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Creek Mary's Blood

Creek Mary's Blood By Dee Brown Creek Mary s Blood Epic novel by the author of Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee about a Creek Cherokee woman and her descendants Period covers War for Independence through Wounded Knee

  • Title: Creek Mary's Blood
  • Author: Dee Brown
  • ISBN: 9780671507091
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback
  • Creek Mary's Blood By Dee Brown Epic novel by the author of Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee about a Creek Cherokee woman and her descendants Period covers War for Independence through Wounded Knee.
    Creek Mary's Blood By Dee Brown

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      376 Dee Brown
    Creek Mary's Blood

    One thought on “Creek Mary's Blood

    1. Gaile on said:

      Decades before Hitler over ran Europe, The United States systematically set out to destroy the Native American Nations.This novel is rich in history Long before the Trail Of Tears, Creek Mary was speaking out for her people not to give another inch of their land but her people were deported to Oklahoma anyway The story winds on as the main characters continually pick themselves up from disaster and go on.They find freedom on the plains, plenty of buffalo and antelope all too soon to have it ripp [...]

    2. E Wilson on said:

      I liked this book as a history book Although it is a novel, thehistorical information seemed accurate and was very informative Also,the insight into the customs and beliefs of the Indians was interesting.It was hard to read about the tremendous injustices,the horrible violence and the bigotry that our government usedin our treatment of the Native Americans As a novel, I didn t enjoy the book as much The characters neverbecame real people to me I had empathy with them as AmericanIndians because o [...]

    3. Robert Hays on said:

      Didn t know Dee Brown wrote fiction Well, he did, and not bad fiction, either Creek Mary s Blood, as the title suggests, is about Native Americans in this case a saga in which the family linage of the title character,Creek Mary, is traced I ll admit that I was drawn to this one only because of Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, but once I opened it and began to read I was happy to have found it.

    4. Kiessa on said:

      This out of print book left an impression on my heart and mind when I read it years ago The personal and brutal story of Native American tribes driven to reservations is a must read It is worth tracking down, and I only wish I still had a copy of my very own.

    5. Fred Goldboss on said:

      This book is marvelous portrayal of one of the greatest tragedies of all time The Native Americans had a great way of lifeand the White Man stole it from them They were lied to, stolen from, and mistreated by the American army and the Whitepoliticians If they were given anything of value, it was promptly taken back This story tells of the Native American being re settled in the Oklahoma Territory and having to walk there from The Carolina s Of course, most of them died When oil wasdiscovered, th [...]

    6. Lawrence Lewis on said:

      Great Historical FictionGreat factual details woven into the story of wise, determined and strong woman Narrated in first person by her heir Recommended to see the native American indomitable spirit and point of view.

    7. Michelle Jerry-Smith on said:

      I loved this book At some points it was absolutely heartbreaking What a horrible things are nation did to the native Americans.

    8. Heather on said:

      One of the first novels I ever read My dad had an old copy in our basement in Chicago and the title intrigued me A very good read.

    9. Linda on said:

      Very good book about four generations of an American Indian family.

    10. Kristen Suagee-beauduy on said:

      The following are excerpts from my book club s fb timeline about page 200 I started wanting to keep reading Creek Mary s Blood Maybe because female characters started taking up space But the sexism is still polluting the historical record When Brown describes the medicine woman as a pony no man had yet broken, I had to put the book down for a minute And again when Dane purported to know Jerusha s emotional strength I believe Jerusha s feelings went beyond the limits of the heart To survive, the [...]

    11. Joanna on said:

      A genocide took place in the US For centuries, Native Americans have been systemically oppressed, dispossessed and killed for land, for greed and for power by the Veheos the white men Every treaty drawn by the American government was violated, vilifying, pushing out and killing Native Americans This part of history, which remains untold in mainstream academia, is an American legacy so well written in the form of historical fiction by Dee Brown.Creek Mary s Bloodis the rich, inspiring and heart w [...]

    12. Kate on said:

      i am interested in books that have a historical context to it, especially when focusing on cultures that i may not be extremely familiar witheek mary s blood follows a woman mary from the creek indian tribe from her childhood to old age it not only shows the traditions of the different tribes, but also the fight between the tribes and the white mane book started off a bit slow, but ended up being a really enjoyable read.

