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O Jerusalem

O Jerusalem By Laurie R. King O Jerusalem With her bestselling mystery series featuring Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell Laurie R King has created lively adventure in the very best of intellectual company according to The New York Times Boo

  • Title: O Jerusalem
  • Author: Laurie R. King
  • ISBN: 9780553581058
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Paperback
  • O Jerusalem By Laurie R. King With her bestselling mystery series featuring Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell, Laurie R King has created lively adventure in the very best of intellectual company, according to The New York Times Book Review Now the author of The Beekeeper s Apprentice and The Moor the first writer since Patricia Cornwell to win both the American Edgar and British Creasey Awards forWith her bestselling mystery series featuring Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell, Laurie R King has created lively adventure in the very best of intellectual company, according to The New York Times Book Review Now the author of The Beekeeper s Apprentice and The Moor the first writer since Patricia Cornwell to win both the American Edgar and British Creasey Awards for a debut novel A Grave Talent unfolds a hitherto unknown chapter in the history of Russell s apprenticeship to the great detective.At the close of the year 1918, forced to flee England s green and pleasant land, Russell and Holmes enter British occupied Palestine under the auspices of Holmes enigmatic brother, Mycroft Gentlemen, we are at your service Thus Holmes greets the two travel grimed Arab figures who receive them in the orange groves fringing the Holy Land Whatever role could the volatile Ali and the taciturn Mahmoud play in Mycroft s design for this land the British so recently wrested from the Turks After passing a series of tests, Holmes and Russell learn their guides are engaged in a mission for His Majesty s Government, and disguise themselves as Bedouins Russell as the beardless youth Amir to join them in a stealthy reconnaissance through the dusty countryside.A recent rash of murders seems unrelated to the growing tensions between Jew, Moslem, and Christian, yet Holmes is adamant that he must reconstruct the most recent one in the
    O Jerusalem By Laurie R. King

    O Jerusalem Oct , Directed by lie Chouraqui With JJ Feild, Sad Taghmaoui, Maria Papas, Patrick Bruel A tale of friendship between two men, one Jewish and the O Jerusalem Collins, Larry, Lapierre, Dominique From the Jewish fighters and their heroic commanders to the charismatic Arab chieftain whose death in battle doomed his cause but inspired a generation of Palestinians, O Jerusalem tells the three dimensional story of this high stakes, emotional conflict. O Jerusalem O Jerusalem Collins, Larry, Lapierre, Dominique Matthew O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, who kills the O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones God s messengers How often I have wanted to gather your children together as a hen O Jerusalem by Laurie R King O Jerusalem takes us back in time to the first book when Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes had to flee England because of the danger they were in The country they chose, or rather Mary chose, was Palestine This is the first book in the series that I didn t quite like as much as the previous four books. O Jerusalem film O Jerusalem Greg Olsen O Jerusalem Have you ever sat quietly and pondered, What has God prepared for me What blessings are awaiting me as I make room to receive them Pondering and quiet meditation can help open our eyes to read Luke O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, who kills the prophets O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones God s messengers How often I have wanted to gather your children together as a hen If I Forget You O Jerusalem Tapestry Wall Hanging Made This hand made embroidered tapestry features a colorful Jerusalem city design and the verse in Hebrew Psalms Im Eshkachech Yerushalayim Tishkach Yemini which means If I forget you, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning Made in Israel Size xcm xinch Condition new Master KG Jerusalema Feat Nomcebo Official Music Dec , Remix Out Now For bookings email music open mic Master Kg sits on top of the world as on

    • O Jerusalem Best Read || [Laurie R. King]
      464 Laurie R. King

    One thought on “O Jerusalem

    1. Anika on said:

      I started reading this series loving them, but I have to say they are getting and disappointing The characters are still the highlight, but King is having a worse and worse time with plots this one felt so unresolved that I literally checked to see if there had been pages ripped out to explain what had just happened I did like the descriptions of Palestine and the nomadic life of Holmes and Russell, but King s attention seemed to be so focused on that that the mystery element totally went by t [...]

    2. Louise Chambers on said:

      What I m beginning to learn about this series is that, while King has based these books on Sherlock Holmes, the series itself is in Mary Russell s voice and is about her This may be why, in reading some reviews of this book, and some others in the series, that some readers may be disappointed, or even perhaps peeved, that these books do not echo Conan Doyle s writing and plotting style, and indeed, do not use Holmes voice to drive the story along.Why is this a good thing Because we can see, thro [...]

    3. Emily on said:

      Man I reaaaaly had to slog through this one I mean, REALLY I think the last 25 pages or so I just barely skimmed, just enough to get the point so that I wouldn t feel like I d totally wasted my time This was definitely my least favorite of the Russell Holmes series so far Clearly sort of an excuse for King to get all her religious knowledge across and cram everything about the Middle East into as many pages as possible It ended up being sort of painful to get through I would actually recommend s [...]

    4. Debbie on said:

      This was a bit difficult to get into initially, because the setting both time and place are pretty foreign to me I m very ill educated on the struggles that have been going on in the Middle East in general and Jerusalem specifically for thousands of years, and I m aware of it.However, King did her best to help me out with information about the language and a map of Jerusalem at the front Russell helped me out in her narrative, being specific about the rules she was and was not following and why, [...]

