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Turkey Trouble

Turkey Trouble By Wendi Silvano Lee Harper Turkey Trouble Turkey is in trouble Bad trouble The kind of trouble where it s almost Thanksgiving and you re the maincourse But Turkey has an idea what if he doesn t look like a turkey What if he looks like another

  • Title: Turkey Trouble
  • Author: Wendi Silvano Lee Harper
  • ISBN: 9780761455295
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Turkey Trouble By Wendi Silvano Lee Harper Turkey is in trouble Bad trouble The kind of trouble where it s almost Thanksgiving and you re the maincourse But Turkey has an idea what if he doesn t look like a turkey What if he looks like another animal instead After many hilarious attempts, Turkey comes up with the perfect disguise to make this Thanksgiving the best ever Wendi Silvano s comical story is peTurkey is in trouble Bad trouble The kind of trouble where it s almost Thanksgiving and you re the maincourse But Turkey has an idea what if he doesn t look like a turkey What if he looks like another animal instead After many hilarious attempts, Turkey comes up with the perfect disguise to make this Thanksgiving the best ever Wendi Silvano s comical story is perfectly matched by Lee Harper s watercolors.
    Turkey Trouble By Wendi Silvano Lee Harper

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      357 Wendi Silvano Lee Harper
    Turkey Trouble

    One thought on “Turkey Trouble

    1. Mariah on said:

      I read this book to my students and they really enjoyed how clever the turkey was Turkey is in trouble Bad trouble The kind of trouble where it s almost Thanksgiving and you re the main course But Turkey has an idea what if he doesn t look like a turkey What if he looks like another animal instead After many hilarious attempts, Turkey comes up with the perfect disguise to make this Thanksgiving the best ever

    2. Kathryn on said:

      This is a really fun Thanksgiving story The premise is the one you ve probably seen many times before the poor turkey realizes he is going to be on the menu for Thanksgiving dinner and he has to try to save himself What sets this apart are the funny disguises the turkey takes, trying to blend in with other farm animals, and the clever word play I think kids will really enjoy this As a vegan, I am personally not very fond of the turkey in trouble scenario but in this case, it worked for me The en [...]

    3. Sheri on said:

      I heard about this story through Julie Hedlund s 12 x 12 pb challenge It is a funny story and the m.c Turkey has great imagination to survive Thanksgiving The illustrations by Lee Harper are great, too Especially the farm animals illustrations and turkey s costumes I will definitely buy this one for my grandkids but will have to save it till this year s holidays.

    4. Doreen on said:

      I m still laughing This is just the sweetest story about poor Turkey, who tries to conceal himself from Farmer Jake, hoping to not be selected for Thanksgiving dinner He employs many disguises.a paintbrush, a saddle, a pair of funky eyeglasses, and other itemsl to help him look like other farmyard animals The story is adorable, but the illustrations are what truly cause the belly laughs Poor Turkey The different expressions on his face are priceless I read it aloud to my husband as he sat beside [...]

    5. Angela Lambkin on said:

      WOW hat a clever and funny turkey storyWhat a cute and creative idea this was and besutiful illustrations I would just make a suggestion to have a larger print than this font style was as it was hard to read between such tiny print and it being then so difficult to be able to distinguish from the background as well So for these reasons, this is why I recommending this for a rating of four stars and for younger kids to have their parents or older persons in their lives to read this to them I rece [...]

    6. Laura on said:

      Turkey Trouble is a silly story of a turkey who doesn t want to end of being the main course of this year s Thanksgiving dinner so he tries to disguise himself as other animals The audiobook is delightful and my five year old daughter Penelope loves the ending There is also a follow up Christmas book that we enjoy.This review and other Thanksgiving favorites was first posted on my blog at lauragerold 2015

    7. Lauren Fogg on said:

      Thanksgiving is coming up and Turkey knows what that meanshe s going to be the main dish To avoid ending up on everyone s plate for the holiday, Turkey decides to find the perfect disguise so that Farmer Jake cannot find him Turkey pulls off some great disguises, but are they good enough to fool the farmer This was an entertaining story about the silly antics of Turkey, who is quite a clever bird The illustrations take up the entire space of each page, using vibrant colors, as they depict one go [...]

    8. Relyn on said:

      I CAN NOT wait to read this book to my students next Thanksgiving It is my favorite funny Thanksgiving read yet The pictures are great silly and super fun The turkey s own surprise ending has come to be expected in kids Thanksgiving books This one, though, is the best yet I don t think you ll find many kids who will even be able to predict the ending Love it I have GOT to buy this one Classroom Connections holiday read aloud predictions specifically, the ending I think next year I will stop half [...]

    9. Jessica Bingham on said:

      Turkey is in trouble The kind of trouble you are in when it is Thanksgiving and you are the main course I love this story so very much Turkey realizes that he has to disguise himself to keep from being the main dish for the farmer s Thanksgiving dinner He dresses up as a pig, sheep, horse, cow, and then a rooster Waite farmer might eat the rooster since he can t find the turkey So Turkey looks at the vegetable garden and gets the best idea for a disguise yetding, dong The farmer opens the door a [...]

    10. Kassie Houston on said:

      1 Non Fiction2 No awards3 K 24 Through a comical way a Turkey fear his life during Thanksgiving time He goes through a bunch of costumes to avoid being dinner At the end of the day he finds a way to be apart of dinner but not dinner I would read this book during our Thanksgiving unit and have a discussion about different things the students eat on Thanksgiving After I would have them draw a picture of their favorite Thanksgiving item and I would ask them to describe the picture so I can write do [...]

