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Teeth: Vampire Tales

Teeth: Vampire Tales By Ellen Datlow Terri Windling Cecil Castellucci Cassandra Clare Melissa Marr Holly Black Neil Gaiman Jeffrey Ford Teeth Vampire Tales Sink your teeth into these bite sized tales exploring the intersections among the living dead and undead Features stories by Neil Gaiman Melissa Marr Cassandra Clare Holly Black Garth Nix and m

  • Title: Teeth: Vampire Tales
  • Author: Ellen Datlow Terri Windling Cecil Castellucci Cassandra Clare Melissa Marr Holly Black Neil Gaiman Jeffrey Ford
  • ISBN: 9780061935145
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • Teeth: Vampire Tales By Ellen Datlow Terri Windling Cecil Castellucci Cassandra Clare Melissa Marr Holly Black Neil Gaiman Jeffrey Ford Sink your teeth into these bite sized tales exploring the intersections among the living, dead, and undead Features stories by Neil Gaiman, Melissa Marr, Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, Garth Nix, and many .
    Teeth: Vampire Tales By Ellen Datlow Terri Windling Cecil Castellucci Cassandra Clare Melissa Marr Holly Black Neil Gaiman Jeffrey Ford

    • [PDF] Download Õ Teeth: Vampire Tales : by Ellen Datlow Terri Windling Cecil Castellucci Cassandra Clare Melissa Marr Holly Black Neil Gaiman Jeffrey Ford
      401 Ellen Datlow Terri Windling Cecil Castellucci Cassandra Clare Melissa Marr Holly Black Neil Gaiman Jeffrey Ford
    Teeth: Vampire Tales

    One thought on “Teeth: Vampire Tales

    1. Erin on said:

      The new anthology TEETH, edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, includes a delectable assortment of bite sized vampire stories that should be tasted and savored Yes, all of the stories are that good One of the best things about TEETH is that the stories consistently establish strong, unique worlds filled with characters who are compelling and interesting Plus, you re sure to find a few new vampiric details and treasures that are not part of the standard mythology in today s vampire literatur [...]

    2. Kelly on said:

      Things to Know About Being Dead by Genevieve ValentineInteresting and dark, I thought the inclusion of the rules was fun.All Smiles by Steve BermanI liked this one Especially the idea that a tattoo of holy script would sour someone s blood for a vampire.Gap Year by Christopher BarzakAnother one that I liked I was hoping for of a happy ending as things moved along, but I loved the look at how friends grow apart and move on as they grow up.Bloody Sunrise by Neil GaimanI love Neil Gaiman s writing [...]

    3. Alysha DeShaé on said:

      My full review is here on my personal website I ll post a few excerpts here, though 3.5 out of 5.0 starsThe very worst thing about this book is that it actually gets boring The next time I read this, I m going to make sure that I space all the stories out a bit instead of one immediately after another They re all interesting stories, but there are just so many of them that I got tired of hearing about vampires that were just slightly different from the traditional stereotype sigh This was the fi [...]

    4. Jennifer Wardrip on said:

      Reviewed by Theresa L Stowell for TeensReadTooThis eerie collection features nineteen pieces by authors such as Neil Gaiman THE GRAVEYARD BOOK , Melissa Marr WICKED LOVELY series , Cassandra Clare CLOCKWORK ANGEL and Holly Black THE CURSE WORKERS and GOOD NEIGHBORS series.The first story in the anthology is Things to Know About Being Dead by Genevieve Valentine After surviving a car accident, Suyin discovers that she s not quite alive and not quite dead She has become a jiang shi, and she must d [...]

    5. Jay Daze on said:

      Okay let me tally this one up Around the middle section I was getting impatient There was a hunk that seemed pretty average or lower it picked up by the end Unfortunately there is some YA that is just good writing and other YA which only exists to be YA, which is fine but boring.Introduction I don t really pay attention to introductions unless they are really stand out Don t remember this one Things to Know About Being Dead by Genevieve ValentineSorta suffers from the Y.A voice thing To me it do [...]

    6. Karissa on said:

      I got an advanced reading copy of this book through Book It Forward ARC Tours This was an excellent anthology with a lot of really great vampire stories It is young adult, but I would recommend for older young adults because of swearing and sexuality Most of the stories were horror urban fantasy than paranormal romance I am going to highlight some of the stories I really enjoyed, and there were a lot of them that I really enjoyed The first story Things to Know About Being Dead by Genevieve Vale [...]

