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Point Counter Point

Point Counter Point By Aldous Huxley Point Counter Point Aldous Huxley s lifelong concern with the dichotomy between passion and reason finds its fullest expression both thematically and formally in his masterpiece Point Counter Point By presenting a vision

  • Title: Point Counter Point
  • Author: Aldous Huxley
  • ISBN: 9781564781314
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback
  • Point Counter Point By Aldous Huxley Aldous Huxley s lifelong concern with the dichotomy between passion and reason finds its fullest expression both thematically and formally in his masterpiece Point Counter Point By presenting a vision of life in which diverse aspects of experience are observed simultaneously, Huxley characterizes the symptoms of the disease of the modern man in the manner of a composer Aldous Huxley s lifelong concern with the dichotomy between passion and reason finds its fullest expression both thematically and formally in his masterpiece Point Counter Point By presenting a vision of life in which diverse aspects of experience are observed simultaneously, Huxley characterizes the symptoms of the disease of the modern man in the manner of a composer themes and characters are repeated, altered slightly, and played off one another in a tone that is at once critical and sympathetic.First published in 1928, Huxley s satiric view of intellectual life in the 20s is populated with characters based on such celebrities as D.H Lawrence, Katherine Mansfield, Nancy Cunard, and John Middleton Murry, as well as Huxley himself.
    Point Counter Point By Aldous Huxley

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      157 Aldous Huxley
    Point Counter Point

    One thought on “Point Counter Point

    1. Alan Wightman on said:

      Point Counter Point is a tragicomedy about a group of London intellectuals and or members of the leisured class in the 1920s Despite cynical and fun making elements, Huxley allows his characters to formulate a series of profound and serious ideas, amongst them being a Why do people bother with worrying about liberty, democracy and politics, when they should just get on with living their lives b It is easier to live the life of the intellectual, to live in a world purely of ideas, than it is to s [...]

    2. Edi on said:

      To this day, Aldous Huxley s Point Counter Point remains my favourite novel The deepest corners of human nature that s where he goes, and that s where I haven t seen anyone else being able to.The novel doesn t have a front to back storyline, a precise plot, or a main character It starts off with Walter Bidlake s trials and tribulations , only to extend to the entire social network of the London elite of the 1930s.Huxley s versatility brings this writing to the status of masterpiece , since all c [...]

    3. James on said:

      Bad people doing bad things, but in a very witty way That is a brief, if incomplete, summary of Aldous Huxley s novel, Point Counter Point.It is broadly a novel of ideas with a novelist of ideas, Philip Quarles, at its center Quarles is a withdrawn, cerebral man, ill at ease with the everyday world and its emotions He is surrounded by friends and family whose lives are like those of the monsters that Philip writes about in his journal Just as Philip decides to structure his novel on the contrap [...]

    4. Vit Babenco on said:

      Counterpoint can t exist without a point The opposites need each other The industrialists who purvey standardized ready made amusements to the masses are doing their best to make you as much of a mechanical imbecile in your leisure as in your hours of work But don t let them Make the effort of being human That s an exact description of the today pop culture I wanted to change the world But I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself Some persons try to be a part of th [...]

    5. Sofía (Софья) on said:

      En esta novela Huxley desarrolla varios personajes No hay uno principal y otros secundarios, son todos iguales en su peso M renlos de cerca Philip es el intelecto, Walter Bidlake es la carne, lo corp reo, Rampion es la naturaleza, lo aut ntico, Spandrell es un demonio Son personajes planos, homog neos Cada uno parece un componente de algo grande, todos ellos son partes de ese personaje colectivo que nos presenta el autor de la sociedad brit nica Huxley los choca, los hace discutir, intercambiar [...]

    6. Krishnaroop Chakrabarty on said:

      Huxley is quite the literary enigma He is the progenitor of a style of expression that is thoroughly unique and exhaustive in its presentation of the matter at hand and this itself prevents any form of imitation by other lesser competent literary mortals Yet the only deterrent to Huxley is perhaps Huxley himself Over indulgence is undeniably his most persistent arch nemesis and it befuddles the authors best efforts in quite a lot of his creations and is well demonstrated here in PCP The notion i [...]

    7. Greg on said:

      Point Counter Point, the title says what the book is about the double bind that humans are in The quote on the frontispiece is by Fulke Greville Oh, wearisome condition of humanity, Born under one law, to another bound, I read Point Counter Point about ten year ago With novels that have a vast cast of characters, I started keeping a folded sheet of paper as a book mark adding all the names of the characters as they are introduced into the story so as to remember who is who, and I started writing [...]

    8. Andrew on said:

      A phrase like novel of ideas sounds so ponderous and leaden you ll not find many who liked The Magic Mountain as much as I did, but I ll readily admit it was tough going but Huxley proves that a novel of ideas can be on the contrary, witty, playful, and as bitchy as a gin sodden Truman Capote Nearly every page has a line that s a total keeper The rush to books and universities is like the rush to the public house People want to drown their realization of the difficulties of living properly in th [...]

