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Enchanted By Elizabeth Lowell Enchanted Simon the loyal has vowed never to love for love makes a warrior weak His arranged marriage to a beautiful Norman heiress would be duty and no But than duty stirs his blood when he first sees Ariane

  • Title: Enchanted
  • Author: Elizabeth Lowell
  • ISBN: 9780380772575
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Enchanted By Elizabeth Lowell Simon the loyal has vowed never to love, for love makes a warrior weak His arranged marriage to a beautiful Norman heiress would be duty and no But than duty stirs his blood when he first sees Ariane She has known only coldness from men and a betrayal so deep it all but killed her soul Wanting no man, trusting no man, speaking only through the sad songs she dSimon the loyal has vowed never to love, for love makes a warrior weak His arranged marriage to a beautiful Norman heiress would be duty and no But than duty stirs his blood when he first sees Ariane She has known only coldness from men and a betrayal so deep it all but killed her soul Wanting no man, trusting no man, speaking only through the sad songs she draws from her harp, Ariane comes to Simon an unwilling bride They wed to bring peace to the disputed lands, but marriage alone is not enough Simon must teach Ariane passion, she must teach him trust And both must surrender to the sweet violence of love s enchantment.or die.
    Enchanted By Elizabeth Lowell

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      198 Elizabeth Lowell

    One thought on “Enchanted

    1. Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads on said:

      11 22 15 Continuing my medieval re read extravaganzaENCHANTED You saw too late Now you are as she is, between two worlds, warmth bleeding into cold SIMONARIANE A woman of intense feeling, head thrown back, hair wild, lips open upon a cry of unbelievable pleasureThe enchanted A warrior both disciplined and passionate, his whole being focused in the momentThe enchanter Now he is bending down to her, drinking her cries You may hold my tears and live as you did before, trusting your soul to no one O [...]

    2. Penny Watson on said:

      I am in a reading funk I hate that First, I finished the trio of Elizabeth Lowell beardy hero books I loved the first two, Untamed and Forbidden But the last one, Enchanted, was a super big bummer.Reading books about raped heroines is not my favorite, but sometimes it s okay if a the rape is not described in gory detail, and b the healing part is appropriate for a rape book in other words, don t have a rape victim get it on with a BDSM master, etc and c the HEA is really satisfying My major prob [...]

    3. Lover of Romance on said:

      Simon is devoted and his only loyalty is to his friend and Lord, Dominic He is asked to marry a heiress Ariane, who even though she is beautiful but is known as the betrayed Ariane has a past, and she has been betrayed by those she trusted the most Now the only thing that brings her peace is her harp and the music she plays She is then informed that she will marry Simon, whom she knows will kill her the moment he learns of a deep secret she keeps hidden She doesn t need or want a man, she knows [...]

    4. Barbara on said:

      2 StarsIt was just OkI ve seen nothing but pretty high ratings and rave reviews for this one so I m kind of confused at what the heck s going onObviously it s my problemFrom page one I kept hearing the Twilight Zone theme in the back of my mind because this book was just no way around it weird The characters were ok I guess so my issue isn t thereI like paranormal truth seers witches novels so that s not what threw me offSo maybe it s the writing or just the whole storyline itselfShoot I don t h [...]

    5. Laura V. on said:

      Hermosa historia la que cuenta la autora en la nota del autor, me pareci una maravillosa coincidencia Aunque lo termin , no sent mucho con este libro, Dominic lo dice en alg n momento Con una mujer tan fr a como Ariane c mo podr a llegar la calidez al coraz n de Simon Sucede que Ariane est demasiado traumatizada y rechaza a Sim n y l lo siente como desprecio y repugnancia, por ende pasan de un mes que han estado casados, 28 d as ignor ndose Y en esos dos d as, con una diferencia de semanas entre [...]