    7. Claire Blind Reader on said:

      Things to Know About Being Dead By Genevieve ValentineVery good story I loved the integration of a different lore for the story.Rating 5 StarsAll Smiles By Steve BermanInteresting story Loved the ending A little confusing I THINK the main character s gayRating 4.5 StarsGap Year By Christopher BarzakTWIST ENDING I loved it I wasn t sure because it looked like it was going in a gay direction but it pulled through in the end.Rating 5 Stars Bloody Sunrise By Neil Gaimenummm, I think it s a poem Rati [...]

    8. Anthony on said:

      I plan to come back and write a full review early next week, but for now another great anthology from the Datlow Windling team, featuring a large number of great stories While they all deal with teenagers and vampires and sometimes, teenage vampires , they don t feel repetitive at all Really really loved the Steve Berman, Delia Sherman, Garth Nix, Ellen Kushner, Tanith Lee and Catherynne M Valente stories but then again, those are authors whose work rarely lets me down Full review I don t think [...]

    9. Danielle on said:

      I didn t find the majority of these short stories to be anything particularly special A few were the same old vampire tales redone However, I was very much intrigued by a few oddly enough, by the authors whom I had never read before The best, I thought, by far was Best Friends Forever by Cecil Castellucci It was unexpected and actually seemed to be about something much than vampires Sunbleached by Nathan Ballingrud was probably the most horrific , which I found fantastic, since most of the stor [...]

    10. branewurms on said:

      An uncommonly good collection Highly original, fun stuff from a bunch of authors I already loved and some new to me ones I now want to check out Only two or three entries really fell flat for me, which considering my usual ambivalence towards short story collections is impressive And this after Steam Powered I hope this is the start of a trend I think my favorites were Genevieve Valentine s Things to Know About Being Dead, Delia Sherman s Flying, and Catherynne Valente s In the Future When All s [...]

    11. Emily Fagans on said:

      A friend gave me an uncorrected proof to read I went strong for 310 pages Then I needed to take a break Short stories are not usually a genre I love as I like to follow character development for long periods of time Still, there were some really fun new approaches to vampires.

    12. Lauren on said:

      Review edited for syntax and spelling Sept 2017 Since this book was made up of a collection of short stories, which were very different from each other, I reviewed them separately Overall, the stories were very hit or miss with me, but when they hit, boy, did they Like a sledgehammer to my gut Some of these stick under my skin years later Like a puncture wound to the jugular, anyone IntroductionI normally wouldn t review an introduction, but I really enjoyed it Stuffed with vampire history lore [...]

    13. Margit on said:

      I was disappointed that they advertise a Neil Gaiman story in this anthology when what s really there is a 2 page poem It s a good poem 4 , but short Having said that, I thought the anthology started with a great introduction about vampire mythology, literature and cinema television over time The following are my reviews of the individual stories as they appear in the anthology 3 Genevieve Valentine Things to Know About Being Dead Interrupted flow, weak language, but good imagery, creativity, an [...]

    14. Julie H. on said:

      Short story anthologies can, by definition, be very hit or miss affairs Taken as a whole, Teeth Vampire Tales, definitely falls within the mixed bag heading That is, some of the stories are great, others are so so, while a few were just plain not ready for publication Most troubling for me, of course, was the fact that Windling and Datlow s somewhat patronizing introduction to the work makes a couple of unfortunate assumptions 1 first, that only tweens read Young Adult fiction and 2 that anyone [...]

    15. Kayla on said:

      I ended up randomly choosing to check this book out at the library last week, not expecting much from it as I haven t been very into vampires lately Not because of a specific book, just tired of it all, I guess But I was sucked in by seeing the great authors mentioned on the cover which I suppose was the intended purpose of them doing such a thing and ended up not just enjoying but loving this I listed a few of my favorite stories above and it was hard to even narrow it down to four out of nin [...]

    16. Arogers on said:

      Teeth Vampire Tales by Genevieve Valentine, Steve Berman, Christopher Barzak, Neil Gaiman, Delia Sherman, Garth Nix, Suzy McKee Charnas, Kaaron Warren, Cecil Castellucci, Jeffery Ford, Nathan Ballingrud, Kathe Koja, Catherynne M Valente, Melissa Marr, Ellen Kushner, Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, Lucius Shepard, Emma Bull, Tanith Lee Edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling Harper Collins, 2011, 452 pp fiction p back There is a mixture of many different vampire stories in one book Most of the st [...]