    9. Realini on said:

      Point Counter Point by Aldous HuxleyAnother version of this note and thoughts on other books are available at youtube playlist listThis is a monumental novel that I must admit to have rejected years ago.How foolish one can be.Aldous Huxley has dazzled me with Brave New World, The Doors of Perception and now this masterpiece.It is a complex work, with complicated characters and surprising eventsThere is even a murder, a few deaths and some love affairs.Astonishing points of view are expressed on [...]

    10. Anja Murez on said:

      I reread Point Counter Point after discovering that Dorothy L Sayers wittely, intellectually and mostly gently pokes fun at the book and its author in The Documents in the Case, in the person of John Munting, alias Philip Quarles, alias Aldous Huxley himself talk of Russian puppets inside puppets Of course Aldous Huxley was a pacifist, Sayers quite the contrary Sayers was a Catholic, be it of the mind than of the heart, where Huxley tends to some unspecified universal mysticism Both are passion [...]

    11. Tony on said:

      POINT COUNTER POINT 1928 Aldous Huxley Well, I read it, but was frustrated in that I didn t understand what the author was trying to do I am a big Huxley fan, but this book won t be included in my list of all time favorites First off, there is no plot at least one that I could find It reminded me very much of the film, My Dinner With Andre, except that this dinner date had about twenty characters in it It starts out at a musical soiree at the mansion of a very rich couple in London, where the ch [...]

    12. Daniel Leverquin on said:

      Sam naslov se odnosi na transpoziciju muzike u knji evnost sa namerom da opi e isprepletene ivotne pri e razli itih likova koji bez obzira na karakterni kontrast ve u jake niti sudbinske privla nosti Kontrapunkt kao oblik muzi kog ume a ve to je utelovljen u pri u On navodi na visoko intelektualni stil autora, koji je jedan od njegovih za titnih znakova.Na roman se mo e gledati kao na mozaik sastavljen iz suprostavljenih delova koji se savr eno uklapaju u tkanje ivota, s jedne strane licemerje i [...]

    13. John on said:

      Huxley is one of those important writers that are rarely read, outside of his famous work Brave New World That is an important work and it is easy to see why it is so well known, and well read But it is Point Counter Point that is the far important, and significant work The book is largely about two families the Bidlake s and the Quarles along with their circle of friends and relations The two families are tied together through the marriage of Philip and Elinor, who begin the novel in India, b [...]

    14. Oliver Twist & Shout on said:

      Es tan pedante, pomposo y pesado que dan ganas de robar un Delorean, viajar al pasado, luego viajar a Londres, esperar a Aldous Huxley en la puerta de su casa y darle un paliza de rdago Conseguir que recobre la visi n despu s de una buena hostieja a rodabrazo Tan horrendo es que hace que el Brave New World parezca un accidente Hasta antes de leerlo, no sab a que se pod an escribir di logos tan petulantes en un libro y encima hacerlo tal que as , completamente en serio, sin iron a de ninguna clas [...]

    15. Marc on said:

      A very typical Huxley fine intellectual discussions, moral dilemma s, and lot s of characters eagerly making their own life miserable Connotations of satire, some sardonism, and in general blunt pessimism A very stimulating read, portraying the infertility of intellectual circles.

    16. Darran Mclaughlin on said:

      Neither brilliant nor awful It has some good elements but it has no central theme or idea, and no plot to speak of It reminds me of a cross between Vile Bodies and The Mandarins by Simone de Beauvoir It is a book about the racy nihilism and the upper classes in the jazz age and a roman a clef about the ideas and personalities of the twenties I recognized the character of DH Lawrence, and it was interesting to see how highly he was thought of at the time I think I got who James Middleton Murray w [...]

    17. Veronica on said:

      I am still shaking my head in disbelief that Huxley penned this drivel just four years prior to the publication of Brave New World Perhaps I ve missed his point sorry, just couldn t help myself , but this one was a snooze fest for me There was, as expected, some great dialog and a multitude of interesting characters, however, I cared for none of them nor did I care for this lengthy tale.There is, of course, class distinction, however, most of the affluent characters were rather self indulgent bo [...]

    18. Andrés Cabrera on said:

      Una de las mejores novelas que he podido leer Si bien es dif cil resumirla, Contrapunto se basa en diferentes historias, m ltiples voces polif nicas que tienen una realidad en com n la Inglaterra de principios del siglo XX Cada personaje tiene un concepto bajo el cual rige su vida en ese sentido, todos estos ser an monstruos , como bien dice Huxley, pues no hay nadie que viva as en la vida real Se est ante el positivista cient fico, el hedonista, el erudito burgu s, el proletario venido a burgu [...]

    19. Leah on said:

      Utterly addictive This book had some indescribable quality about it that made it completely fascinating, although it was ostensibly about not very much at all Filled with the intellectual, raging, pathetic, humorous musings of all its characters, it held up so many strings all at once and never dropped any of them It took me a while to get all the names of the characters right I kept confusing Burlap and Bidlake, for example, and forgetting who Walter was , but their experiences and inner monolo [...]

