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Unseen Academicals

Unseen Academicals By Terry Pratchett Unseen Academicals Discworld lives on in Unseen Academicals the latest novel from Terry Pratchett Delivering the trademark insight and humor readers the world over have come to expect from the purely funniest English w

  • Title: Unseen Academicals
  • Author: Terry Pratchett
  • ISBN: 9780061161704
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Unseen Academicals By Terry Pratchett Discworld lives on in Unseen Academicals, the latest novel from Terry Pratchett Delivering the trademark insight and humor readers the world over have come to expect from the purely funniest English writer since Wodehouse Washington Post Book World , Unseen Academicals focuses on the wizards at Ankh Morpork s UnseenUniversity, who are reknowned for many things sagacityDiscworld lives on in Unseen Academicals, the latest novel from Terry Pratchett Delivering the trademark insight and humor readers the world over have come to expect from the purely funniest English writer since Wodehouse Washington Post Book World , Unseen Academicals focuses on the wizards at Ankh Morpork s UnseenUniversity, who are reknowned for many things sagacity, magic, and their love of teatime as they attempt to conquer athletics.
    Unseen Academicals By Terry Pratchett

    Unseen Academicals Unseen Academicals is the th novel in Terry Pratchett s Discworld series The novel satirises football, and features Mustrum Ridcully setting up an Unseen University football team, with the Librarian in goal It includes new details about below stairs life at the university The book introduces several new characters, including Trevor Likely, a street urchin with a wonderful talent for Discworld Wikiquote Unseen Academicals I Shall Wear Midnight Snuff Raising Steam Other Discworld works . Theatre of Cruelty . Death and What Comes Next . A Collegiate Casting Out of Devilish Devices . The Discworld Companion , , . Discworld Reformed Vampyre s Diary Unseen University In Unseen Academicals it is revealed that The Dean has left UU to become the new Archchancellor of the new Brazeneck University and that his first name is Henry The Dean became the first person to voluntarily resign from the University something previously considered unthinkable as people usually left in disgrace, in a box or, in a few cases, in bits to the point Ridcully regards him Bogowie, honor, Ankh Morpork , Bogowie, honor, Ankh Morpork ang Jingo humorystyczna powie fantasy autorstwa Terry ego Pratchetta, dwudziesta pierwsza cz cyklu wiat Dysku, wydana w r polskie wydanie Prszy ski i S ka, maja , ISBN Jest to czwarta cz podcyklu o stra y miejskiej z Ankh Morpork. Powie opowiada o wojnie mi dzy Ankh Morpork a Klatchem o tajemnicz Discworld Characters Sir Terry Pratchett Unseen Academicals Sourcery Interesting Times Moist von Lipwig Moist von Lipwig is a cheat and a swindler and a conman So he s the natural choice whenever an ailing institution like the Post Office or the Royal Bank needs new management With a taste for flashy suits and even flashier publicity stunts, he takes on some of the worst jobs on the Disc and battles even bigger crooks than The Discworld Collector s Library Terry Pratchett Unseen Academicals Collector s Library Edition HARDBACK The beautiful game comes to Ankh Morpork, in Terry Pratchett s sporting Discworld adventure This glorious hardback edition book will have you chanting from the stands, and features cover illustration by Joe Mclaren Warning contains Nutt . Add to Basket Add to Wishlist . In Stock Making Money Collector s Discworld Sir Terry Pratchett The Discworld is the fictional setting of Terry Pratchett s most iconic series All the Discworld novels take place on a flat, circular world which sits on the back of four elephants, which stand on the back of a giant star turtle Although this world may look and sound completely different to our own, the Discworld novels explore a multitude of very human issues. Discworld Series by Terry Pratchett See also Discworld Companion Books Discworld Maps The Science of DiscworldSub series Discworld DEATH SeriesDiscworld Ankh Morpork City Wa Orc Mythology wiki Fandom Unseen Academicals Doubleday p ISBN . . Our Orcs Are Different TV Tropes Retrieved January Orc from Orcus is another term for an ogre or ogre like creature Being useful fodder for the ranks of bad guys, monsters similar to Tolkien s orcs are also in both games Gygax, Gary March On Discworld Terry Pratchett Wiki About Discworld Terry Pratchett Wiki This wiki is a Terry Pratchett oriented wiki environment.We currently have , articles Although it started out centred on Discworld, it now hosts all sorts of information about Terry Pratchett and his works.Want to contribute Read the Getting started guide to become a valued contributor in minutes Then sign in and start editing stub articles or

