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Rising Tides

Rising Tides By Nora Roberts Rising Tides Of the three brothers it was Ethan who shared his father s passion for the Maryland shore And now with his father gone Ethan is determined to make the family boatbuilding business a success But amid

  • Title: Rising Tides
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780515123173
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Rising Tides By Nora Roberts Of the three brothers, it was Ethan who shared his father s passion for the Maryland shore And now with his father gone, Ethan is determined to make the family boatbuilding business a success But amidst his achievements lie the most important challenges of his lifeThere is young Seth, who needs him than ever And there is a woman he has always loved but never belOf the three brothers, it was Ethan who shared his father s passion for the Maryland shore And now with his father gone, Ethan is determined to make the family boatbuilding business a success But amidst his achievements lie the most important challenges of his lifeThere is young Seth, who needs him than ever And there is a woman he has always loved but never believed he could have But beneath Ethan s seemingly still waters is a dark and painful past He must learn to see around the shadows to accept who he is Because through Ethan s past lies the future and his one chance at happiness
    Rising Tides By Nora Roberts

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      287 Nora Roberts

    One thought on “Rising Tides

    1. Diane on said:

      Great series awesome and interesting storyline that dealt with what brotherhood was the best book in the series i thinkgood storytelling and writing paperback

    2. Kristalia on said:

      Final rating 4.75 5 starsAnother great book in the series And another sudden ending, but I m getting used to it since all stories are connected and the character stories don t end with each book as they appear through all 4 books This time story focus is on Ethan, the second brother, continuing directly after the last book ended And I loved it I admit I was frustrated sometimes with the beating around the bush thing going on between the two center characters but I also loved it and I m glad I re [...]

    3. Glamdring on said:

      Review without spoilers Ray and Stella had taken them in, three half grown boys, all wild, all damaged, all strangers And had made them a family.Oh, my, Grace thought with her nose pressed up against the window Oh, my If she d ever seen two impressive examples of the male form, she couldn t say when She d only intended to sneak a quick glance Really Just one innocent little peek But then Ethan had peeled off his shirt and Another multiple re read I don t tire ofThis book picks up where the firs [...]

    4. Tiffany PSquared on said:

      The second book in the series picks up right where Sea Swept left off Anna and Cam are on their honeymoon, Phillip is commuting to the house on the bay every weekend to help build the new boat and care for their new brother, Seth Seth is finally blending into his new family with help from Ethan, the steady, thoughtful, fisherman craftsman who now has his eyes set on something than just the next crab pot But can he let go of his past in order to finally move forward What I Liked The character de [...]

    5. Helena on said:

      No voy a ser capaz de darte la oportunidad de vivir sin m , despu s de todo Enamorada es poco de esta historia Cre que el primer libro de La Bah a iba a ser insuperable, me equivoqu La historia de Ethan me ha durado un d a, lo he devorado y lo he cerrado con ganas de m s Quiero seguir leyendo a estos hermanos, aunque creo que me quedo con Ethan y su car cter pensativo, su fragilidad, su fuerza.Cada vez tengo m s claro que los libros de Nora Roberts escritos antes del 200 2005 son los mejores que [...]

    6. Cyndi on said:

      This book needs a major trigger warning there is child abuse Although it s in the past it is still very disturbing.Ethan had a horrific childhood By the time the Quinn s saved him he was almost dead and completely without hope They helped him to heal but he still carried a hurt on his soul and never saw himself worthy of love, marriage and especially children.Grace always loved him A strong single mother She is willing to work hard and gives heartily to others, but her pride keeps her from Ethan [...]

    7. valee on said:

      Aw you know,until I discovered this author I considered myself a practical, levelheaded and down to Earth kind of woman Not all the time, but most of it I try to be reasonable and sensible when I have to make a decision I never fuss or get distressed on situations that tend to make most people altered and upset What I m trying to say is that I m not of the emotional type, the analyze every freaking detail before making a decision type of girl So then why do I keep getting surprise when I end up [...]

    8. Jacob Proffitt on said:

      Better than the first book, I think, but not by a lot Ethan isn t the demanding jerkwad that Cam is, but he has his own neuroses and it was layered on rather thick The whole I m tragically flawed and must be alone thing was rather self indulgent and that stood against every other aspect of his life.That said, Grace was nine kinds of awesome, even if view spoiler she did go kind of stupid with the whole assuming Ethan just needed her to take the steps to advance their relationship She should have [...]

