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The Golden Gate

The Golden Gate By Vikram Seth The Golden Gate The great California novel been written in verse and why not The Golden Gate gives great joy Gore VidalOne of the most highly regarded novels of Vikram Seth s story in verse made him a literary

  • Title: The Golden Gate
  • Author: Vikram Seth
  • ISBN: 9780679734574
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Golden Gate By Vikram Seth The great California novel been written, in verse and why not The Golden Gate gives great joy Gore VidalOne of the most highly regarded novels of 1986, Vikram Seth s story in verse made him a literary household name in both the United States and India.John Brown, a successful yuppie living in 1980s San Francisco meets a romantic interest in Liz, after placing a per The great California novel been written, in verse and why not The Golden Gate gives great joy Gore VidalOne of the most highly regarded novels of 1986, Vikram Seth s story in verse made him a literary household name in both the United States and India.John Brown, a successful yuppie living in 1980s San Francisco meets a romantic interest in Liz, after placing a personal ad in the newspaper From this interaction, John meets a variety of characters, each with their own values and ideas of self actualization However, Liz begins to fall in love with John s best friend, and John realizes his journey of self discovery has only just begun A splendid achievement, equally convincing in its exhilaration and its sadness The New York Times Seth pulls off his feat with spirit, grace and great energy The New Yorker A marvelous work bold and splendid Locate this book and allow yourself to become caught up, like a kite, in the lifting effects of Seth s sonnets Washington Post Book World
    The Golden Gate By Vikram Seth

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      130 Vikram Seth
    The Golden Gate

    One thought on “The Golden Gate

    1. Lynne King on said:

      This book seemed to be the natural follow on from my recent amazing couplet experience with Alexander Pope s The Rape of the Lock Why you may wonder Well for the simple reason The Golden Gate is a twentieth century novel with a unique difference in that it has been written in verse, not with couplets but with sonnets in such a way as to be an uplifting experience, be it poignant, humorous, bitter sweet, nostalgic, tragic You name it every conceivable emotion has been magnificently portrayed by S [...]

    2. Manny on said:

      Completely unique book, as far as I know the only major verse novel written in English during the last 100 years The life and loves of a bunch of 80s yuppies in Silicon Valley, told in Petrarchan sonnets It should be a catastrophe, but in fact it s a brilliant success funny, romantic, tragic, witty, you name it To make a start swift than weighty Hail Muse Dear Reader, once upon A time, say, circa 1980, There lived a man His name was John _____________________________________So I was telling Bra [...]

    3. Jacob on said:

      3 October 2013I m finished Now to write some sonnetsFor a review I hope you ll like.No mean feat, so give me time on it It s not like riding on a bike Perhaps I ll post something by Sunday Which means you ll have to wait til MondayOr Tuesday instead, or later Call me King Procrastinator And if you think this plan improper,You have my sad regrets, so chooseInstead to read other reviews.My muse, although I tried to stop her,Demanded this I must appease Now, back to that review I teasedSeptember 20 [...]

    4. Fionnuala on said:

      Although this novel is written in verse, the reader almost forgets that fact after a while because in all other respects, this is just like any other novel with a well paced plot, varied cast of characters, plenty of dialogue and the usual suspense about who is going to hook up with who plus some wry commentary from the author about the challenges of writing in verse.

    5. Teresa on said:

      I read A Suitable Boy years ago and loved it Because I did, I then read An Equal Music, which I liked a lot But knowing Seth s first novel, this one, was in verse, I put it off If I d remembered it, after reading its inspiration, Eugene Onegin, I may have read it sooner, but at least the mention of ASB by a non GR friend got me to take this out of the library.It took a little while to get into the rhythm, so to speak, but once I did, it was smooth sailing I was even dreaming in rhymed sentences [...]

    6. Molly on said:

      I was expecting to enjoy this book, but even so it really knocked my socks off.Total times I missed my bus stop as a result of this book and had to walk home from Bosworth and Mission 2.Total times I have ever missed that bus stop 3.That will tell you how involved I got reading this book Seth is a charming writer The characters were fully fleshed out and interesting to read about, the places were very real as a Bay Area resident, it was very exciting to see places like the Cafe Trieste showing u [...]

