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Finally By Wendy Mass Finally A humorous look at what it means to FINALLY turn twelve years old You can pierce your ears when you re twelve You can go to the mall with your friends when you re twelve You can babysit little Timmy n

  • Title: Finally
  • Author: Wendy Mass
  • ISBN: 9780545052429
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Finally By Wendy Mass A humorous look at what it means to FINALLY turn twelve years old.You can pierce your ears when you re twelve You can go to the mall with your friends when you re twelve You can babysit little Timmy next door when you re twelve You can get a cell phone when you re twelve Hey, you can even ride in the front passenger side seat when you re twelve When you re twelve, wheA humorous look at what it means to FINALLY turn twelve years old.You can pierce your ears when you re twelve You can go to the mall with your friends when you re twelve You can babysit little Timmy next door when you re twelve You can get a cell phone when you re twelve Hey, you can even ride in the front passenger side seat when you re twelve When you re twelve, when you re twelve, when you re twelve My name is Rory Swenson, and I ve been waiting to turn twelve my whole life In exactly 18 hours, 36 minutes, and 52 seconds, it will finally happen My life will officially begin.
    Finally By Wendy Mass

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    • Finally Best Read || [Wendy Mass]
      234 Wendy Mass

    One thought on “Finally

    1. Laura on said:

      My husband smiles as he hears the ruckus coming from my daughter s room She and I are lying on her bed, howling with laughter, tears running down our faces And so it was every night as I read Finally by Wendy Mass to my 8 year old daughter Needless to say, we have become instant fans of this new to us author.The story is about Rory Swenson who upon turning twelve has a wish list of things she is now allowed to do and has wanted to do for so long, such as getting a cell phone, drinking coffee, st [...]

    2. Dolores on said:

      Okay, I was really disappointed with this one I liked 11 Birthdays and loved Every Soul a Star so I expected to like this one too Not so much First of all, I didn t really think that the items on Rory s list were especially ambitious I am an overprotective parent Her parents were whack jobs Okay, whatever They set their parameters and they stuck to them I can accept that However You don t go from helicopter parent to totally cutting your kid loose overnight just because she turns 12 Pick your ow [...]

    3. Clare Cannon on said:

      I didn t expect to enjoy this book so much Better than 11 Birthdays It had me laughing with tears in my eyes growing up was just like this And what a great thread running behind the story, not forced or preachy but so wise.There are a few wincing moments Rory is always managing to injure herself and you really feel her pain so it s not for a squeamish young reader And while Rory has a beautiful simplicity and is courageously independent at least by the end of the book the behaviour of her classm [...]

    4. Savannah on said:

      I m a fan of Wendy Mass, but unfortunately, her talents seem to have gone to waste here The whole book was an uncomfortably heavy handed lesson about how selfish teenagers can be and how they need to learn to appreciate life s core values The main character, Rory, got reward after reward for her twelfth birthday, and every single one was ruined in the most contrived way possible Never once was it stated why wanting these things was so bad Sure, her wishes were materialistic, but since she didn t [...]

    5. Lainey E. on said:

      Summary Rory is turning twelve and in her eleven years she made a list of things her parents promised her she could do when she turned twelve On her birthday she gave a presentation to her parents about each thing on the list and how important it was to her At Rory s school her best friend Annabelle told her that the famous teenage movie star was going to star in a movie that was shooting at their school Annabelle and Rory tried out for extras and made it The whole week Rory s mom decided to hel [...]

    6. Jaina on said:

      This review is also available on my blog, Read Till Dawn.Hopefully you will have read my review of 11 Birthdays, the first book in the Willow Falls series, before reading this review I am reviewing all four of the books in the series because I started rereading all of them when I was recovering from wrist surgery side note physical therapy is going well While I love the first book, I haven t actually purchased it yet I don t really know why, but I ve always just thought that if I wanted to read [...]

