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Conspiracies By F. Paul Wilson Conspiracies Repairman Jack F Paul Wilson s vigilante hero from s New York Times bestseller The Tomb and Legacies returns in a thriller that thrusts Jack back into the weird supernatural world that

  • Title: Conspiracies
  • Author: F. Paul Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780812566994
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Conspiracies By F. Paul Wilson Repairman Jack, F Paul Wilson s vigilante hero from 1984 s New York Times bestseller The Tomb and 1998 2 Legacies, returns in a thriller that thrusts Jack back into the weird, supernatural world that he thrives in Looking for clues to mysterious disappearance of leading conspiracy theorist Melanie Ehler Jack attends a convention of bizarre and avid conspiracy theorist.Repairman Jack, F Paul Wilson s vigilante hero from 1984 s New York Times bestseller The Tomb and 1998 2 Legacies, returns in a thriller that thrusts Jack back into the weird, supernatural world that he thrives in Looking for clues to mysterious disappearance of leading conspiracy theorist Melanie Ehler Jack attends a convention of bizarre and avid conspiracy theorist It s a place where aliens are real, the government is out to get you, and the world is hurtling toward an inevitable war of good versus evil incarnate Jack finds that nobody can be trusted and that few people are what they seem Worse yet, Jack s been having vivid dreams that make him wonder whether he s headed for a clash with his own past maybe The Tomb s evil rakoshi beasts aren t through with him quite yet.
    Conspiracies By F. Paul Wilson

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      130 F. Paul Wilson

    One thought on “Conspiracies

    1. Dirk Grobbelaar on said:

      A dream, or real And where did it come from The third Repairman Jack novel, and again it s nothing like the previous two Conspiracies is the weirdest so far it deals with the sort of fringe or pseudo science horror also found in novels like The Bad Place but with a pulpy charm and an endearing vigilante protagonist that just about makes it irresistible Jack felt a raw uneasiness wriggling through his gut, a vague awareness that he was riding toward big trouble.As I ve mentioned in reviews before [...]

    2. Mike (the Paladin) on said:

      Well, Repairman Jack s life is getting much interesting dangerous, possibly unpleasant, definitely confusing.Getting involved with possibly the largest and probably the most diverse group of conspiracy theorists everwhile looking for the enigmatic wife of one of his clients turns out to be than Jack ever bargained for He has assured Gia that this one surely won t be dangerous After all Melanie who has disappeared was only getting ready to reveal her great Unification Theory tying all the extan [...]

    3. Chloe on said:

      I knew my continued persistence with this series would eventually pay off Too many readers who s tastes are similar to mine have recommended it for it to be a total wash Sure, the first two books were so so verging on mediocre, but that s to be expected in a 15 book series Some of them are going to be throwaways Fortunately, I am whorish persistent when it comes to my fluff reads, because Conspiracies finally revealed to me what all the fuss about this Repairman Jack character is all about.This [...]

    4. Nancy Oakes on said:

      Oh my This book was SO good, and I had so much fun reading it Best of all, it ties together every one of the previous novels while adding new elements to the Adversary Cycle And parts of it are funny, especially all the crazy conspiracy theories at the crazy conspiracy groups convention.Don t miss this one, but DO NOT read until you have read all of these in this order The Keep The Tomb The Touch Legacies Reborn If you don t, you will be scratching your head going, huh I m going to be so sad whe [...]

    5. David B on said:

      Repairman Jack goes undercover at a convention of conspiracy nuts in order to find a missing woman He will find her, but most importantly, he will be introduced to the Otherness.I am finally getting into the work of F Paul Wilson, whom I have read so much praise about I have enjoyed his work, but I have to admit to being underwhelmed by it Maybe this is an example of the dangers of too much hype The story is not paced as quickly as I would have liked for example, there is a large section in the [...]

    6. Mike (the Paladin) on said:

      This time Jack gets launched into a larger worlda world that is undreamed of, well except for some few who dare to think outside the box The only people who might have a glimpse of this world, are thenspiracy theorists When Jack is approached to find a missing woman, a business man s wife, it seems a little out of his line But, the husband is so distraught and so worried, Jack decides to see if maybe he can help the poor, sad desperate and apparently somewhat hen pecked schmuck In doing this Jac [...]

