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Zero Hour

Zero Hour By Mark Walden Zero Hour Overlord is reborn and has developed the chilling ability to move from body to body erasing the host s personality and ultimately killing them forcing him to hop from victim to victim He must find

  • Title: Zero Hour
  • Author: Mark Walden
  • ISBN: 9781408800164
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback
  • Zero Hour By Mark Walden Overlord is reborn, and has developed the chilling ability to move from body to body, erasing the host s personality and ultimately killing them, forcing him to hop from victim to victim He must find Otto, the only host designed to contain him, and for that he needs the location of H.I.V.E He also plans to take control of a secret US Army facility that is home to the AutOverlord is reborn, and has developed the chilling ability to move from body to body, erasing the host s personality and ultimately killing them, forcing him to hop from victim to victim He must find Otto, the only host designed to contain him, and for that he needs the location of H.I.V.E He also plans to take control of a secret US Army facility that is home to the Autonomous Weapon Programme, a computer controlled system uniquely vulnerable to his control Nero is forced to activate Zero Hour, a plan designed to deal with any member of G.L.O.V.E on the brink of true global domination Nero also knows that Otto must not be allowed to fall into Overlord s hands, and a desperate race across the globe begins The stage is set for a final battle with Overlord Little do they know that he has a final weapon in his arsenal, on a scale unlike anything they have ever seen before.
    Zero Hour By Mark Walden

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      402 Mark Walden
    Zero Hour

    One thought on “Zero Hour

    1. Crowinator on said:

      Actual rating 3 stars, maybe 2.5 stars view spoiler for the oddly brief, matter of fact death scene of a character that then goes almost entirely unmourned or unremarked upon, even though there were about 40 pages left This is not a series with a strong character focus, but I have never been less moved by a death before And here she was just developing a very tame romance with sort of main character, Otto, too, so it s even weirder hide spoiler This is a plotty, action heavy series, perfect for [...]

    2. Hayden on said:

      Page 98 is a very, very, very awkward moment.Extreme awkwardness.Should I quote it Yes, yes I should intriguing.H.I.V.E.mind s voice spoke somewhere inside Otto s head Not now, Otto said with a sigh What s wrong Lucy asked, pulling back with a puzzled look on her face Not you, Otto said quickly, it s just that we remt exactly alone He tapped his finger against the side of his head Oh yeah, Lucy said, blushing slightly I d kind of forgotten about that Do not feel you need to stop on my account.Aw [...]

    3. Amanda on said:

      Ok, the good bad guys are just really good guys in disguise I ve decided For all that they talk about villainy and being villains the whole arc of the series has been to thwart true evil over the top CRAZY I m going to self destruct the whole world and I don t care who goes dies with it villains So in my mind, this makes them the good guys ok, maybe that is a bit of a stretch how about we say the anti heroes They don t wear white hats They cuss occasionally Did I mention the violence And now the [...]

    4. EdwinB_D2 on said:

      This is a book about a kid called Otto Malpense, who had a organic computer engineered in his brain since he was a fetus and trying to save the world from a psychopathic rogue AI This book is a Sci fi and coming of age novel This is very similar to the Harry Potter series because they both involve a unexpected entrance to a top secret school You would like this book if you enjoyed Harry Potter and science fiction.

    5. Kaitlynn on said:


    6. Owen Vogelgesang on said:

      I just plain love this series, Mark did a great job making me fell the characters I was so sad about ravens turning and Nero s injury.

    7. Steven C. Leonard on said:

      A series for all.This is a great book for any reader It was recommended to me by my thirteen year old grandson I am 70 years young Try the series Start with book one.

    8. Tiffany on said:

      An exciting addition to this creative series about students training to be villains while simultaneously saving the world over and over Looking forward to the next one.

    9. Len Washington on said:

      I loved the book, and the teen relationships and love triangles made me love the book even , until the surprise at the end of the book that broke my heart.

    10. 15KhanN1 on said:

      This is where i feel the story should have ended, although the next two books are really great as well Overlord has finally been destroyed, and peace as returned to Hive Or as much peace as Hive will allow.Otto has now realised how easy it is for overlord to get inside his head, and Hivemind is inside Otto, constantly helping and looking out for malicious software Raven gets caught by Overlord and the disciples, and when they find her and free her from the animus, it s almost too late Raven mana [...]