    20. Bookaholic on said:

      Acum vreo apte sau opt ani, c nd am citit pe ner suflate Punct Contrapunct i am trecut o repede n galeria personal a c r ilor de aur, m am reg sit n sau mai bine zis, am aspirat umil s m asem n cu personajul Philip Quarles un romancier de irat, osos, cu un sim al umorului cel pu in discret ca s fiu gentil i care se l f ia ntr un intelectualism asumat, trec nd totul prin filtrul nemilos al creierului dumisale genial.Iat i pasajul pe care l am copiat atunci con tiincios i caligrafic n caiet O, da [...]

    21. Denerick on said:

      A truly fantastic book Read this in the buildup to university exams in between college books and other things I had to read for UNI While my mind was focused on that, in the evenings and before bed, Huxley exercised the important parts of my brain I can t do the book justice on the grounds that I lack the intelligence to truly convey what Huxley presents in Point Counter Point All I can say is that this book is among the best I ve ever read, on a whole range of issues It tackles the meaning of [...]

    22. Jay on said:

      A tortured thing to slog through, it might have been a decent novel if Huxley and his editor if there was one had cut certain aimless philosophical discussions between the intellectual men Huxley wants to argue with himself in public, fine, let him do it in an essay not couched in the trappings of an otherwise entertaining piece of fiction.It is rather a collection of vignets, some of which like the story of Marjorie, Walter, and Carling Huxley seems to lose interest in Of the many melodramas se [...]

    23. Nataša on said:

      Razvukla sam je na jedno mesec dva, pa mo da zato i nisam uspela u potpunosti da se stopim s njomop ti utisak je prose an, zbog toga trojka.Kad sve sumiram, osim velikog broja likova, totalno razli itih, gde je skoro svako u nekom svom svetu to nas jo jednom podse a na to koliko smo svi posebni i jedinstveni , mogu re i i da mi se posebno dopala raznovrsnost me uljudskih odnosa, naro ito mu ko enskih Da ne nabrajam, ko je itao, zna e o emu govorim

    24. Sara Zovko on said:

      to bi Huxley imao re i napisati za dana nje dru tvo, dana nje bogata e i dana nje intelektualce Koliko bi se usamljen tek osje ao u na em vremenu Likovi Kontrapunkta zatvorenici su vlastitog karaktera i ega, bogati intelektualci nezadovoljni ivotima koje ive, sjajni izvana dok u sebi tragaju za smislom, istinom i Bogom.

    25. Ivana on said:

      For some reason I thought that I haven t finished this novel Reading it again, I realized that I had finished it I didn t mind rereading it, thought I still think that is an excellent novel.

    26. AJ Finkle on said:

      Does man, in pursuing the intellectual, deny and suppress its natural and often described as baser instincts Are these instincts just as vital, or perhaps even so, to the healthy human experience as knowledge, faith, and science Is the intellectual life and the search for Truth a convenient and easy distraction from or excuse to avoid actually having to live one s life, and interact, feel, and connect with other human beings Are these qualities exclusive to those who are well enough off financia [...]

    27. Kate Savage on said:

      I give this book two stars but not because I consider it mediocre It s just an average of two extremes some moments superb and some moments catastrophically bad Particularly if you re a feminist, or have any investment in a non rapey worldE GOOD Huxley pays attention to class A person s position of power or disenfranchisement is shown as the foundation for the most intimate of thoughts you can only believe certain things when you have a guaranteed weekly income It is latent in any physical objec [...]

    28. Al on said:

      Along with with Brave New World written a few years later , Point Counter Point is Huxley s most concentrated attack on the scientific attitude and its effect on modern culture When it was published in 1928, Point Counter Point no doubt shocked its readers with frank depictions of infidelity, sexuality, and the highbrow high jinks of Aldous Huxley s arty characters What s truly remarkable, however, is how his novel continues to shock today True, we may hardly lift an eyebrow at poor Marjorie Car [...]

    29. Ant on said:

      This is probably the best fiction that Huxley had written to date While Chrome Yellow was relatively pointless, Antic hay, too verbose Those Barren leaves only beginning to show maturity, Point Counter Point is the fruits of a novelist who has reached his full potential given the world something entirely new special As the name of the book suggests, the story is constructed as a piece of music with intertwining melodic lines which are related to each other, but unique, displaying different viewp [...]

    30. Mark on said:

      My fondness of Beethoven s string quartet in A Minor led me to this book, because I had read somewhere that the book s final chapter is based on the long slow movement of this quartet, the movement that Beethoven named Heiliger Dankgesang eines Genesenden an die Gottheit, in der lydischen Tonart , since Beethoven had unexpectedly recovered from a serious illness This book was a fine discovery, an excellent book that I have tremendously enjoyed reading.It is a book that is full of witty and intel [...]

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