    • Unlimited Unseen Academicals - by Terry Pratchett
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    Unseen Academicals

    One thought on “Unseen Academicals

    1. Dan Schwent on said:

      Football soccer to Americans like myself is all the rage in Ankh Morpork and Vetinari, the Patrician, has given Unseen University the duty of refining it from a street game to an organized event Only some people don t want it organized Can the Unseen Academicals, with Trevor Likely and the mysterious Mister Nutt, overcome football s rowdiest hooligans The thing about Terry Pratchett is that while his stories take place in a fantasy world, they are about real world events and concepts This one sp [...]

    2. Kat on said:

      When I was a teenager, a friend and I wrote a behemoth of a three page letter on A4 paper to Terry Pratchett We were amazed and grateful when a reply arrived from him a few months later, apologising for the delay and attempting to answer some of our many questions One of the questions we asked was, What football team do you support He replied something to the effect of not watching football because he thought it was weird.Warm, fuzzy memories aside, I wanted to love this latest Discworld novel T [...]

    3. Patrick on said:

      I first read this book when it came out in 2009, and to be completely honest with you, I was kinda disappointed The book wasn t bad, mind you But it was merely good Pratchett s work is usually somewhere between brilliant and excellent Still, I wasn t particularly surprised I ve known about Pratchett s struggle with Alzheimer s for a while I ve known it was just a matter of time before it started to impact his work That said, even a somewhat lackluster Pratchett book is pretty good, and I enjoyed [...]

    4. Carolyn on said:

      The Wizards of unseen University must play a game of football the round ball variety to meet some historical statute required to keep them housed and fed to the standard they have come to expect This requires taking the current form of the game played in the the streets by thugs and transforming it into a civilized form watched in a stadium with rules and a referee Although anything involving the wizards is likely to have it s own form of chaos.Perhaps because I am not a big fan of football, th [...]

    5. Lyn on said:

      Soccer Or futbol, or football, or whatever.Terry Pratchett has created a sports novel, or not, or whatever.Yes, Lord Vetenari has agreed to allow a disorganized sport for ruffians and street thugs to have rules and even develop a league of sorts Like crime, if there is going to be sports, it should at least be organized.The 37th Discworld novel, first published in 2007 is about sports, but like all of Pratchett s books, Sir Terry stuffs a Librarian OOK sized amount of charisma, philosophy, and h [...]

    6. Shovelmonkey1 on said:

      Football has come to Ankh Morpork Strange that, in the scale of Ankh Morporkian evolution, football arrives after the genesis of iconographs and moving pictures but there you have it That is one of the joys of evolution is it not The element of surprise Surprisingly the arrival of football also coincides with the arrival of high fashion, fashion models maybe not that surprising given the association between fashion and football a la posh n becks , the rediscovery of the Orc like the rediscovery [...]

    7. Chris on said:

      Contrary to popular belief, I don t hate sports.I know this may come as a surprise, since I studiously avoid all but the most cursory acknowledgment of current sporting events I finish the paper when I hit the sports section, and the sport report on the news is, for me, time to wash the dishes I have no favorite teams of any kind, no players I look up to, and no interest in following play offs, bowl games, championships or derbys Hell, even with the Olympics my interest plummets after the openin [...]

    8. YouKneeK on said:

      This book was semi entertaining, but it definitely won t be one of my favorites from Discworld I also think I was a little misled by the Discworld chart I ve been referencing The chart lists this as part of the Rincewind series, but he hardly appears in the book at all and has very little to do with the story He s a fun character I was looking forward to one last book about him.Our main characters are four non wizards who work on the staff at Unseen University The other wizards who often feature [...]

    9. Elizabeth on said:

      The challenge with trying to review a book by the inimitable Terry Pratchett is finding something to say that hasn t already been said The man s unquestionable skill as a writer and the extensive body of his work makes it all but impossible to say anything about a new addition that hasn t already been said often.I had the pleasure of receiving an advance copy of the newest Pratchett, Unseen Academicals, from the publisher, Harper And trust me, it was very much a pleasure because once again Mr Pr [...]

