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Love's Long Journey

Love's Long Journey By Janette Oke Love s Long Journey Book of Love Comes Softly Clark and Marty s daughter ready to start her own life must rely on faith in the face of homesickness and mounting hardships

  • Title: Love's Long Journey
  • Author: Janette Oke
  • ISBN: 9780764228506
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback
  • Love's Long Journey By Janette Oke Book 3 of Love Comes Softly Clark and Marty s daughter, ready to start her own life, must rely on faith in the face of homesickness and mounting hardships.
    Love's Long Journey By Janette Oke

    Dec , Love s Long Journey Love s Long Journey h Drama, Family, Western TV Movie December Missie s surprise pregnancy sets her on a new course that is both thrilling and terrifying After all the planning and dreaming, she and her husband, Willie, have headed west in a covered See full summary. The sequel to Love Comes Softly and Loves Enduring Promise Newlyweds Missie and Willie LaHaye have made the long journey to their new homestead Together they face many hardships as they build a new life Love s Long Journey Hallmark. I loved the first two as well, Love Comes Softly and Love s Enduring Promise Based on a novel by best selling Christian fiction write Janette Oke, Love s Long Journey, is a heart warming continuation of the story of Missie William LaHaye newly married This movie is Watch a preview for Love s Long Journey, starring Erin Cottrell and Logan Bartholomew Love Finds a Home Watch a preview for Love Finds a Home, starring Sarah

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      134 Janette Oke

    One thought on “Love's Long Journey

    1. Elaina on said:

      Another great book by Janette Oke I do think that I enjoyed the second book slightly though was still a good book all in all Hoping I can find the other 5 books in this series at my local used bookstores or else I might just have to borrow them from the library P.

    2. Julianna on said:

      Reviewed for THC ReviewsLove s Long Journey was another wonderful story in the Love Comes Softly series that is so reminiscent of the Little House on the Prairie books The author really brought to life the stark reality of the hardships on a wagon train and how sometimes people died along the way There was also the sheer boredom and monotony of doing the same things and eating the same things day after day Even once Missie and Willie get settled in a temporary home on the frontier, dangers and b [...]

    3. Bethany on said:

      Love s Long Journey is mainly about Missie and Willie s trip to Willie s recently purchased ranch, where they travel by wagon train to their new homestead At first I thought that a whole book about traveling on a wagon train sounded pretty uneventful, but once I started reading I realized this was not the case as there were many mini adventures that happened during the trip For me the biggest reason why I just loved this book is because of the relationship between Missie and Willie and the wonde [...]

    4. Megan Palasik on said:

      I enjoyed this book a lot I read this book as an audio book, so my experience may be different than others This is the story of Missie, her marriage to Willie LeHaye, and their adventures together creating their life out west The first third of the book or so are their adventures on the wagon train going west It takes them months to reach their destination and many things, from birth to death and everything in between, happen throughout their journey Once they finally reach the town where their [...]

    5. Kristal on said:

      This was my second time reading this book March 2015 This book can be divided up into 2 sections the travel to Willie s land, and then everything that happens once they arrive I m re reading the series this year with hopes of finishing all 8 books this time around unlike in 2012 when I read only 6 They are quick reads and nice brain candy I think books 1, 3 and 4 are my favourite from what I remember What I especially like about this book is the attention to detail and the day to day aspects of [...]

    6. Shannon on said:

      I decided to read this book because I absolutely loved the other books in the series The category on the bingo board that this completes is a book that has been made into a film What I liked about this book was the way that the author wrote it to make the reader feel the characters mixed emotions when different things happened e.g when one of the characters left her childhood home to live on a ranch with her husband she felt sad, happy, excited and nervous at the same time What I didn t like abo [...]

    7. Breane Hoffman on said:

      I have seen the movie series and i think is different I couldn t tell you how different it really is, you would have to judge that yourself I did like the book What I liked was that when the characters were happy you felt happy and when they were sad you felt sad, the book really did show great emotion There really isn t anything that I don t like about it, but I couldn t say that I can t wait to read it again.

    8. Jaetyn Conrad on said:

      I m also re reading this series, it s definitely one of my favorite books in the historical fiction genre Jeanette Oke is a fabulous author who is such a talented writer I also suggest this to anyone

    9. Hanny on said:

      Loved this book If I was to change anything I might have put a bit of comedy but then that might have ruined the whole book I definitely would recommend this book to many.

    10. Diamond Jones on said:

      So far book 3 is my favorite in this series Reading about Missie and her husband s journey was funny, touching and loving.

