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Tide of Terror

Tide of Terror By Justin Somper Tide of Terror Sequel to Vampirates Demons of the Ocean Traitor Sidorio unable to control thirst builds a crew and takes a ship Former crewmate Grace wants to help blinded Lorcan who rescued her and keep her t

  • Title: Tide of Terror
  • Author: Justin Somper
  • ISBN: 9780316013741
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tide of Terror By Justin Somper Sequel to Vampirates Demons of the Ocean Traitor Sidorio, unable to control thirst, builds a crew and takes a ship Former crewmate Grace 14 wants to help blinded Lorcan who rescued her, and keep her twin Connor safe at the elite Pirate Academy Will they stay together or follow their own journey
    Tide of Terror By Justin Somper

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    Tide of Terror

    One thought on “Tide of Terror

    1. Totoro on said:

      when you expect too much you re often disappointed, as i was for most of the book the second book of the vampirates series was nice.if i wanted to make it into three parts they d be these the academy, Grace s moral dilemmas , cool piratey or vampiratey stuffrst of all the academy.oh so boring nothing cool or even interesting about that, and i really hope the writer has some great ideas about Grace s spiritual experiences the cover was cool though e second part, Grace s moral dilemmas, i mean how [...]

    2. An Odd1 on said:

      Suspense a night surfer, inhuman, vampire Sidorio refuses to curb appetites, thrown off by Vampirate Captain Drakoulis Crewmate twins 14, Grace wants to return for blinded vampirate Lorcan who rescued her from drowning, free Connor from life binding articles to their Captain Molucco and study at the Pirate Academy But the faculty are not as kind and honest as they seem, especially former ship deputy Cheng Li, suspiciously eager to be her confidante and choreograph Connor s sword fight demonstrat [...]

    3. MayDerp on said:

      This book is a continuation of the Original Vampirates book Grace and Connor both attend a pirate academy for a week All the while, Grace is still wondering about Lorcan, and his strange condition because he stayed out in the sunlight She transports herself spiritually and visits Lorcan, as well as Darcy and the Captain, who all tell her to stay away from the ship Connor is perfectly happy, and wishes to stay in the academy, while Grace is driven to madness as to jump off of a cliff to find the [...]

    4. Wolf (Alpha) on said:

      I really liked this book I hate how Sidorio made a crew for himself and how he is planning on wiping the other Vampirates out I like how Grace is willing to stay behind, no matter the danger, to save Lorcan s sight I like how Connor wants to take a break from the pirates and go to the Pirate Academy I don t like how Grace is always going and throwing herself into danger I like how she finds the Vampirates again and how the two of them stay with the people who saved them.

    5. Khris on said:

      Took me a while to read it because I wasn t reading everyday and sometimes lost interest Still a pretty good book.

    6. Elizabeth *Swords for Fighting* on said:

      Tide of Terror, the second book in the Vampirates series is a thrilling ride full a pirates, action, adventure, betrayals, and For me, it was fast paced Best of all, there was a little about the vampirates although I would have liked to see and that is what the sequels are for.Connor and Grace were together for the most part in this book, but you can see that they are destined for different paths Connor wants to be a pirate In fact, he excels at everything pirate related He even has visions [...]

    7. Zack Zocchi on said:

      Twins Connor and Grace have been reunited after their separation, and are both staying on The Diablo, but after a turn of events Grace worries for Connors safety and asks him to take a visit to the Pirate Academy The Academy is not like any other school, and Connor loves it however, Grace is no longer enjoying it Connor is considering becoming a full time student while Grace is trying to get back on the vampirate ship All the while people are leaving the Vampirate ship, and Sidorio is making de [...]

    8. Coco Pacheco on said:

      Vampirates Tides of Terror was written by Justin Somper This sequel to Vampirates Demons of the Ocean was published in June of 2007 These books are apart of a fantastic realistic fantasy series In the book you meet the main characters Connor and Grace who are brother and sister Many other important characters come in to play throughout the series, but in this book the story is centered around Connor and Grace The majority of the book takes place at the Pirate Academy, which essentially is boot c [...]

    9. Indee on said:

      Vampirates Tide of Terror is the 2nd book in the Vampirates series It follows the story of twins Grace and Connor Tempest after they are united at the end of Vampirates Demons of the Ocean The Vampirates series takes place in the year 2512, in the future when massive floods due to global warming have changed our world I really love this book Could not put it down This story starts at first on the Diablo and then continues on to the Pirate Academy, with some trips to the Vampirate ship I know som [...]

    10. gina on said:

      I really liked this one I felt the pace was a lot faster than the first book To me the first book had an almost childrens storybook fairy tale feeling to it but this one had of a fantasy vampire feel to it The character development with those at the Academy took me by surprise and I m eager to see how everyone continues to evolve in the other books I notice that people seem to either hate or love this book in their reviews I think most of that problem lies in that this book has a very different [...]

    11. Glaurung on said:

      If you are looking for som real crap, you should read this It got to be the worst book I ve ever read Siriosly, I can t see how people can actually earn mony by writing this stuff The whole plot is extremly childish and patethic A pirate school This book is the result you ll get if you mix Harry Potter, Twilight and pirates of the Carribean Yes It is vampire pirates or what they call them in the book vampirates at a pirate school.They are, as in Pirates of the Carribean, presenting the pirates a [...]

    12. Mello on said:

      It was a little slow going at first, because we had to back track and make sure we knew where we are at in the story which is a good idea if it s been a while since you ve read the first book The character development is slow, but it s interesting to see how the characters handle what is thrown at them in this book The first book was better, but I am looking forward to what the third book Blood Captain has in store.

