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Blood Memory

Blood Memory By Greg Iles Blood Memory Forensic expert Cat Ferry has a stellar reputation until a panic attack paralyzes her at a New Orleans murder scene Praying the attack is a one time event she continues working but when the same kil

  • Title: Blood Memory
  • Author: Greg Iles
  • ISBN: 9780743454155
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Paperback
  • Blood Memory By Greg Iles Forensic expert Cat Ferry has a stellar reputation until a panic attack paralyzes her at a New Orleans murder scene Praying the attack is a one time event, she continues working, but when the same killer strikes again raising fears that a serial killer is at large Cat blacks out over the victim s mutilated corpse Suspended from the FBI task force, Cat returns to heForensic expert Cat Ferry has a stellar reputation until a panic attack paralyzes her at a New Orleans murder scene Praying the attack is a one time event, she continues working, but when the same killer strikes again raising fears that a serial killer is at large Cat blacks out over the victim s mutilated corpse Suspended from the FBI task force, Cat returns to her hometown of Natchez, Mississippi, to regroup.Though her colleagues know her as a world class forensic odontologist, Cat lives a secret life Plagued by nightmares, and deeply involved with a married homicide detective, Cat holds herself together with iron nerves and alcohol, using her work as a substitute for life.But her family s secluded antebellum estate provides no sanctuary When some of Cat s forensic chemicals are spilled in her childhood bedroom, two bloody footprints are revealed This discovery sets in motion a quest to piece together Cat s past buried memories that could tie her father s murder to the grisly deaths occurring in New Orleans in the present For only by finding this remorseless killer can Cat save her sanity and her life.
    Blood Memory By Greg Iles

    • Blood Memory Best Read || [Greg Iles]
      411 Greg Iles
    Blood Memory

    One thought on “Blood Memory

    1. Shawna on said:

      Everything about this book makes me think that Greg Iles is too good to be true He did everything against the rules a male writing from a female character s point of view, making the main character so incredibly flawed that it blows your mind, having a supporting character that accepts those flaws without question He was able to blend the touchy subjects of sexual abuse, race relations, and economic class differences into one hell of a whirlwind ride This was the first Greg Iles book I ve read, [...]

    2. Stefan on said:

      A dark, disturbing, passionate, and horrific novel of sexual child abuse, violence, killing, suicide, depression, and mystery This was a well written book, which contains one of the best female characters created by a male author I have ever read The powerful first person narrative propelled me from the first page to the last with startling speed The combination of repressed memory, forensic dentistry, incest, and psychology make this a read that is not for everyone because of its unsettling con [...]

    3. Dani on said:

      I went back and forth on this book It is a good fast read and I did enjoy it, but I really hated the protagonist I mean she defined bitch for me and I didn t sympathize with her She dated a married man, and felt no responsiblity for it event though she knew he was married She got pregnant by him She always made the wrong decisions when it came to her job She got people killed and didn t seem to care as long as she got what she wanted in the end I know I sound terribly b c you find out she s a su [...]

    4. Karen on said:

      Ok so this is a first for me I have read every book written by this author and I am anxiously awaiting his latest work, however, in spite of this I have never written a review on any of his books as it just seemed to daunting of a task How does an average person like myself begin to express the sheer pleasure of reading a book by someone who they feel to be a genius with the written word I don t know to be honest I just felt it was time to try I have lost myself in the stories so often, I have r [...]

    5. Christopher Hivner on said:

      I ve read all of Greg Iles s books and though there are some I like better in the end than others, they all have one thing in common they grab your attention from the first few pages and don t let go Whatever you think of his writing style or the preposterousness of his plots at times, Iles has a way of pulling you in immediately and not letting go until you ve read the last page.Blood Memory revolves around Cat Ferry, an odontologist working with the police in New Orleans to catch a serial kill [...]

    6. Zulfiya on said:

      It is an entertaining book with serious repercussions Within the frame of entertainment it is an excellent read The plot is engrossing and deals with the everyday hidden social, moral, and sexual disease of child molestation and its aftermath and impact on the life of a victim It is also a painful journey into the past of the protagonist, who is indeed a very resilient and stubborn young lady Her dysfunctional lifestyle and behavioral patterns can be used as clues when she is tentatively finds t [...]

