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Gone, Baby, Gone

Gone, Baby, Gone By Dennis Lehane Gone Baby Gone Boston private detectives Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro are hired to find four year old Amanda McCready abducted from her bed on a warm summer night They meet her stoned out strangely apathetic

  • Title: Gone, Baby, Gone
  • Author: Dennis Lehane
  • ISBN: 9780380730353
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Gone, Baby, Gone By Dennis Lehane Boston private detectives Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro are hired to find four year old Amanda McCready, abducted from her bed on a warm, summer night They meet her stoned out, strangely apathetic mother, her loving aunt and uncle, the mother s dangerous, drug addled friends, and two cops who ve found so many abused or dead children they may be too far over the edge tBoston private detectives Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro are hired to find four year old Amanda McCready, abducted from her bed on a warm, summer night They meet her stoned out, strangely apathetic mother, her loving aunt and uncle, the mother s dangerous, drug addled friends, and two cops who ve found so many abused or dead children they may be too far over the edge to come back Despite enormous public attention, rabid news coverage, and dogged police work, the investigation repeatedly hits a brick wall Led into a world of drug dealers, child molesters, and merciless executioners, Patrick and Angie are soon forced to face not only the horrors adults can perpetrate on innocents but also their own conflicted feelings about what is best, and worst, when it comes to raising children And as the Indian summer fades and the autumn chill deepens, Amanda McCready stays gone, banished so completely that she seems never to have existed.Then another child disappears Dennis Lehane takes you into a world of triple crosses, elaborate lies, and shrouded motives, where the villains may be moral than the victims, the missing should possibly stay missing, and those who go looking for them may not come back alive.Settle in and turn off the phone From its haunting opening to its shocking climax, Gone, Baby, Gone is certain to be one of the most thrilling, talked about suspense novels you read this year.
    Gone, Baby, Gone By Dennis Lehane

    Gone Baby Gone Rotten Tomatoes Ben Affleck s directorial and screenplay efforts are a fascinating take in Gone Baby Gone The film puts you in a vice like grip with its emotional story, enthralling performances and even its Watch Gone Baby Gone Prime Video Gone Baby Gone , . h min X Ray R The disappearance of a little girl in a gritty Boston neighborhood pairs two private detectives with the police in this riveting, multi layered mystery Co scripted and directed by Ben Affleck, with Ed Harris, Amy Ryan. Gone Baby Gone Gone, Baby, Gone Kenzie Gennaro, by Dennis Lehane Jul , Gone Baby Gone is about Boston Private Investigators Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro, who are approached by the Aunt of year old girl Amanda McCready, who had disappeared without a trace, and whose Mother is heavy into drugs and alcohol Kenzie and Gennaro accept the case and set out to solve the dark mystery behind Amanda s disappearance. Gone Baby Gone Blu ray Morgan Freeman, Ed Gone Baby Gone is an excellent film from that marked the directorial debut of actor Ben Affleck This tense crime thriller is based on Dennis Lehane s novel of the same name, and features a superb cast that includes, among others, Casey Affleck, Michelle Monaghan, Ed Harris, Morgan Freeman, Amy Ryan, Amy Madigan, and Titus Welliver. Watch Gone Baby Gone Streaming Online Hulu Free Trial Gone Baby Gone R Drama Crime Mystery Movie When two private detectives are hired to take a closer look into the mysterious disappearance of a little girl, they unravel a multitude of twists and Start watching Gone Baby Gone This One Line from Gone Baby Gone Plays on a Loop in My Head Aug , Gone Baby Gone really goes there When Cheese says this line, it s punctuated with dramatic, theater kid pregnant pauses He knows he s saying Gone Baby Gone Full Cast Crew Gone Baby Gone cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and .

    ttp://'>Dutch and Gina The Sins of The Father by Mallory Monroe Aug , Dutch and Gina The Sins of The Fathers is an exciting and sensual romance thriller that earned a rating of five stars I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading good books flag Like see review Apr , Jo Lindsey rated it Dutch and Gina For the Love of Gina by Mallory Monroe For the Love of Gina The President s Girlfriend Series Book is a very good and thrilling interracial romance that earned a rating of five stars I enjoyed reading this installment of the Dutch and Gina series as the destroy their enemies and fight to make their love stronger. DUTCH AND GINA AFTER THE FALL The President s Girlfriend Feb , Dutch and Gina after the fall is a very good book, mallory Monroe is a great writer and i hope there is a th installment, I d love to see a continuation of dutch and gina s time in the white house as well as a continuation of La La s, and Liz s storys I was wondering what dutch and Gina s enemys could possibly throw at the next. Dutch and Gina After the Fall Volume Feb , Once again Dutch and Gina s story didn t disappoint Ms Monroe answered so many questions that lingered from the previous ones Gina was finally not the cause of a scandal Gina seemed to grow up a little and took a back seat in the drama department Dutch didn t disappoint either when it comes to protecting his family. DUTCH AND GINA WHAT HE DID FOR LOVE The President s Mar , This current novel in the Dutch and Gina series What he did for Love picked up from the previous novel The Sins of the Fathers It is a fast pace novel that resolved some of the issues of the previous novel, whilst casting a few new obstacles resolving some along the way while others will probably be resolved in a future edition. Dutch and Gina The Power of Love Volume Apr , Gina and Dutch deal with new drama with one of Dutch s old wealthy friends He does something awful and gets what he deserves You must read it to find that out.

