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The Holy Bible: English Standard Version

The Holy Bible: English Standard Version By Anonymous The Holy Bible English Standard Version The English Standard Version ESV Bible is an essentially literal Bible translation that combines word for word precision and accuracy with literary excellence beauty and depth of meaning The ESV Bib

  • Title: The Holy Bible: English Standard Version
  • Author: Anonymous
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Holy Bible: English Standard Version By Anonymous The English Standard Version ESV Bible is an essentially literal Bible translation that combines word for word precision and accuracy with literary excellence, beauty, and depth of meaning.The ESV Bible is equipped with an enhanced navigation feature Kindle s index feature can be used to navigate directly to any verse This feature is not supported on the Kindle 1 or anThe English Standard Version ESV Bible is an essentially literal Bible translation that combines word for word precision and accuracy with literary excellence, beauty, and depth of meaning.The ESV Bible is equipped with an enhanced navigation feature Kindle s index feature can be used to navigate directly to any verse This feature is not supported on the Kindle 1 or any Kindle applications.This edition includes cross references within the text.
    The Holy Bible: English Standard Version By Anonymous

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      185 Anonymous
    The Holy Bible: English Standard Version

    One thought on “The Holy Bible: English Standard Version

    1. Jen on said:

      Since this is actually 66 books in one, perhaps I should review them as I go This is my second go round with the Bible, reading it cover to cover, but I m trying to do it in one year this time rather than the nearly four years it took me last time EDIT NOTE Okay, so it s taking me than a year We ll go for a year and a half I refuse to review this as a theological text, even though it is for me and that s why I m re reading it, as this is a book review website and not a church forum Therefore, I [...]

    2. Matthew on said:

      My review Life.What I am learning from this book Salvation Life Joy Truth Hope Courage.

    3. Adam T Calvert on said:

      The best English translation of the Bible available.The goal of the translators was to make this as readable as the NIV and as literal as the NASB If that goal could ever have been achieved translation in itself really is a difficult task , God used the translators of the ESV to do it.The one place I have an issue with is Daniel 9 25 It seems clear from the text that there shall be seven weeks Then for sixty two weeks it shall be built again should have been translated, there shall be seven week [...]

    4. Rebecca on said:

      It s strange that one of the most important, most dangerous, and most misused books in the world could be so mind numbingly boring Also, anyone who claims they live their life by the bible should actually read it and see exactly what it is they claim to do I m guessing most people ignore 90% of what it says to do Really, you could just collect everything Jesus says into one slender manual and cut the rest, since Jesus s sermons are the only parts anyone should really be proud of The rest of it i [...]

    5. Brenda Funk on said:

      Well, I did it Read through the whole Bible this year Many parts of it left me confused and dismayed I must confess that my understanding of what this all means is not very complete But one thing I have taken great hope and joy in is the underlying theme that runs through it all, that is the bottom line of the redemptiveness of God s love, of restoration and hope and healing that is coming When I read these passages I am stirred almost to tears, I am filled with home sickness as I think of what [...]

    6. Ryan on said:

      George Mueller read the bible over 200 times in his life One of my friend s preacher Grandfather read the bible right at 400 times before he died I d like to land somewhere in there if God lets me live long enough and Jesus waits to come back I ve been reading for the last 14 years and the things i have learned would take a book to explain But it has made me a better preacher a better husband a better person in general these are not mere words, they are your very life Deuteronomy 32 47

    7. Deboreads on said:

      My handbook to life and beyond Not written by Anonymous this Holy Book was written by Godly people inspired by the Holy Spirit of the One True God The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob Leading us to the Messiah, God s Son, Jesus Christ.

    8. Jenna Mills on said:

      At 20% JoshuaAnother deeply depressing book I d compare it best to violent computer games nobody ever wants kids to play For some bizarre reason, it s ok that cities are destroyed down to the last donkey, never mind the children , so long as God is on your side The God in this book is heartless and vengeful, and even stoops so low as blackmailing Joshua towards the end I ll continue helping you to kill people and take their land and wealth for yourselves so long as you have nothing to do with an [...]

    9. Jenny on said:

      Tomorrow I finish my first round of reading the Bible cover to cover I ve read it through in pieces of course, and all the way through the New then the Old Testament in college But to read it through in a year was a privilege and a joy Our church started reading through the Bible during this year, preaching from a selection of the previous week s readings At first I didn t want to read it because I instinctively balk at bandwagony things, and because I wanted to be too cool to do what everyone e [...]

    10. torque on said:

      If I had taken notes while reading I would have a lot to say I was actually reluctant to reading the bible when I was younger as I was actually worried I would be beliver However, this book can make an atheist out of anybody It s pretty obvious to me that these books were written at different times by different people, not inspired by one God unless he s got many, many personalities , who have at least one thing in common, namely controlling other people using fear, although maybe for different [...]

    11. Brian on said:

      This was probably my fourth or fifth time through the entire ESV partly reading, partly listening this year , though I ve probably read through the ESV NT, Psalms, and a few other OT books closer to twenty times While I was raised on the KJV and appreciate its majestic Elizabethan language, and though I enjoy the readability of the NIV and even NLT, for that matter I still think the ESV is the best translation I ve read It retains enough of the KJV RSV to feel very close to the version I memoriz [...]

    12. Stanley Lee on said:

      What can I say I ve been reading since the freshman year of High School I ve never run out of things to learn or new ways to appreciate it There ve been highs and lows but in the end it always comes back here.

