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The Icewind Dale Trilogy Collector's Edition

The Icewind Dale Trilogy Collector's Edition By R.A. Salvatore Matt Stawicki The Icewind Dale Trilogy Collector s Edition Icewind Dale Windswept passes and forbidding glaciers stand at the top of the world Below them in the cold valleys an evil force broods the magic of Crenshinibon the crystal shard Now dwarf barbar

  • Title: The Icewind Dale Trilogy Collector's Edition
  • Author: R.A. Salvatore Matt Stawicki
  • ISBN: 9780786918119
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Icewind Dale Trilogy Collector's Edition By R.A. Salvatore Matt Stawicki Icewind Dale Windswept passes and forbidding glaciers stand at the top of the world Below them, in the cold valleys, an evil force broods the magic of Crenshinibon, the crystal shard Now dwarf, barbarian, and drow elf join to battle this evil Tempered in the furnace of struggle, they form an unbreakable friendship A legend is born For the first time in one volume, hIcewind Dale Windswept passes and forbidding glaciers stand at the top of the world Below them, in the cold valleys, an evil force broods the magic of Crenshinibon, the crystal shard Now dwarf, barbarian, and drow elf join to battle this evil Tempered in the furnace of struggle, they form an unbreakable friendship A legend is born For the first time in one volume, here is New York Times bestselling author R.A Salvatore s adventure that introduced Drizzt Do Urden, the heroic dark elf, one of the most beloved characters in fantasy literature.
    The Icewind Dale Trilogy Collector's Edition By R.A. Salvatore Matt Stawicki

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      313 R.A. Salvatore Matt Stawicki
    The Icewind Dale Trilogy Collector's Edition

    One thought on “The Icewind Dale Trilogy Collector's Edition

    1. Stefan on said:

      I read a lot of EPIC FANTASY as a child, and currently it helps me get bored and fall asleep at night.This was no exception.These books are fucking garbage I cannot believe that R.A Salvatore is a bestselling fantasy writer, and that I actually stomached my way through the entire trilogy I was drunk most of the time, and I almost puked on the heavy tome during one sordid evening.The stories follow the journeys of Drazzt Drowploixtation, Generic Dwarf Warrior, Man Man the Barbarian, and Hot Ass A [...]

    2. J.P. Ashman on said:

      I find these hard to rate now, because I read most of them around ten years ago I absolutely LOVED them back then, but feel like my tastes have now changedI m going to rate them based on my thoughts and feeling at the time and, as said, I LOVED them In fact, they re the books that really got me back into reading fantasy and back into reading in a way I d never experienced before For that, it has to be 5 If only for Drizzt and the gang, all of who I know so well but it s not just those characters [...]

    3. Sarah on said:

      My very first Forgotten Realms read.I enjoyed it although I felt it could have been better.Again, I think I judge authors too harshly after being spoiled by the Malazan series Will I ever get over that Drizzt Do Urden, what a great character I can see why he is loved by so many His wise advice can be used in real life and is a metaphor for not judging people by what lies on the outside, but instead for their actions and what s inside.At times I had to chuckle, because I could almost see the prog [...]

    4. Tamara on said:

      I can t I m sorry, I just can t get into books like this I started reading this book at the suggestion of my husband but I just can t I like fantasy fiction but I m a bit picky about this particular genre because I can t get into books like this The names of people and places are ridiculously hard to pronounce even just in your head , the scenes stories are typical cliche s and it is extremely difficult for me to get into the story at all Its just not for me.However I m sure someone that enjoys [...]

    5. Teresa on said:

      I started reading Salvatore with this series, however, would recommend that you instead begin with The Dark Elf Trilogy if you want to read them in chronological order.After Drizzt leaves the underworld, he finds himself in Icewinde Dale Here he meets his best friends and new family Bruenor, Cattie brie, Wolfgar, and Regis They battle foes together and end up reclaiming Mithral Hall, the kingdom of Bruenor s ancestors, the Battlehammer Clan.The next series is Legacy of the Drow.I believe that R. [...]

