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Storm Warning

Storm Warning By Linda Sue Park Storm Warning Throughout the hunt for the Clues Amy and Dan have encountered some of the darkest aspects of history and had to deal with the role their family played But are they ready for the truth In this thr

  • Title: Storm Warning
  • Author: Linda Sue Park
  • ISBN: 9780545060493
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Storm Warning By Linda Sue Park Throughout the hunt for the 39 Clues, Amy and Dan have encountered some of the darkest aspects of history and had to deal with the role their family played But are they ready for the truth In this thrilling ninth installment, Amy and Dan hit the high seas as they follow the trail of some infamous ancestors to track down a long lost treasure However, the real prizeThroughout the hunt for the 39 Clues, Amy and Dan have encountered some of the darkest aspects of history and had to deal with the role their family played But are they ready for the truth In this thrilling ninth installment, Amy and Dan hit the high seas as they follow the trail of some infamous ancestors to track down a long lost treasure However, the real prize isn t hidden in a chest It s the discovery of the Madrigals most dangerous secret and, even shockingly, the true identity of the mysterious man in black.
    Storm Warning By Linda Sue Park

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      120 Linda Sue Park

    One thought on “Storm Warning

    1. Jess on said:

      A vast improvement over the last two installments in the 39 Clues series, Storm Warning finally reveals the mystery behind both the Madrigals and what Nellie Gomez has been up to since the clue hunt began This time, Dan and Amy Cahill are off to the Caribbean, searching for clues about the pirate Anne Bonny and other historical figures of the area Storm Warning has a good pace and none of the clue hunting seems to rushed as it was in the two previous books in the series I loved learning about N [...]

    2. Sara on said:

      4.5 stars One of the best books in this series yet Things are finally coming together and being revealed as Dan and Amy race around the world this time in the Caribbean against relatives on the hunt for the 39 clues The narration s viewpoint shifted between a few of the characters, so we got to see how others were feeling, and there was excitement mixed with danger and red herrings The author was one of the better writers, too, which made the reading super quick and smooth The reveal at the end [...]

    3. Jenn Estepp on said:

      so this isn t really a four star book in comparison to what i usually consider four star books but compared to the other books in this series which i can t stop reading despite some seriously sub par offerings it is by which i mean it s probably the best book in the series not in small part because stuff actually happens and you start getting answers to the questions that have existed since the series began and there weren t so many ridiculous situations and the characterizations didn t suck so, [...]

    4. Mike on said:

      Glad I persevered this far The identity of The Man In Black is revealed At great cost, Dan and Amy and their au pair Nellie learn the secrets of the Madrigal opposition to the Cahill family no actual relation to The Princess Bride.

    5. Devanshi Gupta on said:

      This was the best 39 clues book I have ever read and that is saying something.That s why it deserves the 5 stars I gave it, though I really mean to give it 4.5 stars.I did not expect this book to be so good, I did not expect to get so engrossed in it ,or feel so much excitement over it I did not think a 39 clues book would make me feel this way But with this book I think Linda Sue really pulled it off.When I pick up a 39 clues book I do so for a light reading and to have mindless fun But oh boy [...]

    6. Heather on said:

      I m going to give a generic review of the series Basically because I m lazy and don t want to write 39 reviews Okay, 11.We finally read Book 1 And then because we liked it so well, the entire series One son age 12 has read them all, the second son also age 12 is on Book 2 And son 3 age 8 will be starting as soon as he finishes his current book.I thought the premise of this book very interesting I loved how they integrated history and geography along with problem solving skills and code cracking [...]

    7. Tjoganich7 on said:

      Dan and Amy want to find the next clue to their clue hunt, but some people are getting in the way of things like the man in the black suit, Natalie and Ian, and possibly Nellie too So, Dan and Amy try to keep their secrets clues to themselves, and with help from Nellie, Dan and Amy get to the places they needed to go like the Caribbean Then Dan and Amy find a clue that changes their whole life, the clue that tells what branch of the family tree they are in, but in order to open it they need smal [...]