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      489 Dennis Lehane

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    1. Shelby *trains flying monkeys* on said:

      Each day in this country, twenty three hundred children are reported missing.Kenzie and Angie don t really want to take this case A missing four year old girl that was taken from her home, while her drugged out mom is supposedly next door at her friend s house watching tv The mom did not even lock the door She was in such a hurry that she just left it open With her child inside.I didn t want to find Amanda McCready I wanted someone else to.But maybe because I d become as caught up in this case o [...]

    2. Kemper on said:

      And then depression set in.This book wrecked me the first time I read it It was almost like having post traumatic stress syndrome I found myself staring blankly at the walls for days after I finished it the first time I felt like calling my sister and telling her to keep my young niece locked in the house until she was at least 25 I remember meeting a friend for beers shortly after I finished it, and that he asked me what was wrong When I tried to explain, he was skeptical You re really this bum [...]

    3. Manju on said:

      four year old Amanda walked out of her house in the middle of night while her mother was at neighbors watching TV, and no one heard about her even after days of search Everything came to a dead end Amanda s aunt request Petrik and Angie to look for the child Patrick and Angie found a big clue about the girl s disappearance but things instead of solving gets messier and scarier Lehane wrote an exceptional story here about kidnapping, drugs, abuse, and pain Writing is flawless and gives chills to [...]

    4. Nancy on said:

      Posted at Shelf Inflicted I knew this was going to be a very dark story After reading the very disturbing Darkness, Take My Hand, about a vicious and sadistic serial killer who knew no limits when it came to human depravity, I didn t imagine it could get much worse I was wrong.Though Patrick and Angie are tired of the violence and inhumanity that plagued their earlier cases, they agree to accept this latest case of a four year old girl who was abducted from her bed Amanda s mom, Helene, who is f [...]

    5. Kelly (and the Book Boar) on said:

      Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum Even if MY world is okay, THE world is still a pile of evil shit Wrong movie spot on quote Also, doesn t Matt Damon have the most punchable face in all the world The correct answer is yes Yes he does This was a buddy read with my pal The Jeff, but I can t wait any longer for his slow ass to finish so my review is going up now In all seriousness, words can t express how thankful I am that I buddied up with The Jeff for this one Let s just say I wasn t in a [...]

    6. Jeff on said:

      Hello, darkness my old friend Having read The Grapes of Wrath earlier this year, I didn t think another book could top it for sheer despair Was I ever wrong It s as if at the end of the book the Joad s drove their truck to the local abattoir and let loose on their frustrations.The book centers on an abduction of a four year old and the involvement of Dennis Lehane s private investigator duo, Kenzie and Gennaro, in the attempt to recover the child It s a journey that takes the reader straight dow [...]

    7. Dan Schwent on said:

      When a little girl goes missing and her mother s brother and sister in law hire them to find her, Patrick and Angela reluctantly accept Their investigation drags them through a labyrinth of lies, one they will not emerge from unscathedSweet zombie Jesus this is some good shit I think Lehane might be the newest member of my crime fiction Holy Trinity with Lawrence Block and Richard Stark Here s how it all went down.After the events of Sacred, the previous book in the series, Patrick and Angela ha [...]

    8. William on said:

      Five stars, and A Masterpiece of crime noir, complex and thrilling, with a difficult and courageous ending As usual with my reviews, please first read the publisher s blurb summary of the book so that I don t have to repeat the basic plot.I am struck by how similar Lehane s writing is to Robert B Parker s, and yet how different the feeling is In Lehane, the sense of pain and loss, especially of lost childhood friends, weighs heavily upon Patrick and Angie, and through them, on us I m also very [...]

    9. Julie on said:

      Gone, Baby, Gone by Dennis Lehane is a 1999 Harper publication I must make a few confessions up front 1 I saw the movie version of this title a long time ago and it was so good, I ve always wanted to read the book, because, of course, the book is always better 2 I haven t read as many books by this author as I thought 3 This is my first foray into the Kenzie Gennaro series In fact, I didn t even know this book was a part of a series, until now.I make these confessions with shaking hands since I [...]

