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The Sound of Paper

The Sound of Paper By Julia Cameron The Sound of Paper In this landmark book on the creative process the bestselling author of The Artist s Way reveals the intricate soul work artists must undertake in order to find inspiration In The Sound of Paper Jul

  • Title: The Sound of Paper
  • Author: Julia Cameron
  • ISBN: 9781585422883
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Sound of Paper By Julia Cameron In this landmark book on the creative process, the bestselling author of The Artist s Way reveals the intricate soul work artists must undertake in order to find inspiration In The Sound of Paper, Julia Cameron delves deep into the heart of the personal struggles that all artists face What can we do when we face our keyboard or canvas with nothing but a cold emptiness In this landmark book on the creative process, the bestselling author of The Artist s Way reveals the intricate soul work artists must undertake in order to find inspiration In The Sound of Paper, Julia Cameron delves deep into the heart of the personal struggles that all artists face What can we do when we face our keyboard or canvas with nothing but a cold emptiness How can we begin to carve out our creation when our vision and drive are clouded by life s uncertainties In other words, how can we begin the difficult work of being an artist Drawing upon her many years of personal experience as both an artist and a teacher, Julia Cameron guides readers to a place where they can find the strength and courage to create Demonstrating how this involves a process of constant renewal, of starting from the beginning, she writes, When we are building a life from scratch, we must dig a little We must be like that hen scratching the soil What goodness is hidden here, just below the surface we must ask With exercises designed to develop the power to infuse one s art with a deeply informed knowledge of the soul, this book is an essential artist s companion from one of the foremost authorities on the creative process Julia Cameron s most illuminating book to date, The Sound of Paper provides readers with a spiritual path for creating the best work of their lives.
    The Sound of Paper By Julia Cameron

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    One thought on “The Sound of Paper

    1. Annisa Nuraida on said:

      I don t know if I m the only one feeling this way, but most of the time, I pick a book to read based on my mood There are some books that have been abandoned for years in my bookshelf, simply because I don t feel like reading them, yet.Thus, it s kind of frustrating when you have to spend about 30 minutes walking back and forth between the high shelves in the library, because you don t know what kind of book that you want to read.I m really when I found this book, The Sound of Paper , next to a [...]

    2. Rachel on said:

      This is a book containing several small essays about the grounded, successful creative life Most of them begin with a description of her surroundings, either in NYC or Taos, and then shows how our writing or painting, or sculpture, etc lives exist in the same way For example lightning bolts split a tree in its path down the middle, just how a creative bolt of inspiration can take us over and burn us out if we are not careful Three issues that would normally irk me 1 Because of the essay format, [...]

    3. ♥ Ibrahim ♥ on said:

      The book has a collection of stories and writings here and there that I take to aim at encouraging people to just write At the end of each chapter, there is a small paragraph on the main lesson she wants to communicate Above all, I loved her chapter To Be Independent, Depend on God as she beautifully links inspiration to a living, real relationship with the Lord It thrills me that she is also trying to help people get rid of negative views of God and replace them with His real attributes and thu [...]

    4. Ilze on said:

      de ja vu or could it be that I m reading too much Cameron Now in this volume she s not only repeating what she said in The Right to Write and I use that example because this book is written along the same lines but she is actually repeating what she said a few pages previously I spend months in New York and months in Taos we hear at least 3 4 times in consecutive essays Another example is her dogs, her friends and I m relieved to note that the names she mentions really seem to be people and not [...]

    5. Lionel Valdellon on said:

      In order to make art, we must first make an artful life, a life rich enough and diverse enough to give us fuel At bottom, cynicism is a cheap and shoddy response to a life we are afraid to love because it might, for a time, be painful.Both quotes by Julia Cameron in The Sound Of PaperFound the book at BookSale Farmers Plaza for P175 I m currently reading it But taking my sweet time to finish Because it s just too rich to be taken in one sitting unlike potato chip novels which were made for 12 ho [...]