    10. Chris on said:

      What do you get when you mix football, magic, academic rivalry, an orangutan, the world of high sorry low fashion, a thumbing of nose if not outright rasberrying of Harry Potter, commentary on religion, and a designer named Pepe Unseen Academicals.Most readers consider the last few Discworld novels to be good, though not great In Unseen Academicals, Pratchett is back to his top form Perhaps, a break from Discworld to write the wonderful and thought provoking Nation was what he needed Regardless, [...]

    11. Talulah Mankiller on said:

      Dear Mr Pratchett,You have given me much joy in a cold, dreary life filled with vet visits and chemical adjustments to my brain I was born to bleed from my vagina, expel copious amounts of snot from my nostrils seriously, what is UP with my sinuses , and watch GI Joe because my sister thinks terrible movies are funny Or maybe she just finds my screams of pain amusing ANYWAY, what I m saying is that I suffer, I suffer mightily, but your books make things just a little bit bearable Your works are [...]

    12. Seth on said:

      There isn t much to say about a Discworld novel at this point.You like the series or you don t, you shouldn t start with this one although it isn t that bad of a starter, it doesn t give a lot of background on the characters start elsewhere , and you just want to know if it s one of the rare standouts, either as extra genius Night Watch or a klunker Monstrous Regiment.It s a solid Discworld book, and we seem to have precious few of those left, so cherish it For recurring characters, it revolves [...]

    13. colleen the convivial curmudgeon on said:

      The wizards have never been my favorite, and we keep getting a dose of new characters, and football is hardly my favorite topic, but, for all of that, it was still an enjoyable story It ll most likely never be one of my faves, but it was good.I liked Nutt and Glenda, and wouldn t mind seeing them again, but I particularly liked the addition of Mr Hix to the UU staff the man with the skull ring who has license to be just a little bit evil, and to say the things everyone else is thinking He wasn t [...]

    14. Sam Quixote on said:

      This is my first Discworld novel in 4 years, the last one I read being the largely mediocre Thud and a below average outing for the City Watch I tried Making Money a couple of years ago but it was the first Discworld I couldn t finish it was so poor That was really it for me, I thought I d not be returning to Pratchett again I felt sorry for Terry hearing of his illness but his continued forays into the dubious realm of Young Adult fiction often yielded poor books for a bloke in his 20s The baff [...]

    15. RavenclawReadingRoom on said:

      I find this book a somewhat perplexing addition to the Discworld series Technically, I think it s classed as a Rincewind book And yet Rincewind shows up for approximately two pages It s a book about football, in which the game goes from being played in a totally disorganised, stab your opponents if they get in the way fashion with a heavy wooden ball to a game with rules and specific positions and a lightweight inflatable ball Which is fine, except that Jingo, some sixteen books earlier in the s [...]

    16. Antonio on said:

      Empec a leer este libro porque se me hab a dicho que era el ltimo libro de la saga de Rincewind el mago m s cobarde de todos pero Rincewind no es el protagonista, y si tiene cuatro l neas en la historia es mucho Luego me dije, no ser de Rincewind, pero va de magos y futbol, debe ser algo as como el Quidditch, pero Los magos de este libro no hacen magia, lo que para m es un gran desperdicio, admito que no debi causarme tanta sorpresa, ya que Rincewind por lo general no es muy diestro en estas art [...]

    17. Anna on said:

      I think this might even be the first Pratchett book I read since his death And somehow it felt so fitting that most of his main characters at least visited this book As it was fitting that the whole book ends with a big do you think it is over thing Because it sort of is, and it is sad I personally still have a few books of his unread, but it is still sad.The book itself was not one of his best books, but there were parts that made me chuckle aloud and there were parts that moved me I am not sur [...]

    18. Asya on said:

      Very fun to read, but it ended quite quickly, without the usual bang I didn t like all of the new characters The continuation of the story would be very interesting All in all, it s a good Discworld book.And something I ve been thinking while reading the book, but not really provoked by it It seems and civil concepts from our world are starting their own life in Ankh Morpork The the Discworld gets populated by newspaper agencies, mobile communications, banks, post offices, fashion shows, a fu [...]

