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Story of the Eye

Story of the Eye By Georges Bataille Joachim Neugroschel Dovid Bergelson Story of the Eye Only Georges Bataille could write of an eyeball removed from a corpse that the caress of the eye over the skin is so utterly so extraordinarily gentle and the sensation is so bizarre that it has s

  • Title: Story of the Eye
  • Author: Georges Bataille Joachim Neugroschel Dovid Bergelson
  • ISBN: 9780872862098
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback
  • Story of the Eye By Georges Bataille Joachim Neugroschel Dovid Bergelson Only Georges Bataille could write, of an eyeball removed from a corpse, that the caress of the eye over the skin is so utterly, so extraordinarily gentle, and the sensation is so bizarre that it has something of a rooster s horrible crowing Bataille has been called a metaphysician of evil, specializing in blasphemy, profanation, and horror.Story of the Eye, written inOnly Georges Bataille could write, of an eyeball removed from a corpse, that the caress of the eye over the skin is so utterly, so extraordinarily gentle, and the sensation is so bizarre that it has something of a rooster s horrible crowing Bataille has been called a metaphysician of evil, specializing in blasphemy, profanation, and horror.Story of the Eye, written in 1928, is his best known work it is unashamedly surrealistic, both disgusting and fascinating, and packed with seemingly endless violations It s something of an underground classic, rediscovered by each new generation Most recently, the Icelandic pop singer Bj rk Gu dmundsd ttir cites Story of the Eye as a major inspiration she made a music video that alludes to Bataille s erotic uses of eggs, and she plans to read an excerpt for an album.Warning Story of the Eye is graphically sexual, and is only for adults who are not easily offended.
    Story of the Eye By Georges Bataille Joachim Neugroschel Dovid Bergelson

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    • [PDF] Story of the Eye | by ✓ Georges Bataille Joachim Neugroschel Dovid Bergelson
      344 Georges Bataille Joachim Neugroschel Dovid Bergelson

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    2. mark monday on said:

      ADULTS ONLY KIDS YOU STAY AWAY take the sex act and strip away the burden of reality and what do you have take two characters and make them fuck you are the author and they are your puppets they will do anything you want does fucking equal life can fucking be a form of transgression so be it, make it so add another character a menage subtract that character, the poor thing have your characters fuck right next to her cold hanging corpse they are fucking death add another character, a sophisticate [...]

    3. Jibran on said:

      What the hell did I just read _ I have enough trouble digesting genre erotica as it is, but this came out of the blue and hit me like a burning meteor shattering everything of the self knowledge of my sense of desire Don t get me wrong, prude I am not I love my erotic writing, sexual investigations, the Freudian truths, and sexual fantasies too, speaking of which, this is a twisted sexual fantasy overwhelmed by its own craziness and charged with an assemblage of layered symbolism, wherein a rang [...]

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    5. Ian "Marvin" Graye on said:

      On Pornography The question is not whether pornography, but the quality of the pornography Paul GoodmanPornography is the explicit portrayal of sexual subject matter for the purpose of sexual arousal I wonder why it is such a big no no with some people What are they thinking What do they want us to think Pornography is evil immoral naughty, because sexual arousal is evil immoral naughty Alternatively, sexual arousal is OK, but the explicit portrayal of sexual subject matter is evil immoral naugh [...]

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    8. Printable Tire on said:

      This book was unabashedly, humiliatingly retarded It s the kind of book that s so famous and then you read it and wonder if someone is pulling a practical joke on you.I ve read better fanfic porn.

    9. Barry Pierce on said:

      Read this for my dissertation As a narrative, it s somewhat messy As erotica, it s somewhat depraved.As a synthesization of Bataille s theories and worldview, it s a treasure trove.

    10. Kyriakos Sorokkou on said:

      Well, , , , , , , , , 16 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 200 Eye sea what you did there .7 10 .

    11. Mizuki on said:

      Recently I have been thinking, why would people always think about leather, whip, DS and women being tied up when they think about sexual deviancy That is so not the whole picture, and the stereotype from above is just soring.When you open Story of the Eye, you are in for a rare, exciting and disturbing treat The story is one hell of an over the top adventure of sexual deviancy and anarchy In this story, sexual pleasure and desire comes into play in some of the most unusual ways but through read [...]

    12. Tristan on said:

      And it struck me that death was the sole outcome of my erection, and if Simone and I were killed, then the universe of our unbearable personal vision was certain to be replaced by the pure stars, fully unrelated to any external gaze and realizing in a cold state, without human delays or detours, something that strikes me as the goal of my sexual licentiousness a geometric incandescence among other things, the coinciding point of life and death, being and nothingness , perfectly fulgurating There [...]

    13. Anthony Vacca on said:

      Your typical teenage romance, replete with spontaneous orgasms, golden showers, bull testicles, eggs inserted into orifices that eggs are not meant to be inserted, suicide, rape, sacrilege, eroticizing eyeballs, bullfighting and murder Your body is a temple of filth and sex is slimy, you perverted reader, you.

    14. K.D. Absolutely on said:

      This may be a short read a novella composed of only 103 pages of letters printed using big font Definitely a short read However, it is full packed with explicit and sickening sex scenes so this is not for readers who are squeamish when it comes to sex Also, this is not a book to titillate readers The sex scenes are so disgusting I did not feel anything that made we want to have sex Rather, the internal stirring I had while reading this came due to George Bataille s 1897 1962 deep philosophical m [...]