    13. Jeremy on said:

      I decided to read the Bible, not in a year, but in less than 90 days I started in January and ended in March 84 days Blogging through it was helpful for me.

    14. Ironman Ninetytwo on said:

      This was very educational I don t think these writings can be used to conclude one thing or another about the existence of God I really don t understand fundamentalism There is no way to adhere to the entirety of the OT teachings Anyone who adheres to a portion of them which portion do you select Ultimately people are adhering to rules of the culture in which they live That culture may be picking and choosing from among the laws of the Bible, but the culture is not the culture of the Jews from 3 [...]

    15. Rob Block on said:

      Greatest book I have ever read It is written by a universe renowned writer Focuses on the Hero of the book, Jesus Christ, who frees His people from bondage and slavery to sin through His sacrifical atoning deathy death could not hold Him, so he becomes raised from the dead, commisions 12 men to build His church and currently sits at His Father s right hand Story culminates with His return to earth where He establishes His kingdom for those he foreordained since the beginning of timeIf you havent [...]

    16. Sean Morrow on said:

      In Part I God makes a bunch of rules, and ruthlessly punishes his chosen people for not following said rules In Part II God sacrifices himself to himself so that he doesn t have to punish people for breaking the rules any The rest of Part II is mainly about how most of the old rules don t apply any , except for the ones that do namely, don t be gay or a sorcerer Then a bunch of weird apocalyptic shit happens.

    17. Sarah on said:

      Where do I even begin with this I suppose a good place for me to start would be the structure of this edition as it is one of the few things I feel I can actually review rather than just talk about I m not sure if ESV is a very popular translation or not, but it reads just like any other book in terms of how it s set up, which is nice in general Then again, the drawback in this case would be that it s somewhat hard to jump around as there are not clear verse numbers like you d find in NIV or KJV [...]

    18. Becky Pliego on said:

      IMPORTANT HERE I AM NOT RATING THE BIBLE OR THE TRANSLATION , BUT THE M CHEYNE READING PLAN It has been several years now that I have read my Bible once a year, but this is the first time I have used this method for a whole year, and I found it super hard to enjoy and to study, and meditating on the Scripture was much harder Why Because you only read one chapter of four different books every day, and many times the coherence of the passage is lost For example, many times the portion you are sche [...]

    19. Sarah on said:

      Finished reading the entire Bible yesterday started July 9 I ve always loved the Bible, and reading it so quickly has made me love it in new ways I never realized how someone could come to believe in God solely on reading the Bible I mean, come on It s a weird book , but when I plowed through the scriptures in a very non academic way, the faithfulness of God was so obvious It was a great exercise in self discipline both to read consistently and not get sucked into investigating some question.

    20. Robert on said:

      A terrible book Badly written with awful pacing Trivial details are explained in mind numbing detail, while actual important questions about what is God and the afterlife are ignored The morals are inconsistent, incoherent and often abhorrent It advocates genocide, sexism, bigotry, murder, massacre and hatred of everyone who disagrees This book has no relevance for modern days and should be confined to the dustbin of history.

    21. John on said:

      I enjoyed this reading plan I read through the Old Testament once, the Psalms twice, and the New Testament twice Highly recommend this plan.

    22. Peter Krol on said:

      I m a reader, and I love the Bible So I was thrilled when I saw Crossway s announcement for the new ESV Reader s Bible last summer I knew I had to get one in time for my annual Bible read through to begin on January 1 I m glad I did, because the Reader s Bible lived up to my expectations.Some folks don t realize how much stuff on the pages of their Bibles isn t part of the inspired text Of course, there are obvious mechanisms like page numbers and reference headings that aid navigation But there [...]

    23. Olivia Ard on said:

      I feel weird rating reviewing the Bible, but I did read it sequentially this year for the first time so I figured I d better put something to commemorate this P

    24. Trice on said:

      update Jan 2015 bought this ESV in 2012 to replace my falling apart portable NIV and I mostly like this translation, but wishing I hadn t gone in for all the spin and push I was hearing on it wishing for the good old New American Standard Version, as its direct translation would be a lot helpful in comparison to the NIV I have on hand, than the ESV, which, from what I ve recently heard, uses a similar translation philosophy to that of the NIV seems somewhat ironic that in translating for mean [...]

    25. Андрій Горбунов on said:

      The first part makes 75% of the book, and it s all just a prequel A long read about a psychopathic wizard who cheats people, making them think that it s good to serve and worship him actually, it s not The only thing that the wizard succeeds in is exterminating humans, and at this point I even felt some pity for him he is so evil only because he is so limited in his wizardly talents Too many reiterations of the same stories, even literal copy pastes of text make this book a very hard one I felt [...]

    26. Andrew on said:

      I m rating the Kindle edition, not the Bible itself.It comes with a very user friendly table of contents, which not only takes you to the right book but also the desired chapter From there it s just a matter of a few clicks to find the exact passage you re looking for It takes a little time at first, but with practice it becomes almost as easy as actually turning pages.The ESV is a very read able version without sacrificing theological meaning and depth Any English speaker who has never before r [...]

    27. Danielle on said:

      I love getting to know the Author of this one s hands down my fave.

    28. Schaeffer on said:

      This book is the axis of the universe You owe you re very existence to this book, whether or not you ever read it So read it, eh

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