    13. Robin on said:

      I thought this book was very anti American It shows that the Indians were not all war mongering as depicted in various characterizations be it , film, westerns etc They were human as everyone else At times it seemed like the author was trying to explain too much I don t know if Dee Brown is American Indian or not, I did read his other book Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, but that was ages ago.

    14. Trisha Owens on said:

      Excellent tale based on historical facts, of four generations of Native American Cherokee family of Creek Mary Characters include, Tecumseh, Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt, Red Cloud, and Crazy Horse Story is told in remembrances to a newspaper reporter, by Dane, the only relative left of Creek Mary s family It is a story of Native Americans content to live on their own land, versus the inexhaustible greed and avarice of white settlers A keeper Highly recommended.

    15. Jeri Stofa on said:

      AwesomeThis book gave such a vivid picture of the way the Federal Government treated the Native Americans It showed how a proud people went through such horrific treatment from a nation that was a true invader in their land

    16. Ray Ziemer on said:

      Creek Mary s Blood by Dee Brown is something I picked up used some years back, and it s been sitting on the shelf waiting for just the right moment I m not sure why I decided to read it last month, but I quickly realized it fit right in with all the reading I ve been doing about the Southeast.The character of Creek Mary seems to be based on a historical figure who is interesting in her own right The Creek woman wielded some power among her own people and also dealt with the Oglethorpe and the En [...]

    17. Amanda King on said:

      I first read this title in early middle school It was a book i chose randomly from the adult section of the library because I wanted to read something big When I checked the book out, the librarian tried to persuade me to make a different selection I think I was a bit young for some of the books themes, but it sparked an interest for me to learn about native american history and my own native american roots It made me question some of what I learned in elementary school and started a love for d [...]

    18. Polly Miller on said:

      Interesting and FrustratingThis novel depicts the troubles, sadness and frustrations of the plight of Native Americans as their land stolen from them by white men It is sickening to think about how so many women,children and elderly were brutalized and forced to live in horrible conditionsMany starving to death as they were forced off their land and corralled into small reservations with the promise of freedom and plenty of food and supplies by the government that never materialized The white me [...]

    19. Rhonda on said:

      I believe fiction can be true without being entirely factual, and Dee Brown is a well respected historical writer who I think achieved this state He always tried to make his fiction true, accurate, and non racist Because I knew that, I trusted this book When he described customs and events I didn t know, I believed them When he added details about things I knew but only in general, in addition to trusting them I felt grateful for his gifts of added depth Reading books like this is an easy way to [...]

    20. Maurita Kling on said:

      Well, I started out giving this book 4 stars, but decided to read a few other reviews before making it final A few good points were made by others about things that disturbed me also, such as Jerusha what made her tick was it just the crush of a young, na ve daughter of a preacher that Creek Mary recognized so warned her son Dane about If so, couldn t she have been direct about her reason for not wanting them to marry, which I think might have been typical of the Indian way of expressing thems [...]

    21. Nora Peevy on said:

      Anybody that is a lover of history, especially leading up to The Ghost Dance movement and the beginning of the end of the Native American way of life before The Civil War even started will want to read this sweeping chronicle of a family of five generations and the death of their culture at the hands of the dishonest and greedy and arrogant white government in Washington This book makes you laugh, it makes you cry, and it makes you believe in the resolve of a people to never lose their culture o [...]

    22. Susan on said:

      Even though we know how things end for all of the American Indian tribes, this is still a good story Dee Brown, author of Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee, is very knowledgable about the West, native peoples and the history of the United States At times, especially in the early part of the book, it did seem as though the author was writing from a nonfiction slant, but gradually you learn about the main characters, begin to care about them and want to know how things work out for them If you have [...]

    23. Roxanne on said:

      I am now in Kansas and our Indians and many other tribes got shoved over the reservations in Oklahoma I went to Ponca City, Oklahoma to see a Pow Wow where many of the tribes were relocated to It is so sad that this country felt the need to wipe out the tribes This book focuses on a lady trying to preserve her land and family but she ended up in Oklahoma also.

    24. Sewanna Rogers on said:

      Loved it I will never look at a Western the same way How unfairly we treated our original people Beautiful and heartbreaking.

    25. Nancy Thomas on said:

      Engaging historical novel of an Indian family through five generations accurate history interwoven in this tale.

    26. Sherice on said:

      Apparently, I read this book decades ago and forgot until I started reading it again Ooops

    27. SMACM on said:

      The classic Indian and white interaction story in novel by a famous author There is nothing wrong with this story It has all the right stuff.

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