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Stuck on Earth

Stuck on Earth By David Klass Stuck on Earth Ketchvar III s mission is simple travel to Planet Earth inhabit the body of an average teenager and determine if the human race should be annihilated And so Ketchvar who to human eyes looks just l

  • Title: Stuck on Earth
  • Author: David Klass
  • ISBN: 9780374399511
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Stuck on Earth By David Klass Ketchvar III s mission is simple travel to Planet Earth, inhabit the body of an average teenager, and determine if the human race should be annihilated And so Ketchvar who, to human eyes, looks just like a common snail crawls into the brain of one Tom Filber and attempts to do his analysis At first glance, Tom appears to be the perfect specimen fourteen years old, goodKetchvar III s mission is simple travel to Planet Earth, inhabit the body of an average teenager, and determine if the human race should be annihilated And so Ketchvar who, to human eyes, looks just like a common snail crawls into the brain of one Tom Filber and attempts to do his analysis At first glance, Tom appears to be the perfect specimen fourteen years old, good health, above average intelligence But it soon becomes apparent that Tom Filber may be a little too average gawky, awkward, and utterly abhorred by his peers An alien within an alien s skin, Ketchvar quickly finds himself wrapped up in the daily drama of teenage life infuriating family members, raging bullies, and undeniably beautiful next door neighbors And the entangled Ketchvar becomes, the harder it is to answer the question he was sent to Earth to resolve Should the Sandovinians release the Gagnerian Death Ray and erase the human species for good Or is it possible that Homo sapiens really are worth saving Wickedly wry and hysterically skewed, David Klass s take on teen life on our fabulously flawed Planet Earth is an engrossing look at true friends, truer enemies, and awkward alien first kisses.Stuck on Earth is a 2011 Bank Street Best Children s Book of the Year.
    Stuck on Earth By David Klass

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    Stuck on Earth

    One thought on “Stuck on Earth

    1. LJ on said:

      This is the story of Ketchvar III, a gastropod from the planet Sandoval who wiggles his way into the body of Tom Filber, a fourteen year old incoming freshman Why Ketchvar must decide the fate of the human race will they be annihilated, or allowed to muddle along, barely able to conduct their own lives, let alone take care of planet earth There s plenty of evidence for the decision to annihilate humans In Ketchvar s opinion, they ve driven their beautiful planet towards the brink of an untimely [...]

    2. Susan on said:

      Predictable story about an alien sent to earth to determine whether or not the planet s inhabitants are worth sparing Naturally the alien evaluator a.k.a Ketchvar has to occupy a body to do a real investigation and naturally he ends up taking over the body of the most tormented boy on the planet a.k.a Tom Hardly any of the dialogue has a natural ring to it characters trot out oddly dated expressions like fix your wagon or clean your clock and I have a hard time believing any respectable high sch [...]

    3. Andree Sanborn on said:

      Stuck on EarthOf the DCF books I have read, this is my favorite I was very doubtful that I would like this in the beginning but Klass quickly got my attention, made me smile, horrified me with some scenes and generally got me totally involved in the life of Tom Filber, the main character The book moves quickly and is rich with detail A wrench is thrown into the plot just after the midpoint of the novel and continues until the end This wrench will create marvelous classroom discussions that every [...]

    4. Ian Chan on said:

      While reading Stuck on Earth by David Klass, I was engaged with the book after Chapter 5 This book is about a boy named Tom who is an weird alien who goes through hardships within his life on Earth Fortunately, Tom met this pretty girl named Michelle Peabody who was originally Scott s girlfriends, but towards the end of book, Michelle end up liking Tom because of his personality I would recommend reading this book because this book isn t just Science Fiction it has a little bit of Romance in thi [...]

    5. Dylan S on said:

      I am currently reading Stuck On Earth by David Klass I think the theme of my book is bullying because my main character Tom is an overweight alien I can tell this is the theme because kids like to pick on them they call him lots of mean names like doughnut head, fat so, pimple face, and chunky muffin At school during recess bully s like to punch him, kick him, and make fun of him, and at home his sister is mean and obnoxious to him and punches and kicks him, once she even threw him out the windo [...]

    6. Aiyana on said:

      Marvelous Earth through the eyes of skeptical aliens or is it really about our species own judgment of ourselves and each other The book starts off as a bit simplistic, lighthearted, and witty, but becomes increasingly complex and thought provoking If you find yourself rolling your eyes at the silliness of the first few chapters, keep reading and I think you ll be pleasantly surprised.

    7. Allison Anders on said:

      David Klass s Stuck On Earth captured me with the interesting story line and surprising ending The author gives us the perspective of Ketchvar, as he controls the mind of Tom, and tries to survive the 9th grade Even though it proves to be a tough task Tom is constantly bullied at his school, but with his new friendship with Michelle the neighbor girl, he puts an end to the nonstop dread of school.The story takes place in New Jersey, in a small town called Barrisford Our main character has an ord [...]