    6. Maddux on said:

      There are so many things I want to say about this whole series, but I seriously doubt I could communicate them here Too many thoughts to sort out I ll try I absolutely love this series I love Lowell s writing She creates awesome characters Her story line is ethereal The only disappointment I have is that Erik of Sea Home does not get his own book According to HeroesAndHeartbreakersAlso, at the end of this book, Lowell put in a blurb about why she writes Medieval stories That blurb was just as aw [...]

    7. Dawn Livingston on said:

      As enjoyable as the previous two books in the trilogy Enjoyable fluff with better than usual characters and story But I wonder if there was meant to be a fourth book Dominic, Duncan and Simon are the obvious heroes for the books, but Erik seems like he should have been the hero in a book of his own I would have liked to read it Oh well.

    8. Eastofoz on said:

      Tear jerker Story that stays with you even after you ve finished reading Makes you wish it didn t end

    9. Jess the Romanceaholic on said:

      I ve thoroughly enjoyed the entire medieval trilogy by Elizabeth Lowell, which started with Untamed, followed by Forbidden, and ending with this book, Enchanted Though they were, in some ways, a bit predictable, they were also quite satisfying in their conclusions.I m very sad that she has no plans for medieval stories, but I do plan on reading of her works.Though each of her books can be read alone, I dohighlysuggest reading the entire trilogy in order.

    10. Hasnamezied on said:

      Wow Great read Simon The loyal unconditionally loves his brother Dominic and he would do anything to ensure the peace in the area even to marry a woman Ariane The betrayed he doesnt love at all But it wasnt the case, in the previouse book it was clear that he adores Ariane by taking care of her In this book , it showed the development of their relationship I loved Ariane s character alot,she was betrayed by many men in her life but at the end she was able to love Simon like no one else.Also, Sim [...]

    11. Rohini Gupta on said:

      i think the writer got confused if she should target middle school romantics or erotica adults and ended up making a bad messy novel with too many sword seath references and couples cooing at each other every time they saw or talked to each other Other 2 book are bad but this is worst of the lot I am not even sure why i kept reading after guys calling their wives names like little falcon in first book, amber witch in second and to top it all little nightingale in the third one I am a hopeless op [...]

    12. Irene on said:

      I see that I really loved the first book in the series, but this one I so did not view spoiler It started with a girl, who was drugged and raped No one believed her, not her father, not the priest Then she was sent somewhere to wed a guy, who traded another man to become her husband Because of the rape the girl didn t tolerate any man s touch To overcome this little obstacle Learned ones read witches gave her husband some sort of aphrodisiac to cover ALL her body when she got wounded while prote [...]

    13. Rose on said:

      Be forewarned, this is NOT a book you can read as a stand alone I made the mistake of reading the first in this series and unknowingly skipping the second to read the third Boy, what a difference one book makes Where Untamed had an element of magic an mystery, I felt it was still somewhat grounded in reality Enchanted seemed as if the author was trying too hard and she overtook the boundaries of that magical element so that the end result was a book that was completely unbelievable to me Also, a [...]

    14. Maya on said:

      I made the mistake of skipping book 2 in the series but I still found this book to be very enjoyable The vulnerabilities of both the main characters made the story complex and interesting I also loved the magical aspects of the storyline It s been a while since I ve read multiple chapters of any book in one sitting but that was the case this time As a quick side note, the author s note at the end of the book explaining why she is now writing medieval romances was really amazing and I was in awe [...]

    15. penelopewanders on said:

      This book was lent to me by annadlx as part of a sort of Elizabeth Lowell sampler Although I had read Untamed a while ago, I am not always into medieval stories, but when they are well written such as those by Madeline Hunter, in my opinion , they are great I enjoyed the mixture of history and magic in this tale, and found the characters credible and moving.

    16. Kbee on said:

      I really like Elizabeth Lowell.This book was a bit suprising Having read the first in the serie thought it would be similar but it as a lot fantasy people and animals with special abilities that she calls Learned not my fancy.But she does real good stories.And because she is who she is can t go below 4 stars.