    7. James Barker on said:

      It seems a bit crazy to read a book written wholly in sonnets, although not as crazy as choosing to write one At least that s what I thought when I stumbled on The Golden Gate in a charity shop I still felt it 10 pages in this wasn t going to work for me A verse novel of the late twentieth century recording a few years in the life of yuppies in early 80s San Fran, all in soapy sonnets that range the gamete from humorous to tragic But this work, treading the fine line between madness and genius, [...]

    8. Miriam on said:

      The main problem with Vikram Seth s exquisitely crafted verse novel about the personal lives of yuppies in the Bay Area of the 1980s is, well, the personal lives of yuppies They re just not that interesting Not even the most beautifully turned phrases, the most glowing imagery, can keep over 300 pages of rather shallow individuals and their quotidian concerns from occasionally dragging In fact, I think Seth did this intentionally, contrasting the the elevation of the poetry with the banality of [...]

    9. Mykle on said:

      Here s one of those non reviews in which the author uses a Great Work of Literature as a platform to talk about himself Ready Here goes When I was a high school student in Palo Alto, I used to go to Printer s Ink Bookstore Cafe on California Ave to visit my friend Gregory, who had a job slinging coffee there Blah blah blah, personal anecdote et cetera The point is there were many regulars at this place One of them was Vikram Seth I believe he describes the coffee bar in one of the sonnets in thi [...]

    10. John on said:

      Quite possibly, this book is why I m married to the person I married.The novel presents a daunting challenge to readers, because it consists of sonnets 14 lines per, babe I recall that Seth doesn t adhere closely to iambic pentameter, which is fine there s a good tradition of poets being flexible with verse See Shakespeare, William This is a book of love and loss, friendship and loss, and San Francisco.

    11. Thrupthi (Trips) Reddy on said:

      To write a contemporary love story, intertwining the lives of 6 people that you and me can completely relate to, and delving deep into their everyday lives, struggles, loves and lamentationsd to be able to do this entirely using sonnets and poetrymply UNBELIEVABLE This poem story work of fiction is a must read for anyone that thought poerty is hard to read or too hard to understand The simple language, yet strong prose makes this book a delightful, magical read You ll fall in love with Janet and [...]

    12. Bill on said:

      This book was fabulous imagine an entire novel written in verse How could you when I started, I couldn t imagine that I would finish it But Seth does such a fabulous job with the rhyme scheme, with choices of words, and with the story itself that I couldn t put it down It actually worked best when my wife and I took turns reading it aloud to one another Then you can really hear the poetry in it as well as enjoy the story.Seth said that he was inspired by Eugene Onegin by Pushkin using the same r [...]

    13. Avishek Das on said:

      This is sheer intellectual grippinge closet conversations are out

    14. Eric Hendrixson on said:

      I reread this book every five years or so, and I always do it when nobody is around because, really, I look like an idiot when I cry in public, and the last chapter of this book does it to me every time.This is a novel about San Francisco in the 80s, written completely in verse The plot is fairly simple It s a little soap opera about a few friends looking for love, success, and their places in the world However, it s all written in what I ll call Onegin stanzas, that tetrameter sonnet form Pushk [...]

    15. Ankita on said:

      Today I wish to review my very latest read for youIt s a novel in verse by the inimitable Vikram SethAbout young pals John, Liz, Janet, Ed, Phil and SueSet in 1980 s, it unfolds in city of The Golden Gate When a lonely John sets out to look for an apt partnerPressed by Janet, his ex a sculptor and band drummerThey come across a plethora of people and situationsFind old friends, heartbreaks, odd and taboo relationsApart from jealous cats, wines, iguana, art, revolution, Sleights, breakups, confes [...]

    16. Kay on said:

      Anyone who can write an entire novel in sonnet form in this day and age and still weave a story that taps into the complex core of the heart and love is, simply put, amazing.

    17. Tejas Janet on said:

      What a surprise to discover this gem, over twenty five years after its original publication Unique and breath taking, written entirely in verse, this novel was inspired by Russian poet Alexander Pushkin s novel Eugene Onegin, also written entirely in verse Set in 1980 s San Francisco rather than Pushkin s Imperial Russian cities of 1820 s St Petersburg and Moscow, The Golden Gate is written by Vikram Seth, author of the highly regarded A Suitable Boy Despite being skeptical going in, I was quick [...]