    9. namericanwordcat on said:

      3.5 Stars I am often amazed when I read a Nora Roberts book The opening of this book is just so lovely in terms of place, feeling, and character How does she do this so prolifically I love that Ethan is a working class hero and so devoted to his family The loved forever theme is a fun one and Grace is great as well.Roberts writing shines but I am kept from falling in love with this book because I want to send Ethan to therapy and want what happens at the end of the book to occur in the middle of [...]

    10. Mo on said:

      Another sweet read I liked Ethan and Grace although Ethan was a bit stubborn at times I know he had a tough upbringing prior to meeting the Quinns, but Interesting storyline about Seth Want to keep reading so that I find out what the little mystery is but might wait a while I really think some of these older kindle books should be a bit cheaper But that is just me, probably.Nice to catch up with the characters from the first book.

    11. Vi~Inkvotary on said:

      I am in tears I knew that it would be very emotional to read it again even after all those years But I never thought that it would touch me again like it did, when I read it the first time many years ago A beautiful and touching saga This is one of the most beautiful series, Nora Roberts has ever written No matter how long it has been since I ve read those series the first time, it is always a pleasure to re read it And everytime I do so I find something new that catches my eye and get again tou [...]

    12. Laura V. on said:

      3,5 5Al principio lo ador , Ethan es tan lindo, adorable, tranquilo, es un sol Tiene sus partes malas, pero me encanta todo de l La pareja que hace Grace es preciosa, porque se han amado desde siempre y aqu no tengo problemas para creerme el flechazo a primera vista Ellos ya tienen una base.Pero creo que todo se vino a bajo para m cuando Grace toma cartas en el asunto, no s , me pareci tan desesperada por Ethan Me gustaba la dulzura que ten an hasta ese momento Luego ella lo aborda, lo consigue, [...]

    13. Cathy on said:

      Oh, Nora Why did you have to go and screw this up for me This wasn t what I wanted for them Ethan had a few too many me Tarzan you Jane moments during the first half of this book, and I wasn t wild about the revelation that Grace had been practically pining for him all these years Ethan was too, essentially, but that was already than clear from book 1.I was still into the romance than in the first book, so I did enjoy this for the most part Unfortunately, it lost another star right around the [...]

    14. Rachel on said:

      NR already wrote this story, only she titled it The Heart of Devon MacKade The similarities are far too many to count between the two It s actually a bit ridiculous I swear RT s Grace is HoDM s Cassie s doppelganger The only difference between the two characters was their eye color So why am I not pissed that I just paid to read virtually the same story twice Because this simple story appeals to me on so many levels You got the small town community where everybody knows everybody The tight knit [...]

    15. Elena on said:

      Marginally better than the first book but far from great The characters were somewhat annoying and too goody goody Too much drama between Grace and Ethan and then an overly simplistic solution in the end I realized again why Anna heroine from book 1 was annoying me in the last book Because she s so pushy and aggressive For example Grace tells her that she and Ethan made out but Ethan told her he s not interested and they can t do this again, plus that he rejected her a few times already Anna say [...]

    16. Alex is The Romance Fox on said:

      The 2nd book in Nora Robert s Chesapeake Bay Saga continues with the lives of the adopted brothers, Cameron, Ethan, Phillip and Seth Quinn, who all have painful histories and were adopted by the amazing Ray Stella Quinn when they were children image error Ethan had always shared his father s passion for Chesapeake and whilst the other two brothers the gypsy Cam had traveled the world racing boats and cars and Phillip, the urbane city lover advertising hotshot moved away, he stayed home working t [...]

    17. Lisa Kay on said:

      Very well narrated by David Stuart I hesitate to give this 4 stars b c there are parts that are a tiny bit tedious nevertheless, I have come to care for these characters of Nora Roberts Chesapeake Bay Saga , and I certainly want to find out what happens next I don t think this book, the second in the series, is a stand alone definitely Ethan and Grace s on going story would be enjoyed if the first one, Sea Swept Cam Grace s story , were read first.The Quinns are three men, abused as children so [...]