    5. Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede on said:

      O Jerusalem takes us back in time to the first book when Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes had to flee England because of the danger they were in The country they chose, or rather Mary chose, was Palestine This is the first book in the series that I didn t quite like as much as the previous four books That doesn t mean that the book isn t good Just that it took some rereads to make me really appreciate the book Now it s a good book for me, and I wouldn t mind re read, but I was a bit disappointed [...]

    6. Ron on said:

      Excellent Once again Laurie King creates the sense of being there In this case, there is Palestine in 1919 Not only does she seem to get the history right, but also the geography, the sociology and the feel and smell of the Middle east.Another good tale, well told.

    7. Kam on said:

      Getting through a series of novels with than three or four books can be, in many ways, rather tedious It is entirely easy to simply lose interest in the whole thing if the individual novels are unable to sustain interest, or the reader simply lacks the stamina to see the whole thing through from beginning to end Although I do have a personal reading policy about finishing any series I start if I like the first book, I will admit that there are difficulties in seeing this through, especially if [...]

    8. Joyce Lagow on said:

      Fifth in order of publication in the Mary Russell Sherlock Holmes series, the story line actually fits into the latter part of the debut novel in the series, The Beekeeper s Apprentice return return Holmes and the 19 year old Russell have fled for their lives from England to British occupied Palestine, where in addition to buying time in order to deal with a lethal criminal genius, Holmes and Russell will also look into a little matter for Sherlock s brother, Mycroft, who holds a powerful but sh [...]

    9. WK on said:

      In the middle of The Beekeeper s Apprentice Russell and Holmes leave England for a bit to get a breather from the relentless pursuit of there cunning opponent and agree to do a favor for Mycroft during their travels This launches them into the world of international intrigue and the hands of the Hazr brothers Two hard edged, unaccommodating allies Then there s the walk with Russell and Holms on the path of the Good Samaritan, amazing

    10. Jeanne Adamek on said:

      I find this to be the best fit after reading The Beekeepers Apprentice The three books between this one and the first of the series are very good but O Jerusalem describes the journey that Mary Russell and Holmes made in the Beekeepers Apprentice I really loved the lush descriptions of the land and for those who enjoy reading about adventure this aspect was wonderfully well done.

    11. K.A. Wiggins on said:

      Fun, fresh entry transplanting the typically British Holmes stories to the Middle East A pleasant shift from the previous entry, The Moor, which felt quite a bit slower paced, or perhaps simply of a different, less appealing form of exoticism Great cast, with some rather James Bond dashing about and intrigue.

    12. Caidyn (BW Book Reviews; he/him/his) on said:

      Compared to The Moor, this was highly enjoyable and a very good mystery Even compared to the last few books I ve read in this series, the mystery was very tight and didn t feel random at all Again, this is compared to the rest of the books in the series I ve never had a Mary Russell mystery story that I ve hated They re always fun since I enjoy King s characterization of Holmes and any other character we come across.However, as the series goes on, I find myself getting annoyed by Mary Russell he [...]

    13. Betsy Housten on said:

      I always want to support writers experiments, especially when they take risks and do something radically different from their established patterns, but in this case it fell very flat for me Besides the departure from chronological order that annoyed many other reviewers, this book included way too much historical, geographical, and culturally related narrative, and not nearly enough mystery and deductions, for my tastes At times I would have put it down had I not been on vacation with nothing el [...]

    14. Minh on said:

      I wondered for a long time if I would ever come back to the Mary Russell series, they re a visual pleasure to read and the prose if somewhat of a 1920 s kickback with the ridiculousness of the run on sentences makes me want to roll around with contemplation and maybe go back for a second read The series placing of this novel is a strange one, despite being labeled the 5th in the series, chronologically it actually occurs just after the first book returning us to the relationship of the budding a [...]

    15. Susan on said:

      I m finding this series to be a hit or miss with me Unfortunately, this one falls under the miss category and I stopped listening to it halfway through Don t ask me what the story was about I couldn t even tell Between long stretches of tedious conversation and actions, the only clue I got was that Mycroft sent Holmes on some secret mission Oh, and there was a murder but that didn t seem to go anywhere.If this was a travelogue of Russell and Holmes travels abroad, it was really good The descript [...]

    16. Lisa on said:

      This is the fifth book In the Sherlock Holmes Mary Russel series, although it takes place in an earlier time period than the last one 1918 Sherlock and Mary are forced to flee England and choose British occupied Palestine as their escape Their trip coincides with a series of unsolved murders which exacerbates tensions between the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian populations in the city Unlike the previous four books in this series, there was very little detective work or character development in th [...]

    17. John on said:

      Although this book in Laurie King s Mary Russell series is the fifth one published, it is actually the second chronologically During The Beekeeper s Apprentice Holmes and Russell retreat to Palestine to distance themselves from the antagonist and to have time to plan how the villain will be caught Since Mary Russell alludes to the fact that their adventures in Palestine was instrumental in Holmes now considering Russell as a partner rather than an apprentice, I decided that I would read this boo [...]

