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Amy Unbounded: Belondweg Blossoming

Amy Unbounded: Belondweg Blossoming By Rachel Hartman Amy Unbounded Belondweg Blossoming Amy Unbounded Belondweg Blossoming collects issues of Rachel Hartman s award winning comic book and includes an introduction by Linda Medley a dramatis personae for new readers and a few extra

  • Title: Amy Unbounded: Belondweg Blossoming
  • Author: Rachel Hartman
  • ISBN: 9780971790001
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Paperback
  • Amy Unbounded: Belondweg Blossoming By Rachel Hartman Amy Unbounded Belondweg Blossoming collects issues 7 12 of Rachel Hartman s award winning comic book, and includes an introduction by Linda Medley, a dramatis personae for new readers, and a few extra pages of silliness at the back Belondweg Blossoming follows the lives of Amy and her neighbor Bran Ducanahan the summer they turn ten Amy has begun reading the national epAmy Unbounded Belondweg Blossoming collects issues 7 12 of Rachel Hartman s award winning comic book, and includes an introduction by Linda Medley, a dramatis personae for new readers, and a few extra pages of silliness at the back Belondweg Blossoming follows the lives of Amy and her neighbor Bran Ducanahan the summer they turn ten Amy has begun reading the national epic, Belondweg, about a semi mythical queen of the same name who united Goredd and saved her people from invaders Amy only wishes her own life were half as exciting But how is life supposed to live up to literature when your mother is a semi domesticated barbarian, all the knights you know are banished, and the only dragon you have ever met is a geeky grad student Join Amy as she dances the Two foot, wears a really ugly bridesmaid s dress, becomes friends in spite of everything with Bran, imitates the patron saint of ducks, flees from rampaging sheep, learns that love doesn t always conquer all, chugs buttermilk, and begins to understand that even Belondweg didn t have to save the world all by herself Winner of the 2001 Xeric Grant.
    Amy Unbounded: Belondweg Blossoming By Rachel Hartman

    • [PDF] Amy Unbounded: Belondweg Blossoming | by ☆ Rachel Hartman
      289 Rachel Hartman
    Amy Unbounded: Belondweg Blossoming

    One thought on “Amy Unbounded: Belondweg Blossoming

    1. Jaylia3 on said:

      Before she wrote Seraphina and the just released Shadow Scale, Rachel Hartman created comics set in the same rich and wonderfully elaborate world of humans and dragons Amy Unbounded is a collection of stories 7 through 12 from that series, bound together to be like a graphic novel Set some years before the events of Seraphina, these stories feature spunky 10 year old Amy, a Goreddi combination of Anne of Green Gables and Harriet the Spy, as well as earlier versions of several of the characters D [...]

    2. Jaclyn on said:

      I d been wanting to read Rachel Hartman s SERAPHINA so much that I actually preordered it, and once I started reading it, I realized that I was loving it so much that I just HAD to immediately order this graphic novel she had done earlier, set in the same world, as well And then I ended up reading it first Graphic novels are my favorite storytelling medium, I must confess.This story really has everything I want in a graphic novel, too The characters are lovable The world is intimate and well ren [...]

    3. Allen Garvin on said:

      Completely utterly charming graphic novel through the eyes of Amy, a young daughter of a weaver father and barbarian sort of mother It has its triumphs, and also some very sad moments, especially with her friend the dragon Lalo who is in the form of a young human scholar just just perfect Recommended to everyone, if you can find a copy.

    4. Millenia on said:

      I loved her book Seraphina Unfortunately, her comics seem to be unavailable in most places where you buy comics, which means that I will have to suffer many pains to hunt this down Things like THE NAME OF THE TOAD, a charming and hilarious webcomic Hartman made, guarantee it ll be worth it.Oh, and the afforementioned comic has a bug early on that won t allow you to go from one page to another Here is the link to the other page But srsly read it It s just one big slice of delight, a trickster sto [...]

    5. Allan on said:

      This is one of my favorite comics ever It s about a young girl growing up, but it s neither kidsy nor overly adult It s got silly games and serious dilemmas and country recipes and folktales and mystery and scholarship and feminism and butterchurn accidents I love this book and go back to it over and over.