    8. Debra Daniels-zeller on said:

      I don t usually slect science fiction but picked this book up on Best Bets and found the story rather intriguing A snail from another planet takes over a 14 year old s mind in order to decide whether the human race should live or be killed The determining factor was whether humans were capable of producing anything at all worth while I think some of the characters had limited dimensions for the story, but the main character was cute and I like the way the snail took over his brain Bullies, girls [...]

    9. Kathy Wawer on said:

      A snail like alien takes over 14 year old Tom Filbur s brain to determine whether the human race has enough redeeming qualities to avoid annihilation by death ray so that another alien race can move in Watching Tom being bullied and ignored from an alien point of view is wickedly funny and skewered What starts as an ordinary alien meets teenager trope deepens into a clever look at the travails of being human and how we perceive and react to one another.

    10. Ezrel ZaBu on said:

      Este libro retrata muchos de los problemas m s mundanos desde la perspectiva de un Alien eso lo hace tan divertido, ver la vida desde otra perspectiva y cambiar el rumbo de las cosas La escritura de David Klass es muy ligera y entretenida, con la cantidad necesaria de detalle en esos momentos en los que lo necesita Muy recomendable como una buena lectura ligera.

    11. Celeste Martin on said:

      I liked the cliffhangers in this book and I liked the mission s purpose and question Is the human race going to be annihilated or saved Ketchvar III s time on Earth as Tom Filber is shocking and exciting I really liked this book I recommend it to ages 9 13.

    12. Sally Kruger on said:

      Tom Filber is constantly taunted by his neighbors and classmates They have nicknamed him Alien Little does he know he is considered to be a perfect fourteen year old subject whose body is about to be taken over by a real, snail like alien by the name of Ketchvar III.Ketchvar III has been sent from his home planet to study humans and return with a report indicating whether or not the human race is worth preserving Ketchvar assures a frightened Tom that the takeover of his body will be painless Ke [...]

    13. Abbie on said:

      I am a little perplexed about this book I think it s a good concept, but I m not sure about the execution Ketchvar is a gastropod alien who has been sent by the Galactic Confederation to evaluate earth and humanity to determine if humanity should be wiped off the planet to make way for another species whose planet is about to be destroyed by a supernova sun.Ketchvar inhabits the body of a fourteen year old boy named Tom Filber Tom s mother is violent and bitter, his father is defeated and ineffe [...]

    14. Jeremy Bostick on said:

      Stuck on Earth Francis Foster books, 2010, 227 PP 16.99David Klass ISBN 978 0 374 39951 1 Enter Ketchvar III, a slug like alien, entering Tom Filber an average teenager with not so average problems, his parents don t have enough money to make ends meet and he has been alienated by his schoolmates Now Ketchvar has chosen Tom to be his test subject to determine if human beings are worthy for their home planet Earth This might not go well I thought this book was okay, but not great because of many [...]

    15. Luke Sewell on said:

      The book stuck on earth was a phenomenal book in my eyes I felt that the book did a great job appealing to what I had wanted The book was supposed to be a science fiction comedy but really all it needed to be was a science fiction book Some of the parts were funny and I will give you that but all in all I felt that this book was not as funny as I had hoped It was funny at very certain parts but mostly it could have just been a book on how an alien was judging the human race The main characters o [...]

    16. Jeretta Hall-Robinson on said:

      Stuck on Earth is a cute story of how an alien comes down to Earth, takes over the body of a geeky teenage boy and has to evaluate if the human race should survive or be terminated so the planet can be given to someone else The first few chapters are extremely funny The alien, Ketchvar III, has a difficult time adapting to Tom Filber s tough home life and even tougher school situation When things start to go wrong, Ketchvar needs to get out of here fast But his ship has temporarily been summoned [...]

    17. Angela on said:

      What a delightful read Now, I am sure I am reading far into this book then I should, but hey that s the beautiful of a story It is all up to the reader s interpretation Here s my take on the book and why I liked it so much Stuck on Earth is the story of Ketchvar the Third, a snail like alien from another planet who has been tasked with a mission The mission To decide whether or not Earth should be destroyed And how will he decide By inhabiting a human s body Tom Filber, to be exact and living a [...]

    18. Samantha on said:

      I purchased this book about a fourteen year old boy who is taken over by an alien life form in the alien s attempt to determine the value of humankind because it was on the recommended titles list developed by The Child Study Children s Book Committee at Bank Street College, which is no shabby group It was recommended for students age 12 14 What the recommendation along with others I found did not say was that within the first 20 pages, you will encounter a colorful variety of curse words Not th [...]

    19. Ahna Sky on said:

      I read in the past couple months Stuck on Earth by David Klass This book is a science fictional story about an alien who abducts a normal teenage boy, Tom Filber, goes inside him and takes over his brain, and lives a normal American teenager s life to determine if the alien race should destroy all human life The story starts out with the boy s back round He has a mean stepmother, a bratty sister, and an alcoholic dad who spends his time upstairs in front of the TV But don t worry, there is one g [...]

