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Perchance to Dream

Perchance to Dream By Lisa Mantchev Perchance to Dream Act Two Scene One Growing up in the enchanted Th tre Illuminata Beatrice Shakespeare Smith learned everything about every play ever written She knew the Players and their parts but she didn t know

  • Title: Perchance to Dream
  • Author: Lisa Mantchev
  • ISBN: 9780312380977
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Perchance to Dream By Lisa Mantchev Act Two, Scene One Growing up in the enchanted Th tre Illuminata, Beatrice Shakespeare Smith learned everything about every play ever written She knew the Players and their parts, but she didn t know that she, too, had magic Now, she is the Mistress of Revels, the Teller of Tales, and is determined to follow her stars She is ready for the outside world Enter BERTIE AAct Two, Scene OneGrowing up in the enchanted Th tre Illuminata, Beatrice Shakespeare Smith learned everything about every play ever written She knew the Players and their parts, but she didn t know that she, too, had magic Now, she is the Mistress of Revels, the Teller of Tales, and is determined to follow her stars She is ready for the outside world.Enter BERTIE AND COMPANYBut the outside world soon proves topsy turvy than any stage production Bertie can make things happen by writing them, but outside the protective walls of the Th tre, nothing goes as planned And her magic cannot help her make a decision between NATE Her suave and swashbuckling pirate, now in mortal perilIEL A brooding, yet seductive, air spirit whose true motives remain unclear.When Nate is kidnapped and taken prisoner by the Sea Goddess, only Bertie can free him Bertie s dreams are haunted by Nate, whose love for Bertie is keeping him alive, but in the daytime, it s Ariel who is tantalizingly close, and the one she is falling for Who does Bertie love the most And will her magic be powerful enough to save her once she enters the Sea Goddess s lair
    Perchance to Dream By Lisa Mantchev

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    Perchance to Dream

    One thought on “Perchance to Dream

    1. Rae on said:

      Words are like the delicate stitches in the dress you wear, holding the fabric of the garment together Without them, the dress and the world are nothing but barren cloth In this second installment of the Theatre Illuminata triology, Bertie and Co have left the Theatre and for the first time since Bertie can remember she is truly on her own With Nate trapped in the clutches of the evil sea goddess Sedna, Bertie and Ariel and her fairy companions have set out to rescue him and hope to find where O [...]

    2. Jade on said:

      I can explain this book with a single gif Yeah That s all I can really say The first book made enough sense, and the story was plausible, but in this, the second book, everything just stops making sense What time period is this Where does this happen How did Bertie obtain this power What allows the Players to come to life, and still exist, even outside the Th tre None of this is ever explained, neither in this book nor the previous one It doesn t help that the writing is drowning in purple prose [...]

    3. Sanaa on said:

      3.5 Stars I have so many thoughts about this book series I ve never quite read anything like it Unlike the first book which is told almost entirely through dialogue, this sequel turns to descriptive writing, partially to its benefit I think The story is still fantastical and magical, sometimes confusing, fast paced, and extremely fairy tale like yet this second installment was even enchanting than the first It felt as if I was reading some kind of mystical play Lisa Mantchev spins a very convi [...]

    4. The Winter Rose on said:

      Alright, I managed to sit through the first book only because despite the jumbled mess of weak transitions, poor dialogue, unclear environment and inconsistant motivation, I enjoyed the overall aesthetics and stuck with it to see where it was going and hoped that the author would have grown by the second book Sadly, it s still just as much as a mess as the first I sat through the first one to try to give her the benefit of the doubt given that it was her first piece, but this is her second book [...]

    5. Molly on said:

      Rating 2.5WARNING ranting and spoilers ahead lots of it Ah, sigh , what happened here What is this mess I loved Eyes Like Stars and yes, I know that often the second book in a trilogy wanders aimlessly, I was prepared for that what I was not prepared for was that Bertie, after growing up, and leaving her self centered conduct in the first book, looses all sense and sanity and makes decisions that are barely fit for a five year old Once her attitude can be taken as cute every teen has acted like [...]

    6. Amelia, the pragmatic idealist on said:

      I loved ELS, and I loved Perchance as well This story goes in a different direction from its predecessor instead of the entire setting being within the Theatre, Bertie and Company take their show on the road, and therefore there s action driving Perchance, I think, and so it gave me an exhilarated, excited feeling as I was reading There were so pretty interesting discoveries made over the course of the story, and so that was fun The romantic angle is pronounced in Perchance, but thank my lucky [...]

    7. Bry on said:

      Not sure what happened here The first book was so good So so good But this one just.etely feel flat for me Bertie was actually annoying me in this book and to be honest I can t even figure out why To me some things that were so obvious was a mystery to her, and her emotions didn t always make sense to me Ariel never convinced me of his goodness I did believe in his love for Bertie but I didn t buy that he was any less selfish than in the first book I believed one of the other characters take on [...]