    13. Nikki on said:

      This is just a testament to the fact that I lack the ability to choose a book by its cover 10 Things I Hate about this book 1 mixing modern slang with past times2 oh whatever, this book doesn t deserve my few precious remaining brain cells I hated the book and have a hard time believing anyone could become engaged in its story if you could call it a story.

    14. Dwain Smith on said:

      This may be one of the worst things I ve ever read The pirates don t really do pirate things and the vampires don t do vampire stuff I realize this is supposed to be geared toward young adults but it is overly saccharine and trite If for some reason you are looking for a good vampirate story I m sure there s at least one other person out there , check out Image s Sea of Red instead.

    15. Abbie on said:

      i know it s a bit stupid reading the second book first but my sister bought it thinking it was the first so i read it any cause i already know what happened in the first book, back to the point this is a very good book vampires and pirates in one.

    16. Genevieve on said:

      It was hard to get through because my favorite character was barely there but the last chapter made up for it Ah, so good I stopped reading it for a while because I misplaced it but just read the last 50 pages or so in one go.

    17. Cosmogypsy Gypsy on said:

      For whatever reason, I just couldn t get into this book.

    18. Finnessa on said:

      This is a review for the first and second book HERE THERE BE SPOILERSSo the first one was ok, maybe two and half stars To make things easy, I ll do a pros and cons list Book one pros 1 The shanty, I thought that was pretty cool.2 Lorcan Can t deny that dark hair, blue eyes and Irish accents are some of my weaknesses.3 The idea of vampire pirates, though the combo of names came across as childish.Honestly, I m having trouble coming up with .Book one cons 1 So it s set in the future but they don t [...]

    19. Nick G on said:

      I thought this book was a great sequel to the first Vampirates book, it was very creative and clever to mix vampires and pirates This fictional story is about two twins about 15 years old named Conner and Grace In this story remember it is book 2 Conner and Grace attend at a pirate school and learn about the future of piracy When Conner finds out that Grace wants to learn about the mythical vampirates, and Conner wants to become a captain of ship, he decides they should part ways I recommend t [...]

    20. Ahmad on said:

      This Book tells a story about Grace wanting to help her Friend Lorcan Due to some revolts in the vampirate ship while also worrying about her brother, Connor, from danger and not end up like Connor s friend Jez While Sidorio a vampire who revolted against the captain in the vampire ship wants revenge This book is fun to read at first but after a few chapters the story became like some kind of high school drama But so far this book is descriptive and hooks you in to read if you re a pirate story [...]

    21. Gena Lott on said:

      A good second book in the series Very interesting ideas about vampire life.Some of the chapters about The Academy remind me a little of Hogwarts And I ve gotten a little confused about the time this book is supposed to happen Some of the slang and colloquialisms are so modern that it was like constantly being brought back to the present when in my mind, this really seemed like it should be happening in another period.Junior High or older readers.

    22. Aiden Pircher on said:

      This books is one that always leaves cliffhangers and is never to boring to read Connor continues his journey and goes through emotional pains and has trouble to find where his loyalty are Grace continues to try and get to the vampirate ship but has many difficulties finding it Justin Somber is marvelous at makeing this book even better than the first and I can t wait to read the rest of the series.

    23. Allison on said:

      It took me a bit to finish because I kept getting tired pregnancy can do a number on you but I loved this book I can t wait to get started on Vampirates Blood captain And see what happens to the Tempest Twins Connor and Grace Will they cross paths again Or remain separated Or will Grace visit him spiritually Can t wait to find out but first I mma take a Nap This lil boy can t come soon enough Friday is the day

    24. Rebecca on said:

      Let it be known that this was the book that made me hang up the towel and stop reading books in the Vampirates franchise I knew in my gut that they were only going to get worse from here on out The Vampirates novels as a whole feel like a lot of different ideas haphazardly glued together and molded into a story This world takes place in the near future where a global catastrophe made water levels higher like a certain Kevin Costner film , and yet this is only put in place to give the characters [...]

    25. Olivia on said:

      Sword fights, pirate ships, and vampires The book Vampirates, Tide of Terror by Justin Somper it takes pirates and treasure to a whole new level In the previous book, Connor and Grace are twins with a special power, to be able to almost speak to each other telepathically Separated at sea they end up aboard two different ships, Connor ends up on the most feared pirate ship of all time while Grace is on a pirate ship with vampirates Nothing can keep these two apart, they sail the deadly seas to fi [...]

    26. Marla on said:

      I listened to this book to see if I would continue the series and I think the answer is negative Nothing much happens in these books I like the characters but there doesn t seem to be a plot Plot building of elements in a story to a climax and then the resolution We just sort of wander around and cool things happen, but there isn t much point view spoiler I enjoyed the twins week long visit to the Pirate Academy and I could see Connor staying on So the adults that they trusted betrayed him and C [...]

    27. colleen the convivial curmudgeon on said:

      3.5The second book of the series started off a bit slow, and I was worried that it was going to have the slump that sometimes happens after good first books but around midway point it really started picking up, and I was pulled into the intrigue and politics and whatnot Also, it was really cool to see the Pirate Academy and how things operate there, as well as meet some new characters I imagine will become important down the line.On the downside I was a bit annoyed with Connor s easily shifting [...]

    28. Dylan Arnholt on said:

      The book Vampirates Tide of Terror by Justin Somper tells the story of two twins who were previously separated but found each other again They go to the Pirate Academy which is a training ground for pirates, it taught children how to fight, survive, and navigate all without any of the real dangers of the sea Overall, I thought the book was very fun to read and a very easy read I thought the characters in the novel were much serious in this book than in the last book The characters encountered m [...]

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