    10. Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘ on said:

      In the middle of the journey of our life I found myself within a dark woods where the straight way was lost Inferno, DanteThese books crawl under my skin I always feel brave and strong while reading them because I seem to stomach everything but oh, look at how dumb you are, Anna They linger in me My nightmares say it all More than the what or the who or the how, the emotion flourishes deeper, digging into me and breaking my defenses These books haunt me I can t find another word really They haun [...]

    11. Mara on said:

      I just finished this book like, literally, turned the final page, put it down, and am now writing So, it s possible that I m violating some rule of thumb akin to waiting two hours after you eat before swimming or not going to bed angry However, there s a sort of queasy discomfort I have after finishing this fourth volume of the Kenzie Gennaro corpus that might dissolve given enough lag time that I wanted to get down.Lehane has left me with the disquieting malaise of a wicked problem Wicked probl [...]

    12. Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤ on said:

      4.5 stars Love like that Hell It seems so pure, it s damn near criminal.Soooo.I ve missed my Angie and Patrick, I m not guna lie So when I got the empty feelings one usually gets after finishing a fantastic book and not knowing what to read, I started to get an ache that couldn t be filled by anything other than a beautifully flawed and tortured detective and his snarky partner in crime See, there are only 6 books and I decided to break them up so I didn t lose them all at once.I m so happy I di [...]

    13. Richard on said:

      When I was young, I asked my priest how to get to heaven and still protect yourself from all the evil in the world He told me what God told His children You are sheep among wolves, be wise as the serpent, yet innocent as doves This is by far the best installment in Dennis Lehane s great series following inner city Boston private detectives Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro with Darkness, Take My Hand being a close second And the VERY BEST detective novel I ve read so far I know that s saying a l [...]

    14. Brandon on said:

      Patrick and Angie have led rough careers as private investigators and after the events in Sacred, they ve decided to pull back a little When we catch up with them in Gone Baby Gone, they ve all but sworn off cases that could lead to violence, death and destruction Unfortunately for them, when young Amanda McCready goes missing, Amanda s grieving Aunt and Uncle are persistent in their requests for the detectives help.Patrick and Angie aren t sure they ll be able to offer much up in the way of hel [...]

    15. Fred on said:

      Mystery, Crime Thriller Sept 2017 Group ReadAunt Beatrice Uncle Lionel hire Patrick Kenzie Angie Gennaro to find their niece Amanda 4 They say Helene Amanda s mom leaves her alone almost every night Gone, Baby, Gone Lt.Jack Doyle says his Boston Police detectives are enough help.Patrick Angie Det.Remy begin search Lionel tells them he heard Helene Skinny Ray talk about a NH 200,000 Drug money run for Chesse Olamon Helene says she saw Kimmie WeeDavid were together on the kidnap night They are fou [...]

    16. Will Byrnes on said:

      When Beatrice McReady approaches PIs Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro to help find her missing niece, Amanda, the prospects do not look good But Patrick and Angie work with the local missing child unit, bringing in their regular cast of colorful associates to lend their able and sometimes bloody hands There are the usual misdirections, cul de sacs and things that just do not make sense VERY LARGE view spoiler Ultimately, it turns out that the missing child cops are involved in taking children f [...]

    17. Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede on said:

      In Gone, Baby, Gone you really get a taste of darkness and an overdose of evil I finished the book a couple of weeks ago, but this was a book that actually was so awful to read, the first Lehane book I had to read in phases, not right through because it was sometimes too awful to read I also waited a while to write the review Sometimes dwelling in darkness isn t that nice and after Gone, Baby, Gone I just wanted to read easy things and watch fun things on TV.Rating the book was also hard I gave [...]

    18. Connie on said:

      WOWwhat I ride Lehane takes the reader on through the seedy side of Boston The heroes are not really good guys and the bad guys are really, really bad Two PI s take on the case of a missing child, and find themselves in the middle of corruption, mob activity, drug dealers, psycho s and everything in between This is a brutal story where nothing is black and white Trying not to cross the line is a struggle and nothing or no one is as it or they appear When I read this I knew how much I liked Mysti [...]

    19. Anushka on said:

      First time It s the first time a thriller has made me cry.I mean, you don t shed tears while reading these books, you read one then you read another one But not this one No, this one is going to haunt me for a long time, like all Dennis Lehane books do I still think about Mystic River and feel a chill run down my spine.Gone, Baby, Gone dealt with some very sensitive issues wrapped in a blanket of controversial subjects Kidnapping is a topic that is bound to make you emotionally invested but in n [...]