    8. Miss Clark on said:

      2.5 starsI still admire Lisa Mantchev s writing style and the wild, unabashed imagination that is bursting from every scene It is a glorious, magical ride and the trickiness of writing stories is used to full advantage.Bertie and Co have left the safety and familiarity of the Theatre and are journeying on their own to rescue Nate from the sea goddess Sedna There is friction between Ariel and Bertie, as Ariel desires to win her affections, while Bertie is fixated on Nate More on the love triangle [...]

    9. Laurel on said:

      I m gonna be one of those people and start off with a story that somewhat relates to this review.I got back from my poetry class and wandered to the front door of my apartment There was a goldenrod flyer chilling next to my door for a restaurant called Wings Over I had gotten wings from this place whenever I visited Penn State, and I was in love with them If you ever get the chance to order wings from Wings OverDO IT Anywho, they had opened up a place in Rochester where I go to le college , and [...]

    10. Kristen on said:

      Why I read this I really enjoyed the first one and wanted to read about Bertie and her adventures.Plot I have to be honest here This book felt scattered to me at times The setting was hard for me to picture Otherwise, it was the usual rescue adventure with obstacles caused by mystical forces The whole setting felt surreal and I couldn t seem to focus on what was going on and then suddenly they were moving on to something else It was kind of a trip.Characters Okay, why can t Ariel just be the ba [...]

    11. Leah G on said:

      The opening lines, a riff off Pride and Prejudice, are very funny however, throughout the book I found the mischievous fairies an annoyance than an actual contribution to the book s quality Ignoring them, however, I thought that Bertie is a good character and Ariel is even complexly drawn than the first book There are many cute and clever lines, and the Scrimshander is an intriguing invention he may have been my favorite part of the book.However, the plot is very flawed I kept stopping while I [...]

    12. Erika on said:

      Forgive me if this review isn t as clear, eloquent, or cohesive as I d like I have a cold and am having a little trouble concentrating.Also there are no spoilers in this review.Eyes Like Stars left readers at the mercy of a crossroad which would Bertie chose Nate, the salted and sun bronzed pirate from The Little Mermaid, or Ariel, the mysterious and alluring wind spirit from The Tempest With Nate kidnapped and taken to Sedna s lair deep under imaginatively dark and murky waters, Bertie, encoura [...]

    13. Becky on said:

      I read and fell in love with the first book in the Th tre Illuminata series, Eyes Like Stars, several months ago I was a bit concerned about starting the sequel because I was a little hazy on the details of the first book I needn t have worried while you certainly want to read the first book first, book two is almost self sufficient.As Bertie, Ariel, and the four Midsummer Night s Dream fairies are off on an adventure outside the Th tre Bertie is desperate to rescue her sort of boyfriend, the pi [...]

    14. Natalie on said:

      After reading Eyes Like Stars, I had to go out and buy the sequel, Perchance to Dream I m glad I did Perchance to Dream has all of the charm of Eyes Like Stars, but with action, romance, and character development The slightly slow beginning that was one of the few complaints I had with the first book wasn t a problem in the second.As I stressed in my review of Eyes Like Stars, Lisa Mantchev has a truly unique way of writing I m absolutely in love with her writing style You can t really unders [...]

    15. Skyril on said:

      I really wanted to give this book a solid four.The characters oh the characters are just so loveable Everybody is unique and interesting and has his own personality to which he sticks unfalteringly image error Alas, they were the only great thing about this book.The plot was good and fine, but the story was just so utterly confusing Most of the time I was extremely unclear on what was going on Was this real Something Bertie was imagining Is she dreaming Or is the world in which she dreams someho [...]

    16. Michelle on said:

      In the interest of full disclosure, I ll say that Lisa is a friend of mine.But even she wasn t, I d be a fan of her writing because it s among some of the most inventive storytelling on the YA market today I adored Eyes Like Stars and Perchance to dream has every bit of the magic with plenty of romance, bawdy fairies, and one girl s quest to discover her place and purpose Utterly enchanting from first line to last

    17. K.M. Weiland on said:

      The major con of this book can be summed up in one word manic The pacing and the plot feel like they re on a Chinese bullet train But the prose and the imagery is beyond stunning Bertie s romantic triangle is a bit annoying and undeveloped, but I ll be reading on just for of the word candy And the fairies.

    18. Cindy on said:

      utterly wowed by mantchev s imagination,storytelling and prose Eyes Like Stars wasone of my top five reads of 2009 and the sequel did not disappoint Perchance to Dreamhas every element you would want in a story,and Ariel, whom i adore Team Ariel D

    19. Tansy Roberts on said:

      This second volume is the follow up to Lisa Mantchev s delightful and surreal Eyes Like Stars, a YA fantasy set in the literal backstage of the Theatre Illuminata, a place so magical that all the characters of every play ever written can be found on the stage.Bertie, the theatre foundling who has only just discovered the truth of half her parentage, is on a quest to save Nate, the man she loves She has ventured outside the theatre for the first time in her life, accompanied by the elusively attr [...]