    17. linda on said:

      This was definitely a trainwreck book I won t say I didn t enjoy it, because obviously I finished it, but it was a sort of perverse curiosity enjoyment This is the sort of romance novel people who hate romance novels indicate to argue their point about it being a blighted genre.

    18. Lian Tanner on said:

      Hmm, not sure how to describe this one Purple prose Medieval fantasy Lots of lust and a bit of magic Not dreadful, but the prose is a bit too over heated for my taste Maybe I ll try another one not sure.

    19. Leah on said:

      I am so glad that I picked up this series to re read after all these years Perfect ending to the series with this one I hope someday she goes back and picks up again with some of the other characters I sure would buy them

    20. Amber Skantz on said:

      Lowell did a nice job setting this up so that I didn t feel lost, despite having not read the others in the series I do plan on reading those, as I m curious about the backstories of the other characters I didn t expect to feel focused on Simon as the main character, as I expect the main character to be female, especially in this genre, but he felt to me like the main character, perhaps because of Ariana s focus on him She felt very much like a secondary or supporting character, which probably [...]

    21. Holly on said:

      I think I read this book a long time ago and liked it I did a re read and thought it a little strange I love the abused heroine theme However, this one was weird I agree with another reviewer who thought it weird and not heroic when the hero takes liberties with an unconscious heroine That turned my stomach and then I just skimmed to the end What are some well done abused heroine books along the lines of Blue Eyed Devil, Devil in Winter, Ride the Fire respectively by Kleypas , Kleypas, and Pamel [...]

    22. Claudine on said:

      I read this book a long time ago, and I remember it being a far better book than it actually was Ariane and Simon are forced into a marriage of convenience when Duncan, her intended fianc , marries Amber in Forbidden Simon offers himself because he wants to avoid a war with Ariane s father, and also because he doesn t think it much of a sacrifice Ariane agrees, but she doesnt want to marry anyone As it turns out, she was raped several months earlier by her former fianc , and he told her father t [...]

    23. Heather on said:

      How is this romantic I am sure a rape survivor is not going to be okay being molested and assaulted again How is that love

    24. Mirian on said:

      I almost quit this one, but something kept me going and it worthed, great series, great author.

    25. Bunga on said:

      Saya jarang sekali bahkan selalu menghindari novel yang heroinenya korban pemerkosaan, karena sudah bisa membayangkan gimana angsty dan tragisnya novel tsb, dan betapa saya akan dibikin termehek mehek sampe jelek sama si penulisnya HeheheTapi buku ini rupanya lain dari yang lain Tidak sesuram yang saya bayangkan Meski tetap saja nasib si Heroine dramatis, tragis, dan bikin frustrasi Proses penyembuhan dari sebuah trauma memang butuh waktu Termasuk juga butuh orang yang tepat untuk menyembuhkan L [...]

    26. Aisha Davis on said:

      I have read all three books and I am still wondering why people were so rave and gave high rating First of all, she pick the Druid which very little known to historian therefore there were not much reference to go on I love magic, witches and such but I really couldn t follow the story line First book, the heroine possesses ability look into souls of people but she failed see her maids hatred for Norman and kidnapped by evil man I know the author was trying get to the point to break the curse an [...]

    27. Chiara (LadySnowWentworth) on said:

      Questa saga veramente bella, romanzi storici medievali con elementi magici e misteriosi legati alle vecchietradizioni pagane Il primo libro mi era piaciuto molto,il secondo un po meno, questo sicuramente il mio preferito.Non nego di aver versato anche qualche lacrimuccia verso la fine La cosa che mi piaciuta molto,tra le altre, stato anche ritrovare i personaggi dei libri passati,non solo come mere comparse,ma parte integrante della storia Non ho capito se esiste un libro o una storia su Erik,ma [...]

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