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Bitten & Smitten

Bitten & Smitten By Michelle Rowen Bitten Smitten Dear Mom I might be a wee bit late for Cousin Missy s wedding It s been a tough week Turns out my blind date from hell was literally from hell Guy bit me Next thing I know I m being chased all over

  • Title: Bitten & Smitten
  • Author: Michelle Rowen
  • ISBN: 9780446617000
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bitten & Smitten By Michelle Rowen Dear Mom,I might be a wee bit late for Cousin Missy s wedding It s been a tough week Turns out, my blind date from hell was literally from hell Guy bit me Next thing I know, I m being chased all over the city by vampire hunters And did I mention that I got fired, too Bright side I met a man Thierry de Bennicoeur How great is that name Anyway, he s sexy, six hundredDear Mom,I might be a wee bit late for Cousin Missy s wedding It s been a tough week Turns out, my blind date from hell was literally from hell Guy bit me Next thing I know, I m being chased all over the city by vampire hunters And did I mention that I got fired, too Bright side I met a man Thierry de Bennicoeur How great is that name Anyway, he s sexy, six hundred years old, and a tad suicidal, but no one s perfect, right And we have a deal he s gonna show me the ropes of the vampire world, and I m supposed to help him end his existence Or maybe I ll just try to convince him life is worth living no small challenge with the mostly immortal, let me tell you I ll admit it s a complicated relationship But with any luck, I just might have a date for that wedding after all Hugs and Kisses,Sarah
    Bitten & Smitten By Michelle Rowen

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      447 Michelle Rowen
    Bitten & Smitten

    One thought on “Bitten & Smitten

    1. Bird on said:

      Eh Another disappointing read I seem to be having bad luck lately.The narrator was annoying why does funny paranormal romance urban fantasy always mean the main character is a complete idiot and the plot was dull I figured most of the plot out way before Sarah did.The love interest, Thierry, didn t do it for me They fell for each other much too fast pet peeve and didn t even spend enough time together to know if they actually liked one another Chemistry was lacking, but that might be because the [...]

    2. Jam on said:

      I saw several aspects which I thought could use improvement understatement , or were a severe detraction to any self respecting vampire romance novel.First, were the many idiosyncrasies in the series Where, in any vampire novel, would one find a centuries old vampire who meekly let s himself get killed In tons of books, of course But these books normally make use of only one or two, to make the story interesting You don t get whole towns of such vampires volunteering to die They are the excepti [...]

    3. Tessie on said:

      Bitten Smitten captured me from the very beginning.It was so funny, I actually laughed out loud many times.Sarah Dearly was going on a blind date that her friend Amy set up for her.The guy is clearly a lunatic, because he bites her on the first date, literally.He also gets killed by vampire hunters.Yeah, the guy s a desperate vampire.Sarah has to run for her life when the hunters discover the bite marks, and she runs into a 600 year old vampire who wants to commit suicide.He s helping her, thoug [...]

    4. Morgan on said:

      I purchased this book from a library book sale with several other random things I had no idea this was part of a series, but thought the author sounded weirdly familiar.The reason was that a month before, while at a used bookstore, I had picked up 4 in this series just thinking it looked interesting This book is 1 When it came time to read them, it still hadn t occurred to me that I might have another book by this author in the ginormous piles that sit behind my chair I just happened to pick 1 f [...]

    5. Amy (Aye.Me?) on said:

      I seem to be addicted to vampire stories lately This one is another light, funny read Sarah Dearly has absolutely no good luck After a blind date she wakes up to find her date burying her in a cemetery, having just changed her into a vampire The next day she goes into work and has a meeting with her boss who unfortunately gives herself a papercut Of course Sarah just can t resist having a suck on her employer s finger, leading to her being sacked for sexual harassment Some of the scenes in this [...]