    7. Jennifer Wardrip on said:

      Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka Readingjunky for TeensReadTooDo you remember when your parents used to tell you wait until you re 12 or wait until you re 16 You were, no doubt, just like Rory Swenson and created a list of things you would someday be able to do or have FINALLY, that day has arrived for Rory.Being 12 means being on the edge of her teen years Rory can hardly sleep the night before She s thinking of her list getting a cell phone, getting her ears pierced, getting a pet, and getting to [...]

    8. Georgia on said:

      The fact that our main character in this book was so much like me that it made the book all the enjoy able.Rory Swenson is turning 12 and has a list of things she is looking forward to She actually has a list of all the things her parents have promised her over the years When your twelve is the constant refrain But the beginning of the story starts with Rory and her class on a field trip to the town water source She somehow gets stuck in a drain pipe and gets helped out by an old lady who myste [...]

    9. Kerry Cerra on said:

      Rory wants to be 12 like yesterday because her utterly overprotective parents will FINALLY let her shave her legs, drink coffee, wear make up, get a pet, go to boy girl parties, and best of all, get her a cell phone When the big day finally arrives, Rory makes a chart filled with all her deepest desires and proudly displays it in the living room Tired of being blah and boring, Rory is set on standing out a little When news that teen heart throb Jake Harrison will be filming a movie at Rory s sc [...]

    10. NewFranklin School on said:

      I had loved 11 Birthdays and so was especially disappointed with this pseudo sequel really, pretty much a completely independent story Much of it takes place in a mall, following the main character who has finally turned 12 and will now get to do a whole list of things her family said she had to wait until she was 12 to do like get a pet, get her ears pierced, etc all activities that are accomplished by going to the mall, pretty much Her list is lame, her parents are lame, and there are a whole [...]

    11. Sarah on said:

      So I just finished reading this book and I really enjoyed it Poor Rory made me laugh out loud in parts of this story It was really funny and a good story The ending was a little sudden, but still very unique and cool All of the connections were like Ah ha I have read the other two books in this series and I am secretly hoping another book will come out soon hint, hint Wendy Mass Overall, this was a really good book.

    12. Tori M. on said:

      I thought this book was really good It has a serious of unfortunate events This book kept the reader s on their feet The book was somewhat suspenseful to see what was going to happen next I recommend for people to read this book.

    13. kate on said:

      haha i read this like 4 years ago or something and didn t even know it was the 2nd book in a series it s the only one i read whoops

    14. Shreya on said:

      Finally was a great book with the classic lesson, don t rush to grow up Have fun while it lasts because when you grow up later, you might realize it s not fun being older and you wish you were younger but like they say, there s no turning back now I would recommend this book to any good reader who loves an interesting story and I m excited to read from Wendy Mass Amazing Book

    15. Kate on said:

      Rory Swenson has been waiting forever to turn twelve It feels like that s the year she ll finally be able to do everything she s been waiting for Buying a cell phone her ears piercedgoing to a boy girl party She s about to have everything she s ever wanted.Except that everything she s ever wanted manages to go horribly, horribly wrong in the funniest ways possible FINALLY had me laughing out loud over and over again It s written in that fantastic, trademark Mass voice the one that would make you [...]

    16. Jasey on said:

      Gahhh This, like most Wendy Mass books made me want to laugh and bang my head against the wall in turns I of course refrained from doing either because my brothers already think that there s something wrong with my head I wanted to bang my head against the wall because of ALL OF THE RIDICULOUS THINGS THAT SHE PUT HERSELF THROUGH And I wanted to laugh because of all of the ridiculous PICKLES she got in because of all of the RIDICULOUS SITUATIONS she put herself through Also, the girl that Rory ba [...]

    17. Han on said:

      Finally was a good book first It was funny, and made me feel less accident prone, hahaha But the book took a turn This book was written for 11 and 12 year old girls, obviously, since the book is about a 12 year old girl My 11 year old sister got this book at her school, I started reading it, and got interested so I read through the whole book The last chapter of the book has the girl going to one of her classmate s birthday party, where they all secretly when their parents went inside went into [...]

