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Welcome to the Monkey House

Welcome to the Monkey House By Kurt Vonnegut Welcome to the Monkey House This short story collection Welcome to the Monkey House incorporates almost completely Vonnegut s Canary in a Cathouse which appeared within a few months of Slaughterhouse Five and capitali

  • Title: Welcome to the Monkey House
  • Author: Kurt Vonnegut
  • ISBN: 9780385333504
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback
  • Welcome to the Monkey House By Kurt Vonnegut This short story collection Welcome to the Monkey House 1968 incorporates almost completely Vonnegut s 1961 Canary in a Cathouse, which appeared within a few months of Slaughterhouse Five and capitalized upon that breakthrough novel and the enormous attention it suddenly brought.Drawn from both specialized science fiction magazines and the big circulation general magazThis short story collection Welcome to the Monkey House 1968 incorporates almost completely Vonnegut s 1961 Canary in a Cathouse, which appeared within a few months of Slaughterhouse Five and capitalized upon that breakthrough novel and the enormous attention it suddenly brought.Drawn from both specialized science fiction magazines and the big circulation general magazines which Vonnegut had been one of the few science writers to sell, the collection includes some of his most accomplished work from 1950 to 1968 The title story may be his most famous a diabolical government asserts control through compulsory technology removing orgasm from sex but Vonnegut s bitterness and wit, not in his earlier work as poisonous or unshielded as it later became, is well demonstrated.Two early stories from Galaxy science fiction magazine and one from Fantasy Science Fiction the famous Harrison Bergeron show Vonnegut s careful command of a genre about which he was always ambivalent, stories like More Stately Mansions or The Foster Portfolio the confines and formula of a popular fiction of which he was always suspicious Vonnegut s affection for humanity and bewilderment as its corruption are manifest in these early works.Several of these stories those which appeared in Collier s were commissioned by Vonnegut s Cornell classmate and great supporter Knox Burger, also born in 1922.Contents xii Preface Welcome to the Monkey Hous
    Welcome to the Monkey House By Kurt Vonnegut

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    • [PDF] Welcome to the Monkey House | by Ê Kurt Vonnegut
      177 Kurt Vonnegut

    One thought on “Welcome to the Monkey House

    1. Lyn on said:

      Welcome to the Monkey House by Kurt Vonnegut is a collection of short stories from the 50s and 60s and demonstrates Vonnegut s tremendous range as a writer I have read one critic who did not like Vonnegut, saying that all of his novels are essentially the same, with his voice and tone narrating each new set of facts I agreed somewhat, but still liked the way he writes and have enjoyed every one of his works I have read The stories in this collection, however, written earlier than most of his nov [...]

    2. Manny on said:

      The world is overpopulated, and they have Ethical Suicide Parlors, where public minded citizens are encouraged to go in and get a lethal injection from the attractive hostesses There s a big thermometer outside, showing how many people there currently are in the world.So the guy comes in, and he s chatting with the hostess He wants to know how much the mercury will go down if he decides to do it A foot No, she says.An inch Not quite, she says.Suddenly, he changes his tone Every inch, he says, re [...]

    3. Brian Yahn on said:

      Welcome to the Monkey House is the best collection of stories I ve read.Rating it accurately is as difficult as ever Should it be based off of the best stories Or all of them I don t know.What I do know is Harrison Bergeron, Welcome to the Monkey House, Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, EPICAC, Where I Live, and The Euphio Question are some of the best shorts ever written.Much like Vonnegut s other novels, they re strangely scientific with quirky characters, great dialogue, and plenty of comed [...]

    4. Kaethe on said:

      1982 January 62014 October 3Where I Live Keenly observed I wonder what an update would be like 50 years on Harrison Bergeron This one has aged a bit, but it s still good.Who Am I This Time I vividly recall the American Playhouse production with Susan Sarandon and Christopher Walken Magic.Welcome to the Monkey House Likewise aged, not that there aren t people who would be delighted to see the sex drive killed for everyone else, but those people tend not to be in favor of birth control or assisted [...]

    5. seak on said:

      Vonnegut does a wonderful job with a short story and while most stories were okay to yeah, I liked it I guess , it s definitely worth it for the few 4 to 5 star ratings Where I Live Venture Traveler s World, October 1964 2 5 Kinda boring and no real plot Just meandering Harrison Bergeron The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, October 1961 5 5 Loved this one science fiction Handicapping people so everything is fair and no one can take unfair advantage because of their looks, intelligence, p [...]

    6. Tracey on said:

      Previously read June 2003 among many other times Like many offbeat outcast teens, I went through a Vonnegut phase and am glad to say I never completely recovered I would heartily recommend Welcome to the Monkey House for anyone new to Vonnegut s body of work, as it covers basically the first two decades of his career and IMHO, the best years It contains an honest to goodness love story Long Walk to Forever that always makes me sniffle a little Then there s the familiarly sardonic Report on the B [...]