    6. Amélie on said:

      After going to a rendezvous arranged by her best friend, a young woman woke up in a cemetery, the man trying to burying her He pretends to be a vampire and that she now belongs to him She, of course, hit this obviously crazy man with the pepper spray that every woman must permanently have with her and she run away, only to fail into the hands of other madmen pretending to be vampire killers They stick a stake into her aggressor s heart and she only survives thanks to the intervention of a suicid [...]

    7. Diana Escamilla on said:

      3.5La protagonista Sarah, es sumamente divertida, sarc stica, ocurrente y.rpe Es un libro bastante sencillo, ligero y muy divertido.

    8. Anna on said:

      As a completely irrelevant side note, my screwed up brain kept reading Thierry s last name as Biencoeur which means GoodHeart instead of Bennicoeur which means nothing really.My reading words that weren t actually in the book might be a side effect of all the times I started ramming my head on the desk, though I would say the heroine was dumber than a post, but that would be insulting to posts everywhere, and I m not so eager to be getting angry e mails claiming slander against posts Within the [...]

    9. Mike on said:

      Bitten Smitten has a really cute premise a girl gets turned into a vampire and is saved by a super old vampire who wants to kill himself In turn, she ends up saving him by bringing enjoyment back into his life It s just too bad that s the only positive thing I can really say about this bookSarah, the female protagonist, seemed to lack any common sense about pretty much anything She consistently would end up in situations where she was about to be killed because she couldn t fathom not running of [...]

    10. Christine on said:

      As soon as I started reading this book, I was instantly hooked by the main character, Sarah Dearly Sarah is on a blind date with a guy who bites her, but then gets killed by vampire hunters right before her eyes Sarah has no idea vampires exist and gets thrown for quite a loop learning that she s now a vampire, too Trying to get away from the vampire hunters who just killed her date, she crosses paths with a man who is on the verge of killing himself, who turns out to be a 600 year old vampire H [...]

    11. Kristi on said:

      I really liked this start to the series It s a bit PG13 rated than what I m used to, but still a fun, enjoyable read Sort of reminds me of the Lily Bard series, combined with a PG13 version of Sookie Stackhouse Though at times I felt as though I was reading about a teenager, and not a grown woman, Sarah s adventures from human to new vampire were entertaining and humorous I love her wit and sense of humor, especially her demeanor towards Thierry, who everyone else seems too afraid to speak to i [...]

    12. Cara on said:

      Sarah Dearly goes on a blind date, and the next thing she knows, she s being buried She of course freaks out, and the guy said she s been turned into a vampire She watches vampire hunters kill her date sire then decides she better run She ends up running right into Thierry, who just happens to be a master vampire with a death wish He saves her and sort of takes her under his wing And he s hot.Sarah is quite determined to take care of herself At one point, she goes into a bar that is filled with [...]

    13. Colleen on said:

      I randomly picked up this book while browsing for a different book, something about the cover caught my eye and it looked like a quick read so i grabbed it I read the book in 2 sittings I loved this book I was skeptical at first since romance novels aren t really my style but this book packed a punch It wasn t filled with the gushy, voyeuristic, and sometimes downright weird romance scenes but instead filled with snarky, sarcastic, and hilarious banter and situations I loved the heroine, Sarah, [...]

    14. Julie on said:

      This book is a quick read, but it is not light hearted and simple as the title implies It s about a women made into a vampire against her will, I know we ve all read this beforebut this book is really good and nothing is cut and dry Sarah has not one but two love interests making quite the triangle and one has a wife I like reading all the different takes on vampires that one author has compared to another Like these vamps can go out in the sun, have no reflection and can t eat solid food Every [...]

    15. Maja on said:

      I have to admit, I didn t read the last 50 pages of this book I just couldn t do it I tried, I really did, but I simply couldn t drag myself through a mess like that I mean it was just so contrived, all over the place, badly written and seen before When I sat down with this book I was most of all looking forward to a funny, comical book Admitted, Rowen did try to be funny, but failed quite miserably if you ask me Nothing really seemed original, every intented surprise fell flat and the female ma [...]