    18. Rachel on said:

      The series goes back to fill in a gap from the first book The Beekeepers Apprentice It s the end of 1918 and Holmes and Mary Russell have been forced to take leave of England Given several choices of places where Mycroft has assignments Russell chooses Palestine to travel to there they meet up with Mahmoud and Ali and start traveling the country as Bedouins I was worried the book was going to be lots of wandering around again, like the horrible The Moor the previous book in the series Fortunatel [...]

    19. Nicole Mcgovern on said:

      This is my favorite of the series so far, loved the intro into a culture I know so little about Also enjoyed seeing the sexual tension build between Sherlock and Russell

    20. Marie Connor on said:

      Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes in Jerusalem on another adventure I love these stories by Laurie R king

    21. Kim on said:

      This is the fifth novel in the Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell series, even though the narrative takes place within the time frame of The Beekeeper s Apprentice, the first novel in the series I continue to enjoy this series very much In this novel, as always, King creates a wonderful sense of time and place Here, the time is 1919 and the place is Palestine, newly under British mandate after the defeat of its long time Ottoman Turk rulers King s description of the locations in the novel is evoca [...]

    22. Steven on said:

      The writing was adequate but the story was fair at best One of the main characters is supposed to be Sherlock Holmes In the first of this series, there is an explanation why the Sherlock Holmes in this series differs from Conan Doyle s Holmes This is unacceptable If you change the character of Sherlock Holmes as written by the original author, then you are using the name of a character for commercial purposes only since this is not the character the original author intended or the audience expec [...]

    23. Jessica on said:

      Actually, it s like 2.5 stars, since Good Reads refuses to do that half star thing.Mary Russell has officially plunged into the deep end of Mary Sue with the view spoiler perfect knife throwing abilities and skinny dipping parties with Sherlock Holmes I m now remembering why I gave up on this series back in 2008 2009 The Beekeeper s Apprentice had trace amounts of sue ness, actually, quite a lot after re reading a few weeks ago, hence taking off a star from my initial rating , but it was tolera [...]

    24. Teri-K on said:

      This is an excellent addition to the series Chronologically it takes place during the end of book one I read it after book two, and I m glad I went back to it This story is a typical mystery adventure than the previous books, being a very linear tale of their time in Palestine tracking down a possible spy There were no long digressions about theology, women s rights, or any of the other things the previous books had Just solid story I liked the digressions, but I liked this, too Mary and Sherlo [...]

    25. Cathy Cole on said:

      Since I m reading these books in order, I remember Mary Russell telling readers that she and Holmes had spent an extended period of time in Palestine, and O Jerusalem fills in the details This fifth book in the series did a lot than advance the story of Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes For me, it helped to fill a large historical gap from the time of the Romans until 1948 and it did so with style In fact I didn t realize that the mystery didn t really begin until about halfway through the book [...]

    26. Ann aka Iftcan on said:

      In this, the fifth book of the Holmes Russell series, we go back in time to fill in a gap in the first book The Beekeeper s Apprentice with the adventures of Holmes and Russell in the Holy Land Lots of derring do, disguises and wandering around, keeping in character A fairly good yarn, even if the bad guy isn t discovered until late in the book I certainly didn t figure out who he was until the denoument, at any rate, and normally I know whodunit by the middle of a book at the latest.One thing t [...]

    27. Cat on said:

      There is truly nothing wrong with this book, which makes my two star rating rather unfair Laurie King has a great sense of the geography of Jerusalem and its history, and she communicates the politics of Palestine in the early twentieth century without too heavy a hand But this book convinced me that I eventually don t like books in a series without an ongoing plot arc or strong character development While series reading rewards my investment when the characters change and evolve, mystery series [...]

    28. Kribu on said:

      Hovering between 4 and 5 stars for this one 4.5, really, and very close to rounding it up to five, but in the end I think it s a smidgen closer to the rating of I really liked it than to it was amazing.Anyway, I really did enjoy this much fleshed out return to the Palestine Jerusalem visit barely touched on in the very first book in this series, both because it was an excellent mixture of adventure and mystery, and because I loved getting another glimpse of Holmes and Russell in their pre marri [...]

    29. Lori on said:

      O Jerusalem is the first Mary Russell Sherlock Holmes novel I have read I think that it was a good choice considering that although it is the fifth in the series, chronologically it follows the Bee Keepers Apprentice which is the first in the series I had no other books in the series to compare it too so from that point of view I have to remark that I really enjoyed this story Mary Russell is a wonderful character, full of life, intelligence and courage I love how King envisions her relationship [...]

    30. Allan on said:

      Just scrumptuous I read this as the last of the so far 8 Mary Russell novels and believe it to be the bestright ahead of Justice Hall That both books feature the same two subsidiary characters may be to blame I really enjoyed the interplay between Russell, Holmes, Ali and Mahmoud as they slip around post WWI Palestine The latter two remind me of John Buchan s Sandy Arbuthnot in many ways and all feature similarities to the very real T E Lawrence The book actually has a snap of an ending, somethi [...]

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