    6. Kime Chenault on said:

      It s been a couple of years since I ve read it, but I still remember how much I loved it I thought it was probably best three book series I have ever read To tell the truth, I was sad when it was over The story lines and plots are great They re thought out and entertaining to read It s also not all that easy to guess what s going to happen next as it is in some books.The writing style itself just sucks you in, I didn t want to put the book down once when I read it, but sadly, my teachers didn t [...]

    7. Josh on said:

      Amazing fantasy adventure taking place in the Dungeons and Dragons Forgotten Realms universe This series starting with this set of three books is in my top five series ever I have only started reading them recently and have already gone through the first nine books, including the three in this collection I recommend getting the collector s editions, as they not only put the books together, but also add commentary from the series main character Drizzt Do Urden, which add a great deal to the story [...]

    8. Sjoerd on said:

      It s been almost a year since I started reading The Icewind Dale Trilogy, and it s one of the few books of which I ve actually tracked my reading progress with written updates several times Now that I ve finished reading and can look back at the book as a whole, I must say it s been an extraordinary read Maybe it s because the book was published so long ago that the writing style between then and now has changed sufficiently for a contemporary reader to feel that way, but I think there s to it [...]

    9. Mars on said:

      book 1 Much like the games, it s a hack n slash with bits of oh, i would really rather go party it up, but i should rescue the villagers first morality, but despite a certain amount of cheesiness practically required by all the DD based books, this one was surprisingly entertaining Demons just one, really , dragons also just one , orcs and giants plenty , and Inspired me enough that I went and installed Icewind Dale the computer game, so it s reasonable to assume that my NaNo novel will continu [...]

    10. Jack Tyler on said:

      This is the trilogy that started my love affair with the adventures of Drizzt Do Urden I was not there from the beginning, but came upon this almost accidentally It has been about a decade since I found this book, and I truthfully don t remember what led me to it, but Drizzt and his loyal, steadfast friends quickly became my favorite characters in literature I have only rated this at four stars because no one is going to mistake it for Great Literature What it is is a wonderful escapist read sta [...]

    11. JD on said:

      This trilogy introduces the five main characters that the reader will follow throughout most of RA Salvatore s works Drizzt Do Urden the mostly shunned drow elf ranger that lives on the surface and tries to live down the well deserved evil reputation of his race His companion, Gwenhyvar, a magnificent giant panther magically brought to him in times of need The surly, old dwarf Bruenor Battlehammer that loves his friends dearly Cattie Brie Battlehammer, the beautiful dwarf raised human girl that [...]

    12. Bryan on said:

      Who doesn t like the fantasy classics This was one of my first reads in the fantasy genre when I was younger and has helped to create the addiction I have to this day.

    13. brian tanabe on said:

      One of the top 5 fantasy writers of all time And this is his best series One of the violent series, but that isn t necessarily a bad thing in fantasy.

    14. David Phipps on said:

      This is the first Forgotten Realms trilogy that Salvatore wrote and the one that introduced the drow ranger Drizzt Do Urden These are 1980 s fantasy books that are heavily influenced by DD, much like the DragonLance series, as they are set in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting There is very little focus on romance and very few female characters I m pretty sure I have not read these before despite owning them for who knows how long It was interesting for the companions to visit various locatio [...]

    15. Kevin Price on said:

      My first Salvatore book was The Dark Elf Trilogy, which happens to be the prequel to this trilogy For the record, before I go any further, I d like to suggest that all newcomers to the Drizzt series read The Dark Elf Trilogy before reading Icewind Dale Some may disagree because of the fact that Icewind Dale was written first, but I personally couldn t imagine reading the events out of would be weird and annoying.Anywho, I enjoyed this trilogy very much each book takes you on an epic jou [...]