    16. Kirsty on said:

      This is one of the books tat I ve had on my shelves for years and never got around to reading I decided to give it a go, it was a bit slow to start off with but the action picked up I enjoyed the plot, even though it was quite predictable and characters grew on me, it will be interesting to see if the Quinn and Sarah issues are explored further It was a lighthearted, easy read and I liked Sarah s sense of humour.

    17. Mouse on said:

      When i got this book i just put it on my shelf and forgot about it While playing a game the name of this book was brought up and I started reading it I read it in bout 6 8 hours straight It was soo good and hilarious it has a lil bit of a love story but its comical enough that it s definitely worth the read

    18. Geli on said:

      This book rocked Its about time there were some older vamps around I am very tired of the whole teen scene Anyhow, this story isnt unlike any ive read lately This is a funny and thrilling story of a girl who ends up having the week from heck Everything that can go wrong does of course Very entertaining and totally worth a read I hope the rest of the series is just as good.

    19. Jessica on said:

      yawn I made it to page 84 of this then was too bored to march on I thought this was gonna be a funny book but the reality was the hero was cold and not appealing, the heroine is juvenile and acts tstl, and the plot wasn t bad but the endless narration of unimportant things made it almost painful to read Dnf

    20. Mel on said:

      Es muy entretenido y gracioso, lo super recomiendo D por momentos me hizo acordar a besos de sangre Halfway to the Grave Night Huntress 1 Jeaniene Frost lo termine en un d a, es una lectura r pida, porque queres saber como termina sus personajes son geniales, que m s puedo decir es Chick Lit Ahora sigo con el 2do D

    21. Jamie Collins on said:

      Typical vampire romance not very memorable I m always looking for something as cute as Maryjanice Davidson s Undead books, and I rarely find it The vampire romances by Katie MacAlister and Lynsay Sands are better.

    22. Susi on said:

      This book is really great But You should be warned, my boyfriend was really annoyed by my laughter Extremely funny.

    23. Shelly on said:

      I do love any book with a centuries old vampire who has forgotten how to live and irreverent young vampire who annoys the heck out of him.

    24. Evey on said:

      Pour le moment je me marre bien et l h ro ne est aussi tordue que moi, sauf que moi ce n est pas pour les fringues que j ai ce comportement

    25. Kathy on said:

      Sarah Dearly average girl in an average office, with plans to vacation in Mexico on a blind date, her blind date who s been watching her turns her into a vampire surpriseAnd her first week proves to be stressful her blind date is killed by vampire hunters, she is rescued by a 600 year old vampire Thierry de Bennicoeur who is ready to end his existence he agrees to help her figure things out, but he isn t very helpful and she stomps away from him often then not he runs a variety of hidden vampir [...]

    26. Elizabeth D. on said:

      Sarah Dearly comes to the realization that she has just had the worst blind date ever when she comes to in an open grave as her date is shoveling dirt on her head Her dud of a date has turned her into a vampire but things take a turn for the worse when they encounter a group of vampire hunters and her new sire is killed This leaves Sarah completely alone to fend for herself until she luckily runs into a 600 year old vampire who helps her escape and becomes a major part of her new life This is a [...]

    27. Carolina Téllez on said:

      Un libro que es entrenido y absurdo en ciertos momentos, pero al fin y al cabo pasable La trama pudo haber sido m s interesante si en la pelea hubiese un poco de sangre, golpes, digo se supone que son vampiros luchando por sus preciosas vidas en contra de los cazadores.Los personajes bastante normalitos, sin nada que aportar m s que unos cuantos di logos chistosos A n as , creo que leere el segundo libro.

    28. Sara on said:

      Cute, fun, and entertaining I read this going in knowing it was a lighthearted humorous novel and I wants disappointed The characters were likable, and while it wasn t the most developed plot, it kept me reading and chuckling.

    29. Amy on said:

      This book was so cute and well written I was hooked from the first page I went into this book thinking it would be another dull take on vampires But I was wrong Michelle Rowan is an amazing wordsmith.Definitely recommend.

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