    6. Jenn Bennington on said:

      I loved Amy Unbounded when it was coming out as a zine and I just ran across my old copies in a box of old comics Can t wait to read them all again and share them with my son, who is now 8 and a fledgling comic geek in his own right.

    7. Karen on said:

      I also have and very much enjoyed amy unbounded, the ashcan series 1,2,3,4 and 5.

    8. Rob McMonigal on said:

      I got this because it had an introduction by Linda Medley, author of the excellent Castle Waiting series It has similar themes a medieval setting, strong female characters, railing against the arbitrary patriarchy, and so on, but all through it, I found something missing It took me until I was three quarters of the way through to realize what it is pacing While Medley s stories move quickly, keeping the reader engaged, this was far slower, and once things slow down, your mind starts to focus on [...]

    9. Nicole on said:

      This was charming and fun and I especially enjoyed it as a contrast to my mildly depressing previous read.

    10. Beka on said:

      Though I sometimes had problems remembering which characters were which, I did enjoy this graphic novel of characters from the world of Seraphina.

    11. Estara on said:

      Of course it s not manga but with the little graphic novels I own I don t see the point of a new tag This is a GREAT graphic novel for girls who are about to become teenagers, readers who love historical fantasy and humour and really strong heroines.I wish she had written in this world._____________________________And she has, which is why I reread this after reading Seraphina, although the time line has Amy happening earlier the dragon character here is mentioned as a scholarly writerish book [...]

    12. Maron Anrow on said:

      I enjoyed Seraphina a great deal and wanted , so I was excited to see that Rachel Hartman had written a graphic novel set in the same world Because the author is the illustrator, this meant I could see the world through her own eyes which I was very curious to do Amy Unbounded does have a different setting than Seraphina the former is concerned with the day to day activities of people in a small medieval village, whereas the latter took place mostly at court , but it s still clearly the same wor [...]

    13. Anoush Emrazian on said:

      I picked this up based on the author only With no other idea as to what it was about, I started out a big confused and not totally convinced As I got to know the characters and watched Amy grow, I became interested in the outcome.In this book, there are several different problems, mostly related to the role of women in this past society and how they are treated and what rights they do or don t have Some of these stories have happy endings, some have sad endings and some stories are simply not y [...]

    14. Debbie on said:

      Like many others, I stumbled across this graphic novel after reading Seraphina and desperately wanting This is a very sweet story told from the POV of Amy, a child who lives as a peasant in Goredd I loved the little glimmers of Seraphina s world that I saw long before the book was ever written.As a stand alone story, Amy Unbounded works It s a coming of age story where Amy discovers that the world isn t always fair, but in the end still moves forward I really enjoyed this and hope that Hartman [...]

    15. Caitlin on said:

      I read this book because I loved Seraphina and when looking at reviews on for this book, they were all very positive.I really enjoyed it Some parts OK, most were really funny, it was easy to distinguish even for me the different characters from each other The only thing that really disappoints me is that I know there is as much material from the serial that hasn t been published in book form and I can t get

    16. Virginia on said:

      This was a cute story as with Seraphina, I really appreciated how fleshed out the world is So much detail The characters are not as developed in this story, but it was still sweet I am impressed that the author both wrote and illustrated this 3.5 stars, if possible

    17. Kirsten on said:

      I stumbled upon this in an online discussion of Seraphina, and figured I should check it out I liked it, but the pacing is a bit uneven Still, it s cute, and a nice early glimpse into the same world as Seraphina.

    18. Nicole on said:

      PG young adult loveliness i really enjoyed the characters and the world this book exists in.

    19. Bets on said:

      yay, there s balm in Goredd for a fledgling Seraphina addict I can t wait to look for this book.I wonder if Amy and Bran Ducanahan are precursors of the meta fictional Amaline Ducanahan

    20. CJ - It's only a Paper Moon on said:

      Pretty sure I read this a long time ago Bout the same time I read the first Castle Waiting.I liked it but I might need to reread

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