    18. Trin on said:

      I got this book as a gift and was honestly a bit wary at first because the concept a novel told entirely in sonnets seemed a bit hokey and pretentious to me But in general it s really quite lovely and clever, even if the plot is a bit thin with the exception of one incredibly shocking moment toward the end Plus, Seth captures the feel of the Bay Area really well You were right, dear gift giver

    19. Vishy on said:

      I have read Vikram Seth s A Suitable Boy and An Equal Music and liked both of them very much A Suitable Boy was the longest book that I had ever read at the time I read it at 1360 pages, it comfortably beat its competition which included Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell 1106 pages and Destiny by Sally Beauman 960 pages I think it still is the longest I have ever read However after reading An Equal Music , I liked it a little bit I have wanted to read his novel in verse The Golden Gate si [...]

    20. Nandakishore Varma on said:

      This is an excellent effort a novel entirely in sonnet format including the chapter titles I read this ages back, and was not very impressed Since then I have become a fan of Seth s poetry, and I think if I read this now, it will go up by one star.

    21. fiafia on said:

      Really enjoyed this unique and amazing book about the life, loves and tragedies of young people in San Francisco, a novel written 30 years ago in Oneguin stanza Brilliant.

    22. Vismay on said:

      Insuperable the task seemed, at library,Should I give a shot to this masterpiece literary To linguistic excellence, I lay no claim,Should I read Vikram Seth, a writer basking in worldly fame Choice, why do you inundate a man with your potpourri Carrie , The Golden Gate or The Great Train Robbery To quote an adage, too much sugar spoils the broth,Indecisive, sullen and morose, your variety makes a man with frustration, froth.Yes, I eventually and apprehensively did pick up The Golden Gate ,Oh boy [...]

    23. Teju on said:

      I will confess I have never been a fan of poetry.I found it pretentious, insincere, and peculiar I reckon it might have been those torrid school years when one was asked to memorize lines from a poem, without ever appreciating this literary form I never related to those supposedly wonderful lines of The Solitary reaper of Wordsworth or the grim reality of apartheid espoused through the lines of Pigeons at the Oppenheimer Park But The Golden Gate by Vikram Seth was different for me Even this titl [...]

    24. LG on said:

      To state the obvious, Seth is a renowned genius However, most readers seem to base this judgment on his 1500 page opus, A Suitable Boy, whereas I m one of those who would say this book, published some seven years earlier, is truer proof The number to marvel at here is 690 and it s sonnets, not pages Yes, sonnets And this is not a book of poetry it s fiction Read out this excerpt John stands beside his phone, recalling Janet s warm beauty, smiling calm, her dark eyes, high boned features, falling [...]

    25. Shriya on said:

      The Golden Gate is well written, witty, poetic Come on, it s an entire novel in verse and, I have no other word for it,COOL Above all, it is a story that you d carry within you forever I can hardly imagine being critical towards a genius like Vikram Seth because not only did he create a novel which I d always love but also because this novel of his helped me get rid of my unjust prejudice against Indian authors.So, without further ado, I challenge you to give me one reason why you shouldn t read [...]

    26. Elaine on said:

      If I had the skill and timeI d put this review in rhymeSuperlatives I d strew galoreGorgeous, fabulous and .Vikram turns to poetryto render all life s this and thatscoastal flowers, demonstrations,budding friendshipslovers spats.I thought I d be intimidatedby literary referencesVersified sentencesBut the tale s easy to followNot a character is hollowAnd snobbishness is overrated,So as for author Vikram Seth,I just think that he s the beth

    27. Terry on said:

      Note this is actually one sustained story, not a collection of poems This is my 1 favorite book for both literary and personal reasons It s beautifully written The characters became a part of my life I can t say enough good things about this book.

    28. Kayleigh Patel on said:

      Loved this book The sonnet is my favorite classical form of poetry, and Seth s dexterity in weaving them into an entire novel is amazing Form aside, this is a story that covers a range of emotions sweet, funny, and sad And, of course, the cats were a bonus

    29. notgettingenough on said:

      When I stop crying I ll review this I m not going to stop crying On reflection this fact is the review.PPS I m so grateful to have been given this book.

    30. YourLovelyMan on said:

      It s dark He drives The street lamps glimmerThrough the cooling air The golden globesBy City Hall glow, and the glimmer Like sequins on black velvet robes Of lights shines out across the waterAcross the bay, unruffled daughterOf the Pacific on the crestsOf hill and bridge red light congestsThe sky with rubies Briskly blinking,Planes Venus bright traverse the sky.Ed drives on, hardly knowing why,Across the tall spanned bridge Unthinking,He parks, and looks out past the straitThe deep flood of the [...]

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