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The Widow's Broom

The Widow's Broom By Chris Van Allsburg The Widow s Broom A widow finds herself in possession of an extraordinary broom left by a witch who fell into the widow s garden

  • Title: The Widow's Broom
  • Author: Chris Van Allsburg
  • ISBN: 9780395640517
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Widow's Broom By Chris Van Allsburg A widow finds herself in possession of an extraordinary broom left by a witch who fell into the widow s garden.
    The Widow's Broom By Chris Van Allsburg

    The Widow s Broom is a haunting story from the great mind of Chris Van Allsburg and it is about how a lonely widow named Minna Shaw finds a friend in a witch s broom, but is threatened by the villagers to get rid of the broom because the know that it is witch crafted. So begins The Widow s Broom, the gentle, strangely captivating book by Chris Van Allsburg, who received Caldecott medals for Jumanji and The Polar Express The story gets under way when the lonely widow Minna Shaw finds a wounded, sky fallen witch in her vegetable garden. A th anniversary edition of the enchanting story of a widow who finds herself in possession of an extraordinary broom after a witch falls into her garden Some of Minna Shaw s neighbors don t trust her clever broom It s dangerous, they say But Minna appreciates the broom s What You ll Need A copy of The Widow s Broom Picture books for students to read independently or in small groups, divided into bins that can be placed at each table The Widow s Broom by Chris Van Allsburg Personification in a Narrative Adventure After reading, focus on passages and illustrations that describe the broom s behavior. n The Widow s Broom,the text is straightforward and clear,while the pictures are moody and layered with emotion.The drawings unusual texture was created by using litho pencil,which is very dark pencil,on coquille board.The supernatural is introduced into normal life with Van Allsburg s typical knack for pushing against the boundaries of reality.As readers,we believe as easily in the falling witch and the broom Oct , A widow, Minna Shaw, discovers the witch and welcomes her into her home to heal from her injuries The witch soon leaves, leaving the broom behind Minna discovers the broom still has some magic The broom begins by sweeping constantly, but soon learns other helpful chores. The Widow s Broom Literature Response Craftivity This unit focuses on the rich text, The Widow s Broom With this unit, students will explore the vocabulary from the text, as well as create a broom reader s response craftivity to show what they have learned.

    • The Widow's Broom Best Read || [Chris Van Allsburg]
      489 Chris Van Allsburg

    One thought on “The Widow's Broom

    1. Ronyell on said:

      The Widow s Broom is a haunting story from the great mind of Chris Van Allsburg and it is about how a lonely widow named Minna Shaw finds a friend in a witch s broom, but is threatened by the villagers to get rid of the broom because the know that it is witch crafted The Widow s Broom may have some controversial material about witchcraft, but it is a brilliant read for children who love haunting stories.Chris Van Allsburg makes this story haunting yet memorable at the same time as it details the [...]

    2. Melki on said:

      I absolutely LOVED this book Contained within these magical pages are an unfortunate witch, a kindly and patient widow, some superstitious neighbors and the most industrious broom since, well, this guy Truly wonderful

    3. David on said:

      Witches brooms don t last forever They grow old, even the best of them, one day, lose the power of flight On very rare occasions, however, a broom can lose its power without warning, fall, with its passenger, to the earth below which is just what happened one cold autumn night many years ago So begins The Widow s Broom, the gentle, captivating book by Chris Van Allsburg One morning the lonely widow Minna Shaw finds a wounded, sky fallen witch in her vegetable garden The witch disappears before d [...]

    4. Kathryn on said:

      This is an outstanding picture book, both in story and illustrations Part of the fun for me was knowing virtually nothing about it other than seeing the high ratings from other GoodReads members and friends so I will not include a synopsis in my review there are many other fine ones to be found, anyway Instead, I will say that I was utterly captivated and constantly surprised by the twists and turns in this tale It is a story of kindness, gratitude, fear and prejudice, acceptance and friendship [...]

    5. Arlene Allen on said:

      I love, love, love how Van Allsburg refrains from making the witch old and ugly The broom steals my heart.

    6. Maya on said:

      Very nice and creative I thought that the we should have info about the Witch I loved the broom it was very admirable The pictures were also very creative They were impeccably drawn.

    7. Sahil on said:

      I liked the book a lot because of all of the sharp turns in the book When the widow actually gave Mr Spivey the old broom with no power and when she painted the broom white to be the ghost but was really the magic broom.

    8. Joseph Lapierre on said:

      The Widow s Broom is about a witch who is one day flying over a woman s house named Minna, who happens to be a widow The witches broom loses power during mid flight and she comes crashing down into Minna s garden The next day during the morning hours Minna finds the fallen witch in her garden and helps her inside so she can heal The next day comes and the witch is healed and takes off while Minna is still sleeping but leaves her broom behind as she thinks it has no power Minna decides to keep t [...]

    9. Barbara on said:

      This is one of my favorite Chris Van Allsburg books As he often does in his picture books, the author illustrator plays with reality and fantasy, adding a twist at the end When a witch falls from the sky, she leaves behind her broom as thanks to Minna Shaw for helping her recover Minna doesn t expect much from the broom, but it has magical powers and sweeps her floors and chops her wood After her neighbor Mr Spivey considers it the devil s handiwork and his two sons accost the broom, several mem [...]

