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Stranger and Stranger

Stranger and Stranger By Rob Reger Jessica Gruner Buzz Parker Stranger and Stranger Emily is A mad scientist A cat lover A mural painter A golem builder A virtuo spastic guitarist A wicked skater A wily troublemaker A poltergeist tamer A mystery solver A master prankster

  • Title: Stranger and Stranger
  • Author: Rob Reger Jessica Gruner Buzz Parker
  • ISBN: 9780061452321
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Stranger and Stranger By Rob Reger Jessica Gruner Buzz Parker Emily is 1 A mad scientist2 A cat lover3 A mural painter 4 A golem builder5 A virtuo spastic guitarist6 A wicked skater7 A wily troublemaker8 A poltergeist tamer9 A mystery solver10 A master prankster11 An eXtreme procrastinator12 A happy loner 13 A unique individual and now there are two of her.
    Stranger and Stranger By Rob Reger Jessica Gruner Buzz Parker

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      273 Rob Reger Jessica Gruner Buzz Parker
    Stranger and Stranger

    One thought on “Stranger and Stranger

    1. Reading Vacation on said:

      REVIEWI am going to be like Emily and make a 13 things list as my review.What I liked about Strange and Stranger.1 TWO Emilies 2 A cat translator that works.3 OtherMe aka SuperAnnoyingMe aka EvilOne.4 Venus Fang Fang the super secret ex spy.5 Emily s duplicator machine.6 Varking hamdacks that s Emily s way of saying a bad word 7 A cover with four cats and two Emilies.8 Lists of 13 things like Top 13 thoughts running through my head as we waited at the car for Search and Rescue to arrive 9 Drawin [...]

    2. Readingtween on said:

      I love Emily the Strange books They re STRANGE I thought they were hilarious I m addicted to these books I m also totally digging the cover I am always entertained and laughing out loud, when I read this series And NO I m NOT too old for this series either Anyone in their right mind would read these books All her little made up curse words lists of 13 and conversations with people just crack me up I felt sometimes the plot was a little predictable, but, it wasn t to the point were I was annoyed [...]

    3. Mauoijenn ~ *Mouthy Jenn* ~ on said:

      I like that she s a cat lover.That s about it.I guess I m just not getting these books.Maybe if I was 12 and not 36 Oh well One try and I m done with Emily the Strange.

    4. Adela Cacovean on said:

      English review, followed by the Romanian translation of the review Recenzie n englez , urmat de traducerea n rom n a recenziei In this second novel of the fantastic series of Emily the Strange, we are dealing with an even stranger situation than in the first one, as you could probably tell from the title of the book.The chain of strange events begins when Emily is trying to make her invention the Duplicator work and she accidentally duplicates herself, and thus OtherMe is born At first, the two [...]

    5. Elhaym on said:

      Nem voltam mindennel megel gedve, de a t rt net annyira vicces, elborult, morbid, h tborzongat , meglepet sekkel s fur bbn l fur bb karakterekkel teli, hogy egy id ut n m r nem t r dtem az apr hib kkal.B vebben elhaym.wordpress 2015 02

    6. AennA on said:

      The third book of the four stories under Emily the Strange series, Stranger and Stranger is so far my favorite I have not read the fourth one, yet Starting off from Emily and her mom s attempt to pack all their things as they move to another town, her mischievous life was unraveled As always, our characters room is filled with weird inventions and creatures, and it s getting harder for her to finish her duties Eventually, we ll be introduced to one of her inventions which will accidentally doubl [...]

    7. Michelle on said:

      13 Things I enjoyed about Emily the Strange 1 She says made up silly swears like frabbing , flamjars , gobfarks , flagbrakes, varking hamdacks , gabfrax , grakking vertfarks , and craphounds.2 Every thing is in black, white and red My fav colors 3 She giggles at immature humor like the word poopcake lol and thought it was funny when her cat pooped outside of the litter box Sabbath thinks outside the box AHAHAHA 4 Diary seems authentic with scribbles, doodles, drool stains, Polaroid pics, etc.5 E [...]