    7. Brierly on said:

      I spent over three months with this book, never reading than one story per day I have read selections of Vonnegut, including parts of Player Piano and Harrison Bergeron, but this was my first cover to cover read I love the guy Something about his writing is so believable to me I rarely have difficulty stepping into his POV.Welcome to the Monkey House is a bit of a hodgepodge collection, jumping from sci fi to articles suited for Ladies Home Journal Some of the stories, naturally, are not as goo [...]

    8. Elyse on said:

      This man was a genius And a loving Husband father One heck of a decent human being A few stories were soooooooooooooooooo good, that I was wishing I could go back and change a few things about my College days I would have loved to be talking about this book in a College Class I m ready now I m really happy I won this book I could have missed it THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to whom ever picked my name as a first read I enjoyed reading other reviews early this morning 3am wonderful Here is a litt [...]

    9. Dan on said:

      I could write a long review and talk about every short story in this collection, but I m not going to do that There are just too many good stories in this collection My personal favorite was probably Harrison Bergeron but I would have to think about that It s not necessary that I have a favorite per se, but my mind just works that way.If you re a Vonnegut fan, you ve probably read this If you ve never read Vonnegut, give it a shot It s a great way to start your journey into his mind He can be hi [...]

    10. Omar Alhashimi on said:

      Vonnegut does it again This took me way longer than intended, probably due to the hectic nature of my first week back in uae Nevertheless, I m glad I read it I was never a big fan of a book of collection of short stories Usually there would be a lot of hit and miss With Welcome To The Monkey House however, literally every short story was memorable Maybe one was mediocre, but all of the rest were so good I can t stress enough how each individual short story was able to stand on its own, and also [...]

    11. Anatoly on said:

      This was a nice collection of short stories dwelling on a lot of different themes added with Vonnegut s personal view which is evident in them Although most of the stories were quite good, I found myself enjoying those who were practically SF the most, which is were at least by my opinion Vonnegut is in his best.

    12. Peter Tillman on said:

      The standout story here is Harrison Bergeron 1961 , which is a classic, 5 star story It s available online at tnellen cybereng harri If you ve somehow missed reading it, or it s been awhile, youre in for a treat.Otherwise, it s a mixed bag of mostly 1950s stories Most of them haven t aged well Here are the better ones Miss Temptation 1956 a soldier comes back from the Korean War, and insults a pretty girl in his hometown 3 stars or less Tom Edison s Shaggy Dog 1953 an amusing tall tale 3 stars R [...]

    13. Evan on said:

      This collection of early short stories, mostly from the 1950s, displays Vonnegut s versatility of subject matter, theme, and style and also his grasping for an identifiable, unique personal style At this point, he already is a mature, assured writer Except for possibly The Manned Missiles which nonetheless has the same clever twist ending as many of the other stories in this collection all of the stories in this compilation are great Vonnegut s command of narrative and descriptive detail are sol [...]

    14. Daavid (דוד) on said:

      25 Stories Average rating 3.32Interesting stories Mostly General fiction, while some are SF Good language and writing style Most of the stories were however either just good 3 stars 13 stories or okay 2 stars 4 stories Seven stories though, very much stood out for me.5 starsWho Am I This Time When a characterless actor plays a character with extreme intensity in the theater, he finds a woman falling in love with these characters Thinking what its advantages are, by the end of the story, made me [...]

    15. MJ Nicholls on said:

      This collection, along with Bagombo Snuff Box, collects short stories from Vonnegut s time writing for the glossies, dailies and slicks The pieces range from speculative fiction to standard romance fare, each only hinting at the greatness he would achieve as a novelist He wrote these for money, no doubt about it, and although several spar with some of his Big Stuff, they lack the scathing black humour, wild absurdity and heartbreaking pathos of hmm, well, start at The Sirens of Titan and go fro [...]

    16. Josh on said:

      I think Vonnegut s best talent as a writer is his knack for stripping away the gap between facade and reality He loves to sketch out characters that are or simply seem amazingly rich or powerful or charismatic Then he breaks their circumstances down such that they re stuck with only their base humanity, and they have to confront themselves as they really are How degrading to find out how much you re just like everyone else

    17. Koltukname on said:

      Romanlar yla tan nan Vonnegut un b t n yk lerini i eren bu kitap, son y llarda okudu um en iyi kitaplardan biri Vonnegut k lliyat nda benim i in Mezbaha No 5 ve ampiyonlar n Kahvalt s ndan sonra nc s rada yer alacak.