    8. Isaiah the Ox on said:

      Ugh I hate this book That s why I rated it 5 stars I hate this book so much I love it I LOOOVE Linda Sue Park s writing in this book It s written incredibly well The entire death of view spoiler Lester hide spoiler left me holding my breath until the end of the chapter Rereading this series has been fun, especially after reading the horrible ending to the next series The death of view spoiler Lester hide spoiler was taken really well having a whole chapter or two with just the characters dealing [...]

    9. Cathy on said:

      The book showcases lots of satisfying reveals as we near the end of the journey But somehow not so much heart or excitement It s not that there weren t emotional scenes, adventure betrayals, love, sacrafice, danger, etc but it felt a little distanced and simplified compared to some of the books There was an enjoyable amount of girl power in the book though, both from historic figures and our heroes.I m just hoping that the last book isn t too much of perfect ending The series has shown an admira [...]

    10. Lady Flo on said:

      It seems that books are turning to be easy to fathom No complicated trips, journeys, messages or notes So far I guess it was the most interesting and important book in the series Revealing secrets of Nellie Gomez, the man in black now in gray whose name is Fiske Cahill , and Madrigals For centuries Cahills thought the family consisted of four branches Ekat, Lucian, Janus and Tomas Noone knew about Madrigals and yet was afraid of them In fact, they descended from Gileon and Olivia s fifth child, [...]

    11. Kristin on said:

      This was one of the better books in this seriesybe I ll read by Linda Sue Park But anyway, this book explains many things that I had questions about before Without giving too much away, I can t say much However, I m starting to have serious doubts on whether they will be able to put a solid, worthy ending on this series in just one book There is just so much going ond I m hoping that Book 10 is a good, final piece like with Harry Potter If it s anti climatic, I m going to be highly disappoint [...]

    12. Max.d on said:

      I gave this book 3 stars because this book is filled with mistery You never know what is going to happen next In this book right now they are going to decide weather to go to the bahamas or Jamaca Nellie is one of the main character she wants to go to the bahamas becuase she thinks there are alot of pirates there She also wants to find some treasure Mr McIntyle is not convinced he wants to go to jamaca and lay and the beach and mostly tan Mr McIntyle is Nellies drivers he takes her to places whe [...]

    13. Quinn Akin on said:

      The Book 39 clues is an amazing book It is an immature reading for me but I love it The whole story line keeps you incredibly captured.The story is about a pair of brother and sister The Cahills who after their grandmother died left their whole family a scavenger hunt for the 39 clues There are four branches to the family and Dan and Amy are trying to figure which they belong to While on the hunt they discover fascinating things about their family history and themselves Who will win the hunt I w [...]

    14. Michael Perrino on said:

      I think that this book is the best book in the series and that the whole series is really coming together and I am starting to understand and learn things that I did not understand in the beginning of the series.

    15. Jenn on said:

      NOTE MY REVIEWS OFTEN CONTAIN SPOILERS After the events in China, the Cahill siblings feel they have no choice but to confront Nellie, because they re sure Nellie isn t what she claims to be and they need to know exactly what kind of enemy might be among them Even though they were expecting it, it still blows them away when Nellie confesses to be working for Mr McIntyre Along the search for the clue Nellie has become the only family they had and now she s confessed that they can t trust her and [...]

    16. Juan Pantoja on said:

      This book is the first in the 39 clues series to reveal lots of information of the madrigals history It also reveals the name and identity of the man in black The genre is Mystery.The setting is the Beijing Airport, Bahamas, and lastly Jamaica Amy and Dan want to go to The Bahamas to learn about a pirate named Anne Bonny, dressed as a man in the 1700s because it would lead them to the next clues When Amy and Dan got their they went to the Oceanus to have some fun and then search for clues Later, [...]

    17. Joshua S on said:

      I it is a good book for people that like mysteries and is forward to people that like adventure and lots of action It is also good because there are than one main character in the book and the book flows in a good pace Thats is why i gave it a four out of five.