    16. Joseph Gallegos on said:

      The Icewind Dale Trilogy was one of the first fantasy novels I remember reading as a teenager, and I recently decided to revisit it.It has not aged well.I have no complaints with the plots of each book the battle against Akar Kessel, the search for Mithril Hall, and the rescue of Regis The action scenes are well written enough, the dialogue is decent, and the background characters are mostly interesting.However, there some issues that just make me roll my eyes.One, the relationship between Catti [...]

    17. Tyler on said:

      The trilogy wasn t the most memorable that I ve read, but that s not to say it wasn t excellent I m not absolutely certain of this, but it seems to me that by the time the series was finished Drizzt s story was still in it s infancy, and I think the books reflect that Altogether an enjoyable story It just felt a little lacking when compared to the other stories of the legendary Dark Elf I ve read by Salvatore.

    18. Jeff Jellets on said:

      No, I would not want to live in a world without dragons, as I would not want to live in a world without magic, for that is a world without mystery, and that is a world without faith When I was growing up, TSR and the Dungeons Dragons brand filled the fantasy bookshelves Looking back, a good deal of the dearth of those titles probably weren t very good, but among them are some unarguable classics the Dragonlance books obviously, Azure Bonds, some of the Ravenloft titles, and of course, R.A Salvat [...]

    19. Dark Star on said:

      Excellent adventure story I have become a huge fan of Drizzt Definitely going to be finding of the Drizzt books.

    20. christopher larue on said:

      Very good story Bruenor Battlehammer was a good pick for the Dwarven character Will definitely remember him for a long time Gwenhwyvar and Regis were thoroughly entertaining as well.

    21. Tony DiMatteo on said:

      This series truly brings out the kid in me Every time I read a Drizzt novel I want to bust out my dice and find a DM.

    22. Fco. Salvador on said:

      Conocid simo es ya R.A Salvatore, y stas son sus primeras novelas, publicadas en a os sucesivos entre 1988 y 1990.De entre esos autores que yo llamo de franquicia , Salvatore merece un puesto entre los de arriba del mont n Leer a Salvatore es como ver una pel cula palomitera de Hollywood si sabes a lo que vas, puedes pasar un buen rato Su estilo est claramente enfocado a la acci n r pida y muy visual, y sus personajes, aunque no son planos y no dejan de tener un desarrollo a lo largo de la narra [...]

    23. Amy on said:

      A friend of mine loaned me this second volume after I got finished reading the first It s probably a good thing I don t own this in hardback, because I hear throwing something heavy through the wall usually results in damage.So much of this was so, so bad Just bad.First of all, was this anniversary edition possibly a direct re print from the original handwritten manuscript Did Salvatore s proofreader and editor go on extended vacation Did one of them die I was sorely tempted to go through this b [...]

    24. Timothy on said:

      This was an enjoyable read, but definitely from the 80s There are a few spoilers, so be wary.The first book in the trilogy was probably my favorite I really enjoyed the politics of the towns, and the minor characters interacting to protect them.The major characters develop nicely throughout it as well, specifically Wulfgar The rest don t develop so much as you just get to know who they are.Everything about the series plays off each other, to set up each book, as well as potential additional book [...]

    25. London on said:

      This book gripped me and pulled me in headlong The profound characters and tantalizing plot, especially of the second and third books in this volume, let me bask in the glory that the characters displayed It made me laugh out loud, it made me gasp, it made me do a million different facial expressions while reading except crying, in the back of my mind i knew they would all come back If this is pulp fiction, give me .Drizzt Do Urden, the black elf who forsook his homeland and chose to live as an [...]

    26. Chris W on said:

      Book 1 Crystal ShardSummary Drizzt and friend have lived in ten towns for the past years When a new threat targets the towns all they can do is to stop it.Drizzt A GOOD dark elf ranger.Bruenor Dwarf king and member of the family Clan Battle hammer.Regis A halfling with very strong persuasive powers.Wulfgar barbarian, king temp , and wielder of Aegis fang.Setting ten townsConflict Kessel invades the towns Solution Drizzt kills Kessel.I thought this book was very detailed and had a great story lin [...]

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