    8. Emily the Strange on said:

      Seems the Other Emily sent my top secret diary to a major book publisher She is DIABOLICAL Man, I wish I had thought of sending her diary to get published first

    9. Elia Strom on said:

      era hora de terminar de leerlo, no me mato.Recuerdo que en su poca me gust pero seguramente porque era m s peque a.ahora ya m s madura y habiendo le do otras cosas no me parece tan buenos libroslo me falta leer el cuarto, creo que no sera pronto.

    10. Honya on said:

      I really, really enjoy the Emily the Strange series They are not your average always do the right thing, empathize with others, etc sort of story, for sure What they are is quirky, funny, smart, dark, and full of self confident girl power Not right for everyone, I m sure, but loads of fun in my opinion The entire story is told in journal entries, and Emily s unusual extremely brainy and non at all socially inclined personality shines through brilliantly throughout This was sort of weird, but eff [...]

    11. Reading Teen on said:

      I love Emily the Strange books They re STRANGE I thought they were hilarious I m addicted to these books I m also totally digging the cover I am always entertained and laughing out loud, when I read this series And NO I m NOT too old for this series either Anyone in their right mind would read these books All her little made up curse words lists of 13 and conversations with people just crack me up I felt sometimes the plot was a little predictable, but, it wasn t to the point were I was annoyed [...]

    12. Miss Ryoko on said:

      It s been a while since I ve finished this book so it s not really fresh in my mind as I finally get around to reviewing the book.The Emily books are not amazing or awesome, but they aren t horrible I really enjoy Emily as a character The stories are just there and they are neither super interesting nor super boring They are enough to hold your attention but I am not jumping out of my seat or recommending the books to anyone I like Emily s language and her stories are always slightly outrageous [...]

    13. Nikki on said:

      In my opinion this was a lot better than the first Emily the Strange book, The Lost Days In both books, it s really fun to read about a protagonist who s completely unrealistic and deliciously evil, but the plot of this second novel was enjoyable to me Emily gets split into two people and the first part of the story is told by one half of her, the second part by the other Seeing the story from these two perspectives was very interesting and it made you realise how easy it is to accept one visio [...]

    14. Linda Vituma on said:

      K teica mana filolo isk draudzene Ilze LA Nav svar gi, k da vecuma m r auditorijai gr mata rakst ta, galvenais, lai t ir laba literat ra Esmu iek pusi pusaud u, jaunie u literat ras up Izbaudu Skaistums ir t ac s, kur skat s un katrs jau izlasa to, kas vi am aktu li T ar man bija, bija aktu li gr mat aprakst tie procesi Piln gi br nos, varb t k di aizkav ju ies svar gie pusaud u darbi man iek j realit t paveicami.Bet, nu, lasiet pa i

    15. Kelly Moore on said:

      I really enjoyed the first book in this series, but this one was a bit of a letdown I found it very boring at the beginning it took forever for anything at all to happen When the mystery finally got going, I was intrigued, but then the whole thing fell a bit flat again Bummer Still, I like the illustrations and the diary format Maybe the third one will be better.

    16. Liz H Redd's Reads on said:

      I read this one after book 3, which meant that the chronology was slightly botched in my head however, I enjoyed this book as much as the others Emily is quirky enough to make anything sound like fun even when it goes wrong

    17. Courtney on said:

      Amanda Baltz, if you ever read this book, you would be hearing it in Stephanie Williams voice I kid you not I felt like I was reading an alternate universe Stephanie.

    18. Heather on said:

      I liked Emily better when she had amnesia, so this book was harder for me to get into About halfway through, though, it really started to pick up Quite ridiculous and funny.

    19. BookLady on said:

      Wow Una gran decepci n El c mic de Emily siempre se me hizo muy bueno y cre que la novelita ser a igual o mejor Error Desde antes de llegar a la mitad del libro, mi inter s fue declinando y no porque fuera extra o o raro, como es normal en el mundo de Emily sino m s bien aburrido y repetitivo Despu s del gran xito al crear un Golem zombie sirvienta llamada Raven, ahora Emily se muda de casa y decide dar el gran paso dentro de sus metas cient ficas al crear una m quina duplicadora de seres vivos [...]