    11. Sarah on said:

      Willie and Missie LaHaye are setting out for the Wild West and Willie s ranch They ve packed up two wagons and joined a wagon train It s fun experiencing the wagon train through Missie s eyes how she perceives the other people she s traveling Once on the trip, Missie is sure she is pregnant, but she doesn t quite want to tell Willie, worrying how he will react When another woman and her newborn die, Missie is even reluctant Nothing bad happens to their wagon train apart from the mother and baby [...]

    12. Reagan on said:

      Missie, with her new husband, Willie, go West to start a new life They face challenges like homesickness, and the fact that Missie is expecting a baby Then, they face the challenge of building a home, and adjusting to the fact that they are living away from their families But they persevere through all the challenges and hardships they have to face.This is a great book and a real page turner for me I didn t want to stop reading once I d started.

    13. Jemima Kaweesi on said:

      Beautiful story Takes you to another world where life was simple and women did their duties and kept their homes This book has very strong women This is my second time reading this series First read the series when i was thirteen years old.If you are a fan of christian romance that speaks to the heart, Jannette Oke is the writer to look for

    14. Toni J. on said:

      This book really ads to the first two by continuing on with the story The author does a marvelous job of making you fall in love with this story even I definitely recommend this book You will only wish you had read it sooner.

    15. Thelma Fountain on said:

      This story really brings to life what daily life was like on a wagon train Very interesting enjoyable read.

    16. Ritajane on said:

      Loves Long Journey.The journey did continue, ohhhh wow, the hardships they faced, but 5hat made the joy even better please take time to read

    17. Jessica Lindenberg on said:

      Sometimes gets a bit boring, but overall, a very informative and interesting read about what it was exactly like back then Very factual For the most part, loved it

    18. Story_Girl on said:

      When Missie marries her Willie, they embark on a journey across the country, trading crops for cattle and trees for open prairies As Missie travels beside her young husband she comes to a greater understanding of what Marty went through before becoming her Mama And bonds with this strong, inspiring woman who is now many miles away.Missie also has a suspicion One that she is afraid will cut short her journey, so she keeps it from her husband Missie also has to let go of some friends as the trials [...]

    19. Mimi on said:

      This is the third book in a series It details the life of a young wife as she leaves her family to follow her husband s dream of settling out in the West She overcomes homesickness and trials by turning to her Christian faith and support from her husband.If you ve liked other Janette Oke books, this one will not disappoint I think I liked the first book , but that is just my personal taste It is not an amazing book, but it is a solid book, and a good read to help you realize that perhaps your li [...]

    20. Abby on said:

      This book follows Missie and Willie and they head out to homestead a ranch There are a new list of characters, new trials to overcome, and new babies to love God watches over them as they remain true to their faith.

    21. kimberly taylor on said:

      Must have been scaryLeaving home for a young woman is scary even if you move within the same city Moving far away to a place that is unfamiliar and don t know anyone, leaving all comforts behind makes for a very strong woman

    22. Cece on said:

      This book continues the Love Comes Softly series by Jeanette Oke, and follows Marty s daughter Missy and her new husband Willy as they travel across the country to start a new life Missie is pregnant on the trail, so Willie leaves her in town to have the baby with a doctor nearby while he goes on to their land to start building their home and settling the cattle Willie bought land and cattle, and has no money left to build a house The first year, therefore, they live in a sod shanty When Missie [...]

    23. Captmashpea on said:

      I really enjoy the Love Comes softly series And Willie and Missy were some of my favorite characters I really need to reread the first and the second in the series Hard Copy

    24. Brandi on said:

      4.5 starsIt was good the plot, the characters, the setting All good.It was totally different from the movie though Totally I guess the producers were just doing their own thing I would say the movies are very loosely based on the books.I think I both laughed and cried just a tad I chuckled and teared up Didn t hardly even notice the western talk this time.I love seeing the characters grow and it s so special to be able to join their lives I really love it.I would recommend these books the whole [...]

    25. Cleone Lee on said:

      What a sweet storyOh what a sweet love story Their love for one another for their friends, their land and mostly their Father in Heaven.

    26. Mignonne819 Cheng on said:

      Question 1 WEEK 3 the BOOK LOVE S LONG JOURNEY The heroine of book reminds me to feel the life about myself I also felt bored sometimes and wanted to do some things different So I choose to go abroad and leave my country to experience new life I will try my best to full this trip Question 2 WEEK 4 the BOOK LOVE S LONG JOURNEY This story reminds me about a movie named Nights in Rodanthe I watched last year They are alike because they both describe some people just need to take a trip away from th [...]

    27. Rosa Cline on said:

      4 starThis is the third book in the Love Comes Softly series of books You end up loving and becoming a part of the neighborhood family that is within the cover of this book Reading this book opens the door to the next book and you won t be lost or behind just feels like your walking into a kitchen and sitting down to a cup of coffee to visit If you don t have access to the first two books you can pick this one up and go with it, this book the main characters change to a child from the first two [...]

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