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Border Music

Border Music By Robert James Waller Border Music Texas Jack Carmine is a free soul a rider of roads and a man with secrets that stretch back to Vietnam and hungers that keep him from settling down Linda Lobo is ready to ride with him but they re

  • Title: Border Music
  • Author: Robert James Waller
  • ISBN: 9780446602730
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Border Music By Robert James Waller Texas Jack Carmine is a free soul, a rider of roads, and a man with secrets that stretch back to Vietnam and hungers that keep him from settling down Linda Lobo is ready to ride with him, but they re not just headed back to his Texas ranch They re headed for a passion that only happens once and breaks your heart when it ends.
    Border Music By Robert James Waller

    Border Music Waller, Robert Books Border Music is the story of Jack and Linda, of long, hot days on a high desert ranch, nights wild with loving beneath West Texas skies, and times when their relationship tears them both apart It s about Vietnam and the Midwest, and Vaughn Rhomer, an old man who,tries in his own fumbling way to Border Music by Robert James Waller BORDER MUSIC NR Waller, Robert James Most people dont run out the back door of a place called The Rainbow Bar in Dillon, Minnesota, with someone they dont even know, get in a pick up truck, dive all day, and end up in a motel room But thats exactly what Jack Carmine and Linda Lobo did. Border Music by Robert James Waller, Hardcover Barnes Feb , Border Music is the story of Jack and Linda, of long, hot days on a high desert ranch, nights wild with loving beneath West Texas skies, and times when their relationship tears them both apart It s about Vietnam and the Midwest, and Vaughn Rhomer, an old man who,tries in his own fumbling way to be free. Border Music Label Releases Discogs rowsBorder Music Independent record distributor and label based in Sweden, founded in . UTRGV Border Music Border Music The Border Music holdings combine materials from interviews with artists to commercial music recorded locally They include materials donated by ethnomusicologists Cathy Ragland, Alejandro Madrid and the Texas Conjunto Music Hall of Fame and Museum Accumulated over the span of twenty years, the Cathy Ragland Collection contains lengthy artist interviews, live performance field

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      160 Robert James Waller

    One thought on “Border Music

    1. Brian Holland on said:

      I found this book in a bargain bin a few years back and finally got around to reading it only recently I was happy I did, because it was quite interesting and different from what I had expected No big surprises or stunning twists, but a nice flow all the same Waller s writing style fits the characters in his story, and he writes from the angle of the Texas cowboy or other southern rugged, feral type Raw and unrefined Border Music is the story of untamed love, of romance initiated on a whim It is [...]

    2. Raina on said:

      I really enjoyed this book Not much happens in it, but the writing is so pure and clear and true, even though it is written in a West Texas drawl Reading a book about West Texas during a Stockholm winter was strange, but the writing was so vivid that it completely transported me to West Texas, a place I know well and love deeply This was a book permeated by place, and even though only a small fraction of the book actually took place in West Texas, the sense of West Texas, the feel and traditions [...]

    3. Gina on said:

      Classic Waller, the fractured tale of Texas Jack, Linda Lobo, and the friends and family they influence through their lives If you have a taste for fictional adventure, heavily sprinkled with philosophy and dreamer s lament, you ll enjoy this novel of love, dreams, finding and losing yourself midst West Texas skies.

    4. Dawn Michelle on said:

      A friend is reading this and it reminded me that I read this dreadful book as well I had loved The Bridges of Madison County so picked this book and another one of his up SO disappointed Blech I do not even remember what it was about as I forgot it as soon as I read it Meh.

    5. Dmehringer on said:

      Here s a man who rescues a stripper, drives away with her in his truck, then drives and talks from MN to TX The storytelling is so slow and repetitive, with whole chapters of books quoted, song lyrics quoted, and me not caring I quit I can t read this book I d rather clean the basement.