    20. Raven R. on said:

      Not gonna lie I was kinda bored I used to be hella into the whole Emily the Strange thing, but I guess I m out of my goth days A bit too old for it, which is shocking cause I LOVE disney I will say I was interested in the plot, but it took so long for it to come to a conclusion It felt an awful lot like it was being unnecessarily and painfully being drawn out Otherwise I loved the sketches, the characters were mediocre, a little peeved they introduced the possibility of a love interest because i [...]

    21. Natasha GJ Nanny Nakia on said:

      Nanny BooksCada vez m s extra a es el segundo tomo de la saga de Emily the Strange que han creado conjuntamente Rob Reger y Jessica Gruner Como ya les hab a contado en la rese a de Los d as perdidos, libro anterior a este, Emily naci como una ilustraci n en una tabla de skate y termin convertida en todo un icono Como soy super fan de esta extra a chica que gusta vestirse de negro, entender n que am esta novela Much simo m s que la anterior.Todos los libros de esta saga vienen en un formato muy a [...]

    22. Xyra on said:

      This is 3.5 stars out of 5.What I really liked about this book 1 Colors the red, black, white and grey mingled nicely and kept me intrigued.2 Endpapers LOVE that the endpaper design is the name Emily over and over.3 Format it s a journal with loads of different kinds of entries lists, paragraphs, quick thoughts, pictures, doodles, scribbles, transcriptions, rewritesyou get the idea.4 Thirteen not only is Emily 13 years old, but she loves this number and all her lists have 13 items.5 Cats Emily [...]

    23. Stephaniefrom Books Paradise on said:

      Emily ist fast ein gew hnliches 13 Jahre altes M dchen, g be es da nicht diese kleinen Unterschiede Emily tr gt nur Schwarz, ihr Zimmer ist schwarz gestrichen und sonnenlicht undurchl ssig Tags ber schl ft Emily und nachts macht sie sich auf den Weg die Gegend zu erkunden, neue Geheimpfade und Abk rzungen zu finden oder um eine Runde im Skaterpark zu drehen Wieder zu Hause t ftelt sie an ihren skurrilen wissenschaftlichen Experimente einen aus Raben Leichenteieln erschaffenen Golem, ihre Duplika [...]

    24. Jennifer Wardrip on said:

      Reviewed by Lauren Ashley for TeensReadTooEmily the Strange is back in her second novel, STRANGER AND STRANGER The last mystery has been solved and now her, her mom, and her awesome cats are off to another oddly titled city Once there though, Emily finds a way to duplicate herself and now has an OtherMe to deal with.Things seem great at first the two of them work on a Master Prank, turning everyone in the town strange Emily finds a secret sewer to design a mural on though she keeps this to herse [...]

    25. Melissa on said:

      Emily is certainly one strange girl and now, there s two of her Stranger and Stranger starts off with Emily and her mom packing or in Emily s case, trying to as they are leaving the town of Blandidulle Eventually, they do manage to conquer packing and move to this new town of Silifordville Emily starts to occupy her nights by exploring her new home and working on her duplicator Success comes in the form of a second Emily At first, both are thrilled with each other, but soon, it becomes clear tha [...]

    26. Sarah Sammis on said:

      In my mind, Emily the Strange is a young Abby Sciuto in that she s a mad scientist Goth with her own code of ethics that may or may not align with everyone else In Emily the Strange The Lost Days, Emily has to rediscover herself and her strengths and weaknesses By the second book, Emily the Strange Stranger and Stranger by Rob Reger, Jessica Gruner and illustrated by Buzz Parer, Emily has her memory restored so we get to see of what she might really be like.But there s a twist While it might se [...]

    27. Kimberly Erskine on said:

      In Emily the Strange Stranger and Stranger Emily is just as strange as before, only now there is two of her After moving to the town of Silifordville, Emily comes up with a master prank of duplicating all of the residents However, her plan backfires when she accidentally duplicates herself while testing out her duplicating machine At first having a twin sister doesn t seem so bad Emily s OtherMe is able to help her accomplish scientific tasks and plan a new ultimate prank twice as fast However, [...]

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