    20. Ley Saulnier on said:

      My review for Eyes Like Stars, the precursor to Perchance To Dream, was brief, flighty, and not a true approximation of how I feel about this series Yes, I said Eyes Like Stars is the novel all young adult authors should aspire to After reading Perchance To Dream, I feel I should elaborate.Lisa Mantchev has a beautiful, intricate writing style, infused with quotes and jargon from her wealth of theatre knowledge, all without losing her own personal edge Dialogue is witty and sharp, and she achiev [...]

    21. Zephfire on said:

      I was very blessed to receive an ARC of Perchance to Dream, I was eagerly awaiting the second instalment of Lisa Mantchev s Theatre Illuminata trilogy having read the first one, Eyes like stars and been captivated by itC does not disappoint, it takes our main cast on a road trip of discovery as they seek to reclaim one of their own, Nate the pirate, from the clutches of the evil sea witch, Sedna En route they encounter perils set in a wild landscape, both the perils and landscape are in part Ber [...]

    22. Christy B on said:

      Perchance to Dream is the follow up to the incredibly unique fantasy book Eyes Like Stars.In this second installment, we find Bertie, Ariel and the fairies in a caravan on their way to save Nate from the Sea Goddess In their travels they come across some interesting characters including a sneak, thief who joins them on their journey.At one point the band of merry travelers end up on the Immamorati train, which, to the best I can describe, is a traveling circus train This was my favorite part, th [...]

    23. Emily on said:

      Full Review at Fiction Description ReviewsActual rating 3.5 starsWhile it s been years since I read Eyes Like Stars, it didn t take long for me to remember the reasons why I found the original so charming The premise is fun and right up my alley a theatre that brings to life history s famous plays, and chock full of references to all the best works of the stage, replete with word magic and a few dashes of gluttonous fairies.While I loved the words and the world, I wasn t partial to the story I w [...]

    24. Bethany on said:

      Best opening ever, I swear I love pie, and I love books, soyou know, amazing.I m not actually sure how I felt about this book I read it in a weekend, and I ve had some trouble finishing books lately, so I must have enjoyed it I think it s fantastic that I still hae no idea how the love triangle is going to turn out I ve seen love triangles where the middle point is torn, but generally there s a constant leaning in one direction, so you can feel, at the end, like the triumphant romance was meant [...]

    25. Ashley on said:

      Perchance to Dream picks up right where Eyes Like Stars let off Bertie is traveling with Ariel and the faeries to rescue Nate At first, it s a bit disorienting because of the high fantasy aspect, and unless you read Perchance to Dream immediately after finishing Eyes Like Stars, it may take several pages before you re accustomed to the setting and the interesting way Lisa Mantchev weaves her story.I definitely liked this book better than the first one, and I loved the first one , because I was u [...]

    26. Gatorgal21 on said:

      It only took me about a year and a half to get into this book, I m not sure why, but somehow I just couldn t get past the first page I finally did though, and I really liked it Seriously, the crazy creative setting combined with the fierce and loveable Bertie, the hysterical fairies, and just the over all imagination in this story made an entrancing sequel I loved the first one, and I thought this one lived up to it Watching the chaos that ensues as Bertie and her entourage are set loose upon th [...]

    27. Krystle on said:

      This book has a lot of sparklies And shiny, and glitzy Did I mention the shiny Oh, YEAH If there s one thing this book has it s the PRETTY Do you see that cover Droolicious gorgeous The inside layout and design Eye candy everywhere You aren t going to be bored with this book, there s just too much stuff to look at and admire.This book is lots of fun There s so much adventure and action compared to the previous book and now we get to explore some of the fantastical world we just brushed in the f [...]

    28. K on said:

      Act Two is as fun as the first.Bertie, Ariel and the fairies have left the Th tre in the Mistress of Revels s caravan with only the clothes on their back and a vague plan She wants to rescue Nate and get the missing half of her story, How Bertie Came To The Theater, by finding her absent father Ariel just wants to be free and the fairies are happy to be along for the ride which includes pie, right Bertie soon figures out her mission isn t easily accomplished in a real world that is nothing like [...]

    29. Ashley Brooke on said:

      Perchance to Dream is the sequel to Eyes Like Stars Book two in the Theatre Illuminata series, Perchance to Dream was an enjoyable, fun read Similar to my experience with Eyes Like Stars , I found that while I whipped through Perchance to Dream and liked the story, I was still a bit confused during certain bits mostly action parts There are a lot of inside jokes that pertain to plays, especially Shakespeare Myself, I missed a lot of them because I m not too into the Shakespeare Classic play scen [...]

    30. Cathy on said:

      Cute Maybe slightly less confusing than the first one, but maybe I just skimmed it Trying to merge the inside the theater world with the real world was shaky for me, it makes the premise make even less sense Actually, I m not even sure what the premise is, there s no explanation for the magic that exists other than it just does, so just go with it and enjoy, it s definitely a willing suspense of disbelief kind of series Goddesses, mechanical horses, flying fairies descending upon unsuspecting w [...]

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