    11. Amy Walters on said:

      Turkey Trouble is a fun book to read to your students around Thanksgiving It made me laugh out loud Throughout the whole book Turkey is disguising himself as other animals, so that the Farmer won t capture him and kill him for Thanksgiving dinner It is fun, silly, and just the right book to read to young children The author does a great job showing Turkey s distress and worry, but still makes the story funny to read I will definitely use this book in my classroom The book ends in a cute way, too [...]

    12. babyhippoface on said:

      Turkey is in trouble Big trouble It s almost Thanksgiving, and HE S on the menu But what if he didn t looklike a turkey What if he looked like a horse Surely Farmer Jake wouldn t eat a horse for Thanksgiving And so Turkey proceeds to disguise himself as a horse And a pig And a sheep And His disguises are the best part of the book Love the brush attached to the back of his head for a horse s mane Funny and cute stuff for younger elementary.

    13. Teri on said:

      I love the illustrations in this book It is quite similar to Run Turkey, Run by Diane Mayr The turkeys both try disguising themselves as animals I had to see which came first Run, Turkey, Run was written first from what I could see I was just curious The endings are different There is text in the Turkey Trouble book Both are cute I also got the Christmas version, Turkey Claus which is also written by Wendi Silvano and illustrated by Lee Harper.

    14. Sarah Kasper on said:

      Turkey Trouble is a cute story that will have students using their prediction skills the whole way through Turkey is trying to survive the Thanksgiving season, in order to do this, he tries to disguise himself as different animals I would ask students to predict which animal Turkey is going to try and disguise himself as next Repetition would also be a concept to teach using this story And of course, this would be a cute story to read during Thanksgiving time.

    15. Sarah on said:

      The turkey is getting worried when it comes time for Thanksgiving He goes around trying to disguise himself as different animals, but it never quite works His final disguise is looking like a rooster, which works well, but when the farmer can t find the turkey, he decides to eat rooster Panicking, the turkey comes up with a plan to be a pizza deliverer, and brings them pizza to eat instead for dinner It works, and turkey has his best Thanksgiving ever Very funny.

    16. Plethora on said:

      What is turkey to do Thanksgiving is right around the corner and he doesn t want to be the main course So turkey spends the afternoon looking at the other animals on the farm Can a turkey dress up like a horse and succeed Follow along and laugh at the costumes turkey comes up with, they are sure to bring smiles.

    17. Eric on said:

      A great crowd pleaser for the little tykes Wonderful read aloud I just read it today to classes ranging from kindergarten to 5th grade and it suits each, provided a sense of humor is conveyed silly accents help

    18. Liliyana Shadowlyn on said:

      Funny and punny, Turkey Trouble is a perfect Thanksgiving read, especially if you don t do a traditional Thanksgiving Watch as Turkey along with his farm yard friends try to escape being the main course at Thanksgiving.

    19. Hamster on said:

      Fun concept Hilarious illustrations.Thanks Amy for the recommend

    20. Kimberly on said:

      We heard this at story time yesterday It s a clever version of the familiar story of a turkey trying to avoid being the main course for Thanksgiving dinner Fun wordplay and darling illustrations.

    21. Kimberly on said:

      I give this book a 5 star rating.This book is about a turkey trying to escape his death on the Thanksgiving dinner table He tries to blend in as other animals on the farm He tries to be a cow, a pig, and a roaster before the farmer tries to find the turkey After the farmer not being able to find the turkey, the say they can settle with a roaster This makes the turkey come up with a better plan of just having pizza for Thanksgiving and delivering it to the farmer and his family to haveWays to use [...]

    22. Angela on said:

      Hilarious The text and artwork both are cute and make this timeworn story concept really fresh again The cadence and repetition of the text makes for great read aloud potential says the children s librarian The artwork really got me chuckling though I think kids will love identifying all the parts to each costume and trying to guess how he will play each successive animal I have to say that the ending surprised me with a very ingenious solution to the problem I got this book as an ebook deal but [...]

    23. Rachael Benson on said:

      Holy militant people It is a cute Thanksgiving book No one will be brainwashed by reading it, as some reviewers have stated Many people do eat meat, and meat does come fromwait for itals No big surprise there I guess those who wish to shield themselves from that fact could avoid this book and many meat company commercials on tv But it s really a pretty benign children s book Maybe other than the, here turkey, turkey, turkey part which was a bit much lol And this comes from a former PETA activist [...]

    24. Kristyn on said:

      This book was a huge hit The story of this Turkey trying to avoid being eaten for Thanksgiving had me and the kids laughing out loud The illustrations are terrific and make the story lively and energetic I would highly recommend this book to anyone and even though it is set at Thanksgiving time it is a story that can be read all year long.

    25. Jeani on said:

      Great to read to younger children, preschool K, great repetition and for asking children to notice things in the picture that are unsaid in the text Also a nice way to start a conversation about alternatives to Turkey what do families eat on Thanksgiving, etc

    26. Kristen Dutkiewicz on said:

      Turkey is trying desperately to hide from the farmer before he gets caught for Thanksgiving dinner Loved the silly illustrations

    27. Diane Burke on said:

      Makes you smileEnjoyed both the story and the illustrations in this timely tale All the disguises then a perfect solution made me smile

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