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Tenderness By Robert Cormier Tenderness Eighteen year old Eric has just been released from juvenile detention for murdering his parents Now he s looking for tenderness tenderness he finds in killing girls Fifteen year old Lori has run away

  • Title: Tenderness
  • Author: Robert Cormier
  • ISBN: 9780385731331
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tenderness By Robert Cormier Eighteen year old Eric has just been released from juvenile detention for murdering his parents Now he s looking for tenderness tenderness he finds in killing girls Fifteen year old Lori has run away from home again Emotionally naive and sexually precocious, she is also looking for tenderness tenderness that she finds in Eric Will Lori and Eric be each other s salvatEighteen year old Eric has just been released from juvenile detention for murdering his parents Now he s looking for tenderness tenderness he finds in killing girls Fifteen year old Lori has run away from home again Emotionally naive and sexually precocious, she is also looking for tenderness tenderness that she finds in Eric Will Lori and Eric be each other s salvation or destruction An ALA Best Book for Young Adults.
    Tenderness By Robert Cormier

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    One thought on “Tenderness

    1. Bark on said:

      Hmmm, what to say about this dark and dreary book It is a young adult novel but it s extremely dark It features an eighteen year old serial killer who has been imprisoned for the past three years for murdering his parents Eric was also a suspect in the murder of several young girls but his guilt was never proven He s due to be released very soon and the officer who knows he s a serial killer is determined to make sure he doesn t hurt another girl.The other character is Lori, a fifteen year old r [...]

    2. Nicole on said:

      A lot of people felt that this book was and I quote creepy and disturbing It was a bit creepy, you know, that a glimpse of a serial killers mind thing But I think Robert Cormier did a great job portraying eric the eighteen year old that just got out of juvenile detention for killing his mother and stepfather He s looking for tenderness that which he finds in caressing and killing beautiful girls Enter Lori Lori has run away from home and is also looking for tenderness which she finds in Eric.

    3. Josiah on said:

      I ve never finished a Robert Cormier book without experiencing a deeply reverberating sense of Wow The dark corners of the human heart that Robert Cormier explores with the breathtaking skill of a master artisan are enough to give chills to anyone Revealing the potential horrors of a fiercely tortured soul has a way of affecting people that way Beneath and within the text of every page of Tenderness is the unmistakable pulse of real evil sometimes clear, but mostly flowing just beneath the servi [...]

    4. Becky on said:

      Disturbing Tenderness is the story of two emotionally stilted young adults Lori, a fifteen year old runaway with an unhealthy fixation with finding what she calls tenderness and Eric, an eighteen year old who has just been released from a facility he was in for three years for murdering his mother and stepfather Lori, whose body matured far faster than her emotions, has left home temporarily because her mother s most recent live in boyfriend has gotten a little too close for comfort Not Lori s c [...]

    5. Morgan Vaughn on said:

      Tenderness, by Robert Cormier, was close to the best book I ve ever read I enjoyed reading it because it was almost like reading the journal, and personal stories of multiple people The book felt so real to me The genres mixed between mystery, romance, and suspense Every page felt like a deep, emotional poem Call my name from the grave of your rotting love A hole in my mouth to match the hole in my heart, through which your love howls I hear these words and think of sadness, maybe loneliness But [...]

    6. Rachel on said:

      My honest reaction to this book I will never, ever think of Twilight the same way again Especially not after I figured out that Twilight is, essentially, Tenderness and M.T Anderson s Thirsty mixed with a romance novel and a conveniently happy ending.Cormier s ability to explore fixation fascinated and disturbed me especially in the context of Twilight, but enough on that Teens aren t the only ones who are, to use the cliche, blinded by love Sometimes people overlook frightening things in the na [...]

    7. Jessica on said:

      I feel like this book was a huge let down the beginning stated out boreding just talking about how once Lori saw a guy she had to kiss em or something and how she was in love with random creepy people Eric is just a freakin nut job that likes to kill girls and for like the first half of the book all it says is how he is werid and creey and talkeds about how hes in jail and why so basicly these kids are both wack jobs and Lori sorta stalkd Eric so she can say how they were ment to be and they are [...]