    7. Heather Carter on said:

      This book was fast paced and kept me reading, so I guess for that reason I have to say it wasn t bad.However, I think when somebody told Greg Iles to write what he knows, he really, really took it to heart This is the third book by him that I ve read, and they re starting to seem pretty repetitive Every one takes place in the city of Natchez, Mississippi every one has a character who wants to save the city there s always somebody having an affair, and a separate couple with a budding romance one [...]

    8. Wanda on said:

      An airplane book Fast reading but overly long This was typical Greg Iles in that it was violent and graphic It was also unbelievable I simply cannot understand how the protagonist managed to scamper from Nachez to New Orleans and then back again even getting dunked in a river after being shot repeatedly without packing a suitcase But she did I guess what put me off to this is the credence given to the repressed memory movement and the suggestion that child sexual abuse can cause bipolar disorder [...]

    9. L.A. Starks on said:

      Gruesome but gripping, the plot is well considered and the book is worth reading.Some of the action scenes were beyond unrealistic the protag would have miscarried, no matter how tough she was written to be.

    10. Karen on said:

      The story line was good, but as other reviewers stated, the main character was somewhat selfish and annoying with a bit of a whiner personality I loved the other one I read by this author, but this one was overlong with too much focus on what seemed to be the secondary story line I kept wondering when it would get back to the story that grabbed me at the beginning The other cold case mystery was good, but might have been interesting in a separate novel.

    11. Jim on said:

      A very dark and brooding tale from author Greg Iles, Blood Memory is an exceptional mystery thriller with punch This murky novel comes out of the worst parts of New Orleans, and Natchez, MI Forensic odontologist Catherine Cat Ferry is assisting local police tracking a serial killer who bites the victim before shooting them Working with Detective Sean Regan, Cat is in free fall emotionally creating havoc on this case Carrying on a relationship with the married Regan, Cat realizes she s pregnant, [...]

    12. Patrice Hoffman on said:

      This book reads like a great episode of Law and Order SVU I hope that doesn t give away anything but I really felt this was a 2 hour episode of one of my favorite shows This was a lightening fast read for me although it took me almost 5 days to finish It wasn t because the read is boring I m just too lazy to read over the weekend One review I read classified the main character as a person they really hated and couldn t believe she was as awful as she was Given all the circumstances of her childh [...]

    13. Kath on said:

      This is my first book by Greg Iles, but it definetly won t be the last While some of the content in this book was hard to listen to at times, it was excellent It was well written and was one that caught my interest almost immediately The story had well developed characters, lots of twists and turns and for the most part, wasn t very predictable.It does cover some very tough content, so be mindful of this Kat was abused as a child and there s lots on this topic At times, it s difficult to read li [...]

    14. Kristen on said:

      In Greg Iles s Blood Memory, the 5th installment of the Mississippi thriller series, Greg Iles thrilled us and chilled us with some horrific elements in this novel For Cat Farry, a forensic odontologist, she had a panic attack at a crime scene, when a serial killer had targeted a male with bite marks That had taken her back to time to her past, and back to her home in Natchez Mississippi, when she experienced the haunted memory of her father s murder From there, she pieced together on the past a [...]

    15. Robby on said:

      This is my second Greg Iles novel and of course not the last I plan on following up with Turning Angel next at some point Catherine Ferry aka Cat a forensic odontology expert is the prime protagonists in this particular novel She has to deal with child abuse and repressed recovered memories throughout The provocative tale with dark and twisted secrets contribute to a storyline that Greg Iles fans will appreciate as any fan of this genre would This particular story did fill in a little background [...]

    16. Janie Johnson on said:

      This book kept me turning the pages A disturbing tale that has just about everything to keep the reader s attention There are many characters that you love to hate, and those that you love because of their strength and neverending courage A plot that is so rich that you find yourself trying to solve the mystery before the Author does There are also many twists and turns that keep your heart pumping vigorously Nothing here is really predictable, and I loved the characters, the plot, everything An [...]