    10. Meredith on said:

      As happens on rare occasions, a broom suddenly loses its power, and both it and its witch crash to earth After landing in the kitchen garden of a widow s farmhouse, the witch hitches a ride but leaves the broom behind The widow begins using it like an ordinary broom before she discovers that it hasn t lost all its magic after all At first she is frightened, but the broom is a hard worker and eager to help, and soon it is doing chores around the farm and keeping the lonely widow company Of course [...]

    11. Lisa on said:

      Chris VanAllsburg is pure magic with his illustrations and his edgy stories In this story, a witch has left her brrom in the garden of a widow, because it can no longer fly It may not fly, but it is still magic, and soon it becomes the widow s friend and helper Unfortuantely, the village doesn t like the idea of a broom that is alive, and they decide to destroy it Luckily, the widow is clever and finds a way to make everything work out as it should Dark at times, the illustrations are amazing, a [...]

    12. Shazzer on said:

      After a witch falls out of the sky one day into Widow Shaw s garden, she leaves behind her old broom The widow discovers the broom is still full of magic, and capable of great things, but her neighbors think the broom is an evil and should be destroyed.What is it about Van Allsburg Where does he get these wild ideas that turn into such beautifully strange books The illustrations are sumptuous and wonderful as always, and the story is as I said, beautifully strange, with a wonderful smile of an e [...]

    13. Lani on said:

      I tend to love Chris Van Allsburg s less famous books like this one.A quirky twist on a Halloween story, my fifth graders LOVED THIS BOOK I dressed up as a witch and read it to them, and they had so much fun with the idea of a run away witches broom.I also like the different perspective on witches they re not all bad after all.Of course the highlight is really Van Allsburg s illustration, but the story stands up on its own.

    14. Claudia on said:

      Chris Van Allsburg I love everything he writesI love the stories he draws I love his clever mind and his way of turning a story upside down.The Widow Shaw saved a witch whose broom just stoppede witch leaves to get a better broom, and the Widow learns there s lots of life in that broombut her neighbors are not happyd make lots of trouble The revenge of Widow Shaw and the broom is so satisfyingo.

    15. Relyn on said:

      I am such a Chris Van Allsburg fan Half the time when I read one of his books, I think, This is the best one yet Well This one really might be It s got it all a compelling story, superb illustrations, excellent details, a surprise ending Everything Classroom Connections This is a perfect book to use as a mentor text There is no end to the mini lessons you can use this book for an excellent Halloween read aloud add to the pile of seasonal books in October

    16. Kelly Fulcher on said:

      This was a fun story, very playful It was a very cute story, something that kids can relate to Kids often find things that they think are great, things that get better and better, but some people think they are bad for them, and try to take them away, just like the widow and her broom Kids can relate to the story line, and Van Allsburg s child friendly story is great

    17. Luann on said:

      This would be great for a Halloween storytime It isn t your typical Halloween book, but I really like it for that I love the personality of the broom I ve read most of Chris Van Allsburg s books now, but I really need to read them all

    18. Jennifer Siddiqui on said:

      Such a sweet story about a widow who helps a witch who leaves behind a magical broom The broom helps the widower with all her housework and proves to be a true friend A good story about helping those in need.

    19. Kathy on said:

      Incredible illustrations and a cute story Love this bookad it several times.

    20. Tanya W on said:

      Loved this horror story for kids He is so creative and we really like all his books with the cool Twilight Zone twists at the end Dodoo dodoo dodoo dodoo Ahhhhh

    21. June on said:

      I always liked how the widow is rewarded for her kindness and her use of quick wits to save the broom from the male neighbors fear and beliefs of evil.

    22. Maren Prestegaard on said:

      Not sure this book has a place in my library but plan to try again in a few years Rich in illustrations and metaphor.

    23. Dana on said:

      I m usually not a fan of scary or magical tales, but Van Allsburg s story is about tolerance and understanding than a magic broom One night, a witch falls from the sky because her broom is getting old, and needs to be traded in for a new model She falls in widow Minna Shaw s garden, and Minna takes her in and helps her recuperate It seems perfectly normal to Minna that a witch should fall from the sky, and that she should leave her broom as a parting gift to repay the kindness Minna assumes the [...]

    24. Tyler Schoening on said:

      The Witch s Broom is another great magical fall tale by Chris Van Allsburg It s a perfect holiday book for Halloween as a witch s broom loses power and comes to live with a small farming widow where they crashed As the broom helps the woman with chores around her house the neighbors become curious, and Mr Spivey comes to fear it After it attacks his boys the neighbors come to destroy the broom, but the clever widow gives them and normal old broom instead After burning what was believed to be the [...]

    25. Baasim on said:

      Creative plot The author could have developed the characters a little such as the witch who I assumed would be a bigger role but she just mysteriously left and left readers wondering about the witch I liked how three characters were all striving for a different goal that connected to the others Minna Shaw wanted to keep the witch s magic broom, The spiveys wanted to burn it wand the broom was just a broom so it wanted to do whatever Minna Shaw told it to do.

    26. SaraKat on said:

      I thought the story was wonderful and funny, but I would have liked the illustrations to be in color The widow was very clever and stood up for her helpful little friend and I loved her for it, though it was a selfish act as well The townspeople are a typical mob of scared people who hate what they don t understand and act like idiots.

    27. Allyson on said:

      Another thought provoking book from the great Chris Van Allsburg The subtle drawings tell part of the story, giving parents and educators the opportunity for teachable moments over the course of the story as children fill in the gaps in the narrative.

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