    11. Alice Cai on said:

      2.75 This is the book I read after the first one This book is crap While the first book was a little lame and stupid it was thoroughly entertaining Again and again situations are solved all too conveniently Otto creates an antidote just by putting the dangerous disease thing inside his head and with very little effort creates an antidote In the battle against overlord he magically defeats him with power radiating from his body After that battle all he does is call the president, get some nukes, [...]

    12. Lauren on said:

      The book Zero Hour by Mark Walden is by far the best book I ve read by him It without a doubt deserves a five star rating It deserves this rating because it has tons of action and suspense throughout the entire novel This book also contained a lot of plot twists Another reason why Zero Hour deserves a five star rating is because it describes the characters and their emotions very well Finally, Zero Hour deserves a five star rating because the falling action and the resolution are very well writt [...]

    13. Carrie G on said:

      So part of me feels like this series should have ended after book two or three H.I.V.E Higher Institute of Villainous Education and The Overlord Protocol were GREAT, some of the best books I ve read after that, well eh But another part of me really enjoyed this installment in the series There were moments where my willingness and ability to suspend disbelief were sorely tested, and moments where I was perched precariously on the edge of my seat, biting my nails, completely paralyzed with fear, a [...]

    14. PurplyCookie on said:

      Bad news for the Higher Institute of Villainous Education, aka H.I.V.E Overlord is reborn and has developed the chilling ability to move from body to body, erasing the host s personality and ultimately killing them Since this is the case, Overlord must find Otto, the only host designed to truly contain him, and for that he needs to know the location of H.I.V.E He also plans to take control of a secret U.S Army facility that is home to the Autonomous Weapon Program, a computer controlled system u [...]

    15. TheTinFoilHatter on said:

      This is a great endgame for a phenomenal story arc With Overlord on the move and the government on their bad side, the baddies must set out to activate the sinister Zero Hour and save the world.It s the most glorious conflict in the series, but also the grittiest and most complex instalment so far Altogether the payoff to the buildup is very good, all the forces of H.I.V.E and G.L.O.V.E are brushed aside as pieces in a bigger and important game.Admittedly the focus of the series has been less o [...]

    16. Trevis on said:

      H.I.V.E Zero Hour by Mark WaldenThis is class as a Young Adult Novel, which is just about right If you have ever wonder, which school villain suhch as Dr No and co attended this is the novel for you Otto Malpense, a super genius and a criminal mastermind is only 13, gains entry into the most prestigious villainous well the only villainous school by causing the dismissal of the Prime Minister simply because he attempted to shut down Otto orphanage The friends, enemies and plots Otto schemes durin [...]

    17. Laurel on said:

      Didn t I just start this series How can I already be on book six The answer is, of course, that the Higher Institute for Villainous Education H.I.V.E books are great They are fast paced, action packed reads that will be great for reluctant middle grade and teen readers It is true that they are mix between James Bond and Harry Potter, with a bit villainy mixed in Expect everything from ninjas and superspies to overbearing teachers and unexpectedly long lunch lines I will say that the line betwee [...]

    18. Kat on said:

      Ok, so this book was a huge surprise I totally can say that I really loved it, several things I d been waiting for came out, but sadly, something things didn t go right.Firstly the thing with Otto and Lucy That wasn t quite how I wanted things to go, but it wasn t that bad if ya know what I mean But then to go and kill Lucy Like what How can you do all that then kill Lucy But to tell the truth I wasn t too bothered It was played out well and it felt so sad I don t mind it, it just makes me feel [...]

    19. Justin Yan on said:

      Well this book is nothing short of extraordinary In other words, nothing short of what I would expect from Mark Walden Basically Overlord is back again and is having to switch hosts for the Animus fluid and consistently He has to find Otto and make him serve as a permanent host To do this he starts by capturing high ranking officers from various countries that were present at a demonstration of the Goliath land and air mech walker He uses these people as leverage to force the president into se [...]