    6. Diego Palomino on said:

      This book is about the journey and not the destination The writing is beautiful but there isn t much of a story If you are the kind of reader looking for action and twists and turns don t waste your time If on the other hand you are a romantic, you will have reached nirvana I do appreciate the message of the book but I really prefer a book with of a plot.

    7. Veronica Harris on said:

      Almost didn t finish because of slow start, but preserved and was rewarded by an enjoyable read.

    8. Deborah on said:

      I remember absolutely loving Bridges of Madison County, so much that I bought two of Waller s books I also enjoyed Puerto Vallarta Squeeze, and I have finally gotten around to reading Border Music.I didn t like this one quite as well The basics of the writing are as beautiful as I remember Dawn, and the moon sat full and fat on I 10, looking as if you could go right through it in a mile or two Like that Lovely But the dialogue in this one seemed very scripted, long, drawn out aw shucks ma am sp [...]

    9. Louise on said:

      From the same author who wrote Bridges of Madison County Great read this was From the dust jacket Most people don t run out the back door of a place called the Rainbow Bar in Dillon, Minnesota, with someone they don t even know, get in a pickup truck, drive all day, and end up without any clothes on in a motel room But that s what Texas Jack Carmine did with Linda Lobo It was the kind of thing Jack was famous for doing.The people who knew Texas Jack Carmine such as songwriter Bobby McGregor and [...]

    10. Sue on said:

      There are two storylines going in this novel One pertains to Jack Carmine, a Vietnam vet who lives on a ranch in Texas in the winter and frequently drives a combine in Minnesota in the summer The other pertains to Vaughn Rhomer, Jack s uncle, who is in Iowa Jack is a real free spirit, while it seems Vaughn envies that and is looking to be free The chapters basically alternate between the two men and the people they know and the identities and demons they face Re read in 2012 to rate This is easi [...]

    11. LJ on said:

      BORDER MUSIC NRWaller, Robert JamesMost people dont run out the back door of a place called The Rainbow Bar in Dillon, Minnesota, with someone they dont even know, get in a pick up truck, dive all day, and end up in a motel room But thats exactly what Jack Carmine and Linda Lobo did Texas Jack Carmine was Gods only freeborn soul, rider of the summer roads, traveler of far places Where he was headed with dark haired, long legged Linda Lobo was somewhere he had never been before face to face with [...]

    12. Sean on said:

      I loved this book, but feel just a tiny bit embarassed by it It s beautiful writing, but seems like it was manufactured specifically for the market that enjoys it The character of Texas Jack Carmine is incredibly colorful and you grow to really like him by the end of the book, though there seems no good reason for it As with Bridges of Madison County, you can be frustrated at the characters there seems to be absolutely no reason for them to make some of the decisions that you do Is this personal [...]

    13. Joy Gerbode on said:

      I didn t enjoy this book at all It s not that it was written badly, particularly, although I didn t care for the jumping around in both character and time from chapter to chapter Made it hard for me to keep track of what was going on The big thing was, though, I didn t really care what was going on There was nothing in this book that made me really want to know what was going to happen Put that together with the fact that it was kind of smutty for lack of a better word Just didn t appeal to me a [...]

    14. Ilyhana Kennedy on said:

      Not a great novel by any stretch More of a light entertaining read that develops some depth as it progresses It does have some nice moments with some thoughtful reflections.The theme of the tension between the road and the settled life is compelling in its own way and expands into contemplation around what we do and don t do with our dreams in the life that we have The theme of borders looks at living excesses unbounded, and the contrast between this and living within constrictive socially and s [...]

    15. Phyllis on said:

      Remember The Bridges of Madison County This is the 6th book by that author, written in 1993, and is much complex It has four characters a Texas man who refuses to be tied down, his uncle who dreams of freeing himself from a conventional life, a woman the Texas man meets in a strip joint in Minnesota, and his friend who is a singer songwriter Their various journeys are woven together in a very entertaining way I read it in two days and enjoyed the imagery of the cold idwest plains and the hot We [...]

