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The Far Side Gallery

The Far Side Gallery By Gary Larson The Far Side Gallery FarWorks Inc All Rights Reserved The Far Side and the Larson signature are registered trademarks of FarWorks Inc The Far Side Gallery is an anthology of Gary Larson s The Far Side comic strips

  • Title: The Far Side Gallery
  • Author: Gary Larson
  • ISBN: 9780836220629
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Far Side Gallery By Gary Larson 1984 FarWorks, Inc All Rights Reserved.The Far Side and the Larson signature are registered trademarks of FarWorks, Inc.The Far Side Gallery is an anthology of Gary Larson s The Far Side comic strips, which were printed from 1982 1984.
    The Far Side Gallery By Gary Larson

    The Far Side Comic Strip by Gary Larson Official Website The Far Side delves into historic events, places, and famous dead people Comic Collections Odd Ducks, Common Loons Birds a look at the animals that stir our sense of beauty, wonder, and freedom And gave us pillows The Daily Dose Comic Collections Sketchbooks About Shop New Stuff Contact. New Work by Gary Larson TheFarSide Enter I don t want to mislead anyone here This corner of the website New Stuff is not a resurrection of The Far Side daily cartoons Well, not exactly, anyway like the proverbial tiger and its stripes, I m pretty much stuck with my sense of humor. The Far Side The Far Side is back with its online debut and there Dec , At the time of Larson s retirement from daily syndication in , The Far Side appeared in nearly two thousand newspapers, forty million books and The Far Side is officially online for the first time, with Dec , Andrews McMeel Universal Iconic comic strip The Far Side launched its official website today, which debuted with a selection of classic cartoons, doodles from creator Gary Larson s sketchbooks, and

    • The Far Side Gallery Best Read || [Gary Larson]
      111 Gary Larson

    One thought on “The Far Side Gallery

    1. Pramod Nair on said:

      Gary Larson, the American cartoonist and his internationally syndicated cartoon series The Far Side syndicated in than 1900 newspapers are both legendary in the annals of newspaper cartoon arena Collected into than twenty books, Larson s works, which got translated into seventeen languages, has sold about forty five million copies worldwide With a distinctive style of illustration and creatively loaded with surrealistic humor, his single panel cartoon strips evoke laughter by inspecting the wo [...]

    2. Michael Finocchiaro on said:

      There is nothing quite like Gary Larson s The Far Side I class it up there with Bloom County and Calvin and Hobbes as the funniest commentaries on 20th C american life Absurd truths abound and it is hard to stifle a laugh or a guffaw at Larson s wit and fantastic ideas Another one to help forget the horrifying headlines of today s depressing world.

    3. Ronyell on said:

      Introduction After reading The Far Side Gallery 3, I was dying to check out of Gary Larson s Far Side Gallery series and I stumbled upon a collection of Gary Larson s Far Side Gallery series in The Far Side Gallery man, I am talking about the Far Side Gallery so much in this review Anyway, this collection of Far Side Gallery stories is just as memorable and hilarious as the Far Side Gallery 3 What is this story about Basically, this Far Side Gallery collection contains comic strips from The Far [...]

    4. Stephen on said:

      5.0 stars Without a doubt, the funniest and most clever cartoon series ever put on paper Gary Larson is a comic genius.

    5. Mike (the Paladin) on said:

      The odd and twisted world of Gary Larson, I miss his work These stay on my shelves along with Charles Schultz work These are two comics creators who s work stands up well to rereading Schultz for humor and wisdom, Larson for humor andat odd perspective on life he gives us.I have a couple of other cartoon books in my library, they tend to make me laugh and lighten my mood at times, but I think Larson and Schultz will be around as long as there is thought and introspection along with humor and tha [...]

    6. Thomas Strömquist on said:

      A collection volume of Larson s classic almost exclusively one frame comic cartoons Unmistakable style and often both clever and funny Many of these did not age too well though or it s just that I ve seen them too many times and it s not a book or books I ever re read nowadays.

    7. Matt on said:

      Wonderful I grew up on these cartoons My friend and I once made a tape now lost to the ages, or taped over, same difference of a fictional radio show where we verablly acted out these vignettes and reported on them like they were real news God bless Gary Larson, wherever he is

    8. Philip on said:

      I wish I could post my favorite Far Side from the book I don t want to risk violating a batrillion copyright laws though.Honest Abe at a podium reading and so, the bartender says, Hey That s not a duck Wait for laughter Four score and seven years ago, I think of that cartoon all the time Sometimes I ll just randomly say, Wait for laughter thinking about it.I ve decided to go through all my Far Side Gallery books Larson is clutch Twisted But clutch.

    9. Shannon on said:

      I really like Larson s humor Also I m surprised no one mentioned it but I found this collection to be very dark A lot of the humor I thought was quite morbid Nothing wrong with that, of course, just a few times I was actually a bit surprised It s not all light n fluffy puns.

    10. Jocelin on said:

      Everytime I read this book it always makes me laugh I LOVE Gary Larson His comic strips are classic I am so sadi that he no longer puts them out If you are having a bad day pick up a Gary Larson book it will make you feel so much better.

    11. A. Dawes on said:

      Sometimes cynical, sometimes satirical, sometimes nonsensical, sometimes scathingly critical, sometimes wittingly observational, sometimes reflective, sometimes nostalgic, sometimes farcical Always delightful.

    12. Chloe on said:

      This book was the Best I loved reading all the different comics abou different people.