    20. Sarah on said:

      In spite of the best efforts of Otto the teenage cyborg and his crew of villain in training comrades, Overlord the megalomaniacal AI still lives Even worse, now it can hop from one human body to the next It still wants Otto, though, since his cybernetic enhancements make him the perfect host The pair s deadly dance causes massive damage at many highly secret locations like an American military base, a British listening post, and H.I.V.E itself All the usual action and futuristic technology plus [...]

    21. Saowbia (Ever the Reader) on said:

      I read this book about a year ago and I didn t quite understand it When I read it again, things began to make sense but I lost interest in the plot This book was overall a great read for science fiction readers But, I honestly thought that Otto wasn t the greatest character Everything revolved around him which I get since he is the main character but I think the author should have focused on the other characters To be honest, I like the other characters better than Otto I would have to say, Wi [...]

    22. Mel on said:

      Mark Walden s H.I.V.E series is quickly becoming one of my favourites, and Zero Hour did not disappoint Actio, double agents, even a bit of romance Yes, this is the one where Otto and Wing properly discover girls.Ends on a cliffhanger, leaving even me as a 26 year old eager to read the next book There was a character death I won t say any , and I felt this could have been a bit detailed, but this is junior fiction so I ll let it slide.I am slightly disappointed that again Nigel and Franz only [...]

    23. Natalie C. on said:

      The overall book was good but I cannot believe how similar the two endings are They both ending with invade, search, rescue, enemy tranquilized, but maybe not The plot really needs improvement, because while reading I love it but as I look back on it there are many holes and inconsistencies Not only that, but there are constant comebacks of the same characters who died , next thing you know Lucy will come back Plus it s really strange how both relationships happen at once even though Wing and Sh [...]

    24. Rodger on said:

      With a crazed A.I on the loose trying to destroy all humanity a 17 year old boy must save the world In the 5th book of the H.I.V.E series H.I.V.E Zero Hour written by Mark Walden shares plenty of adventure Who wouldn t want to fight a robot assassin and still hide from the government With adventure Mark also puts in plenty of suspense like ending a chapter with Otto falling out of a 5 story tall building window And what s a book without a little romance Otto choosing between two girls This book [...]

    25. Bayla on said:

      I d recommend these to those who enjoyedArtemis Fowl, Stormbreaker, and the like, though they are targeted at perhaps a slightly younger crowd perhaps 5th 8th grade I generally like romance in my books, but it was out of place in this one, in my opinion There was too much action to develop it properly, and it kind of felt tacked on for the ratings so to speak Overall, lots of fun though.

    26. Megha Oberoi on said:

      Well, what can I say Mark Walden managed to surprise me yet again I had great expectations from this book and it managed to be even better than what I imagined Throughout the series, I was waiting for something to happen between Wing and Shelby and it finally happened it was very well carried out Though about the Lucy and Otto thing, I never even imagined that It was always Otto and Laura for me Also the villainous element of the book was really thrilling and shocking at times Raven Can t wait [...]

    27. Leon on said:

      While I feel this book was an amazing continuation to the rest of the series with heart pounding consequences and epic battles, I don t feel that it delivered as an end The victory over the villian wasn t as satisfying as it should ve been and they pass over a characters death with very few details The end of this book and the series feels as if there is something coming next I was dissapointed by the ending because it felt like a continuation and didn t conclude I give it 3.5 stars because of t [...]

    28. Elise on said:

      Great way to rap up the ending But i can t believe Lucy dies I also didn t like hat as happening between her and Otto From the beginning the author has let us believe that Laura and Otto were going to be a thing and then Lucy comes That didn t really help the book that much Also the thing in between Wing and Shelby was obviously going to happen, but the way the author chose the words inseparable at the end was not a very good word choice in my opinion If Shelby was with someone else mabye, but t [...]

    29. Dylan Jones on said:

      I thought this book was great Overlord is back and ready to destroy Otto and his friends have to avoid deadly obstacles and make daring adventures to defeat Overlord once and for all While getting ready for their epic quest, there are menacing attacks, backstabbers, and Join Otto Malpense, Wing Fanchu, Laura Brand and Shelby Trinity as they try to stop this terrible mess There are also another five books before this, each one as daring as this Read it now at your local library.

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