    7. Nick on said:

      And the threads from The Keep, Reborn, and The Tomb begin tying together The Tomb was a mix of horror and action Legacies was action and corporate conspiracy Now with Conspiracies we get into sci fi territory A lot of humor in this one too Jack at a convention of whacked out conspiracy nuts

    8. Kelly on said:

      Only F Paul Wilson could write something simultaneously ridiculous and terrifying.

    9. Benjamin Thomas on said:

      I approached this one out of loyalty to friends whose book recommendations I highly respect The Repairman Jack series is always at the top of their lists But frankly I was a little apprehensive because up to this point I had found the series to be good but not outstanding I knew from reading various reviews that there is a large supernatural element to the series but it was fairly minor monster of the week in the first book The Tomb and non existent in the second Legacies It s almost as if Mr Wi [...]

    10. Jadewik on said:

      Welcome to a fix it job gone bad Really bad Jack took this job thinking it would be easy, but it turned out quite the opposite I recommend reading The Tomb and Legacies prior to this book While it does include some background information on the previous novels, I m willing to bet this book is enjoyable if you ve read the previous two and have some inkling of what s been going on with Jack prior to this novel especially since The Tomb and Legacies are so closely tied to the culmination of this n [...]

    11. Jason on said:

      5 Stars Conspiracies book 3 in the Repairman Jack series by F Paul Wilson is my favorite of the series so far I took a big chance and read this book immediately after finishing and enjoying book 2 This book has a little bit of everything in it Action, mystery, comedy, lots of Conspiracies, and quite a bit of mythology Jack is back and thinks he has things under control with his life with Gia, Vicky, and Repairman Jack This story has Jack agree to look into an apparent supernatural case and he qu [...]

    12. Meredith on said:

      Conspiracy should be subtitled Just because you re paranoid it doesn t mean they re not out to get you.Both a solid suspense story of what lurks in the dark as well as rather meta about the nature of people who believe in conspiracies of every shade and type As each of the people Jack meets believe deeply in their own conspiracy theory, but scoff at those of others, Jack starts to question was it means that he believes deeply in what has happened to him while finding himself rolling his eyes at [...]

    13. Ralph on said:

      4.0 out of 5 Dark at times, imaginative, and thrilling.Having started the Repairman Jack series with the early years Cold City, Dark City, and Fear City , I wasn t entirely prepared for where the main story arc would take me It is quite a ride and epic in scope humorous, entertaining, and frightening This is a series to be devoured by the reader or is it the other way around

    14. Matt on said:

      I loved the first two books in the Repairman Jack series but this one was just horrible It was silly and not compelling I can t help but think that Mr Wilson was as bored writing it as I was reading it What a disapointment

    15. Susan on said:

      Do you know Repairman Jack Melanie Ehler tells her husband to get Repairman Jack as he is the only one who can help her Melanie disappeared for a longer time than her husband Lew liked So when Lew hears Melanie s voice on the tv asking for Repairman Jack, he does as she requested Melanie was suppose to attend a conference that was about conspiracies Lew has Jack attend it with him where Jack has some unexpected adventures in the hotel Jack has another job that he is working on This job includes [...]

    16. Micheal Johnson on said:

      If Stephen King Got GoodDo you enjoy well paced, taut thrillers with an edge of supernatural horror that slowly emanates out of the dark corners of your peripheral vision, leaping at you with a crash bang of existentially terrifying goodness Then F Paul Wilson is for you and this work in particular is stellar A handful of days and a colorful cast of side characters surround Repairman Jack, who is fully and consciously pulled into the cosmic conflict at the heart of the Secret History of the Worl [...]

    17. Foster on said:

      I love the fact that this entry in the series has a paranormal aspect to it like the first entry, The Tomb I also like that this book also ties into the first and second stories loosely I was genuinely entertained the whole time Much like another reviewer stated The book was reading itself, and the pacing was spot on The majority of the scenes take place at the SESOUP convention you ll find it what that is early on but it is basically a conspiracy or skeptic s convention That sounds like somethi [...]