    19. Bradley on said:

      I ve never been a sports fan, unless I were actually doing the sport in question, but I found a discworld adaptation of a sport completely apropo and than a little snide Fortunately for those of us who don t care too much about sports in general, the reoccurring characters than make up for the intrusion I will always enjoy these series of books because they re gentle and wise and so wise cracking and quite un genteel.I think, for lack of a large cast of favorite Orcish characters in my life, I [...]

    20. Petr on said:

      Aby bylo jasno, Zem plochu m m r d obzvl ty dv epizody, v nich se vyskytuje Vlaho von Rosret, ale v born je i No n hl dka, P t elefant, Pravda, z t ch star ch t eba Sek nebo Otec Pras tek etl jsem je v echny, k n kter m se r d vrac m.To ale neznamen , e se Pratchettovi povedlo v dycky v echno a ano, jsem si v dom, e pro nezanedbatelnou st esk ho geectva je Terry b h a Jan Kant rek jeho prorok Po t chto varov n ch p istupme k v ci Nev dan Akademikov vy li esky u p edloni, anglicky je t o rok d ve [...]

    21. Olga on said:

      I am a fan of Terry Pratchett RIP But this one was a bit less to my liking Still funny, creative, enjoyable, but got bored by the long and slow lead in, and by lots of football soccer details I even checked Wiki info, and found that many jokes names of teams, specific plays etc are very specific references to the UK soccer world, which was pretty incomprehensible to me except very generally.Note the book cover seems to show a basketball, not a soccer ball, and hands reaching for it, while the bo [...]

    22. Lammoth on said:

      , , , , , , , , , , , , 550 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , m , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

    23. Phil McCrum on said:

      Wotcher Unseen Academicals arrives new into a series that is already well over 30 books deep The series is referred to as the Discworld series For those of you unfamiliar with Discworld, it is a mythical flat world being carried through space on the backs of four cosmically huge elephants that are, themselves, standing on the back of an even larger tortoise This tortoise is slowly making her way through the universe carrying millions of eclectic entities with her If you loved The Hitchhiker s Gu [...]

    24. Nathan on said:

      Loved it Like all recent Pratchett roughly speaking, those since The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents this book isn t just a loosely connected set of sly references Something happened around a decade ago, and his books began to be much about life and people In particular, Unseen Academicals tackles the question of social expectation, the mob, and being worthy of being.This isn t as smooth a read as his other recent works, which might have something to do with this one being dictated Pra [...]

    25. Nicholas Karpuk on said:

      Wizards play soccer I could leave it at there and let you imagine their pointy hats wiggling across the field That s almost a sales pitch in and of itself.No artists ailments affect me quite like Pratchett s weird version of Alzheimer s If it were some authors I like, I d be upset, but for many of them, their best work is in the past It s troubling with Pratchett because his books just keep getting compelling.What sounds like a high concept comedy ends up being a pretty bright discussion of gam [...]

    26. Dawn on said:

      I m not sure exactly why I haven t been enjoying the last few Pratchett books that I ve read Several theories present themselves I don t like the subject matter entirely possible here, I don t have a keen interest in football , I am tired of the genre and style it s happened before or this just isn t as funny as it could be Somehow this book in attempting to lambast such a subject just managed to make the the sport, fans and players seem pathetic and not laughably so personal opinion possibly af [...]

    27. MB (What she read) on said:

      1st read 10 23 102nd read 1 19 11 This book makes me happy I do so love Glenda and Nutt I hope to see of their story continued.3rd read 5 28 13 Bibliotherapyis book makes me happy And, with Pratchett on rereading, I always notice something new.

    28. Matt on said:

      The wizards of the Unseen University love their food, alcohol, and tradition which Lord Vetinari exploits to ensure that the chaotic football matches taking place get under control Unseen Academicals is Terry Pratchett s 37th Discworld book and the last focusing on Rincewind and the wizards of the Unseen University, even though it seemed that they were of secondary concern throughout the book.The wizards at the Unseen University find out that their budget is tied to a trust fund that only pays o [...]

    29. Moira Russell on said:

      I liked this book a lot better than Making Money, which baffled and even saddened me because it seemed to fall apart about 300 pages in But that s not really saying much I think this entry in the series is a good solid Discworld novel not a classic favourite like Lords Ladies or Night Watch, but better than misfires like Monstrous Regiment or Pyramids And I m not a big fan of the wizards books in the series, either, so that may be deflating my judgement a bit I picked this one up specifically fi [...]

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