, maar sommige verhalen waren zelfs een beetje gruwelijk en ik vond de mengeling van realistisch onrealistisch ook wat bevreemdend Met name het verhaal waa [...]

    24. Y. L on said:

      I feel a little overgrown for this book It would ve made good company if I had read it 15 years ago Nevertheless this book did remind me of my teenage years and the influx of experiences and interactions I ve had with people while growing up The essays encompass topics on love, shyness, death, and all the other awkwardness of early childhood.The short essays in this book are modern literature, aptly called flash fiction not too long, not too overwhelming and a great way to pass a handful of minu [...]

    25. Jennifer Wardrip on said:

      Reviewed by Monica Sheffo for TeensReadTooTHE KISSING GAME consists of 16 short stories, all centered around love and relationships.In one story, a girl attempts to break out of the shadow of her sister, only to find that the key to self worth lies within In another, a boy believes that he has rescued a girl from a fiery tower, and then discovers that the same event occurred 100 years ago.Aidan Chambers proves himself to be a master storyteller in this collection of provocative tales dealing wit [...]

    26. Ƙʏᴙᴀ on said:

      molto interessante l esperimento che Chambers ha compiuto con queste storie flash alcune sono romanzate, altre sotto forma di lettera, altre ancora abbozzate in un semplice dialogo Tutte parlano di ribellione, in piccolo o grande stile, in autentico stile Chambers.Il talento che ha quest uomo nello scrivere storie semplici ma con personaggi a dir poco fantastici qualcosa di unico Detto questo devo dire che alcuni racconti sono davvero meritevoli the kissing game, la torre, il rifugio , altri, in [...]

    27. Emily on said:

      A compilation of 16 short stories that are focused for young adult readers One of my favorite short stories was entitled Cindy s Day Out which tells the story of a young girl, who sneeks out for the day from her overbearing family During her adventures she has a complete make over and changes her name Cindy is able to meet some very important people However, at the end of the day what she realizes is that it is better to be who she is naturally, then to be always pretending This book is appropri [...]

    28. Rosi López on said:

      El juego de los besos es una recopilaci n de microficciones que si bien jam s hab a le do nada de este estilo termin enamorada totalmente de ellas Hubo cuentos con los que sonre , en los que me re hasta que se me saltaron las l grimas y unos m s que me erizaron la piel Uno incluso logr que parara por dos d as pues fue tan aterradoramente conmovedor que no tuve m s que esperar a procesar lo que hab a le do Me sac mucho de mi zona de confort y sin duda es una de las mejores cosas que he le do en e [...]

    29. Dominique on said:

      This book was interesting because it had then one story you could read There were little stories in each chapter Some of the stories were kind of boring to read but there was a lot of good ones too It was Ice to have then one story in the book because you could just skip the boring stories and read the ones that you liked the best There were lots of different characters which really drew you in Having a lot of characters in the book made it entertaining to read because you got to keep meeting [...]

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