    15. Kasia on said:

      Sick, disgusting and kinky but never boring It certainly makes an impression But if it were to be any longer I would start chucking off the stars Lucky for Mr Bataille that he kept the story short and writing up to standards I m sure if you try hard you could find some social commentary in there and a few metaphors, but it takes an effort to look beyond all the fetish and gore Besides lewdness itself makes a point here.

    16. Melissa Ski on said:

      The text is redeeming, but not in a transcendental way The moral lacks morality and as you ll read elsewhere acts as a precursor to existentialism My literary friend recommends Emmannuelle by Emmannuelle Arsan as a starting point if not a follow up to this type of reading Here s to the dionysian I d recommend Caligula as well and then we can have a lecture on sexual disfunctions and decadence

    17. Xandra on said:

      I don t mind bizarre lewdness or surreal disgusting situations Nonchalant mentions of a rape or a crime, in the same manner one would mention their coffee was a bit too cold in the morning don t shock me as much as they probably should Crack however many eggs you want between your buttocks and urinate on various surfaces in any number of positions I ll remain impassible Piss down your leg, on your mother, in a priest s nostrils, on your clothes, on mannequins, on any surface imaginable If you ma [...]

    18. Luís C. on said:

      Georges Bataille is, in the world of literature, a special case Nietzschean in the soul, blending blithely in his works sex and death, he is the one whom Jean Paul Sartre declared unfit for philosophy A boy with 16 year old dating a girl named Simone whom he falls at first sight in love and together, they end quickly by engaging in very unusual sexual games They then take in their incongruity a denominated Marcelle, a girl with convoluted discernment and therefore easily manipulable At three, th [...]

    19. Hanaa on said:

      Absolutely insane and incredibly erotic A fun readAlso, a messy and somewhat noisy video review pyoutube watch v Zuxm4

    20. Lauryl on said:

      Angela Carter, in an essay about Story of the Eye, once said that the French seem to delight so much in shocking the English that they barely take time to notice that the English aren t really all that shocked Being an American, I can t really know how right she was, but I definitely think that, in a few deft strokes, she captured the guiding spirit of this book.The problem with pornography as literature or art, or even as comedy, is that any criticism one raises to it will be seen by its advoca [...]

    21. Henry Martin on said:

      One of the most bizarre books I have ever read, The Story of the Eye kept me torn as I kept turning the pages Torn whether to repulse or whether to admit excitement.This book was unlike anything I had read, vividly graphic and subtly gross, yet engaging and literary at the same time Is it pornography Undoubtedly yes, but it is also a romance, a dark, twisted, forbidden romance with an ending I could not imagine in my wildest dreams Update 04 01 2016I just completed a second, thorough reading of [...]

    22. Sophie on said:

      , de Sade Bu uel, Bataille vignettes, , taboo, , , , , Brady Brower Story of the Eye In the fantasy of a utopia without boundaries, without prohibition, without authority, and without difference, the End inevitably takes the form of a malaise resulting in the question What do we do now

    23. [P] on said:

      Until recently I didn t think that I was boring in bed Or that I lacked imagination and a willingness to experiment I have my preferences, yes, but I liked to believe that I was fairly open minded However, when I started speaking to and people about sex, women mostly, I was shocked to discover that many acts that were not on my sexual radar although I was aware of them, of course were common fantasies and, it seems, were regularly being performed Slapping and choking, for example Oh, and fuck [...]

    24. Nate D on said:

      So I finally read this I don t really care about porn because porn is boring and utilitarian and that utility is quite limited at that Then why was I able to enjoy this Because though it s pornographic, it s not really porn Bataille uses that vocabulary to carry out something ambitious and ambiguous The sex acts here rarely involve intercourse, instead enumerating some elaborate convergent alchemy Blood, milk, semen, eggs, and urine are gradually converted into the eye, the eye, the eye, the ey [...]

    25. Baiocco on said:

      Every once in a while I have to read something dirty, lusty and depraved I don t know what it is about me, but it s necessary And I don t really mind And I don t feel dirty afterwards, but rather refreshed actually So there.George Bataille, besides beind the lliterary executor to Walter Benjamin s controversial he was a Jew facing persecution from Nazis during World War II manuscript for his lifelong masterpiece The Arcades Project, was a total degenerate, sensualist scumbag andThe Story of the [...]

    26. Chris_P on said:

      Crazy, sick, juvenile, blasphemous, insane, refreshing, spontaneous, disgusting, a spit in the face of conservatism At first I intended to write a proper review but then I realized how hard a task that would be, so humor me and pretend I adequately described it.

    27. Nico on said:

      I read those first few pages standing in the doorway of City Lights bookshop when I was nineteen before heading across to Specs for a whiskey The memory of the milk and the cupboard has never left me R and I used to read it to each other in drunken revelry walking down Columbus Avenue, delirious to be alive, ecstatic that someone was going or rather had gone much further than we ever thought possible Kundera writes that a work of art does not necessarily progress like sciece does, but instead il [...]

    28. Paul O'Neill on said:

      What Da Fuq Did I Just Read Don t pick up this book unless you re a fan of golden showers I started reading this without reading the blurb or anything, suffice to say I was shocked In between rather gruesome goings on the writer tries to make himself seem uber intelligent by using needlessly long words It was just a big clustermug that boiled my brain Could ve been a good tail, but it just fell off a cliff First one star rating of 2016.

    29. Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly on said:

      So far, what have humans done to the written language You may know genres and sub genres, but there are written works which can t snugly fit into these categories so you must invent some for them I suspect that there are these hidden, latent categories in the 1001 books list Like those which some would place under the category unreadable, or modernist nonsense, or insomniac pills So you imagine the editors of the list discussing among themselves which works best exemplify the unreadable ones and [...]

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