    20. Miranda Clark on said:

      Klass does such a good job with this sci fi psychological novel, that along with the main character, the reader begins to question what is in fact, real, and what is imagined Set against the backdrop of a typical American high school, and told from the perspective of Kechvar II who is residing in the nasal passage of freshman Tom Filber, this story is at first glance unbelievable Ketchvar s voice is transparently adult like, cold and condescending One suspects that Klass had a hard time discerni [...]

    21. Ms. Yingling on said:

      Fun science fiction Ketchvar comes to earth and takes over the body of the ill fated Tom Filber by crawling through his nose and implanting himself in Tom s brain Ketchvar can access Tom thoughts if he needs them while he is evaluating whether or not the earth should be destroyed, but does act and talk in decidedly alien ways while he isn t Tom wasn t a good choice for a host his family life is impossible, and he is a target of bullies in his school Ketchvar reports back to his planet, hiding hi [...]

    22. LCPL Teens on said:

      David Klass Stuck on Earth is a quirky, humorous look at humanity through the eyes of Ketchvar, a snail like alien whose job it is to evaluate whether there is enough merit in the society created by homo sapiens to spare their lives If humanity is not worth saving, a death ray will annihilate the species, making room on earth for an alien society whose sun is about to supernova Ketchvar inhabits the body of a bullied 14 year old boy, named Tom whose problems also include an abusive mom, an alcoh [...]

    23. Mary Meghan on said:

      Stuck on Earth was an 8 out of ten.I found this book by myself just plucked it off the shelf after seeing the title on the side Then I read the back and cover flaps, and decided to read it, and I am glad I did I found a funny, original story I found some of the vocabulary of the high schoolers not very accurate of how they really speak, and the cursing added nothing to the story line Perhaps it was just to make sure the book was placed under the young adult genre, because it was very simple.The [...]

    24. P.M. on said:

      Ketchvar , a 2,000 year old Grade 5 Evaluator from Sandoval, has been sent to Earth to decide if the human race is worthy of survival or overdue for elimination It seems that a worthy race is stuck on a planet with a nearby black hole Ketchvar takes over the body of 14 year old freshman Tom Filber to do his undercover work However, Tom is a seemingly poor choice because he is bullied at school and has a nasty, vindictive older sister, an alcoholic father, and an abusive mother Somehow Ketchvar [...]

    25. Sarah Sammis on said:

      Stuck on Earth by David Klass is about Ketchvar III doing reconnaissance work in the body of a teenage boy His goal decide if Earth should be annihilated Ketchvar is a snail shaped and sized creature, small enough to slip into the head of Tom Filber.Tom s isn t exactly happy There s a lot of home stress enough so that those who know Tom begin to suspect he s cracking under the pressure Interestingly, Ketchvar begins to believe this story too.Ketchvar, though, gets caught up in Tom s life and lik [...]

    26. Charlie on said:

      I found many parts of this book hilarious I could not help but laugh out loud Ketchvar, the alien who invades Tom s body is surprised to find out that he is inhabiting a body of a boy who s nickname is Alien Just Ketchvar s luck Ketchvar tries to blend in but with his formal language people start to wonder why Tom is acting like an alien Everyday Ketchvar reports to his mothership but when this reports are sent to the entire student body, Ketchvar questions if he is really an alien or is it in h [...]

    27. Cole.m on said:

      I just finished this book and I loved it so much It s about a snail like thing that lives in deep space was sent to see I the Homo Sapiens, a.k.a humans, should be eradicated to make room for intelligent life forms H I think this is an awful idea because first of all I m a human and the second reason is its not fair to destroy a entire race just to make room for another He enters the mind of a unpopular high schooler Henry Tiber Its really hard for Henry to fit in as a 14 year old boy because o [...]

    28. Sean on said:

      I ve never been a big fan of the coming of age I hate the world well maybe I don t novel a la Catcher in the Rye or The Perks of Being a Wallflower David Klass Stuck on Earth suits me better Brisk, fun, and generally light hearted, the book still manages to deal with some of the tumultuous aspects of being an adolescent, but in the creative way of having an alien tasked with deciding the fate of humanity take over the body of a typical 14 year old boy The book is not the most earth shattering yo [...]

    29. Librariann on said:

      Ages 11 Booktalk Do not be alarmed, earthling My name is Ketchvar Please try to relax I have no plans to ingest you Nor am I interested in dissecting you to learn about human anatomy And here s some good news I also do not intend to try to impregnate you.You were chosen because you were the perfect age We need a fourteen year old It is a great honor It won t hurt It will all be over in a second I m just going to slither through your nostril, crawl into your cranium, and take possession of your [...]

    30. Kai on said:

      Stuck on Earth by by David Klass was definitely not the best book i have ever read but it still was full of adventure Even though I found it a bit cheesy with all the alien stuff, it still was able to hook me and it turned out to be an okay book it has a lot of experiences that most kids could relate too.The story is about a species of aliens from a distant planet that have deployed an to earth and take control of the human body and figure out if the species should be annihilated the alien, keth [...]

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