    18. Anca on said:

      PS povestirea cea mai impresionanta greu cuvantul pentru niste povestiri prin excelenta impresionante si surprinzatoare e pentru mine, de departe, Toti caii regelui, despre cum e sa ai in maini viata celorlalti si sentimentul de a fi la moftul cuiva, gandire limpede in tensiune, thriller in toata puterea cuvantului, ca la PROTV mi a placut in mod deosebit Colectia de primavara iarna, despre o lume utopica in care oamenii pot invata sa si paraseasca corpurile, pricina tuturor nazurilor si neintel [...]

    19. Justin on said:

      I heard once from an old English teacher that the hardest pieces to write are short stories and short films To develop a plot and characters in a short and constricted time frame requires no small amount of skill There s no room to waste words and phrases to do so would turn your short story into a novella Poe was great at it And I feel Vonnegut was great at it too.Welcome to the Monkey House has been a favorite book of mine for a long time I may have inadvertently acquired this copy from an old [...]

    20. Caitlyn on said:

      I finished this last night and I loved it I don t have time to get down a real review because I have a concert to go to but I ll do my best to do it as soon as possible

    21. Nikki "The Crazie Betty" V. on said:

      Some stories are better than others but overall a good solid 5 star read Review to come.

    22. oguz kaan on said:

      lgimi uyand ran hikayeler olmad i in kitaptan da ho lanmad m o u hikaye bir yere ula mayan, yan yana getirilmi s zc klerden ibaret bir silsile gibiydi.

    23. Elizabeth Wallace on said:

      You d THINK that, what with Vonnegut having written one of my all time favorite classic sci fi novels Sirens of Titan , not to mention Slaughterhouse Five , you d think I d have remembered that he wrote Harrison Bergeron, one of the great classic sci fi short stories it was even in a school textbook of mine and the second story in this collection Somehow I never put that together in my head, that it was a Vonnegut story, though I should ve a dystopian than a little tongue in cheek story not so [...]

    24. Saif Saeed on said:

      There s 25 stories in this book, all very short When an American writer says short stories he means it, none of that novella crap here I ll try to keep this review short too.I wanted to give this three stars but I really couldn t bring myself to do that with stories like Harrison Bergeron, Report on the Barnhouse Effect and The Euphio Question collected here Vonnegut builds worlds and encapsulates the essence of an idea in 7 15 pages, and there s quite a few stories in here that are philosophica [...]

    25. Alan on said:

      In the 70s I taught this at community colleges, and it was wildly popular the three scifi pieces on future overpopulation, or taking the joy out of sex ethical birth control astute The Cape Cod autobiographical shorts are wonderful views of an enviable past the Yacht Club on the Bay side that is barely a shed, etc My students could talk about this book for days, and did though I never came up with paper assignments that evoked their best writing Not sure why Maybe Vonnegut s own prose is decepti [...]

    26. Ryan on said:

      In my mind, Kurt Vonnegut is the writerly equivalent to an eccentric, sarcastic, but kindly old uncle, the one you can always count on to take the stuffing out of your puffed up, less agile minded relatives at family Christmas parties, while giving you a sly wink In an important way, he was a voice for America in the 1950s and 60s, both a counterpoint to and a commenter on mainstream attitudes He could do zaniness, anger, sorrow, and gentleness equally well.This collection is a fine intro to wh [...]

    27. Jessica on said:

      Put it down for some time after the eponymous Welcome to the Monkey House I only speak for myself, but I m tired of reading about rape, either as a plot device or metaphor Especially since I read this just after Sirens of Titan, in which Vonnegut also writes in a detached manner of a character s assault The character Billy s explanation of his actions was condescending and objectifying, even saying his other victims were grateful, and asserting Nancy s anger is not because of her violation, but [...]

    28. Simon on said:

      Vonnegut reaffirms my love for his work with this delightful collection of short stories His stories are always so original and ahead of their time And his characters are so real.

    29. David on said:

      Aseara dupa ce am intrat in posesia cartii, mi am spus hai sa vad cum incepe Am citit prefata semnata de autor si nu m am mai oprit pina nu am terminat primele 5 povestiri, printre care si Harrison Bergeron o scurta distopie de tip orwellian, absolut tulburatoare, de care eram interesat in mod deosebit dupa ce am vazut ecranizarea i superba in filmul de 25 de minute, 2081 In mare, filmul respecta povestea, dar, nu reuseste sa redea latura ironica existenta in povestire un amanunt nesemnificativ [...]

    30. Annalisa on said:

      This was a summer reading assignment for me in high school and I remember being hooked by Vonnegut s social satire I loved his imaginative stories, humor, and slightly sci fi plots to portray human pitfalls The book left we pondering considerably and hungry for Vonnegut and I soon read every one of his novels Recently I reread the collection of short stories and it wasn t the amazing book I remember from my youth, many of his warnings about humanity are old news now But as a youth I was highly [...]

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