    17. Kavya on said:

      Blood Memory is about a lot of things how a small evidence could lead to an unimaginable truth about one s past, of the family s past and a bitter tragedy would lead to bitter memories I was fascinated by the flow of the story, how beautifully one thing lead to another Repressed memories, child abuses, its consequences and the determination of a lady to know the truth I will not regret reading this one just a couple of days before an important exam

    18. krin on said:

      Buried in this massive book are two compelling mysteries a serial murder case set in New Orleans, Louisiana, and a personal family drama set in Natchez, Mississippi While both stories interested me and were well written, I found myself wondering whether a third of the book could have been cut without compromising the plot That said, the story illustrates well the issues of repressed memory, child abuse, family secrets and revenge.

    19. Lloyd Liggett on said:

      If you want to read a book with plot twists on plot twists, all dealing with a very taboo subject, this is the book for you At first I was mildly disappointed because this was so much different from the other Iles novels I ve read, but that rapidly wore off as I got into it A lengthy novel, for Iles, but once I got into it, it was hard to put down.

    20. Cindy Grossi on said:

      It has been a long time since I started a book that I could not put down until I finished Well, I did put it down about 1 this morning to sleep Set in New Orleans and Natchez, the setting is a winner for me The main character is at first sight an accomplished professional, but as her story unravels we are drawn into a world of child abuse and repressed memories, murder, and the old South.

    21. Moumita on said:

      That s what crime fiction stories does to you read it in just 4 days apart from having the usual office work It s a thrill all around at the start it takes few pages to register the proceedings but as you go along there s a a great emotional connect with it it has two stories going side by side as Greg unfolds both and draws a parallel A nice read

    22. Patricia on said:

      This by far has been the most pages of a book I have read and finally decided to read it Page turner, absolutely and a VERY Emotional book as well So glad I finally decided to read it Greg Iles, Superb Writing and will definitely read books by this Author

    23. Marsha on said:

      3.5 Stars Warning This book contains scenes and discussions of sexual abuse so, if you are like me and it makes you uncomfortable you might want to consider this before you decide to read the book Blood Memory is the first book I ve read by Greg Isles He has an lyrical and easy writing style they immediately puts the reader at ease As I began to delve into the book, I will admit I was looking forward to it since he discusses Louisiana and Mississippi My parents are from Louisiana so, it was inte [...]

    24. David on said:

      Greg Iles has written a piece of fiction that is as frightening as Silence of the Lambs and at the same time offers a great deal of forensic and psychological information at the same time He turns out a frightening turning and twisting novel where everyone could be a bad guy like the classic novel and Hitchcock film Rebecca and everyone could be a friend This goes on for a LOT of pages twisting and turning, focusing on new possible bad guys trying to determine who is who and of course, a mix of [...]

    25. April on said:

      3.5Ok, before my Mom has a heart attack reading the rest of my review I liked it, I did I enjoyed the ride It has shortcomings, but it kept me interested and kept me reading I would have made it an over nighter if I hadn t had to go to work the next day So, be content, Mom, and you can stop reading here if you want to I probably would have given this a 4 if it hadn t started to feel bloated I think a couple of hundred pages could have been cut and it would have been better I like Cat She s an in [...]

    26. Marcus on said:

      I have to hand it to the author, he sure knows how to vary himself I only wish he could keep his work at the top throughout all of his variations You see, when I read Black Cross some twenty years ago, it completely blew me away The fact that I still remember its plot after all those years is proof enough for the impact it had on me Then I read Spandau Phoenix and I could hardly believe it was written by the same author, it was completely worthless I then forgot all about Greg Isles, until I by [...]

    27. Tonya on said:

      I wanted to like this book I didn t hate it or love it It was ok The story was interesting enough and the plot had many twists It seemed to me to be two very separate stories oddly woven into one They had something in common, but it didn t seem to flow well to me I figured out Cat s story, but not the New Orleans murders That conclusion seemed forced and odd to me, like it was solved because it had to be to finish the book, but it was not interesting or shocking The book was MUCH longer than it [...]

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