    8. Andy on said:

      Tenderness might well be the pinnacle of YA Noir with Robert Cormier holding court as its master An amazing work, it s the story of a lovesick teen runaway who stalks an unrepentant teenage serial killer with dreamboat looks after he s sprung from juvie Ironically they met several years previously when she caught him nuzzling a girl who was about to be his next kill Cormier s work is extremely dark and complex You don t need to be a pimple popper to dig this genius murder story, in fact, calling [...]

    9. Ashley on said:

      This book was originally reviewed on my blog,Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing.Have you ever found yourself rooting for the bad guy Knowing that the character deserves every bad thing coming his way, but hoping that, somehow, things will work out better in the end I don t know that I had ever truly experienced that before reading this book I generally prefer ahem totally love reading books where the bad guy totally gets his comeuppance I m all about hard core justice for my villains Mercy Sco [...]

    10. John on said:

      Robert Cormier is my favorite author.Lori Cranston is a teenager, too young for her body, who is looking for real love Eric Poole is a psycopath, too smart for his own good, who is looking for the perfect intimacy In a strange twist of fate, their intertwined search for what they each call tenderness brings them to each other It looks like each could be just what the other needs But will their relationship bring healingor destruction This is a novel about love, lust, and how similar the two seem [...]

    11. Charlotte on said:

      bleak literature psychological thriller ish I d bump it up to three and a half stars This book follows the collision of the worlds of two dysfunctional teenagers, one of whom is a serial killer just released from juvenile detention for killing his parents, the other a seriously insecure runaway girl The concepts in this book were so alien to me I mean, not many people can thankfully relate to the psychopathology of a serial killer and it was that exploration of Eric s mentality that kept me read [...]

    12. Echo on said:

      At 18 years old, Eric is finally being released from a juvenile detention center, where he s been since he was charged with killing his parents three years ago Lori, who met Eric when she was young, has a tendency to become obsessed with different boys and won t stop until she s kissed them After seeing Eric s face on the news, she decides that he is her new obsession and runs away from home to find him In the meantime, a police detective is watching Eric s every move, aware that Eric didn t jus [...]

    13. Stefani on said:

      I am a sick, sick person and loved, loved, loved this book I have a soft spot for loveable serial killers, and Eric is one I loved the multiple points of view, especially how detached Eric and the lieutenant were but how Lori was in first person I loved how to Eric, Lori was always the girl and how she was special to him, regardless of how strange it was I pitied all the main characters for their sheer humanity and a little lackthereof I admit, with about an hour of the 5 discs left to listen to [...]

    14. Sara on said:

      Creepy, weird, upsetting but in a good way The two main characters are losers, weirdos, and freaks The boy is a serial killer who has just been let out of prison and is stalking his next victim and the girl is schizophrenic OCD nymphomaniac But it s good The characters are written in such a way that they re believable, lovable, and attractive, but in the same way that a puppy with two heads is believable, lovable, and attractive This is masterful writing on a difficult subject My students seem t [...]

    15. Jessica on said:

      at first this book is kinda boring but the end is fuckin unexpected it is really really good

    16. Fay on said:

      Such a dark story of the mind of a serial killer although I sympathized with the character weird I know , also I saw the movie before and I was expecting a different ending it wasn t

    17. Margo on said:

      Genre Fiction Serial Killing LoveAfter spending three years in the Juvenile correction facility for the murder of his mother and stepfather, Eric Poole is finally released He moves in with his aunt for awhile until the press calm down and find something else to report on in the newspapers One particular day he looks outside the house to find a blonde girl in the branches of the willow tree in the front yard He eventually remembers he met her several years ago by the train tracks He met her just [...]

    18. Mattheus Farias on said:

      I d give this book a 4 out of 5 stars for this review I really loved the idea this book demonstrated the story by switching points of views, from Lori s situations to Eric Poole s, from being a runaway girl with mixed emotions, to a psychopath serial killer who is released into the public These perspectives are very different but also are similar at a whole other level Given Eric Poole s situation, he reacts in such a mysterious way that is very confusing By playing his sentence out and refusing [...]