    6. Amanda Patterson on said:

      Fans of Cameron s will be delighted by her new offering The best selling author of The Artist s Way delves once again into her methods of dealing with writing Cameron loves to introduce the spiritual into her book, which is great if you re inclined to her mostly Christian beliefs I think her books would be far powerful if she used simple psychology instead The Sound of Paper is essentially about Writer s Block Why does it happen and how do you nurture yourself and find a way out This is great a [...]

    7. Kate Lawrence on said:

      Reading Cameron is like having a writing coach at your elbow She continually offers encouragement, but that s not the only reason to read her She also conveys what it is like to nurture and live the artist s life, how it is different from other kinds of pursuits, and some pitfalls to avoid She provides exercises after every chapter to explore one s own psyche, to bring up from the subconscious level ideas and new directions to explore.The setting of this particular book, a very dry summer in Tao [...]

    8. Kasandra on said:

      I d have given this 3 stars if I hadn t already read it The Artist s Way is basically the same book If you liked that, you ll like this if you haven t read that, I liked this one better, though only marginally Comforting words for the struggling blocked artist or one who creates in a vacuum, but a little too touchy feely in general for my tastes.

    9. Drew on said:

      I don t know if this book is great or if it was great for me right now In any case, The Sound of Paper delivered just what I needed, when I needed it encouragement, understanding, and tangible tools to get me inspired and writing.

    10. Jessi on said:

      fantastic book for artists Just what I needed to get me motivated and in the right mindset Perfect.

    11. Carolyn on said:

      Started off good, but quickly got repetitive Core ideas referred to letting God take care of artblock, but is not too useful to me as I m not a believer.

    12. Jenny Yates on said:

      I got this from the library and read it straight through, and this is not the way to best enjoy this book Its purpose is to inspire artists, especially writers To that end, it s a collection of essays, as small and pointed as sermons It should be kept on the shelf and drawn down as needed, to refresh the spirit, to deepen a commitment to the artistic process The beginning of each essay is a small journal entry, with lovely descriptions of the weather and landscapes in Taos, where Julia Cameron s [...]

    13. Josh on said:

      I love all of Julia Cameron s books, even if most of them read the same way This one felt like an ode to the writer s personal journey of living life and finding quiet moments to write I love her descriptions of life in Taos living both there and in New York brings out different sides of her interests and personality, and she captures them all beautifully while tying in valuable insights on the art of being a creator A should read for writers and artists.

    14. Lark of The Bookwyrm's Hoard on said:

      Review originally published at The Bookwyrm s Hoard.The Sound of Paper Starting From Scratch is a series of related chapter or essays on creativity and creative blocks Author Julia Cameron The Artist s Way begins each essay or chapter by musing on some aspect the day to day life of the worlds in which she lives, beginning in New York and moving from there to Taos, New Mexico, where she spends part of each year From walks in Central Park to drought and eventual rain in Taos, Cameron makes connect [...]

    15. Jackie Law on said:

      Lots of good stuff, but there are a couple of things I want to make note of so as not to lose when I switch journals today In order to make art, we must first make an artful life, a life rich enough and diverse enough to give us fuel 15 agine that we are writing to someone who listens with the rapt attention of a new lover 24 abyss from the Greek bottomless p 39The word enthusiasm comes from the Greek words meaning filled with God 54 opening ourselves to impulsewe not only forget ourselves we di [...]

    16. Allison on said:

      Though the book sometimes borders on corny, there were so many thoughts and points in here that really struck home that I am forced to admit how much I enjoyed and connected with this book Cameron takes a close look at what drives and stalls an artist in their pursuit of their art She uses the metaphors of life in the Southwest drought, wildfires, lightening storms, rainbows, fiesta, solitude, rebirth, to examine the seasons and changing weather of an artist s life when a writer is facing their [...]

    17. Sarah on said:

      A beautiful, gentle collection of essays Almost like a Creative Grandmother Extraordinaire, author Julia Cameron has managed to create a safe, welcoming, wonderful space of validation and encouragement for all artists within these pages, complete with warm inspirational manifestos and insightful self discovery activities at the end of each essay Though sometimes repetitive in underlying content, the sweet voice resounding through every chapter is unmistakably one of wisdom, and one that should b [...]