    17. Jael on said:

      Things To Know About Being Dead by Genevieve ValentineThis story centers around Suyin or Sue as she s called She had gotten into a car with a student from her school, who was drunk and crashed the car Suyin died and came back as a Jiangshi it s sort of a chinese zombie slash vampire that hops Though that doesn t happen in this story or in Raven by Alison Van Diepen the only person who knows what s going on with her is her grandmother As an addition to the plot, is Jake or was it Jack who s kind [...]

    18. heidi on said:

      What a delightfully cracky little book, full of authors that I also read in other contexts actually, it s not a little book at all, it s a big monster book, but somehow short story books feel like popcorn to me.Early on, I had ambitions of saying something about each of these stories, then about just the ones that especially struck me, then I gave up and read for three hours straight.The stories are haunting, sometimes funny, sometimes sad Most of the characters are kids or teenagers, people of [...]

    19. John on said:

      A surprisingly diverse anthology that mixes a contemporary entertainment topic such as vampires with influences from a broad cultural spectrum Compared to other YA anthologies like Enthralled, Teeth has a surprising amount of literary writing going on within it and the host of critically acclaimed science fiction and fantasy writers within the collection plays no small role in that type of writing being present Young adult heavyweights like Melissa Marr prove themselves on equal footing with the [...]

    20. Evie on said:

      I only gave this book 3 stars, because only about half the stories in it are even worth reading A few of them are really great I know these authors aren t short story writer per se, and not all authors can pull off a short story It s much difficult to pull off a story in 15 pages when you re used to writing 350 pages So it didn t taint my thoughts about any of the authors contained within I m just as likely to look some of them up and read their work as I was before I read Teeth I wasn t disapp [...]

    21. Mary (BookHounds) on said:

      Wow, this one is packed with adventure This one is best suited for older teens since there seems to be a bit violence, sexual situations and language than the average vampire tale Three stories really stood out for me Best Friends Forever by Cecil Castelucci which is a twisted tale about a girl who is allergic to the sun becomes BFFs with a vampire when they meet at night school Both yearn for a normal life and seem to find a bit of happiness in each others company.Transition by Melissa Marr in [...]

    22. Mindy/fangedmom on said:

      I just found out I won this book on First Reads program This should be a great book to read.I am REALLY enjoying this book I am over half way done I am not usually a short story fan but these short stories are great I love all the different ways that the authors are telling vampire stories I actually learned some new lore about vampires and i thought I knew everything So very cool I finished this book and I really did enjoy all the Vampires tales Not being a huge short story fan, I was very intr [...]

    23. Linda Foster on said:

      I got this book in the mail three days ago as part of the first reads contest I won I was so excited that I won this book as I am a big fan of vampire books and an even bigger fan as some of the authors in this book I have to say it was great I am not the biggest fan of books with short stories because there isn t usually as much excitement and you don t get enough chance to fall in love with the characters but these great writers are obviously able to do that Not only are the stories amazing bu [...]

    24. Nichole on said:

      Short StoriesTeeth Vampire Tales has a little bit of something every YA fan can sink their own teeth into Fans of Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, and Neil Gaiman will all swoon over their short stories poem while at the same time discover new authors to add to their lists The great thing about this collection is that there isn t a single method to the madness Some vampires are good, some are bad Some you ll swoon over, some you ll want to slay In some stories you re the hunter, in others you re th [...]

    25. KWinks on said:

      It took me months to read this First, I hate short stories Really, why should I invest twelve pages to enjoy a character just to never see them again Urg That said this collection has some gems in it It also had some duds, and that was why I had to keep putting the book down I finally finished the last dud today I know when I start noting how many pages a story ise collection is over for me The best story in this collection, IMHO, is Flying by Delia Sherman I also enjoyed Vampire Weather by Gart [...]

    26. Felicia on said:

      I thought this was a pretty good book I read most of the stories at night so it was a little scary for me, but i do scare really easily I thought that the first story was really good It was amazing how the grandmother was able to sacrifice herself for her granddaughter s survival I also liked the best friends forever story The ending was not expected There were a few stories that i thought could have continued on to be really good books Most of the stories were good, but some did not make sense [...]

    27. Hannah on said:

      This book contained many stories I enjoyed most of them The few that I didn t like had crappy endings or were just stupid If you enjoy vampire stories then I would recommend that you read this I d be surprised if you didn t like these stories.

    28. Mlpmom (Book Reviewer) on said:

      I never know how to rate these since some of the stories are good and some, well some are just awful and strange.

    29. BCPL Youth Services Librarian on said:

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