    18. Krista (I remember you, Min) (Critical) on said:

      This book is boring and annoying I don t particularly like Ethan or Grace, though I hate Grace even Nothing much happens here Seth is even annoying than ever He punches Ethan in the face twice, and a few times in the stomach Actually punches him, with all his might The stupid little kid Yeah, he had a sucky few years of childhood, but that doesn t give him the right to punch his guardian And not even get in trouble for it I m sorry, but Ethan should at least have yelled at the brat Seriously, [...]

    19. Val on said:

      So sad to give the second book in the Chesapeake Bay Saga 3 stars after I gave the first book 5, but I didn t love it like I loved the first one.Rising Tides continues the story of the Quinn brothers, though focusing on Ethan the second kid Ray and Stella Quinn adopted and Grace, a single mother who s been in love with him since always and who Ethan has been in love with since always as well.The book is actually too focused on them, on their romance I would ve loved that because I m a sucker for [...]

    20. Teresa on said:

      So much better than book one I love Nora s series when they focus on siblings such as this All of their pasts are heartbreaking, but so far Ethan s has been the hardest The romance in this book was good, but it was how Ethan and Seth connected that really touched me.

    21. ᴍɪᴄs ✖amante de los spoilers✖ on said:

      Cada tanto es refrescante leer un romance con un h roe Beta, ya cansa que los tipos sean siempre tan viriles masculinos imponentes directos arrogantes , me encanto que Ethan fue tan serio, tranquilo, respetuoso, etc, etc Hubo momentos en que peca de paternalista con Grace pero se entiende por qu hace lo que hace y es desde un buen lugar, lo que quiero decir es que no tiene un pensamiento machista que lo respalde, sino que l es as con todas las personas a las que ama Fue una buena lectura, me hiz [...]

    22. Darcy on said:

      I liked this one, but Ethan frustrated me to no end with his attitude towards Grace I wanted to them to be together, but hated why Ethan didn t think it could happen I loved it that Anna helped Grace go after Ethan The girls friendship should worry the brothers, they will have them all wrapped around their fingers all the while subtly ripping them a new one when they need it.While I liked where things ended with Ethan and Grace, for me the highlight of the book was the tough truth that Ethan lai [...]

    23. Brenda (b) on said:

      This one is just as good as the first Even though it s centered on the romance, the family theme is still a strong element and that s a good thing Ethan has got to be the most controlled guy I ve read about in a long time But man, once or twice there I wanted to give him a kick in the rear to get him moving a bit faster LOL I like how Ray isn t a big central element of the story He doesn t really reveal anything not already known and he doesn t interfere, just seems to reaffirm the love and val [...]

    24. Glamdring on said:

      Buddy listening with Blacky 333 Here s the link to my previous review review show

    25. Jane Stewart on said:

      Not good as a stand alone story, but good as part of the series The characters are quiet, hard working, and pleasantE SERIES The Chesapeake Bay series includes four books which tell a continuing story about a family Ray and Stella Quinn adopt three troubled boys who came from abusive homes In the first three books the boys are about 30 years old They left home, have good jobs and are single Stella died several years earlier In the beginning of the first book Ray took in another boy, 10 year old [...]

    26. Mojca on said:

      Ethan Quinn The quiet one The steady one Always staying close to home, living on and for the water Because of his past and dark secrets buried in that past, he s decided long ago never to marry, never to have a family And because of that he thinks he can never have the one woman he loves, the one he s loved forever Grace Monroe.Unfortunately he didn t consider his sister in law s stubbornness Or Grace s determination.While the first book in this quartet, Sea Swept, delivered on the promise in th [...]

    27. Lissa on said:

      I am currently re reading several novels because I want to mark them in yeah, OCD No matter how many times I read Rising Tides and it s at least once a year I end up in tears because it is just SO DAMN GOOD Ethan is another of the Quinn boys brought into the family through the love and patience of Stella and Ray But to say he has a lot of baggage is an understatement, and all of his insecurities may keep him from Grace, the woman he s loved since she was a girl.Hell I can t even keep going witho [...]

    28. Janine on said:

      Not as good as the first in the series, but will persevere with number 3.

    29. Jazzypom on said:

      All right, a confession I like Nora Robert s male characters over her female characters I don t know why, I think it s the fact that when I came to reading romance novels, all the men were arrogant SOBs, no consideration for the women they loved, no emotional depth, and just ugh Since I grew up with brothers who were well, decent, the men in romance novels were a veritable WTF to me, and I could never fathom it until I discovered NR s men and it was love I knew these guys, they were the brothers [...]

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