    13. Realini on said:

      The Far Side Gallery by Gary LarsonAmusement and Uproarious fun for A Long Rainy Summer The Far Side Gallery is hilarious, most of the time There are jokes, lines that I did not get and others that are not my cup of tea and we are talking about drawings here.The uproarious parts make up for the tasteless, cryptic or hard to understand slices of a strange world, or is it Gallery at the Far Side Come to think of it, we can t say we haven t been warned we are invited at the far side of amusement an [...]

    14. Mitchell Hahn-Branson on said:

      It s a pleasure to revisit early Far Side strips and see how much Larson s sense of humor has soaked into pop culture I don t remember the early 80s very well, but I m guessing it was somewhat novel for a cartoonist to skew scenes of everyday life, both to create a completely bizarre alternate universe and to point out how profoundly strange and unsettling the real world was Nowadays, it seems like most people or most entertainers, at least have just accepted that the world really is as odd as L [...]

    15. Donna Davis on said:

      I can t believe I am writing a review for this it s sort like being handed an essay assignment titled What Does Funny Mean to Me I suspect the king of the dark and biological cartoon, Gary Larson, has been under reviewed because his work, which was prodigious and searingly funny until the well ran dry rather suddenly, was primarily done in the 1980 s and 90 s Whatever.My first Larson cartoon reached me by mail My BFF back home in the Pacific Northwest sent it to me with a card at Christmas when [...]

    16. Sarah Kelleher on said:

      I have all the Far Side Galleries today because I stole them from my parents shelves when I was a kid I poured over all of them a zillion times, each time I would get a few of the cartoons Now I give them to my stepkids to read and they are the same way I was they love looking at them, but don t exactly get them all We sit in the living room and pass around the different books, pointing out funny ones to read, and they ask me about the ones that they don t get and I tell them whatever they need [...]

    17. Rich on said:

      A single Far Side cartoon can evoke any number of reactions from people Usually good ones from the people I choose to hang out with, anyway A collection of Far Side cartoons has a totally different effect When viewed side by side, for any extended length of time, the effect multiplies not just cumulatively, but exponentially I have almost had to be hospitalized a number of times due to Far Side induced seizures The first time I read this collection I needed an asthma inhaler by the time I got to [...]

    18. Bob Schmitz on said:

      The day after the election I returned all my serious books to the library and picked up silly fiction I could not bear to read anything serious when we had an orange haired, racist, misogynist, lying, sexual predator who is proud of his lack of knowledge,etc,etc for our president So I picked up my son s Far Side Gallery and read it as my nighttime reading Wonderful funny stuff I am sorry Larson retired I will be reading a lot of his stuff over the coming months.

    19. Brendan on said:

      It s difficult not to rate a Far Side collection five stars I grew up on these comics It s hard thinking of a time I didn t know about their existence However, now I am much aware of the world and these comics strike me differently There are jokes I get now that I didn t get as a child, or jokes I thought I get that I missed completely, not even mentioning the subtext of the strips that I completely glossed over Great humor, great insight.

    20. Tabi Rae on said:

      I love The Far Side I first discovered these collections through my uncle, and started building my own set of books Gary Larson brings so much humor to a single frame comic, and the fact that he is able to bring science humor to unscientific people like myself is amazing I ve actually learned a lot of really obscure nature trivia from these comics, and the history ones are even funnier I always go back to these books when I need a pick me up, or just to relive the laughter.

    21. Huda AbuKhoti on said:

      Crazy and hilarious Loved it I loved the fact that a lot of these comics are based on scientific knowledge, and if you don t have it it ll e hard to get them I laughed a lot and surely I ll come back to it whenever I need to change my mood.One thing I noticed while reading it, and it really annoyed me is that a lot of people have stolen ideas from Gary s comics and made new ones which are really popular on social networks, so they re taking credit that they don t deserve grrr

    22. Sarah on said:

      Apparently I ve read this collection so many times, I couldn t find the first few pages engaging So I went through the book backwards instead Another great collection of Larson s cartoon Some classics in this one.

    23. WT Sharpe on said:

      When Gary Larson Retired in 1995 I d wager that zoo personnel and everyone whoever worked at a veterinary clinic went into mourning If I was King of the World I d force him out of retirement His humor always cracks me up.

    24. HBalikov on said:

      Science, scientists, everyday life and a lot With no further daily doses of Gary Larson I am forced to go back to this gallery It is still as funny and well worth the effort Why has no one else been able to come close to his sense of humor and perspective

    25. Hank Stuever on said:

      High school Janice and me sitting at the kitchen table at her house eating cookie dough and laughing so hard at these cartoons we couldn t breathe Are they still that funny

    26. Kurtbg on said:

      Good stuff juxtaposing humans and animals to show the silliness of humans and how we re not so very different.

    27. Sipho on said:

      The Far Side is a popular single panel comic from the 1980 s I had no idea.The humor is often in the deadpan sort of vein Largely based on uncomfortable social situations, improbable events, and impending disasters, this is the definition of dry wit.After going through the whole collection, it is easy to pick up a pattern in the illustrations The author often uses animals and nature, reversing their typical roles and contexts The strips depict people on desert islands, aliens, heaven, hell and c [...]

    28. John on said:

      An outstanding collection This book was a major influence to me when I was a little kid It continues to inspire me now, and usually comes up in conversation when I recommend comic strips to my friends.

    29. 711Alice on said:

      Okay so this book is the best graphic novelish book I ve ever read It s not an ongoing story but single panels like the comics from the New Yorker I always come back to this book when I want a quick and funny read I would definitely recommend

    30. Komuniststar on said:

      Zbirka pomaknutih karikatura o gotovo svemu u svemiru Od gega preko igri rijeci do izokretanja standardnog pogleda na stvari nema anse da se bar puta ne masmijete.

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