    16. Andrew Farr on said:

      I could not stop wanting to be done with this book It was somehow pretentious AND low brow at the same time I ve greatly enjoyed Walker s other books, but this is clearly his,weakest work The narrative begins and ends through the eyes of a character that isn t really in the storyline much It breaks up the story in a disjointed way Like, though the story is nonexistent and we don t grow to love the characters, it s annoying that those characters aren t finishing the story with us.There was really [...]

    17. Joanna on said:

      This was my first book by James Waller I really liked it It started out kind of slow but once it picked up, it really held my interest It s a story about Texas Jack Carmine, a drifter, a free spirited cowboy who takes life as it is Sadly, he s tormented by his past and PTSD, and even though he finds the woman of his dreams his past destroys his chance at happiness I thought the plot was great, sad but realistic Character development was also very good I think I m going to read of Waller s books [...]

    18. Gopal MS on said:

      I enjoyed reading this book I think men will like the book Most men will know or have been influenced by a character like the hero of this book A elder brother type who dared to be different and introduced you to an alternate way of thinking or living I haven t read another book that captured such a relationship It touches a lot of things very beautifully The realtionship men share with music, machines and cars, the road, fathers and women

    19. Lara on said:

      A slow burn of a novel Drifter Jack Carmine runs away with bar room dancer Linda Lobo Beautifully understated, Waller evokes love, lust, and the necessity of moving on Peripheral characters inspired by Jack s apparent freedom include Jack s uncle living a boring life but dreaming, and a country western musician Big hearted, humane, and wistful.

    20. Brooke Spencer on said:

      I never saw or read Bridges of Madison County, but decided to give this a try I loved the character of Jack Carmine, and found myself wanting to hang out with him and drink beer I enjoyed the fast and loose writing style, but was disappointed with the direction the story took towards the end However, I ve never been one for a sad story, so perhaps that is why I didn t love it.

    21. Keir Thomas on said:

      A fantastic, wistful and romantic book, enjoyed while lounging around on a Filipino beach For the characters in the book, the grass is always greener elsewhere, and true happiness is something enjoyed by others My copy of the book fell into 4 pieces while reading it, but I taped it back together as it deserves at least one read

    22. Elaine Cougler on said:

      Border Music by Robert James Waller probes relationships once again as only Waller can Jack Carmine and Linda Lobo float through the pages embodying the struggles inherent in life today A beautifully crafted literary work.

    23. Jana on said:

      I wanted to read another novel of Waller s because I loved The Bridges of Madison County I had trouble getting into this story at first, especially trying to connect the 2 scenarios at play, but I promise you it grabs your interest It s a story of very complex characters trying to make sense of what life has dealt them.

    24. Michelle Akers-dicken on said:

      I think maybe it would take a middle aged person with a little living under their belt to appreciate this story But what a beautiful story and so lonesome It definitely makes you wonder if you took the wrong path or maybe not the wrong one but what if that road you left behind years ago COULD have been a interesting road

    25. Christine on said:

      The end disappointed me It didn t quite fit However, the writing for most of the book was true Waller, and perfect for characterizing Bandit His relationship with country music and Texas was true to life.

    26. Steve on said:

      One of the worst books I ve read The story sucks, and the characters are depressing, pathetic and downright unlikable All of the characters are losers, especially the protagonist, Jack Carmine Junk.

    27. Corey on said:

      If you like road trip stories starts in MN and heads to west Texasthe main characters home with stops in IA and flash backsto his friend in New Orleans and of course he has a womanalong the way to share life lessons with

    28. Maulida Raviola on said:

      I liked the story about Vaughn Rhomer than the one about Jack Carmine and Linda Hobo, the two main characters in the story I related the most to Chapter 13 in the book two pages that wrapped up the whole story.

    29. Elise on said:

      I definitely feel a bit guilty only giving this beautifully crafted little gem 3 stars The plot was clever, the characters drawn with care, there was humor, irony and good editing In the end though, this lovely story just did not speak to me.

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