    18. Lorettasophia on said:

      I enjoyed this book exceedingly It is so fun and hilarious Overall full of laughs Rory is a main charectr I can sympazize with I like it how she is clumsy and awkward, plus she is just natuarally a walking disatser Every twist and turn makes you want to keep reading I also like how it shows you that the little things you do to help people make a differance in the world I could read this over and over

    19. Kacey on said:

      I really enjoyed this book because its all about a girls birthday This book is funny because the main girl has many birthday problems, which most are super funny.

    20. Michiko Nakazawa on said:

      I liked the first book of this series, 11 birthdays better than this one.

    21. Jennifer Fou on said:

      Wendy mass s novel, Finally, is set in a small town called Willow Falls where the main character, Rory, turns 12 and has a whole list of things that she wants and will be able to do, but not everything goes as planned because she realizes that s it s not easy handling the responsibility that comes with the things she desires Right after Rory and her dad walked out of the cell phone store in the mall, Rory realizes she lost her phone already When she is trusted to stay home alone, she becomes sca [...]

    22. Tasha on said:

      Mass returns to Willow Falls, the setting of 11 Birthdays This time it is Rory s turn to have a birthday and she is finally turning twelve Her entire life her parents have told her that she could do things when she turned twelve She can have a pet, shave her legs, go to a girl boy party, have a cell phone, get her ears pierced, and much But hours before her birthday, she finds herself stuck in a drainpipe and rescued by a little old lady who has surprising strength That women tells her, You won [...]

    23. Elizabethcd96 on said:

      This trimester I read a book called 12 Finally by Wendy Mass This book is about a girl who s parents are a bit over protective The girls name is Rory Rory had been asking her parents for things since she had learned to talk and they always said when your twelve Now Rory is finally turning twelve and she pulls out her list of things her parents told her she could do when she was twelve This book takes place in Willow Falls, its actually pretty close to Chicago The characters int he book are Rory, [...]

    24. Kristin on said:

      It may come as no surprise to most people, but I was an awkward pre teen I always believed that once I became a teen that gawkiness would magically disappear and I would become the belle of the ball Unlike Cinderella that didn t happen, but it was my faith in milestones that kept me going Wendy Mass s novel Finally is about reaching milestones, making wishes and believing in who you are even if you don t recognize yourself at that moment in time Rory Swenson is hours away from turning 12 She has [...]

    25. Taylor Watford on said:

      Seriously this is a huge spoiler Rory Swenson has long awaited her twelfth birthday when her parents will finally loosen up and give her freedom She has made a list of all the things she can do once she turns the magical number twelve She s been promised to get her own cell phone, pet, contact lenses and to attend a boy girl party Before the long awaited day arrives Rory and her friend Annabelle are chosen as extras in a movie being filmed at their school But as Rory goes down the list accident [...]

    26. Stephanie R. on said:

      This is a story about a girl named Rory Swenson who lives in New York city.She s only 11, years old and she has been waiting her whole life to turn 12,because when ever she ask her parents they always say into you turn 12.She always hear that sometimes she even say that she s tired she just want to turn 12 I liked how the the author start because is from the beginning to end.One thing i disliked about the author style was that the end take too much to end.People who like to read about good stori [...]

    27. Jenny W. on said:

      Finally By Wendy MassRealistic Fiction296 Pages Have you ever asked your parents for something, and every time they say they will get it for you someday Well meet Rory Swenson Rory is like any typical sixth grader, she just wants to fit in so badly that she could pretty much do anything Whenever she asks her parents for something, they always say, Wait until you turn twelve Over the years, Rory has put together a LARGE list of all the things that her parents said they will get her when she turns [...]

    28. 07AlisiaM on said:

      Rory Swenson is a spirited 11 year old girl who loves friends Rory has been waiting her whole life to turn 12 and she has a list to prove it When your twelve, when your twelve, when your twelve Rory s parents say Well, in in exactly 18 hours, 36 minutes, and 52 seconds, it will finally happen She will officially turn twelve Rory s list has many things she wants to accomplish when she turns 12 Getting ears pierced, wearing makeup, having your very first phone A typical list for an 11 year old gir [...]

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