    20. Rade on said:

      I have just one Kenzie Gennaro book to read Each one of the books I ve highly enjoyed and would recommend them to everyone This one is no exception What I like about Lehane s books is not only his fantastic writing but also his ability to make a simple promise of a book into something that is hard to put down This one started with a missing child and went out of control, spiralling into a world of drugs, money, corruption, and the want for fame and glory Most of the characters in the book are l [...]

    21. Richard on said:

      8.5 10Laughs aplenty in this one Next time somebody asks me for a comedy recommendation this will be the one I put forward It will certainly make me smile watching someone grow deeper into despair reading it Mwhahaha Whilst the subject matter, child kidnapping and peodophiles, makes for less than comfortable reading this book is top notch with great writing and great characters If you have read the previous books then there is no need to persuade you to read this as no doubt you are hooked I cou [...]

    22. Corey on said:

      Gone Baby Gone is a great who done it story, but also very true to life, because the events that took place in this book could happen to anybody Gone Baby Gone is about 2 Boston Private Investigators Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro, who are approached by the Aunt of 4 year old girl Amanda McCready, who had disappeared without a trace, and whose Mother is heavy into drugs and alcohol Kenzie and Gennaro accept the case and set out to solve the dark mystery behind Amanda s disappearance.I do know [...]

    23. Justin on said:

      I ve determined that pretty much every mystery suspense thriller whatever book I read is going to land at three stars It takes a lot for these books to break through into the four star range, and I don t think any of them are ever five star caliber Lehane, Coben, Grisham, most King, Connelly, etc They re all fine authors, but all of them have a limit to how great they can be, and they all settle for a decent story that is enthralling at times but ultimately forgettable This story was just what I [...]

    24. Harry on said:

      Hmmmmmeone liked one of my reviews and I checked out this person s reading list as well as their reviews and heard mention somewhere in there a sentence or two about heroes, one likeable, the otherwell, along the lines of a sociopath Dennis Lehane, among other authors was mentioned in this respect.As always, my curiosity was piqued, and although I checked out the other named authors I did finally settle on Dennis Lehane It was a good decision Perhaps one of the best reading decisions ever Lehan [...]

    25. Jane Stewart on said:

      Wonderful writing, but the subject matter and ending were depressing and dark.I ve read three Lehane books All three of them have horrible things happening to children a father prostituting his son, pedophiles kidnaping and torturing children, drug addicted mothers ignoring and neglecting children This book has pedophiles torturing children and disgustingly neglectful mothers.The mystery was solved, but the end was depressing The novel is about injustice, the poor, drug users, race and similar p [...]

    26. Luis Roman on said:

      Sad, sad, sad this is the Boston of Dennis Lehane, populated by tough guys, lost souls, and heartbreak This is the Boston of Patrick Kenzie, flawed hero of several previous Lehane novels This is the first Lehane novel I read, and I found it compelling, if not enjoyable The crime is not as important here, as the way the people around it react Kenzie s primary character trait is his nobility it compels to continue investigating the crime, even though he has several opportunites, and even reasons, [...]

    27. Conor on said:

      I ve not actually read this but I saw the film adaption recently and it was class One of the best crime mystery thrillers I ve ever seen The setting was atmospheric and menacing, the performances were great Casey was really good in the lead role while Morgan Freeman and Ed Harris were brilliant in supporting roles and the actresses who played Affleck s partner and the crack ho mother both had really strong turns The plot was great as well It was mysterious and compelling from start to finish wit [...]

    28. Melissa on said:

      In the end, this book all boils down to, without having to spoil anything are you Team Kenzie or are you Team Gennaro I m Team Gennaro all the way, absolutely I m like Remy on top of that building, I just love children This is a hard book to read It s hard to read as a parent especially hard to read over a weekend where the news in my city is all about a little girl from Broomfield who has been missing for several days I can feel in my bones in my chest my stomach how hard that must hurt it scar [...]

    29. Donna on said:

      I ve read 6 books by this author and they have all been 4 stars, and so is this one I love his writing He has a great way with words I also love his characters He makes them sound so real This is the first book I ve read in the Kenzie Gennaro series I liked both of these characters They played well off of each other and were well drawn I want to read the ones that came before this one to get their back story I also liked the entire cast of characters They felt purposeful and completely integrate [...]

    30. Carol Taylor on said:

      This was my first Lehane novel I was pleasantly surprised by how good the writing was I will definitely read of his books Even though it was mainly about child abduction, there were only a few spots in the book that really bothered me and, of course, those are etched into my memory Gennaro is a very strong female character and I m curious to see if she comes back in future books or for that matter if Kenzie comes back I was on multiple planes while I was reading this and it definitely held my i [...]

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