    18. Chris Tweitmann on said:

      Just because you re paranoid it doesn t mean they re not out to get youRepairman Jack goes undercover at a convention of conspiracy nuts in order to find a missing woman This book has a little bit of everything in it Action, mystery, comedy, lots of conspiracies, and quite a bit of mythology about something called the Otherness.Having finished and enjoyed book three in this series, I am so grateful to those of you in this group who offered the recommendation to get to know Repairman Jack.

    19. Denise Richter on said:

      Passt ja eigentlich zur jetzigen Verschw rungsstimmung Wenns nicht so traurig w re, k nnte man tats chlich lachen ber diese ganzen Unter , Neben und Hauptgruppierungen der Verschw rungsfanatiker Welche Stelle ist meine Lieblingsstelle Als Jack eine Diskussion um den Tod von Lady Di mitbekommt und auf die Frage, wo sie sich denn jetzt versteckt halten k nnte, nur einwirft Bei Elvis vielleicht Yo, Wasser auf die Fake M hlen

    20. Angel M. on said:

      What a strange story Conspiracy Theorists Welcome I have some bones to pick with Jack For someone who is supposed to be so smart, he makes some really obviously dumb mistakes The ending can a vortex of wind suck a desk, washer, and dryer into it while taking it s time sucking down a jacket with a gun in the pocket Hmmm s a conspiracy Time to catch the next spaceshipn nu, nan nu

    21. Robin on said:

      In The Tomb, Repairman Jack saved New York from a cargo ship full of monsters out of mankind s darkest, oldest nightmare In the sequel, Legacies, he helped his client figure out why a bunch of Saudi oil backed mercenaries were willing to kill for a secret hidden in her late father s brownstone By the time I came to Book 3 in this sixteen book series, I didn t know whether to expect a straight mystery thriller or a novel of fantasy and horror The answer turned out to be Yes.Jack is still trying t [...]

    22. William Malmborg on said:

      Repairman Jack at a conspiracy convention Given his distrust of the government and his determination to live off the grid of society, one would think that Jack would be at home with the people attending and setting up booths and panels at the convention, but this isn t the case In fact, Jack s paranoia toward the government seems pretty sane when compared with the thoughts and theories presented to him within the convention Even his good friend and weapons provider Abe, who sees the collapses of [...]

    23. КостаСивов on said:

      , , 1999 , Home Repairs, 1991 , , 1 .2 , , Nightworld , 3 Otherness , , , .4 , .5 , 6 , 1 1 2 23 10 1 , 2 .

    24. David Agranoff on said:

      This is the third novel in the F.Paul Wilson epic Repairman Jack series and the first one where he ties Jack to the events that will weave into a 15 book story Warning after book two it is possible to walk away from the series it gets much harder after this book.You see Wilson has created a series time commitment because in this novel he is weaving events and a time line together for two separate series The Adversary cycle and Repairman Jack The have the same ending and it is in this book that w [...]

    25. The Cats Mother on said:

      Third in the Repairman Jack series, and I m still not sure about them, although recently found the rest cheap on so have bought them already and suppose I will continue As ever with ebooks, my reading can be a bit disjointed because they are usually competing with a real book, and unless they re really gripping tend to come second unless it s dark or I m away, as now, so it s not necessarily the books fault that I find myself forgetting who characters are and what s going on, but in this case I [...]

    26. Heidi Gonzalez on said:

      Jack always finds himself entangled in mysteries that start out normal and quickly turn into something else Because of this I find myself being reminded of John Connelly s Charlie Parker series particularly because of the good vs evil aspect of these novels Jack is starting to question his choice of business and if he wants to continue or if he should try to go straight and just spend time with his girlfriend Gia and her daughter Vicki.In this book Jack attends a convention on conspiracy theorie [...]

    27. Danny Tyran on said:

      It is the story of Repairman Jack who has to investigate in the middle of a conference of loony tunes who believes in all sorts of conspiracy theories Jack doesn t believe in any of those theories and is always thinking funny things and making jokes about the supposed conspiracies organized by governmental secret agencies, extraterrestrial abductors UFOs , Antichrist, Satan and the End Days, International Cabal of Bankers, the New World OrderThis is full of action I didn t know at all where it w [...]

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