    18. Maliades on said:

      I m working my way through this book, and the creative exercises are an inspiration For the past two weeks, anytime I have felt creatively down or stuck on something, and can t figure out what to do, I ve turned to this book The chapters are short, some just two pages, but truly insightful Some of the exercises I m doing now, and some I will save for later I borrowed the book from the library, so I m going to have to buy it, or maybe I ll write the exercises on slips of paper that I can pull fro [...]

    19. Lisa on said:

      I stretched this book out for as long as I could I simply didn t want it to end Which brought me to the conclusion that it will continue to be with me for a long time to come It s definitely going to be a fixture on my nightstand.And with that said, I rate this book five stars because it has played an integral part in me finding peace with being an artist Since beginning this book my whole life has improved as a creative being who accepts the phases one experiences with their craft Julia puts it [...]

    20. Ainetheon on said:

      This is an good book for bathtime reading, if reading the paper version I have read about 25% of this book so far and although it is probably middle of the road stuff, it is at the upper end of that middle road It is written in lots of very short snappy chapters which sandwich simple but effective exercises for the reader to undertake A lot of the material is similar to Natalie Goldberg s style but that is not a criticism It works well for Natalie and it would appear to work well for Julia too A [...]

    21. Bree Ervin on said:

      This is just of the same If you have read The Artist s Way, then you already know what this is all about.If you haven t read any of her work before there is plenty of insight in the pages, but if you have read her other works there perhaps isn t much point in reading another volume of the same thing If you were only ever going to read one of her books and you asked for a recommendation, unfortunately I wouldn t recommend this one Not only does it repeat things from her other books, but essay to [...]

    22. Joy on said:

      So many beautiful passages and written in delightfully small chunks with practical writing assignments at the end of eachever I had to give it 4 stars instead of 5 because she repeats herself so much It s very poetic and perhaps not meant to be read straight through if I were taking a year to read the book perhaps I wouldnt have recognized the fact that she JUST said the same thing about Taos in the last chapter.I still really recommend it to get your creative gears turning again And there are a [...]

    23. Magdelanye on said:

      This modest and gentle book packs quite a punch for those who have not already been bowled over by JC s practical and indefatigable approach.We don t need to do something large or heroic in order to feel better about ourselves p130Gentleness is the key to survival p152She may be somewhat repetitive and inclined to stick to the tried and true, but she is at the same time always encouraging The format here here really worked for me, a combination of the personal and some very good exercises to gal [...]

    24. Arleen York on said:

      Cameron provides a number of approaches to removing creative block All are designed to entice you to write just write and every day It works Her descriptions of where she is and what the day is like as she begins each of her writing segments makes the reader stop and think about how special where she or he is at this particular time This book is a life enhancer, whether or not you write, but especially if you do.

    25. Darby on said:

      I am really stuck I am scared of creating This book is what I needed to read right in this moment Working through some of the exercise has helped me pinpoint some of the fears and I believe will help me start moving forward I checked this book out of the library, but have put it on my wishlist as I do think it would be a good book to have when needing when having doubts, insecurities and just being blocked in general.

    26. Jenna on said:

      I truly appreciate Julia Cameron s laser like insights into the creative process, and I consider her to be one of my most influential mentors, but this particular book fell short for me it felt repetitive by the final third of the book, and I honestly started skimming the repeated weather analogies at the beginning of each essay Still, I gleaned valuable insight and food for thought overall I probably won t read this one again, but I will return to a handful of exercises in my notebooks

    27. Steven Turek on said:

      Although the book seems slightly repetitive, it is interesting to track Cameron s creative process You get a sense of how she works through this collection of essays For me, much of what she resonated with my creative sensibility I think there are quite a few useful insights and exercises for those who are either stuck or just starting out artistically It is a volume that I think anyone could benefit from.

    28. Debbie Albonaimi on said:

      By the time I am done I will probably have read all of Julia Cameron s books Not only is the cover beautiful, the text engaging but it is written about a topic that is near and dear to my heart At the end of each writing is an exercise that you the reader can do An enjoyable read with oh, I never thought of doing that exclamations.

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