    19. Allison Linkous on said:

      This book is about an eighteen year old kid Eric Poole who was sent to juvenile detention for the murder of his mother, step father and two young girls He is listed as a serial killer, and a sociopath His tenderness frenzy started when he was a young boy His crave for tenderness started with small animals, but he has moved on to killing young beautiful girls and still feels sexual pleasure even after they are dead The book is also about a fifteen year old girl, Lori who also craves tenderness Sh [...]

    20. Amy on said:

      This novel certainly has an interesting premise it is narrated by several characters The main characters are Eric, a teenage serial killer, and Lori, a strangely obsessive girl whose most recent obsession is Eric Both characters crave what they call tenderness For Eric, tenderness happens when he takes a life Lori s true definition of tenderness is never clear, but it seems like she craves a mixture of love, sex, and attention At the beginning of the novel, Eric has just gotten out of juvy for k [...]

    21. Sally Park on said:

      One day, a beautiful girl Lori who receives wanted and unwanted sexual attention on a daily basis feels the urge to kiss Eric Poole, a teenage murderer This symptom usually goes away once she kisses the guy she is fixated on, and in order to fulfill this desire, she approaches Eric She is initially scared of Eric, but comes to love him Eric also seems to feel something for her, but she is not his type He finds tenderness in killing beautiful brunette girls This story of a girl who has a problem [...]

    22. Amanda on said:

      Another book I was so undecided on how to rate I loved the book and also absolutely hated it It was written very well, the characters were interesting, the plot was a subject not touched by most authors and it leaves you with a dark creepy feel When I started the book I was rooting for Eric, hoping he would maybe get therapy and fall in love with Lori I am also torn because I wish he did get better and was able to meatally heal, but he also deserved what was coming by what he did in his past Par [...]

    23. Brandy on said:

      I don t know what it is about Robert Cormier, but I keep picking up his books even though I don t like his writing style They re just growing on me This one has a little too much cliche going on the runaway who stalks the serial killer maybe not a big cliche but it s not a surprise at all and the ending, which is pretty much like all his other books with its messages of Life Isn t Fair and Cormier s Protagonists Never Win.Not a bad read, a bit of creepy but not a whole lot, in part because there [...]

    24. Suzette Kunz on said:

      Hmmm Well, if you ve ever wondered what Ted Bundy was like as a teenager, this is the book for you Eric, a serial killer, and Lori, a girl who has been sexually abused, cross paths and form an oddly tender relationship Not sure if what Cormier portrays is technically possible do psychopaths feel compassion

    25. Danya on said:

      Most of my Psychtember reviews will be formatted differently than my standard reviews, to reflect the mental health theme I ve structured things as though the book is the patient and I m giving it an assessment Each axis is an aspect of the book that I ll give my thoughts on characters, plot, etc , and the validity score refers to how psychologically accurate I think the book is Then I may list some other books that this one shares symptoms with i.e novels dealing with similar topics and provide [...]

    26. Talon on said:

      Basically, I only finished this book because it was so much shorter than most Had it been longer, I would have DNF it I didn t one star this because of the topic, I m a big girl I one started it because it was b o r i n g Plain and simple Lori is awful She s dumb and clueless and that s all I can tell you without spoilers And Eric is the knock off junior high version of Joe from YOU.I didn t even like the writing sigh Yet another YA that I didn t like.

    27. Meagan Andrus on said:

      I can t really say why I love this book so much the premise is so dark and twisted, the characters are awful people, and it ends so abruptly and tragically This is Cormier proving that he s a master storyteller, this is postmodernism at its finest Why do I love this book I don t know But it had me turning pages with a pounding heart, breathless at the end of an amazing masterpiece I d gladly read again.

    28. Gabby Kustura on said:

      This book is creepy and disturbing You get to feel and visualize what s it like to be a serial killer Robert Cormier did an awesome job creating a visual of what it s like to be a serial killer and what kind of thoughts they have He was very descriptive on the characters and it was like I was right there in the book and I knew the characters personally Robert did a really good job illustrating the 18 year old serial killer, Eric, that murdered his parents and went to juvenile detention for three [...]

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