    18. Tony on said:

      Storm Warning by Linda Sue Park is another good book that I have read in a series I have not reviewed the whole series because I read all the others last year Continuing their quest for all 39 Clues, Amy and Dan travel to the Caribbean to uncover the secrets of Anne Bonny, a famous lady pirate, and a Cahill, the most powerful family in the world Almost all great people are actually Cahills, but a tragedy broke the family into four branches The Tomas, masters of physical prowess and the most athl [...]

    19. 05chrise on said:

      Storm Warning, by Linda Sue Park This ninth addition to the 39 clue book series is actually kind of confusing at the beginning because you can t tell what it is leading up to Amy and Dan Cahill have been all over the world on their clue hunt to become the most influential people in the history of the world, but the Caribbean is by far the nicest place they have been in yet But is not even close to the safest place they have been, either They are being followed by the man in black, a mysterious m [...]

    20. Irene on said:

      Storm Warning is the continuation of the book, The Emperor s Code This series is about two siblings, Amy and Dan You might think they are just average people, but the truth is that their family, the Cahills, is on a hunt all around the world looking for 39 clues that can change the world In the book Storm Warning, Dan and Amy starts of their next clue search in Bahamas, hoping to find information about a pirate who they believe is a Cahill, thinking that she the pirate was a girl was the one wh [...]

    21. Jennifer Wardrip on said:

      Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadTooAmy and Dan have become quite suspicious of their au pair, Nellie While traveling to the Caribbean for the next part of the hunt, they force Nellie into telling them the truth about her secret conversations As much as it pains Nellie, she only tells them part of it She s been working for Mr McIntyre because Grace hired her Grace wanted to be sure Amy and Dan could take part in the hunt, as they needed a chaperon All this time, Nellie s been reporting b [...]

    22. Erin on said:

      We finally start to get answers to some big questions at the end of this book This information changes the entire direction of the clue hunt, and now I m a little nervous because Amy and Dan have a huge new goal that they need to reach, in addition to finding the last clues As I understand it, they only have one book left in which to accomplish both tasks Too much for an entire book We shall see The story seems to become a little convoluted with each of these latest books First we hunt for clue [...]

    23. J.D.Staton on said:

      At long last, this is a much feminist oriented book in the 39 Clues series thanks to the presence of a female author , in which dozens of the confusing facts and mysteries surrounding the Cahill extended family, the children s parents and grandparents histories and intentions, and so much , are disclosed to our young protagonist duo While there continues to be ample excitement and adventure, we, finally, have the chance to see a broader range of emotional experiences shared and explored, along [...]

    24. Laura on said:

      Having read all the books in this series so far, I am now most anxious to read the final book that is due to come out in August Every book has captured my attention and Book 9 Storm Warning is no exception It is aptly titled and if you are an astute observer some things are revealed even before you read the book That s one of the things I love about The 39 Clues.This time 14 year old Amy Cahill and her 11 year old brother Dan are in Jamaica, following the lead of Anne Bonny, a pirate of the 1700 [...]

    25. Angela on said:

      I have seen other people read so I thought I should read it and I loved it I was suprised when Dan, Amy, and Nellie went in the cave and they tried to find a clue but then the water inside the cave was rising and Nellie yelled at Dan and pulling the rope although Amy was swallowing some water and she was gargling then I was scared like what was gonna happend I like the part about The Man In Black because when they introduce him earlier in the story except no one knew who he really was not even t [...]

    26. C.C. Thomas on said:

      This series is just wonderful and gets better with each new installment 39 Clues was written and directed towards middle grade readers but I have to admit I love them and eagerly await each one that comes out I always give my game cards away to a student which makes me quite popular 39 Clues is about two siblings, Amy and Dan Cahill, who were left a challenge in their grandmother s will accept 1 million and walk away now or take no money but embark on a quest for the 39 clues Only one family mem [...]

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